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Do you have a repeat prescription? Sign up to test Echo by Lloyd’s Pharmacy and get it delivered for free

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JustineBMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 01-Sep-20 12:18:52

We’re looking for Mumsnet users with an NHS repeat prescription to test Echo by Lloyd’s Pharmacy, and get their prescription delivered to their door.

Here’s what Echo has to say: “Every day Echo by LloydsPharmacy helps thousands of people get the medicine they need. We work with NHS England GPs to take care of repeat prescriptions. Using Echo by LloydsPharmacy will give you:
- Handy reminders for when to take and reorder
- Power family medicine management - you can easily manage your child, spouse or parent's medicine.
- Fast and free delivery”

To take part you (or someone you manage prescriptions for) will need to have a repeat prescription. You’ll need to order it online via the Echo app or website and get it delivered (with free delivery). Your normal prescription charges will apply (including if you’re exempt or have a prepayment certificate).

Following testing the service selected testers will need to give their feedback via a thread on Mumsnet and a short survey.

Selected testers who give feedback will each receive a £5 Amazon voucher as a thanks for their time.

If you’re interested in taking part, please sign up here.

Thanks and good luck!


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Kittywampus Thu 03-Sep-20 15:59:01

I filled in the form but then my phone died so I'm not sure if it went through

ShalomToYouJackie Thu 03-Sep-20 21:52:48

I already use Echo and it's fantastic, haven't had any problems and prescriptions always come within 2 or 3 days. Fab for repeat prescriptions

PickAChew Thu 03-Sep-20 23:35:34

I would but I take co-codamol for pain management due to HMS and had to start having my prescription forwarded elsewhere because our Lloyd's supplies a brand with packers that I can't get the damned tablets out of.

HMSSophie Fri 04-Sep-20 08:18:34

Echo is great. Absolutely brilliant. A game changer.

puppygalore Fri 04-Sep-20 09:32:46

Echo is brilliant. My kids and I all have repeats and during lockdown it was hard to constantly get us all to the pharmacy. We switched to Echo in April and never had an issue. They say to allow 5-10 days for GP to issue prescriptions but ours have always been sorted within 2-3 days.

RegalRags Fri 04-Sep-20 19:35:14

Signed up to echo not long before lockdown and I can honestly say it is fantastic.
My GP is very quick to issue my prescription and it arrives in a couple of days.
Also didn't have to unnecessarily drag my DC out to queue up for ages at the height of the pandemic for my prescription.

motherofawhirlwind Fri 04-Sep-20 19:43:23

Already use Echo and it's fab. I have profiles for each of us set up and it's dead easy to swop between and keep track.

Fyzz Fri 04-Sep-20 19:51:05

What happens if you need an urgent prescription?
It wants my mobile number but I don't want to give it because I have no signal.

JamieLeeCurtains Fri 04-Sep-20 22:04:29

Can this system guarantee a particular brand?

For example, a lot of hypothyroid patients cannot take TEVA levothyroxine and have, eg, ACTAVIS written on their prescription.

I've had pharmacies ignore this and dispense TEVA into the sealed bag. If I don't open and check it in front of them, they won't even attempt to replace it or give me my prescription back.

So just wondering.

Sparrowsinthehedge Fri 04-Sep-20 22:28:03

I looked at this but because I take a controlled drug I'd have to go to the gp surgery and post my prescription to them. It's easier just to go to the pharmacy.

cece Sun 06-Sep-20 07:40:08

I tried to use echo but because one of the drugs I need is a controlled drug I was unable to get it delivered.

FairIsleFenella Sun 06-Sep-20 08:36:32

No good for me because I'm on two controlled drugs. I use pharmacy2u - they used to brilliant (and they despatch controlled meds), things slipped a bit over lockdown. They seem to be improving a bit now so fingers crossed.

melonhead Sun 06-Sep-20 09:23:13

I had a private repeat prescription with Lloyds that they couldn't fill completely, so I had to pay it all upfront and wait for stock. The stock never came in and I've been unable to get hold of anyone to get a refund of the £75 I paid for nothing. I would not recommended Lloyds.

LizB62A Mon 07-Sep-20 08:20:07

I'd rather keep using my local pharmacy and support them tbh

SophieGiroux Wed 09-Sep-20 00:03:44

You might think using an Amazon type warehouse to dispense your prescriptions is good but what happens when you have an urgent prescription? Do you want to wait 3 days for your antibiotic? Of course not, so you go along to your local pharmacy. However! If you aren't using your local pharmacy for your regular medicines then they are losing their regular income, they can't afford to stay open for the odd acute prescription that may come along. This pharmacy will close down and you will have nowhere to get that urgent prescription from. Please think about this before using these internet pharmacies. Support your local (ideally independent) pharmacy.

BonBon174 Wed 09-Sep-20 06:34:12

I agree @SophieGiroux! Please support local. Our communities and high streets are dying and we desperately need these pharmacies for emergency medicines as well as medical advice. If we can’t see a GP because they are booked up for weeks we go to a pharmacy. Don’t forget they offer services such as the flu jab and emergency contraception, alongside smoking cessation and weight loss management. I understand some people are housebound but pharmacies do offer daily delivery services. They provide invaluable services but will disappear if we don’t keep using them.

Standrewsschool Wed 09-Sep-20 07:17:35

I prefer supporting the local pharmacy. If there’s a problem, you can speak to someone instantly.

lookatmememe Thu 10-Sep-20 02:40:54

I have a doctors surgery that aren't signed up to the automated thingumy.

They appear to do this so they can keep an on-site dispensary. Which would be fine if they could actually manage to get things right .

They seem to muck up the prescription every bloody month and it's such a waste of my time to go back again.

Why they can't get their acts together is beyond me.

I'm all for supporting local. But when they are rubbish and there's no alternative it's a PITA.

HoneysuckIejasmine Fri 11-Sep-20 19:11:06


I would but I take co-codamol for pain management due to HMS and had to start having my prescription forwarded elsewhere because our Lloyd's supplies a brand with packers that I can't get the damned tablets out of.

I also can't use Lloyds as they don't stock the right version of my medication and they aren't able to make special orders. I have to travel to get to the nearest pharmacy that isn't a Lloyds. hmm

PatricksRum Sat 12-Sep-20 01:56:34


I use echo and wanted to sign up but I'm not happy for my username to be associated with my address etc. Is the username mandatory?

SisyphusAndTheRockOfUntidiness Sat 12-Sep-20 09:45:09

I would as we used to use Lloyd’s, but when we moved house (in February) I tried to get the echo app. It didn’t recognise the address of the house, as it’s a new build, & this went on until May, at which point I gave up & defected to another pharmacy. I still can’t see my address on their database, BTW.

Wormthatturned Sat 12-Sep-20 19:06:17

I signed with them already and they are great. They communicate if there are delays or problems and you can email a person and get a very speedy reply. They chase my Gp surgery, to save me the bother, and the medicines generally arrive really quickly without me traipsing to the chemist. It’s a 5* review from me!

Oldsu Tue 15-Sep-20 07:46:41


I prefer supporting the local pharmacy. If there’s a problem, you can speak to someone instantly.

so do I these companies and there are 100s of them are destroying the high street chemists

Minxmumma Tue 15-Sep-20 18:02:28

Been using this for a while until my GP surgery refused to let me use it anymore.

Was really convenient and efficient. Miss using it

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