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UK MNer with at least one child under aged between 12-24 months? Sign up to test TOMY Toomies new & improved bath toys - 3 x £100 voucher to be won!- NOW CLOSED

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AbbiCMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 15-Jul-19 16:53:56

Recruitment has now closed

TOMY are looking for 360 UK Mumsnet users with at least one child aged between 12-24 months to test their Toomies bath toys. Testers will receive one toy to test, with details on each toy below:

- Toomies Fountain Rocket (suitable for 12 months+)
- Toomies Octopals (suitable for 12 months+)
- Toomies Foam Cone Factory (suitable for 18 months+)

Here’s what TOMY have to say: “TOMY Toomies bath toys are designed to delight children and adults alike, championing that memories are made when laughter is shared. With a history dating back over 95 years, these bath toys have been designed to last a lifetime – bath routines will never be the same again!”

Selected testers will be required to leave their feedback on a thread on Mumsnet as well as complete a short survey. All testers who leave the required feedback will be entered into a prize draw where 3 MNers will win a £100 voucher of their choice (from a list).

If you would like to sign up, please click here.

Thanks and good luck

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Tasha042 Tue 16-Jul-19 11:57:33

My daughter is 17months and loves her bath time. She would love to test these, they look like great fun.

armoholt Tue 16-Jul-19 18:59:17

My son would love to try one of these tomy bath toys. Bath time is enjoyable but this looks he will have great fun.

Stardustmoon Tue 16-Jul-19 19:02:26

Wow! Would love to test these with my boys. 😁

Acm1989 Tue 16-Jul-19 20:32:04

Done! Would love this

beccacooluk79 Wed 17-Jul-19 09:13:05

I would love the foam cone factory , it would be fab for my 2 year old twin girls at bath time 😁

Mersinturkey Wed 17-Jul-19 09:38:47

I have 2 young grandchildren would love for them to try this please

Jaderice21 Wed 17-Jul-19 09:40:38

amazing my cheeky son would love to be a tester xx

Noreenee1 Wed 17-Jul-19 10:46:36

My son would love to be a tester

jasmineamber Wed 17-Jul-19 11:05:58

I would love o win this for my grandson.

xkezzkezz90x Thu 18-Jul-19 11:16:41

Done smile would love to try these out

Patlawrence Thu 18-Jul-19 18:27:23

My 14 months grandson would be happy to try these and have fun at bath time!

DeDe6 Fri 19-Jul-19 10:23:11

Bath-time is the fun time of our day.

Drene3 Fri 19-Jul-19 10:31:21

We'd just love to test these and have great fun doing so. bear

ElleyBear13 Fri 19-Jul-19 11:04:22


anitagreen Fri 19-Jul-19 13:21:00

Done my kids would love these

MummBraTheEverLeaking Fri 19-Jul-19 18:29:17

Done, DC is nearly 18 months and loves bath toys! Bathtime is increased at the moment too due to all the muddy play lately!

mamastired Fri 19-Jul-19 20:31:25

Signed up! Fingers crossed!

Princesspickle777 Fri 19-Jul-19 21:18:44

Signed up. My daughter would be delighted to try any of the bath toys, she loves bath time.

claza93 Sat 20-Jul-19 07:23:24

Perfect for my wee henry

AndWhat Sat 20-Jul-19 20:03:42

Done, my 2 spend as much time as they can in the water!

Jem01 Tue 23-Jul-19 16:00:16

Done! Would love to!

Peaches2018 Thu 25-Jul-19 17:37:57

Signed up, would love this for my DS!!

Alislia17 Fri 02-Aug-19 02:38:26

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Alislia17 Fri 02-Aug-19 03:06:22

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

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