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How much would you earn if you got paid for everything you did at home? Try the Cornhill Direct Calculator and have a chance of winning £100 of vouchers

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CarrieMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 28-Jan-09 16:06:31

Apparently the average British family with children spends 73 hours on domestic chores per week; that?s over 65% of the time we?re awake spent on jobs around the house. And the cost of that work, if we were paid at market rates to do it, amounts to an average of £25,000 per family, per year. Cornhill Direct did the research and have come up with a 'household economy calculator', so that you can work out who in your family is worth the most. Just enter details of all the daily and weekly jobs each family member does and it will work out the value of that work (and demonstrate clearly who is doing the most wink)

Cornhill want to know what you think about the calculator ? obviously it?s a bit of fun but is there a more serious underlying point? is the true value of housework and domestic chores underestimated? are you surprised at how much you?re ?worth?? and was it a surprise to see who in your house is 'worth' the most? There is also anecdotal evidence that as the economy gets worse, everyone is doing more housework ? is this true in your family? Possibly it?s the only area we feel like we have control over at the moment?

You can find the calculator here and one top tip for using it - it gives you a choice as to whether you fill in your hours total for the day, week or month - we'd suggest week or month as we found there wasn't enough to put down for the day... but that may because we are all idle bints at MNHQ grin

Everyone who tries the calculator and takes part in this discussion will be entered into a prize draw to win £100 of vouchers from a company of your choice.

You can also download a copy of their e-book about managing the family finances if you fancy it.



SoupDragon Wed 28-Jan-09 16:12:20

I got bored with adding chores after a very short while but managed to get up to providing 100% of the £75k family worth.

catchingzeds Wed 28-Jan-09 16:12:25


and quite honestly I think that makes me a bargain grin

SoupDragon Wed 28-Jan-09 16:13:21

I did put down that I spend 24 hours a day doing childcare though, which is true but maybe not what they were looking for

Lulumama Wed 28-Jan-09 16:18:30

£22 971

and i also got bored of adding chores !!

am too cheap by half !!

BONKERZ Wed 28-Jan-09 16:22:45

lol i just done all 4 of our family and apparently we are worth £86k a year, my share being £62k!!!! Sounds about right!

bunny3 Wed 28-Jan-09 16:34:23

£38,329 for me. I do virtually everything around the home tho so I am surprised it is so low. I always tell dh it would cost him about £50,00 to replace me. Better not show him this! It is hard to calculate really because childcare is really a 24 hour job but obviously lots of overlaps with other jobs and with sleeping.

ProfYaffle Wed 28-Jan-09 16:34:56

I'm worth about £25k apparently. Adding chores was rather dull, it also wouldn't accept my answer for helping with homework but didn't explain what the problem was, just highlighted my answer in red and wouldn't progress.

thatsnotmymonster Wed 28-Jan-09 16:36:16

£44000 with me contributing 92% and dp 8%

I put 12 hours a day childcare- 7am-7pm while dp is working. Probably fair as i do have 3 under 4.

Thing is you can't adjust it very accurately so i should probably adjust it for weekly or monthly.

mollyroger Wed 28-Jan-09 16:37:42

lol dh is livid as he has realised all he does is drive and fix computer once in a blue moin/ I am blush and a little angry that I do everything else - £34,430 a year - and I work!

edam Wed 28-Jan-09 16:52:35

Calculator is quite entertaining but I'm sure dh would argue with my estimates of how much/little time he spends on household tasks. grin

We are worth £26k in unpaid household chores - does that make us slack?

How do we win the vouchers, then? Just posting on this thread?

hifi Wed 28-Jan-09 16:52:53

£19000, i dont do any cleaning though.

StarlightMcKenzie Wed 28-Jan-09 16:56:51

Message withdrawn

Tortington Wed 28-Jan-09 17:03:09

mine is 5k a year

i can't possibly see how you can get the silly figures mentioned on this thread.

ScummyMummy Wed 28-Jan-09 17:04:02

I don't understand the idea that someone might pay us to tidy up our mess. No one would, surely, as it's only us that benefit if the house is clean- no market value to others whatsoever.

StarlightMcKenzie Wed 28-Jan-09 17:04:42

Message withdrawn

peppamum Wed 28-Jan-09 17:05:06

mine was quite low too, but I forgot to add childcare. However, we are both generally quite slatternly!

oldcrock Wed 28-Jan-09 17:05:42

£29,333 for me - but did it per week without including night-times as childcare!!

ScummyMummy Wed 28-Jan-09 17:07:25

£24k? shock Are the chilminders in your area very grasping?

silverfrog Wed 28-Jan-09 17:08:00

Well, i suppose it's nice to know I'm worth 50k+ per year (and that's with me being a total slattern shock)

Stayingsunnygirl Wed 28-Jan-09 17:09:00

Apparently our household is worth about £26K - and what I do is worth £10,631 - I should be asking for a raise! Mind you, the calculator says that dh does more than I do, so I'm not sure I'll be showing it to him.....

Now if time spent on mumsnet was in the chores catagory, I'd have been worth soo much more.

StarlightMcKenzie Wed 28-Jan-09 17:12:19

Message withdrawn

Fennel Wed 28-Jan-09 17:15:00

Ours was £33K with DP worth 56% and me worth 42%, and slacker children worth 1% each.

DP does loads of building/diy stuff as well as half the childcare so he comes out of it looking good. But actualy the DIY is for fun so I'm not sure it should count. A hobby for him.

I didn't know how to rate the childcare, it's too vague. Sometimes I spend 15 hours a day doing childcare at weekends, but you can't really put that.

Lizzylou Wed 28-Jan-09 17:16:54

A ridiculously high amount, think I may have overestimated!
But I'm worth all of that £75k hmm grin

catweazle Wed 28-Jan-09 17:17:13

Ours comes out at £21364. My contribution is 84%. DH and DS3 are 8% each.

Like everyone else I got fed up with filling it in.

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