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See what MNers made with their Egg ‘n’ Spoon boxes and add your own creations for a chance to win a £250 voucher! NOW CLOSED

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AngelieMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 17-Feb-14 09:43:07

Do you and your DCs love arts and crafts? Cadbury is on the hunt to find the country’s most artistic family.

This thread is for all of those who want to enter the competition. It is also for the 50 Mumsnetters who received a box of Cadbury Dairy Milk Egg ‘n’ Spoon along with two How to Guides on what to do with your leftover box.

Here’s what Cadbury Dairy Milk have to say, “We’re really looking forward to hearing about the fun Mumsnetters had making their Egg ‘N’ Spoon box creations and, of course, seeing the pictures! We really hope that getting creative with your DCs will bring out those spontaneous moments of joy.”

Non-testers: Cadbury Dairy Milk Egg ‘N’ Spoon are launching a Mumsnet wide competition to find the UK’s most artsy family. To enter the competition you need to upload a picture onto this thread of your own Egg ‘N’ Spoon box creations. To get you started Cadbury have provided two how-to guides on how to make musical instruments from the left over box, which you can follow and add your own personal touches to.

You can view the how-to guide for Batty Aunt Polly’s Earring Drum here

You can view the how-to guide for the Mexican Bean Shaker here.

The competition will close 24th March and the winner of the competition will be announced 31st March. The winner of the competition will win a £250 John Lewis voucher.

Testers: Below are some questions we’d like you to answer but feel free to add any other thoughts you may have.

Q1. What did you make with the how-to guides?
Q2. Did you add any of your own personal touches? If so, what were they?
Q3. Which musical instrument did you prefer?
Q4. What else, if anything, did you make with your Egg 'N' Spoon box?

Please take a picture of your Egg ‘N’ Spoon box creations and upload them onto the thread so that we can all admire your your DCs EGG-celent art work!

All testers who leave their feedback and picture on this thread will be entered into a prize draw to win a £200 John Lewis voucher and will automatically be entered into the wider Mumsnet competition.

Thanks and good luck,


HoratiaDrelincourt Mon 17-Feb-14 21:33:52

Can I be first to point out that both those need TWO boxes and testers were only sent ONE?

We're making something else.

MoogDroog Mon 17-Feb-14 22:00:01

Are we allowed to make other things as official testers? I have grander plans

Not let the kids loose on the eggs yet, but I snaffled one myself earlier - was bloody lovely!

HoratiaDrelincourt Mon 17-Feb-14 22:03:20

Interesting - since I can't follow the official instructions I am assuming they can't be obligatory.

And I thought the chocolate pretty disgusting myself, although DH and the DC liked them a lot. The filling was a bit too margariney soft and had a weird aftertaste.

Also, I haven't got image links here... Using Chrome on PC, proper MN (not Classic) etc.

kateandme Tue 18-Feb-14 04:06:53

Q1. What did you make with the how-to guides?
we made a easter nest basket,i think partly because this meant they would get to fill with more chocolate eggs closer to easter time!!
Q2. Did you add any of your own personal touches? If so, what were they?
we shredded some paper for the hay.
Q3. Which musical instrument did you prefer?
the drum would have been great to make but we were sent one box of eggs and the instruction required two which caused some moans
Q4. What else, if anything, did you make with your Egg 'N' Spoon box?
ince there was only one we just made the baskets.

the eggs themsleves i have to say were very very very much delighted upon and if they werent the price they are these would be a go to choice for there chocolates.they were loved by all!!
it was fun either way and good to get the kids making something and almost getting them to wait to have the eggs after wed had some creative fun.

MrJollyLivesNextDoor Tue 18-Feb-14 15:47:59

Well....Ds and I got all creative and made a castle by separating the top and bottom sections, used one piece (turned upside down) for the turrets and stuck the other piece underneath with some paper round the outside. Wedged the spoons in the top for flags (with a triangle of paper stuck on the spoon).

So far so Blue Peter.

Then DS had a slight meltdown as it turns out he wanted to make a boat (thanks for telling me confused ), so he ripped it into pieces before I could take a photo. We then had more tears because it was ''all bwoken''. Sigh.

So all in all a bit of a disaster. The eggs were nice though grin

AngelieMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 18-Feb-14 16:32:46

Hi everyone, just to clarify - the how-to guides are just for inspiration, you can make anything you want with your Egg 'n' Spoon box smile

SaltySeaBird Tue 18-Feb-14 19:12:01

MNHQ - I can't see an option on this thread for uploading pictures?

sharond101 Tue 18-Feb-14 21:44:02

We made these today, paperplateandplane.wordpress.com/2011/03/19/easter-egg-carton-chicks/ although since the boxes were so dark in colour they didn't come out as yellow as the ones in the link.
The drum looked good.

shoofly Thu 20-Feb-14 12:28:16

still haven't received ours yet - would have been handy over half term.

HazelDormouse Fri 21-Feb-14 11:40:53

Thank you for the eggs. Everyone liked the chocolate, especially ds. I thought the how to guides were really good. We, however, made a sort of 'boat' with three 'things' in it. I did take photos, however, I am not sure how to download them on to Mumsnet. My sympathies go to MrJolly - most creative things (as well as gardening and cooking... actually everything...) with us end up in a complete mess and semi disaster. Very stressful. It is something which a parent has to do - why I am still uncertain.

MichelleMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 21-Feb-14 12:03:24

Hi all, just to follow up on queries regarding uploading photos onto the thread. At the moment we don't support this feature on the mobile/tablet version of the site which may be the problem. If you're on a desktop you can add photos to the thread by selecting files to upload under the comment box where you type in your post. Hope this clears things up, if you have any questions please just ask!

HazelDormouse Fri 21-Feb-14 12:45:00

I am sorry, I am totally confused. Where is the option to 'select files to upload' - ( I am on desktop at the moment.). I can see 'Links', is this what you mean? If so, still confused...

Ratfinkle Fri 21-Feb-14 16:03:32

Q1. What did you make with the how-to guides? Nothing, we freestyled!
DS decided to make a batmobil. It is a fairly original looking version of a batmobil I have to say.

Q2. Did you add any of your own personal touches? If so, what were they? Feathers, sparkly bits and pipe cleaners.

Q3. Which musical instrument did you prefer? We were a bit too intent on making a batmobil to worry about instruments...

Q4. What else, if anything, did you make with your Egg 'N' Spoon box just the batmobil. Better go and let batman know it is ready for a test drive...

I took photos, but see i can't upload on the iPad.

Ratfinkle Fri 21-Feb-14 16:04:29

Ps the chocolate eggs were scrummy, thank you cadburys!

HoratiaDrelincourt Fri 21-Feb-14 16:58:35

Michelle - the "add photos" links are missing from normal Desktop site too (I am running "New Mumsnet" on Chrome v33).

StillNoFuckingEyeDeer Fri 21-Feb-14 18:59:01

Q1. What did you make with the how-to guides?
The drum would've been good, but we didn't fancy making the basket. DD doesn't like following instructions much anyway.

Q2. Did you add any of your own personal touches? If so, what were they?
We made a lot of mess bugs (basically a lot of glue, straws, pompoms and googly eyes).

Q3. Which musical instrument did you prefer?
We didn't make an instrument.

Q4. What else, if anything, did you make with your Egg 'N' Spoon box?
Just the bugs so far. DD wants to make a monster head out of the rest of the box, but I think I might try to keep her away from the glue for a while.

We have pictures of the bugs, but can't upload them.

KateSMumsnet (MNHQ) Sat 22-Feb-14 09:38:13

Sorry the image thing isn't working folks - we'll try to get this sorted for you asap.

Roseformeplease Sat 22-Feb-14 14:37:58

My daughter has made a beautiful purple pig. How can I show everyone?

Kerfuffled Sat 22-Feb-14 15:18:41

Q1. What did you make with the how-to guides?
We didn't make anything although liked the idea of the drum.

Q2. Did you add any of your own personal touches? If so, what were they?
We made a hot air balloon instead. We added a balloon (obviously), pipe cleaners, some tissue paper and bits of wool.

Q3. Which musical instrument did you prefer?
We liked the look of the drum but didn't make it.

Q4. What else, if anything, did you make with your Egg 'N' Spoon box?
The hot air balloon. We have pictures and will upload them once the option is there.

supermariossister Sat 22-Feb-14 15:39:24

didn't think much of the how to guide so we are going to attempt something different hadn't got round to it with a busy few days.

the dc and dp really liked the chocolate though and said it was really smooth and fluffy. there was much complaining about only having two spoons though!

HazeltheMcWitch Sat 22-Feb-14 18:18:39

Q1. What did you make with the how-to guides?
I got the earring drum and the egg basket instructions - the latter only needed 1 box, so DD made that, and DS 'freestyled' and made some other stuff out of other cardboard boxes.

I liked that the intructions were simple enough for a youg child to read and follow themselves, but I agree with other posters that it woud have been better if we'd all have received instructions for projects that could be made with the 1 box.

Q2. Did you add any of your own personal touches? If so, what were they?
We decorated with a sort of woven paper effect, plus we made chicks out of cotton wool to go in the basket.

Q3. Which musical instrument did you prefer?
I liked the look of the drum but didn't make it.

Q4. What else, if anything, did you make with your Egg 'N' Spoon box?
Just the basket. In hindsight, we really did not need to stick the top of the box onto the bottom of the box; we could have made something else with that.

The DC also LOVED the eggs. And I liked that they were not too big nor too small (they had 1 each one day, one each 2 days later). I also liked that the top bit of the egg was made so as it came off easily - i was expecting to have to smash the egg to get into it, and was dreading the mess. Thank you for letting us join in this test/project!

Roseformeplease Sat 22-Feb-14 20:24:13

We didn't use the how to guides as they needed 2 boxes and they don't seem to have Egg and Spoons around all the time - they sell out fast.

My DD took charge and has made a wonderful purple pig which she is desperate to show off (why no pictures?)

The actual chocolates are wonderful - we loved them. Amusing watching two teens trying to split one in half after I had insisted I was having one and they could share the other 3.

ComfyLeatherChair Sun 23-Feb-14 09:16:36

Q1: we decided not to make either of the options in the instructions. We had musical instruments and the sheep with the secret compartment.

Q2: we didn't make either of the ones in the instructions, we freestyled!

Q3: we liked the look of the shakers one

Q4: we made a dragon (photo to come later!) we used the inside of the egg carton for teeth, and the outside of the egg carton went into her feet. We had an amazing time making her. The weather has been awful here for most of half term, so she has been on the table all week, getting worked on a little bit each day, by everyone who has been here.

And the eggs were completely scummy. Thank you!

ComfyLeatherChair Sun 23-Feb-14 09:17:49

No no... Scrummy not scummy!!! blush

well there goes my chance of winning the voucher


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