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£100 voucher for all selected testers of the O2 Family Plan (plus £300 to be won for feedback) - sign up here - we're looking for a few more testers

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JustineBMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 04-Jul-18 09:34:03

O2 have launched a new Family Plan, and they’ve asked us to find Mumsnet users with a child aged 7 or older to test it and its associated benefits, including discounts on each new connection added, premium access to the Qustodio parental controls app, exclusive O2 Priority family offers and NSPCC trained Gurus for advice.

Here’s what O2 has to say:
"#IsItAlright to dread the school holidays?
#IsItAlright to let your 15-year-old play PEGI 18 rated video games?
#IsItAlright to let them have a tablet at breakfast?
Here at O2, we understand that family life isn't straightforward. In fact, it can be downright messy. We believe that your mobile world shouldn’t be.
So, we’re launching O2 Family. We want to highlight the range of challenges you as parents all face, and bring together our products and services to help you with your day-to-day parenting.
The questions are endless. That's why at O2 we offer expert advice, massive savings with our Family Plan and exclusive Priority offers all summer long for family fun.”

If you’re selected, you’ll need to take out a new contract or renew an existing one (by going into store, calling them or logging into your account) so that you have two or more connections on the same account. This could be for your child’s first phone, your teenager, your parent, your partner, or even a connected tablet. Please note that, taking part in this product test involves taking out or renewing an O2 Refresh or sim only contract (30 days or 12 months).

If you join the Family Plan on O2, you’ll receive free premium access to the app Qustodio, which provides monitoring tools and parental controls for things like screen time, adult content and games. You’ll also get exclusive O2 Priority family offers and access to NSPCC trained O2 Gurus for advice.

If you’re interested in taking part, some more details can be found below:

If you are already an O2 pay monthly customer
You’ll need the new connection to be on the same account as your existing connection(s). You’ll receive a discount of between 20% and 50% on your new connection, depending on the number of connections you add to the Family Plan. You can find more details on this here. Please note that current connections will all need to be registered to the same address.

If at least one of you is an O2 pay monthly customer and you’ll be adding a pay-as-you-go user or completely new connection (e.g. for a child’s first phone)
You’ll need to add a pay monthly connection (O2 Refresh or sim only) to the account you already have. You’ll then be automatically signed up to the O2 family plan, and be given access to the associated benefits (like Qustodio).

If at least one of you is an O2 pay monthly customer, and you’ll be switching a pay monthly customer from another network
Please note that you’ll only be able to do this if you’re not currently within a contracted period (unless you’re willing to pay any early cancellation fees yourself). You’ll need to cancel your current plan and join O2 - you should be able to keep your number by getting your PAC.

If none of you are O2 customers
You’ll need to switch (as above) if you’re currently pay monthly on another network. If you’re all currently pay as you go or not using any connections, you’ll need to open at least two new connections to be added to the O2 Family Plan.

To sign up, please click here.

All selected testers will receive a £100 voucher for a store of their choice (from a list) for testing the service, and all those who give their feedback will be entered into a prize draw where one MNer will win a £300 voucher for the store of their choice (from a list).

Thanks and good luck!


Standard Insight T&Cs apply

PerfectlySymmetricalButtocks Wed 04-Jul-18 13:59:03

DD won't be getting her first phone until September, so we can't take part in this. 😭

BishopBrennansArse Thu 05-Jul-18 07:48:45

I already have 4 lines, 2 on existing family plan so would be very happy to look at the safety apps?

Wolfcub Thu 05-Jul-18 21:54:07

I’ve been looking at safety apps already but find them a bit expensive. Would love to test this. Ds and I are both on O2 contracts

Cinderbelly Sat 07-Jul-18 10:01:14

I went into the o2 store on Wednesday this week to enquire about the family plan (hadn't seen this thread then) as DS birthday is Monday and we were going to get him a mobile for his present (that way he can use it in the school holidays ready for starting secondary school in September). DH and I both o2 already. As we've had both contracts more than 20 days - I've had mine since the days of BT cell net! old you can't combine the 3. The staff were unhelpful and looked bored. There was a queue of people behind me and the girl serving me was too busy chewing her gum and apologising to the people behind me to do any proper customer service. Wasn't even busy, there were other o2 staff just sitting on the sofa parts of the shop chatting about the World Cup!
Bit of a rant, but what I'm saying is beware signing up for a contract with 02. There customer service has never been fantastic but has definately gone down hill rapidly lately.

Wolfcub Sat 07-Jul-18 21:18:11

That’s pretty depressing cinderbelly. If longstanding contract holders can’t move onto the family plan then what’s the point

Nousernameforme Mon 09-Jul-18 00:08:11

That seems like an awful lot of work just to take part and for very little reward. Given that this is market research for them.

ThanksForAllTheFish Wed 11-Jul-18 13:45:35

Nousernameforme I agree. To much hassle for a £20 credit on a phone bill.

chl0e123 Wed 11-Jul-18 22:35:08

Agree with thanks for all the fish user, to much hassle, if they were offering a phone with this then I would take part, being an o2 customer for over 20 years I would have agreed to take part but my daughter does not have a mobile phone, and it’s needed for this survey so they should provide it to take part, or else we would have to spend.

FoxyRoxy Thu 12-Jul-18 13:32:07

Family plan is available for all new/newly upgraded contracts, so if you have an existing contract you can't just suddenly put a discount on it, but it will be taken into consideration for any new/newly upgraded contract when applying discounts. So @cinderbelly your son's new contract would have a discount based on your 2 existing ones (30%), although the existing contracts aren't eligible for discounts themselves. Hope that makes sense smile

giraffe33 Fri 13-Jul-18 12:04:03

I have tried to do this and rejected as `I have had my contract for more than 28 days'. I have been an o2 customer for 20 years. Poor customer service and when another provider offers the same deal , which I am sure they will, I will switch all 5 of my families phones. I was very happy with O2 until this. Very disappointing.

chl0e123 Fri 13-Jul-18 14:35:31

It’s only since sky took over o2, before then their customer service was excellent.

milagrosriver20 Sat 14-Jul-18 19:33:37

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Cinderbelly Sun 15-Jul-18 18:31:56

@FoxyRoxy do you work for O2? As I had the same experience as giraffe above that as I've had the other contracts more than a month I don't qualify.

FoxyRoxy Sun 15-Jul-18 20:56:34

@cinderbelly I do, existing contracts (as in you've had the contract longer than 28 days) don't qualify for discount themselves but are taken into consideration when applying discounts to new or recently upgraded contracts. Please pm me if you have any questions and I'll point you in the right direction x

FoxyRoxy Sun 15-Jul-18 20:59:59

@giraffe33 please read my reply to cinderbelly, any existing contracts don't qualify for discount themselves but any new or recently upgraded contracts do qualify and existing contracts are taken into account.

Wolfcub Sun 15-Jul-18 21:00:00

Given what FoxyRoxy has said I wouldn’t qualify for the test as ds and I already have contracts so withdraw myself from the application to test. That info probably should have been made clear in the original post

Notmorewashing Sun 15-Jul-18 21:00:19

They need to provide handsets. Not impressed, seems really cheap.

FoxyRoxy Sun 15-Jul-18 22:37:00

@Wolfcub you can have original contracts, one of you needs to be upgrading or adding a new connection to qualify

JustineBMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 24-Jul-18 10:33:49

Hi all,

We wanted to let you know that further to the comments on this thread, we've been in touch with O2 and have discovered that some of our OP displayed incorrect information about the test. This has now been updated - in short - to take part you will need to be adding a new connection to an existing O2 account, renewing an existing connection on an existing O2 account which has more than one connection, or taking out more than one new connection on the same account.

If you've applied and are no longer interested in taking part based on the above information, please either PM me or email to let us know. We'll also be checking in with any selected testers to ensure that they're still able and willing to take part prior to the testing period going ahead.

Please let us know if you have any questions.

BishopBrennansArse Tue 24-Jul-18 14:44:46

Have emailed as directed but to confirm they're really taking the piss with this one. Most product tests have some kind of benefit to them or incentive, can't see one here.

Wolfcub Tue 24-Jul-18 21:09:01

I agree with a bishop. Basically O2 are asking mumsnetters to pay to do them a favour by providing them with valuable insight. I think this one’s been an own goal on their part

NewModelArmyMayhem18 Thu 26-Jul-18 10:23:06

How did this one get approved by the MN 'powers that be'? Have to say the MN product trials have really become a lot less worthwhile recently.

JustDoOne Fri 27-Jul-18 14:49:35

I'm confused @JustineBMumsnet, DH and I both have pay monthly O2 contracts and 2 of our DC have pay as you go on O2. We aren't currently on a family plan. If I trial this, would I need to move the DC onto pay monthly? I don't want to take our any additional contracts.

JustDoOne Fri 27-Jul-18 14:50:36

*out, not our

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