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Would you like to test Pampers Active Fit nappies? Sign up here

20 Horehound 22/04/21 22:03

NOW CLOSED: Last chance to save money and win £500 of vouchers. Put Incahoot (a group buying website) to the test - you could win £500 of high street vouchers!

50 smokinaces 07/06/11 18:32

NOW CLOSED IKEA Storage Feedback thread - open to all MNers with any IKEA storage - you could win £75

104 deepdarkwood 19/05/11 07:10

NOW CLOSED AEG dishwasher test feedback thread

12 NewGirlHelenMumsnet 16/05/11 15:44

NOW CLOSED: Want to grow tomatoes this summer with Dolmio? You could win one of two £200 John Lewis vouchers and a hamper full of Dolmio products for doing so!

106 AnnMumsnet 06/05/11 09:34

Recipe submission and feedback thread for Warburtons Square(ish) Wraps and Sandwich Thins

112 Taffeta 04/05/11 19:59

NOW CLOSED Need some storage? Want to put a possible solution from IKEA through its paces?...six product testers needed!

76 Lavitabellissima 18/04/11 11:35

NOW CLOSED Leapfrog Tag reader system - product testers feedback thread

37 Macdog 14/04/11 16:14

Asda book reviewers - what's yours like?

2 Macdog 14/04/11 16:13

NOW CLOSED Want to try a dishwasher for the first time? Or have one already that you'd like to replace? We're looking for 6 MNers to trial a new AEG dishwasher (with Finish tablets) and give video feedback

100 Schoolgirl 14/04/11 11:13

uDraw product test feedback thread

7 haggisaggis 11/04/11 10:52

NOW CLOSED Do you have a child aged 4-7? Try the new LeapFrog Tag reading system and be in with a chance of winning £100 of Amazon vouchers

109 NewGirlHelenMumsnet 25/03/11 10:12

NOW CLOSED: Do you have a Wii? Is your child a budding artist? Would you like to try the new uDraw GameTablet for the Wii and add your feedback on MN?

99 AnnMumsnet 24/03/11 17:57

NOW CLOSED Rowse Honey feedback thread

62 onadifferent… 23/03/11 10:57

NOW CLOSED Try Warburtons new Square(ish) Wraps and Sandwich Thins - come up with recipes to be in with a chance of winning a £150 voucher for M&S

175 AnnMumsnet 14/03/11 14:32

Flip Video Feedback thread - send in your favourite 1 minute clip and you could win £50 Amazon voucher (also open to any existing Flip owners)

35 lisad123isas… 10/03/11 16:47

NOW CLOSED: Would you like to try out Rowse honey? Five hampers worth £100 each up for grabs.

80 AnnMumsnet 01/03/11 11:53

NOW CLOSED: Want to try a school uniform from Asda? 50 testers required who need to add feedback on MN - you could win a £200 Asda voucher

315 Goober 27/02/11 19:36

NOW CLOSED: MNers with at least 2 children of 'internet use age' + BT broadband needed to review Family Internet safety pack/software (worth £29.99). £15 M&S voucher, plus prize draw for extra £100 voucher

20 suwoo 11/02/11 09:10

Ford Econo Check Feedback thread

68 bosch 02/02/11 23:08

Berghaus "Everyday Outdoors" Jackets feedback thread - now with final feedback questions

194 zam72 25/01/11 12:29

NOW CLOSED: Would you like to try a Flip Video? Wannabe film makers needed - you could win a £50 Amazon voucher for adding feedback on MN

66 AnnMumsnet 15/12/10 11:22

NOW COMPLETED: Asda School Uniform Feedback - £200 Asda vouchers up for grabs

64 ln1981 30/11/10 22:29

NOW CLOSED: Mums with daughters aged approx 9 -13 years, needed to help Tesco develop their "first" bra ranges - chance to win £100 of Tesco vouchers, plus £10 voucher for taking part

53 AnnMumsnet 29/11/10 12:11

NOW FINISHED: Fairy Clean & Care with a touch of Olay softness feedback thread

210 toomuchmonth… 25/11/10 15:52

NOW FINISHED: LEICESTER (Lutterworth and surrounding areas) Mumsnetters with DDs aged 10-14 needed for George at Asda focus group - Wed 24th Nov

21 lucykate 25/11/10 12:48

NOW CLOSED: Do you have a child who suffers from asthma or dust allergies? Would you like to review a SHARP Plasmacluster air purifier? 10 reviewers needed - each will receive £50 high street gift voucher

87 QOD 23/11/10 20:01

NOW FINISHED: MNers who are mums of DDs aged 10-14 for group in Lutterworth, nr Leicester WED (24th).

4 AnnMumsnet 19/11/10 18:02

NOW CLOSED: Do you wash-up by hand? Would you like to try new Fairy Clean and Care with a touch of Olay softness and have the chance to win a £250 John Lewis voucher?

174 Fimbo 17/11/10 13:37

NOW CLOSED: 30 testers needed to try an Everyday Outdoors Berghaus jacket worth up to £175. Add feedback on MN for a chance to win £150 of Berghaus products

608 weblette 15/11/10 09:00

NOW FINISHED: Would you like to try a new pasta sauce from Dolmio aimed at children aged 8-12? You could win a hamper worth £250

68 dolmio-28 11/11/10 21:15

Add your feedback on the Cuticura product test for the chance to win £200. All MNers (inc non testers) can also add tips or questions about hand hygiene with £50 + a goody bag up for grabs

107 devilsadvocaat 03/11/10 15:55

NOW CLOSED: Ford drivers needed to try the new Ford Econo Check technology - vouchers to be won!

43 AnnMumsnet 22/10/10 11:22

Ford Galaxy Test Drive Reviews

13 squashedfrogs 21/10/10 20:58

New Play Dough Hour at Richmond PizzaExpress - come for a play on 19 October - free lunch (and chance to win £50 PizzaExpress vouchers)

52 StarExpat 20/10/10 22:45

NOW CLOSED: Would you like to try some Cuticura Original Hand Hygiene Gel and Kids Hand Hygiene Foamer? Product testers could win £200

65 Jux 15/10/10 11:36

NOW COMPLETED Letterbox Toys Product Test Feedback Thread

19 elvislives 13/10/10 21:12

LEGO Games Product Test - Feedback thread

80 Gorionine 13/10/10 08:02

NOW CLOSED: 10 Mumsnet - Letterbox toy testers needed - you could win £250 voucher

60 AnnMumsnet 29/09/10 18:28

NOW CLOSED: Can you and your family make a video for Bisto's "Aah Night"? 2 Mumsnetters needed - you'll get a Flip camcorder

13 AnnMumsnet 23/09/10 13:49

NOW CLOSED: Volunteers needed to try out LEGO Games - £200 Argos vouchers up for grabs

125 AnnMumsnet 22/09/10 10:30

Feedback thread for the Change Your Meat Not Your Menu Campaign

69 mustrun 26/08/10 10:40

Carbon Trust Footprint Challenge Diary Thread

111 mustrun 25/08/10 23:18

Feedback thread for Appletiser Product Test

262 AndyFromAppletiser 16/08/10 12:05

Olay "Total Effects Wake Up Wonder" feedback/advert

1 LilRedWG 13/08/10 15:32

"What Shall We Do Today?" Feedback thread

388 SoupDragon 12/08/10 16:17

NOW COMPLETED: New Cadbury Buttons Website designed for families with children aged 3-7 needs your feedback. You could win a £100 Amazon voucher and a Cadbury hamper

62 AnnMumsnet 12/08/10 13:51

250 MNers needed to try the 'gently sparkling, 100% fruit juice Appletiser family' and to add feedback on MN - you could win a £250 voucher!

506 AnnMumsnet 01/08/10 22:55

The Grove S-MAX and Galaxy extended test drive

26 weblette 16/07/10 11:47

Mumsnetters and their children needed to test NutraSea omega-3 fish oil

61 lisad123isgoingcrazy 15/07/10 16:06

Five Mumsnetters and their families needed for an overnight trip to a Ribena farm, staying at a luxury boutique hotel.

141 Lilyloo 10/07/10 22:27
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