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UK MNer with at least one child aged 4-14? Sign up to test Smartick’s online after-school maths programme

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EllieMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 07-May-19 16:17:32

Smartick are looking for Mumsnet users and their children to trial its online after-school maths programme for children. This product test is open to all UK MNers with at least one child between the ages of 4 and 14, that have access to an internet-enabled computer/laptop or tablet. Selected testers will receive a six-month subscription (a value of over £100) to Smartick after testing is completed and have up to 4 weeks to try and review it.

Here’s what Smartick have to say: “Smartick is an award-winning, AI-based, online maths programme designed to develop mathematical abilities in children ages 4 to 14. Smartick promotes an understanding of maths through personalised and accelerated learning by adapting to each child's level and learning pace in real time, allowing them to work according to their maths needs and capability. Each child has a unique and personalised path that constantly adjusts to help fill in gaps in knowledge.

There are more than 20,000 users of Smartick in over 100 countries. e've collaborated with the MIT G-Lab and been published by Harvard Business Review and Forbes as well as featured as an app favourite by Apple.”

Selected testers can register for the program through a web browser on their PC or by downloading the Smartick app available for iOS or Android tablets. Smartick recommends that children work on their daily 15-minute sessions at least 5 days per week. This is not mandatory however it is suggested to get a better scope of the program.

All testers will be required to leave feedback on a thread on Mumsnet and also fill in a short survey, everyone who does will be entered into a prize draw where 3 MNers will win a £100 voucher of their choice (from a list).

To sign up to test Smartick, please click here.

Thanks and good luck

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StressedMumOfTwo29 Wed 08-May-19 10:08:44

Applied Thank you x

emphasisofmatter Wed 08-May-19 10:17:00

Applied - thanks, this would be helpful!

PinotAndPlaydough Wed 08-May-19 17:36:08


MadameJosephine Wed 08-May-19 19:36:00

Sounds great, would love to try it

Kennehora Wed 08-May-19 21:29:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Scoleah Thu 09-May-19 09:55:34

This would be amazing.
My 10 year old really struggles with Maths, she goes to Maths Catch-up & Maths club after school but as the classes are large they don't get much 1-1 time which for her, which I think is crucial as she comes home feeling even worse that she's falling behind & doesn't understand.
Being able to get something tailored to her Needs, after school in the comfort of the home sounds perfect to give a Non stressful environment to learn at her own Pace!

paddler78 Thu 09-May-19 11:00:03

Definately be interested in trying this, the age range is quite large so would be interesting to see how well it works for 14 year olds.

FlowTeeBowTee Thu 09-May-19 13:24:15

Applied 🤞

Pigeonpea Thu 09-May-19 14:10:03

Count me in!

carz1985 Thu 09-May-19 18:23:02

This looks interesting

jennymac31 Thu 09-May-19 18:24:58


sadscorpion Thu 09-May-19 18:34:01

thanks Applied... fingers crossed 🤞

moreginrequired Thu 09-May-19 18:58:53

Will definitely apply. Dd1 would love to test her math skills

kelkytag Thu 09-May-19 19:16:26

applied, Thank you smile

curlykaren Thu 09-May-19 21:29:10

Great opportunity, this is actually on my hit list of things to try with my Home Educated son. I just can't take the incessant moaning involved in doing Kumon anymore......

edwardcullensotherwoman Thu 09-May-19 23:18:37

Applied, I have 3 children in this age bracket, it would be interesting to see how it engages and tailors to their abilities.

Ledkr Fri 10-May-19 02:36:55


CishAndFips Fri 10-May-19 11:21:49


bigKiteFlying Fri 10-May-19 12:23:05


Mummymum38 Fri 10-May-19 13:52:19

Applied, sounds fantastic.

DC3dilemma Sat 11-May-19 09:36:59


Can you tell us whether the company are interested in testers in Scotland? Honestly I sign up for so many tests and get nowhere. I suspect that there is a hidden England (+Wales?) criteria. It would be good to know upfront so as not to waste time filling these forms in.

nerysw Sun 12-May-19 11:27:06

Done, I've got a son and daughter in this range who've recently started taking more of an interest in maths and I'd like to see if this helped encourage that.

NeverTrustASmilingCat Sun 12-May-19 22:18:23


Mymindblown Sun 12-May-19 23:55:59

Signed up! My daughter needs to increase her confidence in maths!

EllieMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 13-May-19 09:30:53

Hi @DC3dilemma

We are always up front about geographical recruitment and any restrictions about this are often due to postage restrictions. The majority are UK only, however the selection process is random so it's just chance that you haven't been selected.

Megansmumsie Mon 13-May-19 18:27:08

I home educate my daughter and she'd love to give this a try, she really enjoys maths and we try to keep as up to date with the curriculum as possible.

Jaderice21 Tue 14-May-19 21:54:18

applied thank you

abdou1 Wed 15-May-19 00:02:32


Xdaniellejadex Wed 15-May-19 01:02:17

We think this was posted on the wrong thread.

Scoleah Thu 16-May-19 15:56:08

We were chosen YAY!
So looking forward to trying this with my daughter.
Thank you

yermawyabas Thu 16-May-19 16:18:51

My sons already done his first session and is loving it. Thank you for selecting us.

icklekid Thu 16-May-19 16:21:53

Haven’t managed to get through the first session with my reception age son who loves maths. It was very repetitive and boring. I wonder if because he is still 4 it is only showing him very basic questions? Doubt I can persuade him to try again... the questions were more appropriate for his 2 year old sister- full, empty, above, below, colours etc...

FlowTeeBowTee Thu 16-May-19 16:39:18

Also been chosen and looking forward to trying with DD

Paddingtonthebear Thu 16-May-19 18:35:17

Also been chosen, DD has just had a play around on it. So far so good.

£400 a year or £39 a month if you only have one child tbough. That’s a lot!! Will be interesting to see what we think of it. I thought Maths Whizz was expensive at £19.99 a month!

bigKiteFlying Thu 16-May-19 20:10:51

We got chosen - I signed in via their webpage for Mumsnet.

The e-mail saying, we were chosen says 4 weeks to test it yet the subscription says till 30 May which isn't 4 weeks. So I'm wondering if others have that or it's not gone through correctly?

Both my children in age range had a go today - still on assessments - they seemed okay with it so far. Ds found some explanation for questions bit unclear, but one example and he was fine – DD2 was a slow though it was bit late for her to be doing maths as we’ve had stuff on today.

Though do agree with Paddingtonthebear it's pricy - especially compared to other maths sites - so will be interesting to see how we get on.

Yvonne1988 Thu 16-May-19 22:11:29

My 8 year old did her first day today and some more she really liked it. I like the report you get saying where she needs improvement. I think it will be good and I said if it isn't expensive I would sign up when it's over but at the price... I don't pay that much a month for anything ....

Yvonne1988 Thu 16-May-19 22:19:27

Mine is also saying I only have until he 30th but I definitely went through the link

cannotmakemymindup Thu 16-May-19 22:54:05

Same problem as others where it doesn't seem to do 6 month trial but just 15 days.

OogieMcBoogie Thu 16-May-19 22:59:21

Yes 15 day trial here too, though I signed up through the link on the email sent by Mumsnet.

yermawyabas Fri 17-May-19 00:06:50

Where on it do you see how long subscription is for? I can't see anything at all.

cannotmakemymindup Fri 17-May-19 00:26:18

If you look at subscriptions it says when it would start the paying one and currently say from 1st June which would suggest their 15 day free trial period and not the six months we're meant to get.

Anyone else having it in Spanish technically to?

OogieMcBoogie Fri 17-May-19 07:15:39

We’re just looking at it now, few technical difficulties already. One of the pictures to be copied completely disappeared

bigKiteFlying Fri 17-May-19 09:37:35

They had their second go this morning - they still seem to be being assessed- does seem to have found few areas DS is not great with – I know he’s done them but perhaps they haven’t been covered for a while. DD2 just seems slow on lots of things.

I do like the e-mail feedback that’s a nice feature but not sure if that because they are still being assessed.

No Idea what's going on with the offer why its seems to come up with 15 days despite going through the correct link.

Yvonne1988 Fri 17-May-19 09:58:19

My daughter did her 2nd day this morning and it said that it's not assessment tomorrow it's times table and division. I love the feedback I think that's great

GinUp Fri 17-May-19 10:36:51

Mine says it's until 30th May.

The OP says: "Selected testers will receive a six-month subscription (a value of over £100) to Smartick after testing is completed and have up to 4 weeks to try and review it." so I'm assuming that we get the 6mth code after we've done the review.

DD did her 1st day yesterday. There were a couple of glitches that were annoying:

- The onscreen keyboard suddenly stopped working, which affected DD's response time for that section.

- There was a question that asked what 11 + 11 was but gave the answer as 21. confused It was annoying as DD had answered 22 and so lost her run of correct answers.

The questions seemed very easy for an 8yr-old (although I appreciate that DD is still at the assessment stage). Her questions were things like "Count how many objects are in the box".

DD loved the games area though and only switched it off because we had to go out.

bigKiteFlying Fri 17-May-19 10:37:06

The e-mails today said they were still being assessed tomorrow could be because they are at the older end of age range.

It does look like DD2 can do them but is slow - something that perhaps her teachers are missing in the busy classroom - could explain why her annual Welsh tests always seem on low side compared to what her teachers assess her as. It’s certainly interesting thing to keep an eye on.

bigKiteFlying Fri 17-May-19 10:40:00

GinUp - that could be it with the subscription - I was worried I'd done something wrong with setting it up.

SueVide Fri 17-May-19 10:54:07

Does anyone know if you can use this on a kindle fire?

GinUp Fri 17-May-19 13:43:57

SueVide - According to this website you can use it on a Kindle Fire:

ElBanana Fri 17-May-19 17:15:10

Mine also says that I have it until May 30th - I thought I'd done something wrong.

All 3 children had a go last night. It took a bit of getting used to by DS(8) who didn't do very well on the assessment, despite being quite good at maths I think the voice and the interface might just need some getting used to. DDs(8 and 12) enjoyed it more. Neither wanted to stop their session. Both commented that it was less dry and serious than the package they use at school.

I really like the email that you get. Hopefully this will show any improvements as the keep using it.

Kennehora Fri 17-May-19 22:05:22

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

GinUp Fri 17-May-19 23:55:07

DD did her 2nd day today.

Some of the questions have to be answered in a long and convoluted way which means that the response time is slow even when DD has worked out the answer immediately. Instead of typing in the answer to the word problem, DD had to click through several different stages to drag numbers and coloured bars into boxes before being allowed to actually put the answer in. She found that frustrating.

The questions are getting better though and DD loved the games again.

DD had the American voiceover yesterday. I discovered that you can change it to the UK version by clicking on the flag at the top of the screen. Much less annoying.

desperatelyseekingcaffeine Sat 18-May-19 08:09:51

My 5 year old thinks it's incredible! Was the first thing he asked for this morning. As a parent, the questions seem very simple at the minute, don't seem to be adjusting to his abilities very quickly but he's still loving it. The games are very well done from what I've seen so far.

stickerqueen Sat 18-May-19 12:23:15

our subscription ends on June 14th so not 6 months.

dd 11 said she don't like the site.

bigKiteFlying Sat 18-May-19 14:06:32

The subscription date has now changed to the 14 July - which is the four weeks of testing I was expecting.

We did third session still testing to find their levels - which proved to be too much testing for DS but they have now found the level for both DS and DD2.

DS got every frustrated then more frustrated when after struggling the questions went too easy. We’ll see how he gets on with actual lessons/levels.

It has thrown up some area of weakness – his algebra was strong before secondary, but he claims they’ve done none in year 7 and he does now seem rusty.

They’ve discovered the game and competition sections today as well – they seem to like those.

Scoleah Sat 18-May-19 16:14:26

Day 1- daughter got quite upset as she didn't understand most of the questions & she decided she didn't like it as she "failed" (her words not mine)

Day 2- gave her questions she understood, likes it better , was looking forward to day 3

Day 3- understood questions & did excellent on them, really boosted her confidence and she can't wait to do more,

She loves the fact that it emails me with the results so I can see how good she's done!
I really like it so far, and she seems to be too, looking forward to see how she feels about it going forward over the next few weeks!

GinUp Sat 18-May-19 21:27:32

Mine's changed to a 4-week subscription now too.

Day 3 and this time DD had a tutorial video to watch and then some questions. It was difficult enough to make her have to think about it but not hard enough to put her off. Just about right I think.

I really like the emails about the progress, and DD likes seeing her scores/percentage going up in the games area.

Sagradafamiliar Sun 19-May-19 10:38:56

I was selected (or DD was), but wasn't emailed a link?

Sagradafamiliar Sun 19-May-19 10:47:36

My bad, I didn't read the email properly! Once I've signed up following the link on my phone, can DD download the app on her tablet and log in? blush

Scoleah Sun 19-May-19 12:39:23

It's a shame u can't play it on a phone; just a tablet. Can't download on Imac either

bigKiteFlying Sun 19-May-19 17:52:32

They got to the lessons today - they seemed happier about that. They found them straight forward bit too easy TBH but will see how they develop over next few weeks.

Spotsbeforemyeyes Mon 20-May-19 09:25:22

Ok, my DD is just 8. Our email had gone to spam so late getting started. She did first session today and enjoyed it. It did make her think.

I like the email assessment, I read it to DD and we're looking forward to tomorrow session. She's currently playing the games to unlock trophies.

We've changed the voice to English. I like that the games are thought provoking too and not simply games for the sake of it. DD likes reading out the instructions too.

I think the questions are ok at the moment. We'll see how she progresses.

I definitely wouldn't pay £40 a month.

I home educate DD and it's costly enough as it is.

Scoleah Mon 20-May-19 16:18:12

"Everyone gets their first 2 weeks free, so your 6 month free subscription as a Mumsnet users will be added to your account by Smartick once your child completes their first session
- You will get 4 weeks to fully test out the service"
Is it only me that's still confused about this?*blushhmm
*First 2 weeks free, then you get 6 months added but you get 4 weeks to fully test it?


Scoleah Mon 20-May-19 16:25:44

"Everyone (meaning general public, MN users, anyone who signs up) get their first 2 weeks free, however as this is a MN trial all testers will receive a 6 month free subscription on top of this 2 weeks. Smartick cannot add this 6 month free subscription until your child has completed their first session. As you have a 6 month subscription, you have 4 weeks to test it out. 

I hope that makes sense. "

Just cleared it up for me, thank you Ellie!

MimsyBorogroves Mon 20-May-19 18:19:06

We've just started. DS found the assessment long but enjoyed it, though some of the questions on reasoning made no sense to either of us at first. Other than that he found it very easy.

First thoughts - I don't like the voices. We will be playing muted.

I like the way it looks - very clean. I wouldn't pay £40 a month for it though.

bigKiteFlying Mon 20-May-19 19:24:00

The subscription now comes up at 6 months - they've done fifth day of it and had second lot of lessons and seem happier with it now it's stopped testing.

JeremyCorbynsCoat Mon 20-May-19 19:31:58

We've just started, DS just done his first session.

He's definitely enjoying it, he cried when I told him it was time for bed! He's done the first assessment/session and had a little play about with the shop area.

He can't read the questions as yet so we can't play it on muted unless I read them for him.

Scoleah Mon 20-May-19 20:07:12

Mine is also showing November 11th 19 now grin

GinUp Mon 20-May-19 20:25:16

DD has done her 5th day now.

She seems to like the lesson days much more than the assessment questions. Some of the assessment questions are/were very easy and others had some very odd answers. confused

Her only real complaint so far is that it seems to take a long time to save up enough stars to be able to buy anything interesting in the shops.

The subscription has now been extended until November. grin

GinUp Tue 21-May-19 20:07:49

Today's only issue was questions about a rekenrek. DD had no idea what it was and I'd never heard of it either.

A later google search found a video called "What the heck is a rekenrek?" so presumably we're not the only ones to have no idea. grin

bigKiteFlying Tue 21-May-19 21:21:07

We had an issue with a number line with a triangle on with DS - and having to move it left or right so many places.

Negative numbers seem to think left/right was opposite to DS right/left but positive number bit the same as his right/left - confused us by what was being meant by left/right.

DD2 seems quite happy with it.

I also started DD1 on it – she’s just in the age range but I found her yet again doing bare minimum on IXL on a topic she doesn’t need practise on– so figured having topic picked out for her and set practise time would be better. She less enamoured by the graphics but the level testing thrown up slow areas – so could be useful.

itsnotfair10 Tue 21-May-19 22:41:22

Tried it out for the first time with ds tonight. He seemed happy doing the assessment, and particularly likes the 'brain training' (his words) type games in the village. He is only 5 so some of the games a little hard for him at this stage but he is keen to keep going so that has to be a good sign!

GnarlyOldGoatDude Wed 22-May-19 06:57:20

Ours has been quite glitchy so far on an iPad, not letting you fill in answers. The village is quite clunky compared to the apps/ games most kids are used to playing. I was sitting with him while he did it, and I don’t think it’s very intuitive at all.

My son isn’t keen to try it again, which is a real shame as he could really do with strengthening his maths. I’ll persevere though!

Lambethmum Wed 22-May-19 07:55:50

Boys aged 8, 7 and 5 trying it here.
The 5 year old's tasks seem very simple, with a lot of repetition, but he loves it. He can't read the tasks but uses the voice button.
The 7 year old does too and is getting up early to do it! It seems to be the shopping and bubble pop game which he likes most.
The 8 year old finds maths harder, and seems to have been given slightly easier tasks after the testing. He is enjoying it too.
They all want more stars so that they could buy a cat...
The screen doesn't quite fit on our laptop, so they often stop to pull it down to see their progress

Kennehora Wed 22-May-19 09:46:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

GinUp Wed 22-May-19 11:07:31

DD realised that it was an abacus of some kind but the different coloured beads on the same line threw her a bit. You learn something new every day though. grin

Kennehora Wed 22-May-19 13:03:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MiliOli Wed 22-May-19 13:44:26

Just started the app...
My 5 year old liked the questions but it did seem very repetitive, and the reader voice was very low had to pump the volume to top. she was not impressed with the village it was a bit slow. The app did slow down in one occasion we had to turn off and restart.

My 8 year old loved it, she is still going to be tested again, so still waiting to see what a normal day exercise is.
The app bugged a few times and that slowed down her response time and her competitive self got upset as she wanted to get top marks. She liked the village especially the trophy room.

I think for the first time using it it was ok there is a lot of different sections to find their way around but I think they will enjoy it.

Helix1244 Wed 22-May-19 15:01:27

Second time using it today. Better on Kindle. Didnt fit on the phone.

jackparlabane Wed 22-May-19 17:20:19

Have tried it with two kids now. Not impressed.

Son age 10
Big speech bubble over the avatars – when he clicked it went back to the login screen and then into my account.
Tried again, eventually the bubble went away but he thought all the avatars looked pretty stupid (I agree) – they are the sort of decoration you see in toddler rooms at nursery). He picked one.
It then said ‘this is the clock counting down your session’ but no clock visible. So we assumed the picture of pizza with some missing was a sort of countdown clock.

Then the textbox vanished and the pizza was actually part of a question about improper fractions. I’m not sure he’s encountered the tern ‘improper fraction’ (I HAVE!) but certainly fractions are quite hard at the moment. I don’t think it was a suitable question to start with, and some more guidance about what sort of questions there would be and how to answer would be needed.
The expected answer is 5/6 but in trying to make it ‘easy’ it asks how many equal parts each pizza is divided into, but one is divided into 3 and one into 2...

He panicked and ran away, so all a total waste of time.

I tried the various buttons which should have been explained before getting into the maths, had it go back to the non-existent clock and it crashed. The flashing images – the turquoise blob which I think is meant to be a hand on a mouse, especially – are horrible and have triggered a vestibular migraine.

In short, much more introduction needed, and surely the key to getting anyone to learn is to start simple with stuff they have a chance to do?!

Next day, daughter age 7:
Log in – she thought the avatars were silly and was disappointed the monster went away. We both had problems figuring out how to enter answers and where to click. After three questions it said “now you’ve had a chance to practise there will be an assessment” - and the questions were much easier than the ‘practice’!

Then we got to 1+2 = ?, and couldn’t enter an answer – no amount of clicking on the box and typing nor clicking on the number line would work. We skipped it and it asked if we wanted to go back. Same problem. Skipped again and same problem on the next (1+3 ducks).

Then Venn diagrams – very unclear what items were in the ‘excluded’ part and what were the labels we were supposed to be adding. Boxes round would have helped. It took both kids and me about 5 minutes to figure out what to do.

Then after some bar charts which were quite difficult, we then had count the items again.Dd entered the answer but got confused because it told her off as she hadn’t ‘made a selection’ and she didn’t understand the word ‘indicate’ either. She also spent a while trying to put a number onto a number line thinking from previous questions that the pointer wouldn’t be enough, and got more frustrated. The graphic at the end made no sense and she was unimpressed.

So a big disappointment as neither child would be able to use it without my hovering. Perhaps it would have been clearer with sound, but I doubt it. I’d also question why it bothered asking about SEN (and the subcategories for ASD are all ones not given in the UK – I picked PDD as the closest), given that the key things needed by autistic kids are clear instructions and consistency, and not starting too hard.

jackparlabane Wed 22-May-19 17:21:56

Or in the kids' own words:
DD7: “I think it needs more progress because it broke down every minute.”


Spotsbeforemyeyes Wed 22-May-19 21:42:12

We’re on day 4 tomorrow. Dd is still looking forward to it every day and so far she is still being assessed.

Some of the questions were confusing so although it says don’t help I needed to explain to her what to do. We figured out the abacus thing after getting the answer wrong, 😂.

My Dd customised her avatar, she likes the games but proclaimed one of them boringthis evening. The questions were frustrating her I think.

We are enjoying it though and I’m liking the feebback.

Paddingtonthebear Wed 22-May-19 21:43:56

How do you know if you are out of the assessment stage?

Belmo Wed 22-May-19 21:54:41

Mine still says subscribed til the 6th of June, have I done it wrong?
Dd is loving it so far. She’s desperate to get a pet!

Scoleah Thu 23-May-19 07:47:55

I agree that the avatars do look They are aimed at a younger audience, and my daughter said the voice was annoying,
But with that out of the way, my Daughter that has 0 confidence in Maths has been thriving!
She loves that I get to see how good she's done on the email!
I'm super chuffed with this, even though I do have to give her a bit of a Nudge to do it everyday!
Fab so far! grin

Crissylou84 Thu 23-May-19 08:28:17

So far my daughter has struggled to stay engaged with the app. She said the questions are to hard, or she doesn’t understand what is being asked. She is 11 and has struggled with maths in the past, she isn’t overly impressed so far and it’s becoming harder to get her to use the app and complete the tasks.

MiliOli Thu 23-May-19 09:07:54

Day 2

My 8 year old is still being assessed it said another day of assessment tomorrow but she is really getting in to the games and medals smile she loves maths and is really enjoying getting her brain exercising. App was running smoothly today with no problem.

My 5 year old need someone convincing to get started but once she was going she enjoyed it, especially when stars pop up it really motivated her. She is not into the games, tried 2 but just the once. I think 15min is her maths limit.

I'm loving the email with the progress, starting to get impressed with the app starstarstarstar

bigKiteFlying Thu 23-May-19 09:29:58

How do you know if you are out of the assessment stage?

Says in the e-mail at bottom whether the next day is a level assesment and when it's not what the topic area will be.

It was three level assesments for my children - then they got introduction/lesson in first topic session.

MimsyBorogroves Fri 24-May-19 19:18:41

We've finished the assessment after 3 days of playing. DS age 7 loves it so far now we've worked out some of the odd set ups of questions. The voice still annoys me.

It's useful to see progress, but it would be nice if it would give some indication of where the students are against expected levels.

DS 11 has looked at it but isn't convinced to try it yet - he thinks the style is too babyish and doesn't understand a lot of the logic questions that younger DS is doing.

bigKiteFlying Sat 25-May-19 10:12:11

Both DS and DD2 have had the problem of answer being 10 which they then couldn't input though (their answer showed 10 when marking question wrong )- hopefully pic has attached.

I think if they are using a random no generator they have the boundaries set wrong should be <10 or < and equal to 9.

DD1 finished testing but is on things that are really easy for her so not sure what's going on there.

GinUp Sat 25-May-19 11:23:31

DD has done 9 days so far (I think!).

I think it would help if there were examples of how to answer questions as the format isn't always obvious.

DD is still getting a mixture of tutorial questions and what I think must be assessment questions. Her current topic is exponents but there are also questions asking her to identify simple 3D shapes or to say what colour an object is.

She's losing interest in the shop because it takes so long to earn enough stars to buy anything worthwhile. After 9 days in a row, her avatar's room only has a toy alien and a dog.

Lambethmum Sat 25-May-19 18:11:45

Are the levels equal to British ones? When we look at the 'summary' section in the games area it shows the 8 year old is being assessed against grade 2-3, 7 year old grade 1-2, and the 5 year old preschool?

Lambethmum Sat 25-May-19 18:19:34

update - changed language to GB, but 8 year old is still in year 3 according to smartick (although really in year 4) and 5 year old in nursery (but actually in reception). This might explain why they find things pretty easy?? 7 year old IS in year 2, and is year 1-2 on smartick.

MimsyBorogroves Sat 25-May-19 20:02:48

How are you seeing which year they think you're in @Lambethmum? I can't find that anywhere and I'm intrigued 😂

We did our first lesson today. It was time, which is the one area of maths DS really struggles with. The explanation was incredibly convoluted and made time telling even more difficult than it actually is...

He's delighted though, he managed to buy a tortoise with his ticks.

mintfrog Sat 25-May-19 21:14:51

We’ve had the app for a few days now but DD, although keen, is finding getting to 15 minutes a struggle; she’s only 4! I’m wondering if there is a way to adjust the session length required even though it doesn’t require it to be done in one sitting.

Today’s email said she’d solved 129 exercises and then:
Counting Objects to Determine Quantity
73 exercises attempted: 66 correct and 7 incorrect (90%).

...73 of the same exercise?!?!? No wonder she’s finding it hard going.

(It’s also telling me she’s in nursery, when she’s in reception.)

Marmablade Sat 25-May-19 23:06:01

DD6 is really enjoying it and asking to do it after dinner every night (sometimes we literally do not have time).

The response time is slow if she needs it reading out which at just turned 6 seems unfair. Obviously I haven't been telling her I get little updates. She just calls it her maths game.

Some of the explanations make it no clearer what the task is. The email says not to help her but as a parent I believe in giving children the best possible chance to succeed by explaining the task in words she understands (number bonds to 10 for example)

At the moment I'd only subscribe if it was less than £10/month but £39/month is a big no. I could download an app for less than that. It's fun and I can imagine her really getting into it but we simply do not have that kind of spare money.

The voice is odd but I read someone else said you can change the accent so I'll give that a go. The explanations could be much clearer but are made less understandable by the accent.

On the plus side we've learnt the word rekenrek grin

cannotmakemymindup Sun 26-May-19 00:02:31

I am loving all these updates to see everyone's different perspectives.
Definitely check if you have the 'english' or American version when the voice is annoying!!
Dd loves it and we really try hard to not help. So as she is unable to read questions, we get it to play them. Then questions she doesn't understand, ask her which part she does understand then work from there as it doesn't matter if you make mistakes you can learn from them. Trial and error plus figuring out how to work things out when you are unsure.
She loves the village and other activities. Thinks the car park is great!
In short we love it.

Lambethmum Sun 26-May-19 09:24:59

It's in the games section when they have done the tasks @MimsyBorogroves - you know where they can wander around the shop, house etc, there is a games bit right at the centre, click on that and then 'summary' is one of the tabs

GinUp Sun 26-May-19 16:21:53

Today DD did a review of the areas she's been doing so far and got a diamond diploma. She liked that and I've had to print it out for her.

The games are still popular but it's getting more difficult now to move further up the percentages with the scores (SGI?).

Overall I'd say it's going well but I'm not sure I'd want to pay nearly £10 a week for it.

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