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Would you like to test the isoshealth video appointment service? Sign up here - NOW CLOSED

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YanaMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 11-Jul-19 12:12:31

We’re still looking for 16 Mumsnet users to try out isoshealth, a service that allows you to book one-to-one video appointments with Registered Practitioners, focusing on mind, body or nutrition.

Here’s what Kim Guest, isoshealth CEO has to say: “40 % of recorded deaths in UK are Lifestyle related, 1 in 3 of our secondary school of age 10-11 children are obese or overweight. Access to these services through NHS are shrinking. We are a business that believes in human conversations making the most difference.

We connect consumers with our hand-picked practitioners who want to help them feel better via one-to-one video consultations. An integrated team providing advice precisely tailored to their individual life circumstances.

This personalised approach breaks down the barriers that hold so many people back from getting the help they need. We give everyone the opportunity to benefit from the proven winning-formula of a multi-disciplinary team, the same approach that get results in the world of professional sport: a Dietitian, Physiotherapist and Psychologist.”

Selected testers will receive consultations with a dietitian, physiotherapist or psychologist and will need to give their feedback on a thread on Mumsnet. All who give their feedback will be entered into a prize draw where one tester will win a £300 voucher for the store of their choice (from a list).

If you’d like to take part and test it, please click here.

If you'd already tested the service and want to leave your feedback, please go to the feedback thread here.

Thanks and good luck!


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Thorilicious Mon 12-Aug-19 09:30:32

What were your initial thoughts on the service (ease of registering, ease of booking in the appointments, look and feel of the website?) I liked the website, was easy to use, however being sent a code each time to log in was a bit frustrating.
- What did you like the most about using this product? I haven't been able to use the system as yet. The first time, we were unable to hear each other, so was unable to complete the appointment. I've rescheduled for Saturday, however, this will be too late for the feedback.
- If you could improve one thing in the overall process and service, what would it be? Being able to use your mobile phone. I would have been able to complete my appt sooner, if I didn't have to use a PC.
- What, if anything, surprised you about the experience? Unable to comment, as not had appt yet.
- On a scale from 1 to 5 (1=not at all likely, 5=very likely), how likely are you to recommend this product to a friend? Please tell us why is that. 4. Its a good idea, and based on what I've seen, would be a good service.
- Who do you think would benefit the most from isoshealth? Anyone would benefit, but people who may be nervous about talking face to face with someone may find it useful.

beeetyj Wed 14-Aug-19 17:42:21

And here I am....waiting for my non-existent appointment!!

northernlites Wed 14-Aug-19 21:15:01

@beeetyj I'm not surprised you're fed up

It just keeps wanting me to re-enter all my details/my history/make selection of therapists every time I try to book appointment, is it worth the hard work if no one will be on the other end of phone so to speak?

beeetyj Wed 14-Aug-19 21:59:12

@northernlites - no! Give up now - not worth it! I spent hours filling out forms and trying to log in, for no reason. I’ve reviewed on the other post, but I’d say 70% of people are saying the same 😢

Elieza Sat 24-Aug-19 16:18:25

If this was a genuine test it would surely be more appropriate if it was free? Sounds like they are still making a few bob out of testers by basically getting MN to advertise their company’s services for free. It would need to be like a tenner an hour before I would consider taking it up. They will not get a balanced sample of the community if those who have less disposable income cannot participate due to not having spare cash.

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