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NOW CLOSED: Calling all spud lovers - tell us how you would customise these potato recipes and win a Love2Shop voucher

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AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 03-Oct-11 11:43:55

This month - the Many Faces of Potatoes campaign is offering a £50 Love2Shop voucher to MNers offering a tip or spin on the November recipes - see this link for recipes and info

This thread is for the 15 MNers who are trying out potato recipes for the "Many Faces of Potatoes campaign" over the next few months. Each month they will be sent a new family favourite recipe which can be prepped and on the plate in under 30 minutes. The MNers will add their feedback to this thread.

Below are some questions for the Councillor's to answer each month - please feel free to add additional comments.

If you're not a tester but have any queries feel free to ask and maybe a Councillor will answer, or if not one of the MNet campaign team will.

Please state recipe name (if possible add a link from the above website):

~ How long did it take you to cook the recipe?
~ Did you and your family enjoy the recipe?
~ Will you be cooking it again?
~ Any other general comments about the recipe?

Two more general questions -
~ Since taking part in this activity have you found anything surprising about potatoes that you were unaware of before?
~ Any other general comments about potatoes?


silverfrog Mon 03-Oct-11 12:08:31

Recipe: salmon and potato parcel I can't find it on the website (blush), but it is as follows:

thinly sliced new potatoes
salmon fillet
sundried tomato paste
cherry tomatoes
broccoli florets
lemon juice.

you put the salmon on some foil, spread a teaspoon of tomato paste on top, pop on some cherry tomatoes and broccoli florets and potato slices. parcel up the foil and pop it in the oven for 20-25 minutes at Gas mark 5/190C apparently (have an AGA, so it's a case of bung it in for about 20 minutes here grin)

so, to the questions:

~ How long did it take you to cook the recipe?

it took me about 20 minutes to get this ready. but i had dd2 helping me (she is 4), so obviously it was slower than normal. it was simple and quick to prepare (if you ignore the extra 'help' I had grin) - a case of a bit of quick chopping/slicing, and then piling it all up. I gave it 20 minutes in the middle-bottom of the top oven (AGA), and the salmon was done nicely. the broccoli was still a bit crunchy for the dc, (well dd2!) but I thought it was good.

~ Did you and your family enjoy the recipe?

it was a hit. dd1 (7, has severe ASD and has had food issues in the past) absolutely hoovered it up, and then had some bits off myplate, and ate a lot of dd2's as well.
dd2 did really well - she was very interested in helping to prepare it (this is common - she isa fussy eater and we try to involve her in the preparation as this helps a bit), and to her credit (she is not a fish fan) she sat down and tried a bit of everything (broccoli not her favourite either, and she prefers tomatoes raw to cooked!). she was not keen, btu then I didn't think she would be. she enjoyed feeding it to dd1 though grin.
dh really liked it - he likes salmon anyway, and thought it was a nice change. thumbs up from him.
my step daughter (an adult) was visiting, and she is not normally a fish fan either, but she ate the lot (she was under instruction to not put off the younger girls!) and said it was actually ok. probably the nicest salmon she has had.
I thoguht it was a nice change to have a tomato-based salmon recipe, as I normally just bung a bit of lemon on it, season, and put in the oven. served with green veg and either new potatoes or mash. so it was good to try something different. but I thought it was a bit sweet overall. I think if I do it again (and there is no reason why I would not) I would put the lemon juice on first, rather than on top of it all jsut before the parcel gets sealed, as that might add a bit of bite to it. it was nice though

~ Will you be cooking it again?

yes, probably, as long as I remember to (it is easy to get stuck into a rut with recipes). dd1 loved it, and I was surprised by how easily she ate it. I think with repetition dd2 might eat a bit more of it (or with eg different veg). and I would definitely do it again for dh and me - quick to prepare and tasty enough, but I would try varying the lemon juice as above (or maybe a different sundried tomato paste? something to lessen the sweetness and add a bit of bite, anyway)

~ Any other general comments about the recipe?

see above re: sweetness.

~ Since taking part in this activity have you found anything surprising about potatoes that you were unaware of before?

um, I suppose I hadn't considered thinly slicing the potatoes and putting in the parcel before - whilst this is not new and surprising ti is not somehting I had odne, iyswim? which is why I wanted to take part - to highlight what else I could be doing with familiar ingredients.

I enjoyed trying this, and look forward to my next recipe (will have a browse of the website in the meantime)

babster Mon 03-Oct-11 14:30:27

Recipe: Bombay Spicy Potatoes (I can't find this on the website either, there is a recipe for Bombay Potatoes on there but this is different).

* How long to cook:
About 25 mins

* Did you and your family enjoy the recipe?
It was a gamble as I don't normally cook cauliflower! I didn't add the spinach for the children. Dd1 ate it cautiously but liked it, dd2 loved it, ds (who doesn't like potatoes) said 'That's disgusting, I'm not going to eat it!' He tasted a crumb but that was it.
Dh and I enjoyed it. I was pleasantly surprised as I thought it might turn out a bit watery when I read the recipe, but the curry sauce was rich and thick considering how simple the ingredients are. I served it with garlic and coriander naan, and the children had some chicken on the side.

* Will you be cooking it again?
Yes, but next time I'll replace the cauliflower with mushrooms or a tin of chickpeas. I now have 3/4 of a cauliflower glowering at me in the fridge.

* Any other general comments about the recipe?
It didn't state how much oil to use so I just used a generous glug. I used an Oxo cube for the beef stock. Since it's such a good recipe for vegetarians I was surprised it specified beef stock when veg stock would do just as well.

EsmeWeatherwax Mon 03-Oct-11 18:32:11

Recipe: Salmon and Potato Parcel

I also couldn'y find it on the website, recipe above! thanks Silverfrog!

~ How long did it take you to cook the recipe?

The recipe took about fifteen minutes to prepare, and was very simple for a dish that looked quite impressive. It took 30 minutes to cook in a gas oven. Personally I would perhaps blanch the broccoli first, partly to keep it's colour, partly to soften it just a wee bit more, was quite hard for the kids, and not the most appetising colour for them either. Everything else was cooked perfectly though.

~ Did you and your family enjoy the recipe?

All four of us loved the recipe, even fusspot DD1, who actually asked if we could have it again tomorrow night, and this is the child who will normally not touch potatoes with a barge pole! I think the tomato flavour absorbed by the potatoes during cooking helped a lot with that. DH and I thought the dish was lovely, it looked very attractive on the plate, and had a great balance of flavours, nothing overpowered anything else, and it all worked very well together. The kids loved opening their little parcels too! We had to wait for a while for the cherry tomatoes to cool for the dd's though, they are both small, and the tomatoes were tiny thermonuclear bombs! All in all delicious.

~ Will you be cooking it again?

Definitely. Although being honest, salmon is a bit of a treat as it is very expensive. The next time it's on offer i will definitely cook this dish again! I would also be quite happy to try it with other fish/meat combinations, e.g. we get a lot of trout, which I think would go very well, and possily also with chicken if you're not a fishy person!

~ Any other general comments about the recipe?

All in all a simple, very effective recipe that we were all happy to eat and which we would all happily eat again, barring the prohibitive cost of salmon. can't wait for the next recipe!

Two more general questions -

~ Since taking part in this activity have you found anything surprising about potatoes that you were unaware of before?

Obviously its a bit premature for this, but I was quite surprised how quickly this cooked in the oven, I tend to think of oven cooked potatoes as being either baked or roasties, which can take a fair old while.

noyouhavehadawee Mon 03-Oct-11 18:49:33

Recipe : Salmon and potato parcel (which sorry i could not find on the webby either)

How long did it take you to cook the recipe?
It took about 15 mins to prepare which seemed really easy - in hindsight i would have used bigger pieces of foil and i would ensure that there was enough to properly seal the ingredients in the parce and i would also slice my potatoes more thinly. There were tiny gaps in 2 of my foil packages so 2 parcels had a few potatoes in it which where not thoroughly cooked even after i left them in for 40 mins - lesson learnt <skulks at how undomesticated i am>
~ Did you and your family enjoy the recipe?
Yes - the dc said when it came out of the oven how yummy it smelt and even dh commented 10/10 for presentation. He did moan that the brocoli was a bit tough but i think that might be operator error as he had the slightly unsealed parcel. I thought it was really nice and we discovered fussy pants ds who is 4 loves salmon, he also ate a few of the potatoes which he doesnt normally eat and not eatign potato products in our house does cause me a major headache when cooking for ds , dc aged 8 hoovered it all up as did i (apart form a few raw potatoes blush
~ Will you be cooking it again?
Definitly when salmon is on offer though i would like to try a variation of the recipe with chicken or turkey or even cod/ seabass.
~ Any other general comments about the recipe?
The hardest bit was finding the ingredients in our local Asda.

Two more general questions -
~ Since taking part in this activity have you found anything surprising about potatoes that you were unaware of before?
Not yet
~ Any other general comments about potatoes?
I did not peel mine.

babyinacorner Mon 03-Oct-11 19:12:01

Bombay spicy potatoes - again, i couldn't find the recipe on the website, sorry.

How long did it take you to cook the recipe?

It took about 15 minutes to prep everything then i simmered it for about 30/40 minutes

Did you and your family enjoy the recipe?

Myself and my husband really enjoyed this although i did add salt to it at the dinner table as felt it was lacking seasoning. We served it with rice and chicken breasts that we had marinated in yoghurt,lemon,curry powder and paprika (cooked on the bbq) it was a lovely side dish to go with our meal. My four year old son ate a fair bit of his portion but found it a bit too spicy overall. My one year old son ate about 3 teaspoons, again he found it too spicy i think!

Will you be cooking it again?

Yes i think i would cook it again for me and my husband, perhaps as an addition to a friday night curry. I wouldn't serve it to my children again as it was too hot for them.

Any other general comments about the recipe?

The dish needs seasoning and this could be stated on the recipe. Overall a good recipe though, especially with a bit of mango chutney!

Since taking part in this activity have you found anything surprising about potatoes that you were unaware of?


Any other general comments about potatoes?


EttiKetti Mon 03-Oct-11 20:25:12

I made Chinese Chicken And Potatoes, I couldnt find this on the website either, are any of them on there grin

Ingredients: 4 medium potatoes, 4 chicken breasts, 2 tbsp Hoi Sin Sauce, 100g Baby Corn, 1 Red Pepper, 3 Spring onions

~ How long did it take you to cook the recipe?
Prep was only a few minutes, then it was stated to be 25-30 mins in oven however, the potatoes, which were to be cut into small chunks so mine were approx 1-1.5cm chunks, were not all cooked, so I left it for 40 minutes in total.

~ Did you and your family enjoy the recipe?
My son, a self proclaimed potato-hater, loved this recipe, he demolished his bowl full and the bits his sisters didn't enjoy (corn and peppers!). DD (9) not keen at all but she is the pickiest eater, so I am not worried about that, but we did think it was rather dry, the meat stayed moist, but 2tbsp sauce isn't enough (and I did put a little more than that in tbh!) and it was a very dry dish.

~ Will you be cooking it again?
I think I would, but adapt to make it more "saucy"!

~ Any other general comments about the recipe??
It was rather vague (old or new pots? Peeled or unpeeled? for example) but I guessed and it worked really well. A better photo would be nice as it would answer some questions (about the potatoes maybe!) and how dry the dish should appear. Oh and the spring onions didnt seem to add much to the recipe sadly!

~ Since taking part in this activity have you found anything surprising about potatoes that you were unaware of before?
I was surprised how well they went with chinese spices, I would NEVER have thought of doing that with them!

~ Any other general comments about potatoes?
Potatoes RULE (I just need to work on persuading the rest of my family - DS was going to be the hardest, however I seem to have won him over in month one!)

FromGirders Mon 03-Oct-11 20:56:31

We also had Chinese Chicken and Potatoes, like EttiKetti above.

~ How long did it take you to cook the recipe?
It took me 10 minutes to prepare everything (I actually looked at the clock) but I did it on Sunday when i was quite laid back - I might have done it a bit faster on a weekday when I was in more of a hurry. Cooking time was about right - I sliced my potatoes, so they were done in time, and the chicken was really nicely cooked.

~ Did you and your family enjoy the recipe?
DH, I and DS loved it; DD wasn't so keen, but she's the picky one in any case. The use of sauce put her off but when she was persuaded to eat a whole chunk of chicken / potato rather than nibbling it round the edges, she liked it better because she wasn't just getting the sauce taste. She thought she might like it better if Id cooked the potatoes in cubes confused

~ Will you be cooking it again?
I'll definitely be cooking it again! The kids both loved the baby corn which I rarely use (it doesn't come in our veg box and I rarely buy other veg!). I think I might try putting other veg in it too - perhaps some kale or carrot sticks, or the children thought carrot would go into it nicely.

~ Any other general comments about the recipe?
Unlike Ettiketti, I didn't think this was dry at all! In fact there was a fair bit of sauce and chicken juices in the bottom of the tray. I wonder if that has anything to do with using a gas oven as opposed to an electric fan oven?

Two more general questions -
~ Since taking part in this activity have you found anything surprising about potatoes that you were unaware of before? I too had never thought of using potatoes with Chinese sauces / spices, and I really loved it!

~ Any other general comments about potatoes?
Not really. Writing this post has made me hungry though.

FromGirders Mon 03-Oct-11 21:00:50

Oh, one other comment, but it's not potato related blush
Picky DD actually tried everything on her plate because I told her it was a MN product test and she had to try everything because that was her job as a tester! (Does that make me a mean mummy grin ?)

I may use this methodology again . . .

noyouhavehadawee Mon 03-Oct-11 21:11:34

i used that methodology too and stated if we do a good job we might get more ftesting jobs and eventually be able to afford to go to Florida - i realise i took my bribery perhaps a tadge to far grin

babster Mon 03-Oct-11 22:11:12

Whoops, sorry I missed out the last 2 questions about the Bombay Potatoes:
~ Since taking part in this activity have you found anything surprising about potatoes that you were unaware of before?
Yes, their starchiness thickens a sauce well.
~ Any other general comments about potatoes?
Ds still thinks they're the devil's own tubers sad

roquefortlover Mon 03-Oct-11 22:31:25

Like babster and baby, I made the Bombay Spicy Potatoes

* How long to cook:
About 10 mins prep, 20 mins to cook.Pretty quick and simple I thought.

* Did you and your family enjoy the recipe?
DH and I really enjoyed it and ate it just as it was without any accompaniment though I agree mango chutney would be good! It was quite similar to another potato curry I already make so not surprised we liked it. DS1 tried his and said it was Ok but too many veg - this is quite positive as he is a veg hating 12 year old... Ds2 and DD both said it was too spicy but was expecting that as they never eat curries. They picked out some potato to eat though and ate rice with it.

* will you be cooking it again?

Yes,for Dh and me, but maybe not for the kids. It was quicker than my usual recipe and I thought the beef stock - I too used Oxo! - made it nicely rich.

* other comments?

Recipe was easy to follow and could be adapted to use different veg too I think. For us portions were on the small side but then we were attempting to serve 5 - even if 2 of them didn't want it! - plus, we are greedy. It would work well as part of a selection of curries I think.

Really looking forward to next recipe now!!

ClaimedByMe Tue 04-Oct-11 11:18:42

I made bombay spicy potatoes

~ How long did it take you to cook the recipe?
It took about 10 mins to prepare and 20 mins to cook

~ Did you and your family enjoy the recipe?
We did! DD decided she didnt like it just by looking at the picture on the sheet but she ate it all, me and dp agreed that it wasnt spicy enough and lacked at bit of kick but it was just a perfect amount for the DC

~ Will you be cooking it again?
I will cook it again but use stronger curry powder or add a bit of chilli powder

~ Any other general comments about the recipe?
Nice dish, we had it with curry as i didnt know if the kids would eat it but would confidently make it with as a main dish next time, i think it would be easily adapted to use other veg too!

Two more general questions -
~ Since taking part in this activity have you found anything surprising about potatoes that you were unaware of before?
not really!

~ Any other general comments about potatoes?

pombear Tue 04-Oct-11 12:08:11

Salmon and potato parcels here last night:-

How long did it take to cook the recipe?
It was really quick to put together, probably no more than 5 or 6 minutes, which was handy as I was in a bit of a rush. Then about 25 minutes in the over first, and then another ten minutes for the 'gaps in the parcel' one where the potatoes hadn't cooked. Doh!

Did you and your family enjoy the recipe?
Yes, we did - DD particularly liked the cherry tomatoes part of it. Haven't done salmon with such strong tomato-y flavours before and it went well! I've always tried to make sure we have fish like salmon once a week, for the health side of things, and DD has become bored of the same old same old - this should kick-start us out of the fish rut!

Will you be cooking it again?
I think I probably will (partly because I now have a jar of sun-dried tomato paste lurking in my fridge!) but also because it was very quick to put together. I'd have never of thought of putting the potatoes in the parcel, usually would just chuck them in a pan to boil at the same time as cooking the salmon, and it makes a bit of a difference to their taste, and also saves on washing up!

Anything surprising about potatoes?
Not yet, but surprised myself as to why I hadn't thought about putting potatoes in cooking parcels before - it's easy, a bit of no-brainer as to less washing up and hassle, and makes it much more interesting for a Monday night meal than the normal plates I dish up.

Any other comments about potates?
No, though hopefully through this exercise I'll come to think of them less as 'something you boil in a pan and put on a plate cos that's what you do' and more of part of the ingredients that make up the flavour of a meal.

johnworf Tue 04-Oct-11 12:23:12

Salmon & Potato Parcel.

How long did it take you to cook the recipe?

Very simple to prepare - only took 10 minutes.

Did you and your family enjoy the recipe?

I loved it! DH is not usually a fish person but even he said he'd have a go and eat it. He really enjoyed it and would welcome it again (amazed!!) DD#2 (3) ate it but would probably put less tomato paste on hers. DSS (11) had a go but wasn't keen. He has Aspergers and isn't fond of 'mixed up foods' hmm

Will you be cooking it again?

Yes I will. I'll do it for the 3 of us. It's on our food planner as a regular item smile

Any other general comments about the recipe?

Very quick and easy to do. Could do with a bit of seasoning (not mentioned in recipe) before cooking. Great that it all goes in the oven and no other pans needed.

I've also passed this recipe on to my older daughter as she thought it sounding yum.

Would be a quick and easy recipe for a student.

Two more general questions -

Since taking part in this activity have you found anything surprising about potatoes that you were unaware of before?

Never thought about slicing them and including them in a recipe before. They cooked very quickly.

Any other general comments about potatoes?

Apart from we're eating them more often? No. wink

johnworf Tue 04-Oct-11 12:24:28

10 minutes to prepare and 20 minutes to cook. Total of 30 minutes.

lubeybooby Tue 04-Oct-11 12:37:07

I'm not a tester but wow it's making me hungry reading this. I will definitely try these recipes grin

Fillybuster Tue 04-Oct-11 14:10:49

Please could someone <anyone> post the full recipes, plus instructions? They aren't on the website and they sound great....especially the salmon and chicken ones.

Pretty please?

silverfrog Tue 04-Oct-11 14:11:55

the salmon recipe is in my post down the thread - if you've any questions, just ask smile.

noyouhavehadawee Tue 04-Oct-11 14:32:14

salmon one from my head - elec 190 - slap salmon in middle of foil, smooth on sundried tomatot paste layer, pile on cherry toms, slice a load of new potaties and lay on top with 3 or 4 sprigs of tendercut broccoli, squeeze over a lemon and close the foil around it so it is sealed with no gaps, whack in oven for 25 mins ish . job done - do this for each person smile

Fillybuster Tue 04-Oct-11 14:47:04

Oops, yes, saw the salmon one thanks

Anyone want to type up the chicken one, plus instructions?

Ta smile

babyinacorner Tue 04-Oct-11 18:05:15


Bombay spicy potatoes

4 medium potatoes skin on cut into small cubes
1 onion sliced
2 cloves garlic crushed
Quarter cauliflower cut into small florets
2tbsp med curry paste or one tbsp curry powder
1 can chopped tomatoes
300ml beef stock
1 tbsb fresh coriander chopped
Handful baby spinach

1. Heat oil in large saucepan
2. Add onion and garlic cook for 1-2 minutes
3. Add potatoes and cauli
4. Add curry paste or powder and combine with pots and cauli for 1-2 minutes
5. Add toms and stock
6. Bring to boil cover with lid and simmer for 15-20 mins until pots are soft
7. Stir through coriander and spinach and serve

babyinacorner Tue 04-Oct-11 18:06:01

See my earlier post for what we served it with!

zipzap Wed 05-Oct-11 00:15:51

We did the Chinese Chicken and Potatoes recipe like EttiKetti and IronGirders.

~ How long did it take you to cook the recipe?
Probably took about 5-8 mins to chop everything up, mix it with the hoisin sauce and put it on the tray into the oven. I also zapped the potatoes in the microwave for 5 mins to give them a head start as 30 mins didn't seem like long for cooking potato chunks in the oven. I tried to follow the recipe precisely rather than tweak it like I normally would when doing a recipe like this, in order to report back on the recipe more accurately.

~ Did you and your family enjoy the recipe?
Mixed reactions... DH was very impressed when it came out of the oven but disappointed by first bite. Even though I'd left it in for 10 mins longer than the recipe said, cooked it at gas mark 7 instead of 6 and given the potatoes a head start, lots of the potatoes weren't cooked properly to the point that I had to spit a couple out, they were just too raw.

Chicken was beginning to be on the dry side. Some of the peppers were cooked, others weren't. None had gone nice and roasty like they can do and I would normally aim for if oven cooking them. Splitting the baby sweetcorn in 2 made them much the smallest thing on the baking tray and they were all done well and beginning to burn.

Hoisin sauce amount was enough to make everything look brown but to not really taste of anything, would need more to make it actually taste chinese-y.

DS1 (fussy!) didn't like it - DS2 was asleep and had eaten at nursery so didn't try any of it.

The spring onions were really out of place and not needed, would have been nicer with some onions cooked in it.

I ended up serving it with green beans as it all looked so brown - needed the green for the freshness. It was also quite dry so they were needed for some moistness.

~ Will you be cooking it again?
I already do something similar to this using assorted veg and pork fillet that I'll continue to do. For a change I'll now add hoisin into the mix for the meat sometimes but not the veg, would use a lot more hoisin to keep the meat moist. I'd also consider putting a bit of foil over the meat for at least half the cooking time to help keep it moist. And I'll use chicken as well as pork.

~ Any other general comments about the recipe?
The recipe wasn't very detailed and just didn't work. sorry. It didn't say what sort of potatoes to use other than medium sized. It said to cut into small chunks which is fairly ambiguous - would have been better to have given a typical size example.

It said to mix the 2 tablespoons of sauce into everything on the baking tray - which would have been pretty difficult as it was very full and there wasn't enough sauce to spread easily. I did it in a pot which made it much easier and did the veg first, then the chicken. Having everything mixed into the same sauce would have made it all very same-y if you had been able to taste it - would have been better to concentrate more of the sauce on the chicken and then the potatoes but not to worry about the peppers and sweetcorn. Using a roasting tin would have been easier but I guess might have made the potatoes less likely to go all crunchy on the outside.

I also sprayed the baking tray with a little light olive oil so it didn't all stick - even so round the corners there was baked on hoisin sauce that took lots of elbow grease to get off and still isn't off properly. If the dish had the amount of sauce it needed and was baked for the right amount of time it would potentially ruin the baking sheet or at least be a nasty job for dh someone to tackle afterwards.

I used one big baking sheet - it just about spread out into a single layer but with everything close together. If the potatoes had been cut even smaller then they would have needed even more space and I would have been forced to use 2 large baking sheets. However if the potatoes had been much smaller then it wouldn't have been so good for dh to eat as they would have looked more like kiddie food than grown up food.

The picture supplied with the recipe showed the potatoes as thinly sliced (on a mandolin?) rather than in chunks. They may have cooked better like this (in which case why not say 'slice thinly' in the recipe?) but would have needed several ovens to spread across if they also needed to be cooked in a single layer.

DH is a real potato lover and ate a good third of the overall amount. he would have eaten more if the potatoes had been cooked properly. I don't think allowing one medium potato per person is really enough, especially if you have anybody with a good appetite and/or who is a real potato lover.

As already mentioned, the potatoes weren't cooked - even with extra zapping in the microwave beforehand (while the oven heated up and other stuff was being chopped). Starting potatoes in the microwave is great - economical way to get the cooking process started and shortened. Plus it acts like double cooking chips - makes them nice and fluffy on the inside ready to be cooked nice and crunchy on the outside.

If I were doing it again, I would:

*chop up the potatoes into bite size pieces and cook in in a vented covered pot in the microwave with just a tablespoon of water for about 7-10 mins until almost soft, while the oven was heating up and other veg and chicken were being prepared.

*drain the water out and add enough hoisin sauce to cover potato pieces reasonably well when all mixed together - maybe 4-6 tablespoons.

*spread the potato pieces across the lightly oiled baking tray(s) in a single layer. Sprinkle the red pepper pieces, halved (width not lengthways!) baby sweetcorn and chunked spring onions across the potatoes.

*pop the chicken into the now-empty potato pot and mix it with a good couple of tablespoons of hoisin sauce and add to the top of the baking tray(s) keeping everything as well spread out as possible.

*cook for half an hour at gas mark 6/7, checking half way through to turn everything over and give it a mix (will help to even out the browning of the potatoes and put the chicken to the bottom, thereby keeping it more moist)

*check everything is cooked before serving. Cook for a little longer if necessary. removing the chicken or covering it with bits of foil to prevent it overcooking and drying out.

*serve with green beans (and soy sauce?). (Or additional hoisin sauce if you have found one that can be eaten without needing cooking - it just needs something to give it a bit of moisture - )

Two more general questions -
~ Since taking part in this activity have you found anything surprising about potatoes that you were unaware of before?
Not yet... other that I can't quite believe it is possible to write such a long post about a single potato recipe, sorry! blush

~ Any other general comments about potatoes?
I was wondering just how green potatoes have to be before they are bad to eat. I know they are toxic if they are really green - but a couple of the potatoes must have just had a bit of light on them and so had just a tinge of green that could almost have been my eyes or the light. I peeled off the bit of skin that had the hint of green and they were absolutely fine below but it did make me wonder at what point to you ignore the green? and does peeling or cutting the green bit out work or do the toxins go into the entire potato?

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 05-Oct-11 11:53:41

I've added the recipes to the MN archive - will do this each time for everyone who wants to get cooking.
Chinese Chicken and Potatoes
Salmon and Potato parcel
Bombay Spicy Potatoes


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