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UK MNer with at least one child in size 2 / 3 nappies? Want to test Mum & You wipes/nappies/body wash? Sign up here - 3 x £100 vouchers to win

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AbbiCMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 21-Oct-19 10:22:38

Recruitment has now closed

Mum & You are looking for UK MNers to test the following products on their baby:

- Mum & You Nappychat Nappies
- Mum & You 100% Biodegradable Wipes
- Mum & You New Baby Safe & Sound Hair & Body Wash

Selected testers must have at least one baby wearing size 2 / 3 disposable nappies (3-9kg or 7-20lbs), and must use disposable wipes.

Here’s what Mum & You have to say:

“Mum & You puts supporting Mums and their children at the heart of everything they do.
Our team of almost 20 mums (and a few dads!) have put their baby brains together to create the products we wanted for our own children. From biodegradable baby wipes that don’t compromise on convenience, to skincare you can apply using one hand at slippery bathtimes! Not bad for a team that hasn’t slept since 2016…

Supporting mums with every purchase:
For every subscription sold, we donate a pack of eco-nappies to the Hygiene Bank. Since we launched in 2017, we’ve donated essential hygiene products to families via Save the Children, The Trussell Trust food banks and various refugee charities.

100% biodegradable and eco-friendly:
M&Y baby wipes are made of plant fibres. They’re plastic free and biodegrade in just 15 days, meaning today’s sticky mess won’t be a problem for tomorrow’s generation. Our eco-nappies are made using wood pulp from certified sustainable forestry and contain no added dyes or lotions. We’re kind to the planet, and your baby’s bum!

Subscribe & Save
Eco nappies and biodegradable baby wipes delivered when you want them because nobody likes an emergency supermarket run! Save up to 40% when you subscribe.”

Selected testers will be required to leave feedback on what they thought of Mum & You products on a thread on Mumsnet and by filling out a short survey.

Please click here to sign up.

Everyone who completes the required sets of feedback will be entered into a prize draw where 3 x MNers will win a £100 voucher of their choice (from a list).

Thanks and good luck!

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armoholt Mon 21-Oct-19 23:00:01

fingers crossed I get picked I’ve been looking for a new baby range to change too that are more economical

BeanBag7 Tue 22-Oct-19 15:19:36

"Child under 3" in size 2-3 nappies. I dont know many 2 year olds who weigh less than 9kg. Might as well advertise saying a child under 18 months.

Kpo58 Thu 24-Oct-19 01:04:04

Selected testers must have at least one baby wearing size 2 / 3 disposable nappies

So you are actually just looking for people with babies under 12 months?

RandomWok Thu 24-Oct-19 15:42:52

My 18 month old is in size 5.

mummydutson3 Thu 24-Oct-19 17:38:40

My son is 7 weeks old and were in Size 2 💙

JenPanda Thu 24-Oct-19 18:11:58

Fingers crossed we get to try these in our house. I have been looking at this brand and would love to try these especially with them being biodegradable 👍

susiesioux Thu 24-Oct-19 20:07:59

id love to get the opportunity to try these out, saw a programme recently about the plastic you can find in ordinary baby wipes, shocking, once i had ried these and liked them i would definitely switch. Nora is 18 monhs old and in size 5

MummBraTheEverLeaking Thu 24-Oct-19 23:40:20

I've filled it out as the biodegradable wipes sound very interesting but can you please clarify the age thing, as you can see there are a few of us with children that fit the age range you're after but not the size nappy which makes no sense! I have a 21 month old in size 5.

mummabubs Fri 25-Oct-19 07:04:09

I would have loved to try the wipes as we've been looking for a more eco friendly solution but like others- my child very much under the age of 3 is in size 6 nappies 🤦🏻‍♀️ Maybe alter the title Mumsnet?

AbbiCMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 25-Oct-19 09:56:09

Thanks all for flagging this - we've changed the title of the thread to make it less misleading. Apologies for any confusion!

Caillou Fri 25-Oct-19 20:28:59

my 2 years old still wears size 3, so totally possible

Camsie30 Fri 25-Oct-19 22:32:34

I love these nappies! My son is in size 5 though 🙁

MakeAWhish Sat 26-Oct-19 14:42:26

Yes please. 14 week old baby son in size 3's

Stormwhale Sat 26-Oct-19 21:07:19

Completed the form. I would love to try these on my boy who is nearly 5 months and on size 3.

KnobJockey Sun 27-Oct-19 10:46:59

I'd be very interested in trying these, to see whether they are as absorbent as other brands. My DD is 1 month old and in size 2.

danicarain1977 Mon 28-Oct-19 12:20:52

This post has been hidden until the MNHQ team can have a look at it.

hotdogwoof Wed 30-Oct-19 10:15:51

Keen to read the feedback thread. My daughter was big when she was born and was straight into size 3s.

BridgetJonesDaiquiri Thu 31-Oct-19 08:56:34

Signed up and keen to try. I have a 9 week old baby in size 2 and we're trying to be a little more green these days.

healthenme Sat 02-Nov-19 17:05:24

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

messyhair1 Sun 03-Nov-19 19:44:31

Sounds good! Would love to be more environmentally-friendly

anna4141 Mon 04-Nov-19 09:16:02

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Kyriesmum1 Mon 04-Nov-19 20:32:00

Hi I have a 7 mth old in size 3 and would love to be considered x

3timesthechaos Mon 04-Nov-19 21:51:04

I have a 4 month old in size 3 nappies! ❤️

FlowerAndBloom Tue 12-Nov-19 15:00:22

Nothing has arrived yet has everybody else got theirs?

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