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Feedback session about new Dyson products March 10th 1pm

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JJMumsnet (MNHQ) Sun 09-Mar-08 19:12:35

Hi all

This is the meeting point for the feedback session with Dyson's engineers on Monday March 10th at 1pm. We hope everyone who has been testing a new Dyson will join us. If for any reason you can't make it please feel free to post your feedback in advance (and send the absence note from your mum to MNHQ ) but we're really hoping for an interactive discussion session, so we hope as many as possible of you will be there on the day.


NeverSayNever Thu 13-Mar-08 19:32:50

Has been sat here waiting for the announcement hmm

Anyway am happy to report that Dustin Crudbuster is happy after his "trial period" and glowing with the good report I gave him, so heres to many more years of him being a sucker for punishment.


RTKangaDYSONMummy Wed 12-Mar-08 12:27:17


{check your emails to find out who they are}

I won't announce it here but will let them


magnolia74 Mon 10-Mar-08 20:52:05

Ok, Huge appologies here blush

The freak weather has meant an awful day mending a roof and stopping major leaks in my mums house sad

I am so sorry I wasn't here.

I did want to come and add my feedback though smile

Name Magnolia74, Dyson Dc23.

1. How did you find the out-of-the box experience and assembling the machine?
It was easy to put together apart from the hose bit that attaches to the hoover under the dust canister. A bit fiddly there but the rest was ok.

2. Did you use the instruction manual?
Not really that helpful, too many pictures without enough words. I like things spelt out to me smile

3. How did you find the following:
a. Bin emptying. Very Easy but bits got stuck so it needed a good shake.

b. Attachments: did you use them? Yes all of them, the smaller head with rotating brush is Fab! The little soft brush is great instead of dusting wink. The tiny flat one is pretty useless. The long thin on is ok BUT the big plastic bit of the hose is way to wide to fit in long gaps!!! The hard floor tool is fab and much better than the other head.

c. Filters: locate them OK? Yep easy peasy.

d. Manoeuvrability: get around furniture? Sucktion is so bloody strong it made the hoover really heavy.

e. Cleaning stairs? The best bit about the hoover! I now enjoy hoovering the stairs grin

4. How does it compare to your current machine? Far superior!!

5. Where did you store your machine? If possible: can you send a picture of your Dyson in its new home? At the moment in front of the shelving unit in lounge, yet to find a home for it. Will email camilla a pic when I find a home.

6. Best thing? The removal of every single dog hair on my carpet!

7. Anything that you would change? It needs a suction control not just a button to release suction. The end of the plastic hose needs to be slimer so it can get into thin gaps or a longer thin end for it. The hose doesn't always stay wrapped around the hoover. The handle on the hose bit needs to be more comfy.

8. One addition you would make if you were a Dyson engineer? Suction control!

On the whole I love it but my back does ache and I can't do more than 2 rooms at a time due to the heavy duty suction. Wouldn't part with a dyson now though grin
Huge thanks smile

VanillaPumpkin Mon 10-Mar-08 16:31:22

Carrie - Can you let them know that if they need an old style Dyson cleaner for comparison research purposes mine is available for a swap grin. TIA.

ScoobyDYSONDoo Mon 10-Mar-08 16:08:09

Thansk Carrie we all had a great time doing this & got a Dyson too so we are very pleased, really good idea smile

VanillaPumpkin Mon 10-Mar-08 15:19:33

I have a DC04 so not sure your tactic would work Misdee. Worth a try though. I will ask dd1 when she gets home from school grin.
I have to say my biggest problem is the weight. The flex is lovely and long and the hose has stretched over time and now reaches beautifully all the way up the stairs (hope for those of you with a new one envy).

CarrieMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 10-Mar-08 15:13:59

Thanks to all for all your contributions - am sure in amongst the innuendo there was some really useful stuff grin

<<Note to MNHQ to keep a list of these names and get them involved in planning the next Mumsnet Christmas Panto wink>>

On a more serious note, if anyone has any more feedback to add, please do feel free to add it here and Camilla will make sure it gets passed on.

Enjoy your Dysons

misdee Mon 10-Mar-08 15:11:25

we have a dc07. dd2 broke it by running into it full pelt, knocking it over so the wand broke in half. i replaced the wand from one at the tip blush

but obviously you could just leave it broken...

VanillaPumpkin Mon 10-Mar-08 15:09:21

I have an old Dyson and I would like a new one. I seem unable to break this one though. Any tips as it is the only way DH will let me have another one grin. It seems truly indestructable <sigh>.

RTKangaDYSONMummy Mon 10-Mar-08 14:53:51

Camilla & Ben & Tom

please could the DC25 Brush ON/OFF button be made so it stays in for brushes on and stays up for brushes off

Or something like that?

Or a light comes on for brushes ON and goes off when brushes are off



ScoobyDYSONDoo Mon 10-Mar-08 14:52:45

And a bigger brush because it does'nt reach the sides! wink

I really must leave & pick my son up from school now smile

NeverSayNevertoaDyson Mon 10-Mar-08 14:48:39

Dont forget "they want more length in the hose" rofl grin

ScoobyDYSONDoo Mon 10-Mar-08 14:45:53

lol Lapin i can just see it now, bet the men in the office will want a full run down. grin

littlelapin Mon 10-Mar-08 14:41:12

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ScoobyDYSONDoo Mon 10-Mar-08 14:38:05

Doug the Dildo Dyson it is then smile

ScoobyDYSONDoo Mon 10-Mar-08 14:37:44

Boody hell LL what more could a girl ask for grin

littlelapin Mon 10-Mar-08 14:36:41

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

ScoobyDYSONDoo Mon 10-Mar-08 14:34:38

In fact i might call mine Doug the Dildo Dyson because it's satisfied my needs wink grin

NeverSayNevertoaDyson Mon 10-Mar-08 14:34:05

Dustin Crudbuster wink

ScoobyDYSONDoo Mon 10-Mar-08 14:32:36

Mine is Doug good old Doug the Dyson, it has to be a man after all it's men who designed them wink

littlelapin Mon 10-Mar-08 14:32:17

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

wannaBe Mon 10-Mar-08 14:29:23

although actually, I think we should give it a man's name. after all, then we can imagine we're putting a man to work grin .

so dion?

wannaBe Mon 10-Mar-08 14:28:16

or diana dyson

RTKangaDYSONMummy Mon 10-Mar-08 14:16:35

Dorothy Crackwhore gets my vote smile

ScoobyDYSONDoo Mon 10-Mar-08 14:14:38

Sorry my phone went, i would just like to say a big Thank you to you all at Dyson hq for letting me test & keep the Dyson, it has been great chatting to you all & being involved smile

when you have built a new one please come back & let us know, we will be mooore than happy to see if it is up to scratch wink

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