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Feedback thread for the Change Your Meat Not Your Menu Campaign

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AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 26-Jul-10 09:01:30

Message withdrawn

glasgowlass Mon 26-Jul-10 09:54:13

Marking my place for later....

clayre Mon 26-Jul-10 11:54:04

marking my place too.........

kingprawntikka Mon 26-Jul-10 12:00:12

I was one of the testers, here is my feedback.

Q1- the turkey was no different to my usual meats to cook with.

Q2-I was pleasantly surprised at how much turkey I could buy for ten pounds and thought it was good value for money.

Q3- I cooked turkey bolognaise, turkey and apricot tagine and BBQ turkey strips.

Q4-My son preferred the turkey bolognaise to my usual beef, and we thought it was no different to chicken in the tagine. The BBQ turkey was moister than it would be with chicken.

Q5 - We did enjoy the turkey meals.

Q6- I would definitely cook with turkey again.

Q7- I would recommend it to a friend, especially to save money.

Q8- No,I didn't visit the website.

Gigantaur Mon 26-Jul-10 12:02:11

ahh here you all are.
i couldn't get the link in the email to work.

I met Marco and i have to confess to being a total cynic before i went. obviously Marco would be telling us Turkey was great, that what he was being paid to do. BUt between his passion and the nutricionists protestations about the health benefits of turkey, i was totally sucked in.
I am now a convert. I have used turkey quite a lot since that day.

I have made all 3 of the recipe's we were shown on the day and some more from the website. I have also just used turkey instead of chicken in every day cooking i do at home.

It is so much cheaper, it is actually very succulent and i am a total convert.

I have already waxed lyrical to the girls over on the "shiney" healthy eating threads and a couple have even agreed to do the swap too.

Gigantaur Mon 26-Jul-10 15:15:13

also, I got an email telling me the footage was "going live" today.
does that mean on here? or somewhere else? do i need to stay indoors for a few days

AnnieOneForTennis Mon 26-Jul-10 15:40:36

Hello, I was also one of the lucky ones to meet Marco. I was somewhat sceptical, but he came across as very genuine and passionate about promoting turkey as a meat. The dishes he cooked were wonderful (no surprise really!)
His turkey meatballs with tomato sauce were just lovely, really moist, and seemed oh so simple to make.
Then he did a stir fry with ginger and spring onions, again, so simple, and quick, and yes, delicious. The third dish was turkey steaks in breadcrumbs - was it Milano he called it? It was yummy as well, none of the dryness you'd expect from eating a turkey steak, it took just minutes to fry. Delicious.
So yes, I am also a convert!!
I really enjoyed the day, it was lovely to meet the other girls (hello Gigantaur!)

At home I've tried three of his recipes (not the ones he cooked on the day, but in the brochure we got)
First turkey bolognese, turned out very well, the children ate too and it was delicious.
Secondly I made a stir-fry for DH and I, again from the brochure, it was delicious, soy sauce, honey and coriander I think it was - one tip Marco gave us for stir-frying was not to shake the meat around, or stir it, but just to place it in the pan, then turn each piece over after a few minutes. This worked for me that time!!
Thirdly I made some turkey steaks with tomato and mozzarella (Turkey Napolitana) and served them to the in-laws who are very averse to turkey as they find it dry (it's not the meat, it's the way it's cooked, says Marco!) and they said it was lovely. DH found it a bit tough though, but he's hard to please!!

So overall:
Q1 Very easy to cook with and no problem substituting for usual meats. Also less risk with under-cooking, according to the nutritionist.
Q2 I haven't actually used my vouchers yet, but according to everything I've read, it's definitely cheaper.
Q3 Spaghetti bolognese, turkey stir-fry, and turkey napolitana (so far...)
Q4 yes, very tasty
Q5 Yes
Q6 Definitely
Q7 I have told friends about it and have said only positive things. Vegetarians were not convinced though!!
Q8 I have visited the website, but I'm mostly sticking to Marco's recipes so far.

I would like to thank Mumsnet for the opportunity, it was a great day.

Gigantaur Mon 26-Jul-10 16:40:53

oh we have had the napolitana too. it was gorgeous

<<waves back at Annie>>

clayre Mon 26-Jul-10 20:42:31

Q1 - the turkey was really easy to cook with and substitute, wasnt really any different than cooking with chicken.

Q2 - def better value, got much more turkey than i would have got chicken.

Q3 - I made stir-fry, curry and sweet and sour.

Q4 - the children didnt notice the difference but my and dp did, the turkey tastes much nicer.

Q5 - see above

Q6 - yep i bought more in this week shop

Q7 - i told my mum and she already bought some instead of chicken

Q8 - no i didnt visit the website.

MadameDefarge Mon 26-Jul-10 20:42:40

Once I have convinced my butcher to stock turkey mince, I am planning to serve the delicious meatball recipe to my will be very interesting to see their reactions to it. If butcher won't, then I'll use the voucher, tho sainsburys is v. inconvenient for me at the mo.

At home, ds was very happy with the meatball recipe I have to say the "glamour" of MPW enticed picky boy into trying it!

The masterclass was great fun, lovely meeting other MNetters, and we did have a good giggle. MPW extremely nice, but very scary stare and the giant fork waving before we started was alarming before we all got into the swing of it.

I'll post more later.

AnnieOneForTennis Mon 26-Jul-10 20:48:11

Hello MadameD!! You definitely got Marco's approval for your cafe, so besta luck. We did have a (kinda nervous) giggle! I must get one of those forks...

MadameDefarge Mon 26-Jul-10 20:53:46

Hi Annie! Yes, he was very kind, wasn't he? Like Gigantaur, I was determined not to be sucked into being a PR patsy, but really, it was impossible not to be totally impressed by the recipes (helps having a three star michelin chef cooking them wink) Though cooking them at home does confirm that Michelin stars are not absolutely necessary to create yummy food with turkey - however still have a sneaking suspicion he could make wet hay taste fabulous....

AnnieOneForTennis Mon 26-Jul-10 20:59:15

Was he looking at all of us in the eye!? I think so... Well I'm easily impressed, but yes I was sucked in...
I loved the way he gave a little whistle when he messed up what he was saying, and then started again. just for the editing!! Pro-fessional.

MadameDefarge Mon 26-Jul-10 21:01:07

Yes, the eye thing, v. impressive, to be able to give five grown women the impression they and they are alone are the focus of his can't buy that stuff...

<<admits to teeny tiny Marco crush>>

Valpollicella Mon 26-Jul-10 22:03:06

Ooh, was the bolognese really ok with turkey mince? I find it a bit, grainy? almost. And without the meaty tste I like with bolognese

maxybrown Mon 26-Jul-10 22:54:47

Q1 How easy was the turkey to cook with and substitute into your usual recipe repertoire?

Easy to cook with but proved difficult as Dh really not a fan of Turkey.

Q2 Did you feel that you were getting good value for money in buying turkey meat?

I thought it was expensive blush we usually buy all of our meat from our local Butchers, very very rarely from a supermarket and in comparison it was expensive. Also our Butchers meat is excellent quality and always nicer than supermarket meat

Q3 What meals did you cook using turkey?

we had turkey steaks with raspberry and port sauce (raspeberries from the garden)

Turkey curry

Stir fry

Q4 Were the dishes you cooked tasty?

not too bad!

Q5 Did the family enjoy the meals with turkey in them?

I think I preferrred them to my Husband, but he really is not keen on Turkey. My son loves any meat and was quite happy.

Q6 Would you consider cooking with turkey again in future?

Yes I would - I would like to have a go at using it instead of beef mince, but my Husband HATES any mince dishes so turkey mince was defintely out but I will be trying it for myself in the future.

Q7 Would you recommend the "turkey swap" to another family?


Q8 Did you visit for recipes, hints and tips?

No I didn't.......but will do!

Very very sad I had to give up my chance to meet marco and cook with him though

Gigantaur Tue 27-Jul-10 11:00:28

grin @ MadameD

do you want to see my description of the day when i got home?

haven't properly caught up yet as i was just too desperate to come and tell you about my fabulous day grin

dropped DD to school and got a cab to the station, the cab driver drove into the back of a learner driver! nothing major buut they had to exchange details. we continued to the station but the hold up meant i had missed my train. I refused to pay the driver, he got stroppy i told him to kiss my fat white arse and went in the station.
because i missed my train i had to get the calling at all stations trainj instead which took forever.
Got out at the other and late and had Carrie ringing me as they needed to start filimg. FILMING? says i. i was unaware that we were to be filmed. panic panic panic.
Got another cab to the kitchens where i burst in to see Marco looking all big and brooding and much sexier than he is on the telly. (no tea towel today either which helped)

He comes over and says "hello Michelle, I'm Marco" i go all weak 14 year old virgin being spoken to by the school hunk and a tiny bit of 'he knows my name syndrome' kicked in.

I get plonked on a chair, no chance to slap some plaster of Mac on my face so i just had to sit looking a like a school run mum that has just ran all the way (not great in other words)

I get shown a couple of questions that the prodcution staff would like me to put into my own owrds and work into the conversation.

Another one of teh ladies introduces herself to me as one of my fave MNers - Madamedefarge.

Marco starts cooking. He talks about food with such passion that i start to forget that i am a cynical old bag and start to believe that he means what he says about urkey being tastier and better than chicken.

He makes us three dishes, Turkey meatballs in tomatoe sauce, turkey steaks in breadcrumbs and parmesan cheese, and Turkey stir fry.
All of it was bloody gorgeous and the nutritionist lady kept reminding us of just how great turkey is, that it is a super food and that it is so much lower in fats than every other kind of meat. so i sit back thinking I may just have to start cooking with it more often.

We ask Marco questions, both the ones they wanted and our own. Sadly i was unable to slip "do you like it rough" into the conversation.

He was very articulate and his voice is so smooth i could listen to it for hours. there was some banter and a few definitly flirtatious looks. and a couple that were so very deliberatly broody and leading man that i simply know he fancied me and wants to take me away to live ona farm and feed me lovely food forever.

or maybe not.

Anyway, it was all over and Marco went and sat in the cafe with his friend whilst we all had to do a piece to camera. dear lord, Angela Rippen i am not. God knows when or where it is going to be shown. I dont know if its just for MN or for a commercial or something. feck knows.

We got a load of Turkey mince, steaks and cubes so that we can try the recipes at home, i got a £10 sainsbo's voucher to buy yet mroe turkey and a copy of Marco's new book that he has signed with a personal message. No idea what it says cos i cant read his writting but my guess is that it says " your gorgeous, marry me" wink

So i got to spend the train journey back fantasising over being Mrs Pierre White. I like it. I think it suits me.

Now if Marco comes on to check out our opinions i relly will die of blush but he can reach me at


AnnieOneForTennis Tue 27-Jul-10 11:08:40

Lol Gigantaur!! Great description of the day!! He definitely had a thing for you more than the rest of us wink

AnnieOneForTennis Tue 27-Jul-10 11:10:40

Valpollicella, the bolognese really was good with the turkey. It felt meaty. I think i put some chicken stock in it, so you could substitute that for beef stock I guess. Texture similar to beef. Worth a try, honest!

MadameDefarge Tue 27-Jul-10 11:20:30

OH that boy is such a slapper, I was sure he loved me, and only me!

Gigantaur Tue 27-Jul-10 11:27:13

no sorry MadameD, he is mine all mine.

Annie you are now my fave mner for saying that grin

MadameDefarge Tue 27-Jul-10 12:45:04

Faithless wench. you are, you know you are....

DramaInPyjamas Tue 27-Jul-10 15:07:26

Very jealous of everyone who got to meet him!
I was one of those selected to use the £10 voucher.

Q1 How easy was the turkey to cook with and substitute into your usual recipe repertoire?
A1 Easy to cook with. Easy to substitute.

Q2 Did you feel that you were getting good value for money in buying turkey meat?
A2 Yes, was very surprised actually, as I am not a buyer of turkey usually (have only ever bought it once for Christmas!)

Q3 What meals did you cook using turkey?
A3 I cooked a turkey jambalaya (I usually use chicken), cooked and froze a batch of turkey curry and the Marco Pierre White turkey welsh rarebit recipe from the booklet we were posted along with the voucher - leftovers went in sandwiches for a picnic!

Q4 Were the dishes you cooked tasty?
A4 Of course they were! I am a brilliant chef! Haha!

Q5 Did the family enjoy the meals with turkey in them?
A5 Me - yes. Children didn't notice the difference until I told them, they loved it though. Husband - no. He hates turkey.

Q6 Would you consider cooking with turkey again in future?
A6 Yes, maybe not for evening family meals (as I said above, DH isn't a turkey fan), but lunches for me and DC - yes.

Q7 Would you recommend the "turkey swap" to another family?
A7 Yes

Q8 Did you visit for recipes, hints and tips?
A8 Visited for a quick browse.

MrsTicklemouse Tue 27-Jul-10 16:02:35

I was another of lucky one's to meet the gorgeous Marco and had a lovely day, although did leave in such a hurry I left my camera (which was swiftly returned) I still can't believe how much of a schoolgirl I felt! I do think I managed to control my nervous giggle though... didn't I?!

Q1 How easy was the turkey to cook with and substitute into your usual recipe repertoire?
The turkey was very easy to cook with, and substituted no problem

Q2 Did you feel that you were getting good
value for money in buying turkey meat?
In sainsbury's I found it to be very good value for money, but on Ocado I found it quite expensive with a limited choice

Q3 What meals did you cook using turkey?
We made Marco's meatballs, and burgers with the meatball recipe, Marco's stirfry, turkey steak rolled with cheese wrapped in bacon, barbecued kebab sticks and turkey in white wine sauce

Q4 Were the dishes you cooked tasty?
They were all lovely although the kebab sticks were liable to being dry if left a bit too long on he bbq

Q5 Did the family enjoy the meals with turkey in them?
There were certainly no complaints!
Q6 Would you consider cooking with turkey again in future?
Yes, I would based on Carrie the nutritionists information and the fact it is cheaper, I don't think I'll be using it in my spag bol though!

Q7 Would you recommend the "turkey swap" to another family?
Yes, I've already given a couple of the recipes to friends

Q8 Did you visit for recipes, hints and tips?
I did visit the website but didn't really get much from it!

Gigantaur Wed 28-Jul-10 09:31:28

Does anyone know where the footage is being shown?

I really don't want to see my fat face appear on my telly unannounced.

at least if i know where it's being shown i can make preperations to hide.

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