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Getting girls into football and sport: Q&A with England vice-captain and Arsenal star Alex Scott - ANSWERS BACK

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GeraldineMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 20-Aug-13 16:30:17

Have you got a soccer-mad daughter? Do you want to find out what opportunities there are for her to get into playing football and what it's like to be a semi-professional woman footballer?

Alex Scott, who plays for Arsenal Ladies and is England vice-captain, will answer your questions and share her experiences and insights. Alex is one of the most decorated players in women's football. She currently plays for Arsenal Ladies but has previously played for Birmingham and for the Boston Breakers in the US.

This Q&A is sponsored by Continental Tyres, which is also an official sponsor of The FA Women's Super League (WSL).

The WSL runs from March to October and gives footie fans across England the chance to see elite women's football at local stadiums for affordable prices.

At selected matches across England, there are free interactive fan zones, run in association with Continental Tyres, with family-friendly activities from testing football skills on a speed goal to face painting and meeting the stars of the WSL.

Continental Tyres are giving away 50 family season tickets for the rest of 2013 and the whole of the 2014 season, so that you can enjoy a family-friendly day out or after-school event at your local WSL club. Enter the prize draw here.

Please post your question to Alex by noon on Monday 26 August. We'll pick 20 questions to send over to her and post her replies on Monday 2 Sept.

Thank you.

AlexScottFootball Wed 04-Sep-13 17:11:54


I still think that a lot of parents (and possibly me included) are still locked into gender-stereotypes regarding sports blush. I know the primary schools seem to do a lot to ensure that sports such as football and tag rugby encompass girls in the teams as much as boys but somehow once they get to secondary school, the girls don't generally seem to be as keen on playing any sports let alone ones like football....

It therefore seem to me that although the FA's WSL it doing a good job at changing these outdated attitudes, there's still some way to go. It's a bit depressing...

How did you get and stay involved? Did you get sponsorship? Were you nurtured in your football talents from a very young age?

And does Arsenal have a more progressive approach to women's football than many of the other 'big' clubs?


I was lucky back in my day to get spotted and snapped up by Arsenal when I was 8, so I progressed through the youth ranks into the first team onto the national team also. I had no funding or sponsorship and back then there was no money in women’s football. Now most clubs have youth systems in place or run soccer schools etc. during half terms or holidays. For young players nowadays there are all types of different schemes and funding available to try to make you stay involved in sport and to push you to train and be the best which is great.

AlexScottFootball Wed 04-Sep-13 17:16:40


Arsenal ladies seem to be way ahead of Chelsea and every other premier league ladies club. But I can't work out why. Why do you think that is?
I do not think that ladies should play alongside boys. At aged 11 / 12 , as some posters have mentioned. I think the differences are too much.therefore I can only assume that these ages of girls need more support/ opportunities.

Arsenal have always been the club to follow and have paved the way for many other women's clubs to follow its set up simply because Arsenal Ladies have been so successful in winning trophies over the years. Other teams are now getting the support from the men's team which is great just like Liverpool and Chelsea. Not only in terms of money but in terms of training facilities, ladies kits, the support staff which is fantastic. The investment has helped so much from the FA that teams can now bring in top players from other leagues which makes teams stronger all round. This also helps players playing alongside other top international players. This season has been the closest it has ever been and shows the gap is now closing between Arsenal and the other teams.

AlexScottFootball Wed 04-Sep-13 17:18:12


My DD likes playing football and plays alongside boys for now, but she is only 6. She won Player of the Week trophy on a recent football course much to dismay of the strapping older boys including her big brother!

Congratulations on the Olympics - on the team's results and also in raising the profile of women's football. I was lucky enough to go to a match between Canada and France and it was brilliant. Except that it wasn't GB playing wink

I'd like to know what your best memory of the Olympics is please?

This is an easy one and if you asked all the Team GB girls I think 99% would give you the same answer. That being playing at Wembley in front of 70,000 and beating Brazil. The atmosphere was truly amazing and a night most of us will never forget.

aristocat Thu 05-Sep-13 17:08:16

Super answers, thanks Alex. Wishing you continued success smile

gazzalw Mon 09-Sep-13 09:43:47

Yes, thanks for the answers, Alex!

Rooners Mon 09-Sep-13 09:59:36

Thankyou very much for the reply smile

RhondaJean Mon 09-Sep-13 22:06:11

Hi Alex a little late but thank you so much for answering me and all the others.

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