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Test AVG's internet security software and have the chance to win £250 (Open to PC users with a child aged 5-17 )

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carriemumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 19-Mar-09 21:21:40

AVG are looking for 50 Mumsnetters to trial their latest internet security software. For more information on the product please click here.
You need to be a PC user with a child aged 5-17, but apart from that all you need to do is download it, try it and give your feedback on Talk (we'll send you the link when it's ready) .

Everyone who takes part in the trial and offers feedback will be entered into a draw to win a £250 voucher for a store of their choice. If you'd like to take part, please click here

Thanks and good luck.

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scrooged Thu 19-Mar-09 21:22:37

Oh, Ok then. smile

Washersaurus Thu 19-Mar-09 21:25:50

I've been using AVG for ages - but sadly my children aren't old enough for this sad

SlightlyMadScotland Thu 19-Mar-09 21:29:30

Ooo I am looking for anti-virus software.

It says single PC license though...but does anyone know if I could download it seperately to 2 computors?

Also - why do we have to have chidren with ages in that category? I do - does it have parental controls?

SlightlyMadScotland Thu 19-Mar-09 21:32:50

Or are we trialing the Pro or internet security software? And if we are how long do we get the software? Is it a years subscription or just a months trial? And is it a single PC licence?

Sorry for all the questions...I am literally about to renew and I don't want to renew McAfee I don't need too grin

random Thu 19-Mar-09 21:43:36

I already have avg tho is it a different version to the free one?

Washersaurus Thu 19-Mar-09 21:44:51

Why do our children have to be over 5? <feeling slightly cheated>

MrsWeasley Thu 19-Mar-09 21:45:57

I have completed the survey.

Goober Thu 19-Mar-09 21:58:32

I'm in.
Washersaurus; would you like to borrow a teenager?

Washersaurus Thu 19-Mar-09 22:02:27

No way Goober, my pre-schooler demonstrates enough teenage traits without having to resort the the real thing.

Although, I may be tempted to trade in my non-sleeping defiant toddler...

Goober Thu 19-Mar-09 22:04:28

No thanks!!
I like my Sunday morning lay-ins.

Milliways Thu 19-Mar-09 22:36:57

I'm in

Flier Fri 20-Mar-09 07:51:13

done. would be nice to know which version we are trialling though

GumsNRoses Fri 20-Mar-09 08:10:04

Done, I have a spare Teen if anyone wants a loan wink

mollyroger Fri 20-Mar-09 09:24:41

As you can already get an AVG free 30-day trail, can you tell us what is different about this one please?
How long will the trial last?
Do we get to 'keep' it after the trial has finished
Is this just for mumsnet or are they trialing htis among thousands (in which case they get thousands of pc users' details for the princely sum of £250?)

Sorry for asking so many questions....

Flier Fri 20-Mar-09 09:48:27

Looking at this again, I'd guess that its the top of the range one we'd be trialling, as it is called "AVG Internet Security" and is new, and Carrie did state "trial their latest internet security software", but it would be good to know for sure.

Jux Fri 20-Mar-09 10:10:21

I've been using AVG full version for ages. I haven't had a problem since I installed it whereas before I had it, I could spend almost all day cleaning up my computer before I got to actually do anything!

I'll have a look anyway.

Hulababy Fri 20-Mar-09 12:11:41

I have used AVG freebie for a while with no problems. Just bought DD a new netbook for her birthday next month so will do this - good timing.

Klaw Fri 20-Mar-09 20:04:01

I'm up for it, so have completed the questionaire. smile

Jux Fri 20-Mar-09 21:58:27

Done the questionnaire anyway.

OneLieIn Sat 21-Mar-09 06:36:28

Done. Now if it has an automated voice saying "you cannot be a member on Club Penguin" that really would be some great software!

carriemumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 23-Mar-09 11:23:29

Hi All

Sent your queries to AVG folks and here are some answers:

We are asking them to trial the Internet Security Free Edition 8.5 as this is the most basic form of the software. Overall we are trying to communicate the fact that basic internet security is an absolute must – and they can get it for free from AVG.

The AVG Internet Security Free Edition 8.5 is ongoing so will still be available past the 30-day trial period. It can be downloaded onto two separate PCs, but each will need to be done separately.

The trial is not taking place anywhere else.

We chose parents of children aged 5 – 17 as we feel that children in this age group are more likely to spend time online and expose the family’s PC to online dangers. Even if you are not selected as one of the 50 trial participants, anyone is invited to download the product and join in the TALK discussion.

Hope this helps.

Think we have all the volunteers we need, so will be sending out emails very soon.

Thanks all and good luck with the prize draw.

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avghelp Tue 07-Apr-09 15:49:01

Hi all,

We have noticed that some of you have a few questions about AVG 8.5 and have compiled some feedback and advice below. We hope that you are all benefiting from AVG 8.5 and look forward to receiving your feedback.

Getting the scheduled scan to work:
By default, the programme scans once everyday so if this is not happening automatically it may have been deactivated. Try changing the setting and seeing if this helps. You can do this by going into the “Computer Scanner” section of the user-interface.

Websites or searches coming up as blank pages:
This problem should not be related to AVG 8.5. We suggest restarting the browser or failing that your computer. If this keeps happening please let us know.

Slowed computer:
When scanning for viruses it can slow down the computer. You can help prevent this by either changing the times of when you scan or by not working during the scan. Emails that come in and are scanned shouldn’t take a long time.

alicelouis Thu 13-Nov-14 11:53:36

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

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