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NOW CLOSED Do you have a LO aged 10 months - 2 years? Testers needed for new Cook with Organix range: £50 to be won....

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AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 15-Jul-13 14:22:12

We're working with children's food company, Organix, over the next few months. Following a previous test of the Mighty Meals and Soups Organix are are now looking for 40 UK based parents with children aged 10 months to 2 years to try a selection of their new "Cook with Organix" foods and to share their feedback (and their LO's!) on Mumsnet.
Organix are keen to showcase their new range of foods that they hope will inspire you (and help you) create a range of meals for your little one. Testers will also be able to put their latest finger foods to the test.

For more information about the foods visit their special Facebook app where you will find recipe inspiration, a competition to win the Organix cook Jack for a day, as well as a money-off coupon for future purchases.

You can read all about Organix on their special pages on MN

If you're selected for this product test, you'll be sent a box containing the following products to try at home

Finger foods:
Strawberry Rice Cakes £1.19
Strawberry Multigrain Hearts 59p

"Cook with Organix" range:
Tikka & Korma Paste Pot £2.49
Red & Green Italian Paste Pot £2.49
Mexican Rice Base £2.49

Plus testers will be sent a £10 Supermarket voucher (to allow you to purchase ingredients needed for Cook range). The overall value of items sent to testers will be £19.25

Testers (and non testers) are welcome to create their own recipe(s) featuring the 'Cook with Organix' range and enter the competition here - where you win a £100 Organix hamper and have Jack, the creative cook behind the range, come to your home and help you whip up a tasty nutritious meal for your little one.

Allergen data/ info here

You can also watch a video here about the new finger foods.

Everyone who takes part and who adds feedback on the thread will be entered into a prize draw where one MNer will win a £50 Love2Shop voucher

If you'd like to take part in the product test please add your details on this form by clicking here

We'll be in touch with those selected.

Thanks and good luck

98percentchocolate Mon 15-Jul-13 16:35:23

Would love to take part but as strict vegetarians would that exclude us? (The allergens link page doesn't seem to be working to check.)

Nightfall1983 Mon 15-Jul-13 16:54:46

Have filled in the form but would also like to see the allergen info - DS is dairy-free. Organix is generally really good for not adding milk to stuff so I've filled it in hoping that these are too smile

chocolatemartini Mon 15-Jul-13 17:44:29

Thanks have done. I'd love to product rest these

crazykat Mon 15-Jul-13 17:45:14

I'd love to be selected for this. I need inspiration for dinners that all of the kids can have as I'm fed up of the same meals all the time and having to make something different for my 10month old.

98percentchocolate Mon 15-Jul-13 18:01:46

Allergen sheet should be here if I've done this right!

GlitzPig Mon 15-Jul-13 18:36:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Skintorama Mon 15-Jul-13 18:38:05

Done. DS2 is such a fussy bugger and this could be a winner, hopefully.

iloveshortshorts Mon 15-Jul-13 19:39:33

DD just turned 1 and would be great to have ideas of what to cook.

TheFutureMrsB Mon 15-Jul-13 19:41:48

I think I completed it! Would be fab as my son is such a fusspot when it comes to eating anything!

vj32 Mon 15-Jul-13 20:31:02

It came up with an error message when I tried to submit and now the form won't load. Does that mean the trial is closed?

Forgetfulmog Mon 15-Jul-13 20:44:47

Aargh! I hit send on the survey by mistake & didn't get to finish the "why I would like to try organix". This was supposed to be my answer:

"Although I prefer to cook my baby's food from scratch, sometimes it's not that simple & dd has ended up having wheetabix for dinner on more than 1 occasion! It would be nice to have a back up plan & I would feel more comfortable knowing that she was getting a balanced meal. I think organix are a healthier brand than most of the others on the market".

Nightfall1983 Mon 15-Jul-13 20:58:30

Great I'm happy with the allergen info - it says "made in the same factory" but as DS is intolerant rather than allergic this is fine for us - fingers crossed we get it!

MrsHelsBels74 Mon 15-Jul-13 21:06:48

DS2 is 10 months next week, can I enter?

florencebabyjo Mon 15-Jul-13 21:14:45

I like the sound of flavour bases to build your own recipes onto.

jetstar Tue 16-Jul-13 07:51:17


snowymum12 Tue 16-Jul-13 09:02:33

These sound fantastic! I'd love my daughter to try some!

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 16-Jul-13 14:10:58

MrsHelsBels74 - yes!

ThedementedPenguin Tue 16-Jul-13 18:32:42

Would love to try this for my very fussy ds

PurplePidjin Tue 16-Jul-13 19:12:17

Dammit, my 8mo loves organix crisps sadblush

5madthings Tue 16-Jul-13 19:12:54

When it says between ten months to two years does it mean up to two years is 24mths or could I enter as dd is 2.5yrs, so she is two.

Switz Tue 16-Jul-13 20:34:08

Done. Any help in kitchen appreciated.

Munxx Tue 16-Jul-13 20:46:35

Done I hope we are picked!

FunnysInLaJardin Tue 16-Jul-13 22:54:55

I don't have an under 2 anymore sad My youngest is 3.5

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 17-Jul-13 13:20:26

5madthings - it means up to 3rd birthday - ie our DD is 2!

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