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UK MNer? Want to test BEAUTY PIE’s service and products?

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EmmaMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 06-Sep-18 16:31:17


BEAUTY PIE are looking for 25 Mumsnetters to test out their service and luxury beauty products available at factory costs. This product test is open to all UK Mumsnetters and testers will be given a 24 hour free trial membership of BEAUTY PIE, a boosted spending limit, plus 50% off their total basket.

Here’s what BEAUTY PIE has to say: “BEAUTY PIE is the first ever buyers club for beauty addicts. Members shop for luxury products from the world’s leading beauty labs and save up to 85% on the regular price. It seems too good to be true, but it’s not! You get the same quality cosmetics and high performance skincare without paying for the middlemen, the celebrity marketing or the retailer costs. So YOU get a bigger piece of the BEAUTY PIE.”

Selected testers will get:
- 24 hour free trial to buy BEAUTY PIE’s discounted beauty products
- £200 ‘regular price’ boosted spending limit (usually £100 for members)
- 50% off their total basket order on member’s prices (member’s prices are the actual cost to BEAUTY PIE for the product, you can see the transparent cost breakdown on every product page)

Testers will have 2 weeks to test out their new beauty products and will be required to leave feedback on the service and products on a feedback thread on Mumsnet. Everyone who leaves feedback will be entered into a prize draw where 3 testers will win a £100 voucher of their choice (from a list).

If you are interested in taking part please sign up here.

Thanks and good luck!


Terms and conditions apply

NoLeslie Thu 06-Sep-18 17:28:19

I'm a bit confused, is this testing a shopping website, we still have to pay for the stuff? If so what's their price for Clarins Beauty Flash Balm please? If it's a good deal I would be interested.

sprinklesandsauce Thu 06-Sep-18 17:31:09

I don't see this as a product trial if it is going to cost someone to do it? They are just getting 25 MNers to buy their products at a discount!

BlessedBeTheFruitCake Thu 06-Sep-18 17:35:30

I'm a bit confused too, it sounds like it's 24hrs access to the member prices for the items but the order has to be paid for yourself.

GooodMythicalMorning Thu 06-Sep-18 17:41:01

I don't understand the spending limit bit

ToftheB Thu 06-Sep-18 17:44:59

You usually have to pay a monthly subscription to access the products at reduced prices - so a 24h pass, with an additional reduction on top is a good opportunity.

I’ve been thinking about signing up for a while but I would like to be sure that the products are as good as they claim first, so I would love to have the chance to be involved.

Racecardriver Thu 06-Sep-18 17:45:38

Beauty pie is a company that offers at cost luxury cosmetics and skincare for the cost of a monthly membership of £10 which allows you to buy £100 worth of products at cost. So for example you pay £10 and then pay like £3 for a lipstick etc. I use beauty pie for all of most of my skincare and all of my make up. I really rate it. Won't be signing up for the trail (for obvious reasons) but I would highly reccomend it.

Notso Thu 06-Sep-18 17:55:10

EmmaMumsnet are you able to check my details went through. My internet was a bit dodgy hmm thanks!

OfficeDictionary Thu 06-Sep-18 18:39:48

I would do this but am put off by having to spend my own money to take part in a test... So, this one is not for me.

Noeuf Thu 06-Sep-18 19:20:37

I think it's great actually I'm always suspicious of member sites etc. So getting to try it first is fine.

LynetteScavo Thu 06-Sep-18 19:31:46

I think it sounds brilliant!

LynetteScavo Thu 06-Sep-18 19:37:44

Yes, you do have to spend a bit of you're own money, but you are getting lovely things at a great price.

FlipperSkipper Thu 06-Sep-18 19:38:28

Would love this chance to try Beauty Pie!

ginghamstarfish Thu 06-Sep-18 20:01:19

Would love to try Beauty Pie, have thought about it but having to pay membership before trying products put me off...

Butteredparsn1ps Thu 06-Sep-18 20:14:26

Intrigued by this and obviously good value if the products are as good as the claims. Seems like a good opportunity to try it out.

XingMing Thu 06-Sep-18 20:42:16

As a member, for almost 2 years, but otherwise independent: obviously it depends whether what you buy suits your skin, and only you can judge that aspect, but I would reassure people that the products are good ; the colours are sensible (limited for WOC perhaps) and that nothing I've bought has caused any sensitivity. I tend to buy skincare and have not bought much make up, but when I have given family and friends BP presents, they have been pleased.

HighwayChile Thu 06-Sep-18 20:52:21

I'm happy to read on their website that they are against animal testing smile

In the FAQ's they claim that some of their products are suitable for vegans too. I've emailed customer services for a list as I'm struggling to find affordable options since I went vegan about 4 months ago and my make up bag is running very low!

NellVarnish Thu 06-Sep-18 21:13:30

Oh me please, someone was telling me about Beauty Pie the other day and I meant to look it up. Serendipity! Would love the opportunity to try it out please.

Halfahalo Thu 06-Sep-18 21:16:45

I considered joining Beauty Pie a few months ago after reading reviews of the foundation on a beauty blog, but have had a few disastrous purchases for beauty and skincare online going off reviews alone, so decided not to go ahead.
But seeing this offer is too good a chance to pass up! I've already been on and made a list of what I would like to buy and try... grin

wintersdawn Thu 06-Sep-18 21:39:08

Sounds very interesting.

Almahart Thu 06-Sep-18 21:51:02

I’m keen to try it. Keep nearly pressing go but am put off by the membership commitment

BlancheM Thu 06-Sep-18 22:14:25

So do you pay £10 a month for the privilege of buying the products?
I find it hard to believe the products are drastically marked down, who pays full price and why if there's a way to get them 'cheaper'?
Is it not like me charging people £10 a month to go into Superdrug to buy makeup but telling them the makeup could be more expensive so it's worth it?

Theimpossiblegirl Thu 06-Sep-18 22:19:03

It's definitely worth a try in the run up to Christmas, I have beauty product obsessed teens to buy for. smile

NoMudNoLotus Thu 06-Sep-18 22:46:40

24 hour free trial grin

cameltoeflappyflapflap Thu 06-Sep-18 23:08:08

I think my application went through, could you check for me please @MNHQ

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