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Any advice would be useful.

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Samtar91 Wed 03-Jul-13 11:03:16

Hi! I am really confused at the moment, and any advice or similar experiences anyone has, would be really useful to me.
My last dated period started on the 4th June, and lasted for 5 days. I was supposed to then start my period again yesterday but I still haven't had anything. I am having the feeling as though I should be having my normal monthly period though.
I have done 2 pregnancy tests, both of which have been negative. I have had sickness, sore breasts, cramps, backache, headaches, I am tired for most of the day, and my tummy has bloated a little too.
Does anybody have any advice they could possibly give me, as to what I should do?

Thank you.

Samtar91 Wed 03-Jul-13 11:19:00

If you do reply, could you send it through a private message for now, as my phone won't let me look at other messages. Thanks!

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