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UK MNer with at least one child aged 3-7? Sign up to test Mindful Monsters’ packs - 3x £100 vouchers to be won

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EllieMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 09-Apr-19 13:22:43

Mindful Monsters would like Mumsnet users to test out the first 3 month’s worth of their family activity packs which help promote mindfulness for children. This is open to all UK MNers who have at least one child aged 3-7.

Here’s some more information on Mindful Monsters and what they have to say: “Mindful Monsters is a series of fun, family activity cards, which come with all the benefits of mindfulness – helping children to be more resilient, focused, positive, creative and kind. Each month, you will receive seven exciting family activity cards inspired by mindfulness straight to your door. You’ll find activities that can create belly-busting laughter or diffuse tearful tantrums and turn potential meltdown triggers – like getting ready for school or going to bed – into magic moments together. And, best of all, each activity takes as little or as long as you like and can fit into the busiest of days.

On top of this, Mindful Monsters supports Scope. By subscribing to Mindful Monsters for just £7.50 a month you’ll be supporting parents to give their disabled children the best start in life – it’s a win/win. There are 84 cards to collect in total, over 12 months. And once your collection is complete, we hope you will continue to support disabled people and their families through your ongoing donation to Scope.”

If you would like to test out Mindful Monsters activity packs, please click here.

Selected testers will be required to leave feedback on a thread on Mumsnet and fill in a short survey. All testers that do will be entered into a prize draw where 3 MNers will win a £100 voucher each of their choice (from a list).

Thanks and good luck

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StressedMumOfTwo29 Tue 09-Apr-19 14:24:21

Thank you . think these would help my son loads. Fingers crossed

Jellyfloodagain Tue 09-Apr-19 14:29:08


munchbunch12 Tue 09-Apr-19 17:57:49

Done, this sounds great

torthecatlady Tue 09-Apr-19 19:56:32


Elllicam Tue 09-Apr-19 20:25:05

Done smile

foxessocks Tue 09-Apr-19 20:59:41


ValleyoftheHorses Tue 09-Apr-19 21:11:39


DontFundHate Wed 10-Apr-19 08:14:47

Yes please smile been looking at these already, sounds good

PinotAndPlaydough Wed 10-Apr-19 08:57:03


Acm1989 Wed 10-Apr-19 09:20:55


emphasisofmatter Wed 10-Apr-19 10:11:58

Done smile

CynthiaRothrock Wed 10-Apr-19 10:23:34

This sounds amazing i would love to try

carz1985 Wed 10-Apr-19 16:09:34

These look Amazing what a fantastic idea. I think these would be amazing for my kids

cherry89o Wed 10-Apr-19 18:11:04


BobtheMeerkat Thu 11-Apr-19 11:49:16

Done, fingers crossed.

nuru Thu 11-Apr-19 18:19:22

My daughter is 13 but has a developmental age of around 6 years, so I hope it is OK to sign up. I think these would be really helpful for her. Thank you.

TellMeItsNotTrue Fri 12-Apr-19 01:59:30

These look amazing and I think they would really help

PhilomenaButterfly Fri 12-Apr-19 13:49:30

This might help with DS2's hyper moments (he has ADHD). 😆

ipswichwitch Fri 12-Apr-19 15:13:34


HelloMist Sun 14-Apr-19 23:55:28

Done smile

claza93 Mon 15-Apr-19 07:34:25

Done x

FloatOn Mon 15-Apr-19 12:21:09

These sound great

itsnotfair10 Wed 17-Apr-19 06:29:16

Done . Looks great!

Feltedbump Thu 18-Apr-19 13:10:18

Have seen them on TV and would be very keen to try them out - they sound perfect but I'm always sceptical that a card system will really work on my kids!

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