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Waitrose web series: what did you think? Do tell, please!

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HelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 22-Oct-09 11:45:23

As we're sure you've noticed, Mumsnet has been working with Waitrose over the past couple of months to produce The Everyday Kitchen, a six-episode web TV series featuring Mumsnetters and loads of great tips and recipes.

As the final episode 'goes to air' this week, we'd love to hear your feedback on the series as a whole. so...

What did you enjoy?

What would you like to have seen more (or less) of?

Which was your favourite episode? And why?

What other (cooking) topics would you like to see covered?

Did you try any of the recipes? What did you think of them?

If you could post your comments on this thread, we'd be really chuffed.

Thank you very much indeed smile

ItsAllaBitNoisy Fri 23-Oct-09 17:26:17

Er.. I didn't see it. Where is it?

ItsAllaBitNoisy Fri 23-Oct-09 18:12:50

Well I watched it.

Not impressed with the receipes - barely cooked minced pork in lettuce leaves... eww tbh. Strawberries chucked in a glass of red? Hardly classed as a dessert, it's a glass of wine with fruit in it.

As my teachers always told me: "Must try harder" grin

(Sorry blush)

ItsAllaBitNoisy Fri 23-Oct-09 18:17:17

Sorry, to clarify; I only watched the one you had linked to in your above post. I don't know where the others are. Market yourselves MNHQ!

GeraldineMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 23-Oct-09 22:04:57

Each episode has been on the homepage and in Mumsnet Latest box (on the left >>) <harrumphs defensively>.

Links to all the episodes on this page

largeginandtonic Fri 23-Oct-09 22:21:22

I watched it Geraldine wink

I notice they did not come back to me to appear in a later episode.

<< harrumph back at ya >>


sausagerolemodel Fri 23-Oct-09 23:33:54

sorry geraldine I also completely missed the existence of this (and am genuinely interested as i am in "the business" [of making content such as this]). However I tend to go to MN via a bookmark to the active threads page, so miss the front page and clearly wasn't paying enough attention to the MN latest box!

To answer your questions as an MNer

What did you enjoy?

Thought recipes were nice. It looked quite good. Chef was very amiable and easy to watch/listen to.

What would you like to have seen more (or less) of?
More hints and tips. Less levered in nutritional advice (bless Moira she was lovely but sometimes it felt like she was being forced to throw in points about vegetables being healthy)

Which was your favourite episode? And why?
Didn't watch them all. Any producer worth their salt would have got a change of clothes for everbody for each one though! Doesn't cost anything

What other (cooking) topics would you like to see covered? So much more content they could have covered in the time - thinking laterally about food and recipes. i.e. - you open the fridge, what's left, OK that's what you have to use. The big party one should really have had more than one recipe in it, as it hardly helped you to know how to do that - it only gave you one extra dish to add to the usual sausage roll and sandwich menu.

Did you try any of the recipes? What did you think of them? Not yet, but I liked the look of the pork in leaves

I am biased because of my professional background (TV), but to me that was something that could have had a less lazy format, and a bit more get up and go and could have been much more engaging than it was, but <sigh> big companies keep getting digital agencies and branding agencies to make their online video content. Online content needs to be longer duration, but much cheaper than an advert and the agencies do it poorly because they don't know how. They left the poor contributors hanging with nothing to do (although they were all very good, given a lack of purpose and direction) and levered in the nutritional content with a crowbar. It would have been much more "MN" and a lot less stilted, to have had a few more mums there to throw in questions and comments (more like the Saturday Kitchen format) And the set-up should have been stronger. The opening lines by the chef just sounded banal (not his fault). They could have been much stronger in voiceover a la Gordon Ramsey ("Sheila's got a massive party to cater for, and she's worried) Turns to sheila - so how many people have you got coming?. Much punchier, much less lame. Chef drives it.

I've gone on a bit now. Must have been the beer (burp). Apologies - this is supposed to be constructive criticism grin. Hope it helps and good luck with the rest. x

MonstrousMerryHenry Sat 24-Oct-09 00:13:15

I saw the stir fry one. TBH the food looked like something I might have cooked up on a desperate night when I was a student and had no food in the house: i.e. lacking in imagination.

The MNer was far too beautiful and glamorous for my liking envy.

I found some of the nutritionist's suggestions rather low-level - the sort of thing you might say to a teenager who's only just learning about nutrition, rather than an intelligent mother. The MNer was very gracious, though.

MonstrousMerryHenry Sat 24-Oct-09 00:14:56

I think we should get MNers on showing how to cook their failsafe family recipes instead - at least they'd know how to target their audience.

ItsAllaBitNoisy Sat 24-Oct-09 09:11:47

Well I'm guessing it's more Waitrose led than MN, that they would call the shots as it were?

And sorry, but I also never look at the home page, I just click on Talk. Maybe that is something to look into? Make me have to look at the home page.

I've only watched the one, but a stir fry recipe doesn't make me want to watch another. Something with "nice ham" or slow cooker recipes, or video proof that a family of 18 can live off one chicken for a week. grin

JeMenFous Sat 24-Oct-09 20:55:57

Sorry, I click on talk immediately and don't look at anything else, I have had a quick glimpse now but it didn't look terribly inspiring...............

LowLevelWhingeing Sun 25-Oct-09 08:29:36

Yep, I go straight to Active Convo's too. And I usually MN when I should be doing something else so I can't watch NOISY things!

BuckRogers Mon 26-Oct-09 11:46:50

TBH, I found the format a little dull, like a public information film. (sorry) It could have done with being punchier IYKWIM.

Also, the nutritionist was annoying me. I don't mean that as a comment on her personally, rather on her role in film. I wanted to shout, 'I'M NOT 14, I DO KNOW THAT VEGETABLES ARE HEALTHY!' This just added to the public information film feel.

I think it has missed it's mark if I'm honest. The demographic of MN and Waitrose is not, largely, women who need advice on the nutritional content of their cooking. IMO, a better format would have been 'What can I rustle up with these bits and bobs left in my fridge' or 'What's an alternative to roast for a big family lunch' or 'Ten new ways to use mince/chicken/fish' or even a format where Chef says he going to cook a particular dish and 3 or 4 Mnetters ask a range of sensible questions.

Sorry. smile

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