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Would your child like to become an Aldi toy tester? NOW CLOSED

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JustineBMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 11-Dec-19 08:37:03

We are no longer accepting new sign-ups

Aldi has asked us to help them find 10 children to become their official toy testers and receive a year’s worth of toys to review and keep.

Here’s what Aldi has to say: “Aldi is on the hunt for ten children to become its official toy testers – in what may be the ultimate dream role this Christmas. 10 lucky children will be chosen as testers and in return will receive a year’s supply of toys to review and keep! The toys to be reviewed include a selection of products available on Aldi’s Online Toy Store, such as ride-on cars, science kits and a box of magic tricks. Applicants must have a love of play, know the latest toy trends and be comfortable presenting their views on camera.”

To apply, share a short video of your child reviewing their favourite toy to be in the chance of winning a year’s supply of toys. To join Aldi’s panel of official toy testers, apply via this link by the 23rd December and share your video via a link or by emailing it across to Children must be under 13 years old to be eligible.



Terms and Conditions apply

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lisag1969 Wed 11-Dec-19 12:41:11

Hi I'm a registered childminder. We would love to test some toys.
Unfortunately due to rules and regulations I am not allowed to share pictures of them over the internet. But I thought I'd still try to enter by explaining the situation.
I would also be very happy to write a review after testing.
Thank you for your time.

Mickhasnotorso Wed 11-Dec-19 16:00:20

My kids are two, how can they review a toy in a video 😂

stickerqueen Wed 11-Dec-19 18:15:56

would have loved this but ds can't talk so can't make a video review.
Dd 11 told me to go away shes too big for toys lol

lilyj13 Wed 11-Dec-19 19:20:15

I have bought some Aldi wooden toys recently and loved them,
I'm very happy to test some toys

lilyj13 Wed 11-Dec-19 19:21:31

My daughters 10
And 6 and I have a fantastic play room that they love playing with toys,

Princesspickle777 Wed 11-Dec-19 21:15:43

I’ve applied, we’d love the chance to be toy testers. Play is key to our routine for me and my daughter although I’m afraid I’m not sure how I’m meant to get a toy review recording from a two year old. I’ve noted this in the application and we’re hoping for the best. We’ll certainly give it a go.

prettyeyeskerry Wed 11-Dec-19 21:43:02

hey mummies xx

tigerbear Wed 11-Dec-19 22:28:38

@JustineBMumsnet I just read in the Terms that the video should only be 30 seconds long. Is that correct??
Pretty sure it would be impossible for my DD to introduce herself and say something any more than ‘This is ——- and it’s my favourite toy’ within 30 seconds!

mendandmakedo Wed 11-Dec-19 22:36:36

30 seconds long?! My daughter has done one but its longer than that more like 2 mins should we do a shorter one? I agree 30 seconds is too short . I havent submitted it as need to find another way to attach it to an email as its too big.

PekTa Wed 11-Dec-19 23:13:49

My 8 year old would LOVE to do this....In fact, I could probably find some review videos she has previously made although they are probably around 10 minutes longer than they should be... we'll have a go at doing this tomorrow.

debwomble Wed 11-Dec-19 23:57:13

Not really

IceBearRocks Thu 12-Dec-19 00:53:35

Well I have 3 aged 12,10 and 8 but our 8 year old is severely disabled and functions 2 years plus...maybe a little less! Our 12 year old is also autistic so loves fiddling things and again developmentally toy wise behind...My 8 year old though is bang on and love PAP!!

Treacletoots Thu 12-Dec-19 08:08:00

Obviously Aldi's PR team are confusing professional bloggers with children. I'll hazard a guess and say nobody at Aldi actually has kids of their own as they'd realise what a ridiculous request this is.

We would love to test the toys, but my almost 3 year old can't do a review of her own dinner, let alone a pro video to promote a retailer. hmm

riddles26 Thu 12-Dec-19 10:15:54

Like many others, my children are far too young to be able to review anything in a video. This request makes no sense as huge numbers of their toys are targeted at babies/preschoolers, none of whom will be able to fulfil their request.

Maybe they need to reconsider and request videos of children playing with toys?

bakabakabeyond Thu 12-Dec-19 10:35:45

Really wanted to enter this however not sure how my 13 month old is meant to review a toy...

bloodywhitecat Thu 12-Dec-19 15:05:23

I am a foster parent, I cannot share videos of children in my care so that's us excluded too.

LLOE7 Thu 12-Dec-19 19:38:10

Will do this with my four year old tomorrow! Sounds like a lovely opportunity.

threesecrets Thu 12-Dec-19 22:02:55

My 5 year old would love to do this and I will ask her to pick a toy to review tomorrow.

Tigger001 Thu 12-Dec-19 23:55:17

My 2 year old is funny, blunt and adorable he would be amazing. But I'm not uploading a video of him, you would just have to take a punt, but he would be brilliant.

halfpasteleven Fri 13-Dec-19 05:28:37

Is this open to children in ROI ? Thanks!

dreamyflower Fri 13-Dec-19 08:47:38

Wow! What an opportunity. I'm a children's activity blogger and teacher and would love to have a chance to test our some of their toys. We adore Aldi. My son is only two so will try and get a video of him today! Thanks for the opportunity.

KARENJACKSON1234 Fri 13-Dec-19 09:15:30

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

KingBobra Fri 13-Dec-19 19:46:45

This would be fine apart from the pre-selection video requirement which gives the impression Aldi are looking for pretty kids who play well to camera that are willing to work for less than Equity rates.

MeMeMeYou Fri 13-Dec-19 20:19:32

My 6 yo son would love this he already wants his own you tube channel and makes videos all the time! Can’t wait to tell him about his challenge to do a video review!,

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