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UK MNer with a child aged 7-11? Testers needed to try out new smartphone for kids - £300 voucher to be won! NOW CLOSED

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EllieMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 15-Aug-17 16:07:47

We have been asked by Monqi, to find 20 MNers with a child aged 7-11 who hasn’t owned a mobile phone before, to test out their new smart phone, specifically developed for children. All parents also need to have their own smartphone, - to manage what their child does on their phone.

Monqi is a brand new mobile phone for kids which will launch on October 1st.

Here’s what Monqi had to say: “When should I buy my child a mobile phone? How do I keep them safe online? What about the costs? And what games are appropriate? Monqi is the revolutionary new mobile for kids which addresses parental concerns while giving children a phone they want. Monqi, Stay Close.”

If selected to take part, your child will get an Android smartphone with games, messaging, internet and Apps.

You will be sent the smartphone along with an active SIM card that includes the following - valid for one month from activation: 150 mins calls, 5000 texts and 1GB data. (note: if there is any “suspect” use eg international Calls, Premium Rate Calls etc, the SIM may get barred).

If selected, you and your child will need to test out the smartphone for 2 weeks making use of all of its features. Testers will have help and support from the mobile network during this time if needed.

Once the trial is over the SIM will be cancelled, but you will be able to keep the smartphone.

Selected testers will be required to leave feedback on a thread as well as completing a short survey. All who give the required feedback will be entered into a prize draw where one MNer will win a £300 voucher of their choice (from a list). This test will take place in September so please only apply if you’re around during this month and are able to give feedback then.

If you’d like to take part, please add your details here
We will be in touch with those selected.

Thanks and good luck!


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vinomin Wed 16-Aug-17 12:48:45

Message deleted by MNHQ. Here's a link to our Talk Guidelines.

Butteredparsnip1ps Wed 16-Aug-17 14:54:40

Not a great incentive to test the phone to be honest if you have to send it back...

DD would probably want to use it for music, photos and videos, and would want to keep that content

MoanaofMotunui Wed 16-Aug-17 15:01:20

Watching with interest. Unfortunately DD is a little too young, but will inevitably have the 'first phone' conversation in the next couple of years and handset looks like a fab concept.

Scoleah Wed 16-Aug-17 15:19:45

Keen to test this for my DD 8 Years old. She wants a phone of her own, Like her friends & can't see why I won't let her have one, and she doesn't understand the danger. Thinks I'm just being Nasty! Sounds like a great concept if it works! and will be on her xmas list now she knows these exist!

outnumbered77 Wed 16-Aug-17 15:24:44

I like the idea of this but also not keen to test something that would have to be returned so soon. Would probably be setting myself up for a £150 bill. Would be better to have option to keep or perhaps purchase at a reduced rate.

Falconhoof1 Wed 16-Aug-17 16:39:00

You know, I didn't even notice it had to be sent back before I did the survey! Don't know if I'm interested now as it will likely mean DS will bug me for a phone that I can't afford. Can you take me off the trial please?

leccybill Wed 16-Aug-17 17:01:32

Bit tight of Monqui (?) asking for the phones to be returned. Makes me think less of them as a company. Can't mumsnet cover part of the cost?

I tested the EE kids tablet last year and got to keep it. Imagine me saying to 7yo DD, sorry I know you loved it but you can't have it.

Scoleah Wed 16-Aug-17 18:08:28

I'm the same here now actually; what if we get picked and then child uses it & marks/scratches it. Will we Be billed? confused

flibflab Wed 16-Aug-17 18:17:47

Agree. I thought brilliant as we are looking at phones for DDs but who wants to spend time getting into something to have to send it back after 2 weeks. More hassle that it's worth for me I'm afraid.

Scoleah Wed 16-Aug-17 18:25:17

I'd be the best mum in the world & then the worst within 2 weeks! She'll be gutted if she has to give it back. Their prob doing this so we would have to buy!

Scoleah Wed 16-Aug-17 18:37:36

my DD isn't spoilt btw, i think I've made her come across that way! but she would be gutted with some sort of independence & then me taking it away from her! It's a brilliant concept though, will be fab if it lives up to what it says it does!smile

CarolinePenvenen Wed 16-Aug-17 18:49:38

Agree with everyone else. My dd1 is desperate for a phone of her own and I’m holding off. Would have tried this out like a shot but I think it’s very unfair to give a child something like this and then take it off them. I love the look and idea of it, it looks great but can’t chuck £150 at it just at the moment and so I would be setting her up for disappointment.

rupert23 Wed 16-Aug-17 19:05:54

i agree totally with above seems a bit of a palava to be honest and my son would love to get chosen but disappointed to send it back so soon after getting used to it.

Houseof5boys Wed 16-Aug-17 20:11:16

Agree with other posters, what a palaver having to send it back. 2 weeks isn't enough time to get full use out of it in my opinion either. It's a shame because this would be great for DS.

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Wed 16-Aug-17 20:16:31

The name sucks. Because there is no "u" after the "q" I repeatedly read it as "mongi" - getting more and more hmm every time.

TBH if I was giving a seven year old shock a phone I would be more concerned with robustness than internet safety.

What happens if these demo phones get trashed or lost?

iamdivergent Wed 16-Aug-17 20:19:26

Signed up for this then realised the phone has to be returned...thats not the best if I'm honest. Seems a bit harsh to give a child who has likely been badgering for their own mobile phone, phone for a fortnight then taking it away again confused

Had the phone been good I would have been very interested to have the option to take out the contract for my daughter and keep the device - wonder why this isn't an option

Soslowmo Wed 16-Aug-17 21:22:19

I have a 10 year old, who would be an ideal tester.... but I am still reluctant for him to have a phone (we have to deal with prising 13 year old's phone out of her hands daily as it is! 😬) - I will have a think about it...

Lilbratz Wed 16-Aug-17 21:42:28

I agree with everyone else. Bit mean to offer a child a phone, their first phone, and then take it off them. Therefore I will not be signing up.

An incentive eg money off or reduced rate tariff to keep the phone would have been better .

starlingsintheslipstream Wed 16-Aug-17 22:17:56

I like the product tests and have a 9 year old ds who would love to take part but, aside from the fact I wouldn't encourage him to think he needs a phone, agree with previous posters than it's pretty unusual to have to send the product back. Unless it's some sort of prototype that they aren't allowed to have out there?

If they are only looking for 20 mumsnetters you'd think they could stretch to a £25 voucher each or something. They might have more take up then.

rockshandy Wed 16-Aug-17 22:59:16

Aside from the fact that the phone needs to be returned, if the situation ever arose where I would consider buying my 7-11 year old a phone, it would be one without internet access. And it wouldn't cost £150 either.

I think that this product might appeal to some parents who are in the market for a phone anyway, but it is a little off the mark for me. I have no intention of buying my eldest a phone until she is heading off to secondary school, and she will be older than 11.

mummymummums Wed 16-Aug-17 23:00:16

Nope - not asking my 10 year old DD to test a phone that she'll now doubt love and then have to return! Kids find that hard.
With DC aged 10 and 9 I'm interested in looking at phones, but would rather buy one they can keep than have to return one. Or what if she lost it???

SymphonyofShadows Wed 16-Aug-17 23:09:29

Nah, not for me either. You can get a locked down deal with any of the providers on a handset that costs a lot less than £150. What exactly is the incentive for testers considering all the advertising and free promotion this company are getting? And you have no guarantee that they won't sell your details on. They can shove it.

Haudyerwheesht Wed 16-Aug-17 23:26:42

So you give a kid a phone? Get their feedback? Then take the phone off them again? Nah you're alright.

Haudyerwheesht Wed 16-Aug-17 23:27:58

Incidentally it also makes me wonder why the company can't afford decent market research which doesn't make me inclined to trust them with a contract.

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