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This topic is for feedback on Mumsnet product tests. If you're a company / brand and would like to run a product test on Mumsnet email

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bareMinerals® Complexion Rescue™ Tinted Hydrating Gel Cream testers feedback thread - PLUS grab a free sample! 58 Bringmewineandcake 24/03/17 14:39
Rapeseed Oil Benefits challenge feedback thread – chance to win supermarket gift cards! 104 welshmardymum 24/03/17 13:27
Fancy putting the Rightmove School Checker to the test? £300 to be won for feedback 3 honeysucklejasmine 24/03/17 15:57
Comfort Pure Ultra Concentrate feedback thread - £300 Love2Shop voucher for feedback! NOW CLOSED 478 mandes1 18/09/16 22:13
Have a child aged between 6 and 10 months? Testers wanted for baby products 16 jodiecrossley1 14/09/16 08:52
UK female MNer aged 18-45 currently TTC? Volunteers needed for Clearblue Clinical trial: Free product (in exchange for urine samples!) 7 AnnMumsnet 13/09/16 12:08
Want to test Zurich’s new life insurance assessment tool? £300 voucher to be won. NOW CLOSED 14 gratesnakes 08/09/16 16:06
Cadbury Dairy Milk Decorate Egg feedback thread - £300 John Lewis voucher to be won for feedback! NOW CLOSED 255 annaiclc2015 26/08/16 15:47
PizzaExpress Feedback Thread - See what MNers and their DCs think of PizzaExpress restaurants NOW CLOSED 68 EmmaMumsnet 24/08/16 16:10
See what MNers and their DCs think of Nick Jr.’s new show, Digby Dragon. Plus, get your own Digby pack! NOW CLOSED 124 EmmaMumsnet 19/08/16 16:55
Sony Xperia X Feedback thread: non testers share your X Moment for chance to win £100! NOW CLOSED 141 GloGirl 11/08/16 16:26
Want to test new energy switching service Flipper? - £300 voucher to be won NOW CLOSED 28 Atlas15 28/07/16 20:14
Amazon Prime Video Feedback Thread. £300 voucher to be won! NOW CLOSED 165 EmmaMumsnet 27/07/16 11:49
See what MNers thought of Lidl Toujours Nappies - £300 voucher prize draw for testers’ feedback - NOW CLOSED 223 azaky 26/07/16 19:19
Napolina pasta sauce feedback thread; find out what MNers think about the latest range - NOW CLOSED 406 aristocat 25/07/16 22:53
UK MNer with a child aged 3-6? Sign up to watch Nick Jr’s new show Digby Dragon - £300 voucher to be won! NOW CLOSED 41 Perpetualsta… 23/07/16 10:38
Do you have a child aged 3-11? £60 free PizzaExpress gift card & chance to win £300 voucher! NOW CLOSED 185 HungryHorace 22/07/16 21:36
LloydsPharmacy Solero sun cream feedback thread. Non tester - Skin care hamper to be won! NOW CLOSED 356 lovescourgettes2 13/07/16 20:40
Product testers needed for Lidl Toujours Nappies. Win £300 voucher! NOW CLOSED 52 Ribenagirl1216 12/07/16 22:03
Pampers new Baby-Dry nappies feedback thread NOW CLOSED 441 melissa2828 12/07/16 13:50
Sign up to try the Xperia X handset worth £450 and share feedback NOW CLOSED 200 CarlGrimesMissingEye 12/07/16 10:05
Do you experience bladder weakness after having your children? Sign up to test INNOVO™’s new pelvic stimulator. £300 Love2Shop voucher to be won for feedback. 109 LSAR 28/06/16 21:34
Product testers needed for NEW Johnson’s® Baby Wipes. Win £300 voucher! NOW CLOSED 56 Batboobs 28/06/16 18:13
Mumsnet Pregnancy App Feedback Thread 78 RebeccaEMumsnet 28/06/16 14:02
Want to try latest Pampers New Baby-Dry nappies? Testers needed - £300 voucher to be won NOW CLOSED 107 JuxtapositionRecords 21/06/16 16:40
Sign up to be on the Cadbury panel here! Prizes to be won! NOW CLOSED 289 PoppyMumsnet 21/06/16 11:56
Amazon Prime Video user with a child aged 5-10? £300 Amazon voucher to be won! NOW CLOSED 29 HamletsSister 20/06/16 21:01
Read Mumsnetters' feedback on the Gift Wink website. Testers – chance to win vouchers. 268 shan89 13/06/16 00:25
Thule Cougar feedback thread – chance to win a Sapling Elite Child Carrier for non-testers NOW CLOSED 134 AnnMumsnet 09/06/16 14:24
Want to test LloydsPharmacy Solero sun cream? £300 voucher to be won! NOW CLOSED 71 JustineBMumsnet 06/06/16 14:30
FabLittleBag reviews thread; find out what MNers think about the innovative tampon disposal bags NOW CLOSED 342 tinkerbellemum 03/06/16 09:25
See what Mumsnetters think of the Milton Solo Travel Steriliser and antibacterial wipes. £300 John Lewis voucher to be won for testers’ feedback! NOW CLOSED 113 Lisasm21 31/05/16 20:54
Clairol nice ‘n easy hair dye feedback thread - £300 voucher to be won. NOW CLOSED 109 DurhamDurham 19/05/16 18:37
Read Mumsnetters’ feedback on Matalan's school uniform range - £300 voucher to be won. NOW CLOSED 198 Alohamora 16/05/16 15:55
Online questionnaire for feedback on baby ready meals?? 8 Jedimum1 10/05/16 16:07
Want to try Comfort Pure’s new fabric conditioner? £300 voucher to be won! NOW CLOSED 101 MackerelOfFact 05/05/16 09:56
Calling all UK Mumsnetters with a child aged 3-13! Sign up to try Matalan’s Stain Resistant range of School Uniform. £300 Love2Shop voucher prize draw for feedback. NOW CLOSED! 68 Theimpossiblegirl 24/04/16 21:39
Want to try out new birthday alert & gift suggestion service Giftwink? £250 voucher to win! NOW CLOSED! 33 squizita 22/04/16 10:06
Atomist Vapour Iron Feedback Thread. NON TESTERS please share your best tips on speedy ironing for a chance to win a £100 John Lewis voucher! NOW CLOSED 168 rimsky123 21/04/16 10:03
NEW Mumsnet Baby Bundle app sponsored by Nurofen for Children feedback thread: see how testers are getting on NOW CLOSED 154 RebeccaEMumsnet 19/04/16 15:18
Testers needed for travel sterilisers from Milton! £300 voucher to be won. NOW CLOSED 25 crazywriter 18/04/16 16:24
Test our IOS pregnancy app (sponsored by Persil Non-bio and Comfort Pure) £300 voucher to win!- NOW CLOSED 23 misty71 15/04/16 17:18
DisneyLife Feedback thread. Non-testers: Share your favourite Disney moment for the chance to win a £300 DisneyStore voucher NOW CLOSED 215 Moogdroog 13/04/16 20:34
Outdoorsy-type with a child aged under 5? Want to try the Thule Cougar Multifunctional Child Carrier and review for MN? NOW CLOSED 147 mountaingirl01 04/04/16 07:39
Tampon user who struggles with disposal of tampons? Sign up to try FabLittleBag – two chances to win £100! NOW CLOSED 122 fastdaytears 03/04/16 15:41
Sign up to try the Atomist Vapour Iron worth £250 and share feedback. NOW CLOSED 116 Birnamwood 31/03/16 18:57
Cadbury Dairy Milk Baubles Feedback Thread - £200 Love2Shop voucher prize draw for feedback NOW CLOSED 237 PoppyMumsnet 29/03/16 11:07
Find out what Mumsnetters thought of Aunt Bessie’s Homestyle frozen roast potatoes. £300 John Lewis voucher prize draw for testers’ feedback! NOW CLOSED! 249 ZaneMumsnet 22/03/16 10:24
Find out what Mumsnetters thought of the Stokke Trailz pushchair! NOW CLOSED 9 umiaisha 20/03/16 12:01
Calling all UK Mumsnetters with at least one child in the household! Sign up to try Visqueen Ultimate – a new range of ultimate strength bin liners. £300 Amazon voucher prize draw for feedback.NOW CLOSED! 69 Callico 18/03/16 16:53
Little Dish Go Gos feedback thread – see what testers think of the latest snacks for LO’s NOW CLOSED 266 Plateofcrumbs 15/03/16 09:28
Cadbury Dairy Milk Mixed Buttons Tester Review Thread NOW CLOSED 249 PoppyMumsnet 11/03/16 16:20
MNers with babies aged 7-9 months needed for product test - chance to win £150 Love2Shop voucher. NOW CLOSED 11 Thistly 10/03/16 12:56
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