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UK MNer with at least one child? Sign up to test Nice By Nature Fruit Ice Lollies - 3x £100 voucher for feedback

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AbbiCMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 28-Jun-19 11:10:58

Recruitment has now finished for this product

Nice By Nature would love Mumsnet users with at least one child to try their 100% fruit ice lollies. Each selected tester will receive a voucher to redeem one pack (you can choose the flavour you would like to test in the sign up survey) of Nice by Nature blended fruit ice lollies. Selected testers can choose from the following flavours:

- Strawberry & Raspberry 100% Fruit Ice Lollies
- Mango & Banana 100% Fruit Ice Lollies
- Apple & Blackcurrant 100% Fruit Ice Lollies

Please note these lollies are ONLY AVAILABLE in TESCO.

Here is what Nice By Nature have to say: “Hi there! We are Nice By Nature and we have created a new range of delicious fruit ice lollies! They are made from 100% fruit and absolutely nothing else! In fact our lollies always contain four ingredients or less – and by nature contain no added sugar and no nasties! Your kids might call them a snack or even a treat, but you can think of them as a fruit bowl in your freezer!”

“From talking with mums and dads, we know that it is not always easy getting the food we want into our kids' hands, let alone their tummies! We simply believe that nature has its own store cupboard, a world of wonderful ingredients in the fields, forests and orchards. The good news is that Mother Nature is happy to share! Visit our website to find out more!”

Selected testers will be required to leave their feedback on a thread on Mumsnet as well as complete a short survey. All testers who leave the required feedback will be entered into a prize draw where 3 MNers will win a £100 voucher of their choice (from a list).

If you would like to sign up, please click here.
Nice By Nature would also love to hear what you think about the products before testing, so if you’d like to share your thoughts please feel free to post them in the thread below, thinking about this question:
“What is your current perception of Nice by Nature ice lollies?”

Thanks and good luck

Standard Insight T&Cs Apply

SillyMoomin Fri 28-Jun-19 11:39:39

Thanks have signed up.

Current perception is that they should be healthier than other ice lollies- would be nice to try and find out if they also taste good!

anitagreen Fri 28-Jun-19 15:42:51

Done x

munchbunch12 Fri 28-Jun-19 19:44:19

Done, and my first impression is that they sound deliciously fruity and healthy.

Toodleoopuddle Fri 28-Jun-19 20:31:21

I've done the survey. I've not heard of this brand before but their branding suggests a healthier alternative to usually sugary treats.

biffyboom Fri 28-Jun-19 22:57:52

These ice lollies sound so much healthier than what I usually buy for my children, also they sound delicious! Survey done.

Orangepear Fri 28-Jun-19 23:07:56

It's great there is no sweetener and they are vegetarian.

TheDisillusionedAnarchist Sat 29-Jun-19 08:08:05

Done- current perception is that I’ve never heard of them despite regular Tesco shopping!

Tasha042 Sat 29-Jun-19 10:39:34

These look brilliant. I love the packaging, they look healthy and delicious. My daughter's would love to try these and I'm hoping my eldest will find these to be her new favourite ice lolly. I hate her current favourite they send her hyper from all the sugar and E-numbers 🤦‍♀️ These look like a great health swap at only 24calories 😲

clairewoods137 Sat 29-Jun-19 10:59:46

Current perception is that they sound nice tasting, healthy and I do want to try them. I have seen them in Tesco and considered buying a pack but haven't yet.

strawberrisc Sat 29-Jun-19 11:05:24

I have registered my details and would be delighted for the children to have the opportunity to try.

Fillybuster Sat 29-Jun-19 11:25:35

As the children get older I’m trying to encourage them to make good (healthy) choices without having to miss out on “treats”. Would love them to try these and get them to stop eating the ice lollies which are full of sugar and e-numbers!

Stardustmoon Sat 29-Jun-19 20:09:33

Oo yes please 🙂🙂

Stardustmoon Sat 29-Jun-19 20:10:02

My son would love these! 😁

TheresALight Sat 29-Jun-19 21:11:38

I've never heard of Nicer by Nature before but the name sounds inviting, and gives me impression that this is a tasty product with high fruit content and natural ingrediants, and no additives. The images on the banner advert above this page are eye catching and remind me of a 70's retro look!

Pixie2015 Sat 29-Jun-19 21:33:10

Sound perfect for a hot day x

Noreenee1 Sat 29-Jun-19 22:24:18

Love to try these

itsnotfair10 Sun 30-Jun-19 07:40:17


It's not a brand I am familiar with but sounds like it could be a nice healthy option for my son

Kerning Sun 30-Jun-19 08:30:54

It's a Unilever brand. They do sound delicious, it's difficult to find ice lollies that do not have added sugar.

TheWashingMachine Sun 30-Jun-19 10:57:46

Would be interested to try these, we've been making our own recently but it woukd be good to have some I could buy and know are ok.

TellMeItsNotTrue Sun 30-Jun-19 18:41:32

I've not seen them before this post, but they look like a healthy alternative and I like the sound of the flavour combinations and know that my DC would too

smilingthroughgrittedteeth Sun 30-Jun-19 19:18:35

My current perception is that although i dont know the brand the packaging and the blurb make me think it is a healthier alternative to the lollies my children currently have and id love to try them. The flavour combinations sound lovely.

NutButterNutter Mon 01-Jul-19 01:05:35

Done! I have heard of them and current impression is that they're naturally flavoured and sweetened and not full of the crap many other lollies are.

Sagradafamiliar Mon 01-Jul-19 16:28:47

They seem like a great hot weather alternative treat to less healthier lollies. DS2 is mad about bananas, the ones featuring them would be my first choice.

Candyperfumegirl Mon 01-Jul-19 16:55:05

Love to try this one

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