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AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 17-Jul-17 12:25:48

This thread is for the 10 Mumsnetters who tested a mattress from the the Hilary Devey Collection

More info and details here: - either a Diamond or Diamond Luxe Mattress have been put to the test!

Non testers, to be entered into a prize draw where one Mumsnetter will win a £300 voucher of their choice, please answer the following question: What are your best tips for ensuring a good night's sleep?

Here’s what Duvalay have to say “With over a third of our lives spent sleeping, picking the right mattress is an important factor in making sure you get a good night’s sleep. In an era of mass-production, turning to a handcrafted mattress can be a way of ensuring you don’t suffer from aches and pains after an uncomfortable night’s sleep. Combining traditional handcrafted bed-making techniques with the finest raw materials and innovation, the Hilary Devey Collection is a premium range of hand-made mattresses. Each one is produced from Duvalay’s new Yorkshire factory, which the company moved into a year ago, quadrupling floor space to keep up for the demand for Duvalay products. With Hilary (ex Dragons Den) at the forefront of the design of the collection, personally selecting key features and materials, the collection brings a fresh take to a male-dominated industry by providing affordable luxury with a glamorous edge”.

“The Diamond is a supreme quality mattress that features 2000 individually nested pocket springs. With a summer and winter side, it provides you with a good night’s sleep all year round thanks to its cotton side for summer, which wicks moisture away and a wool side for winter that provides a snug-like effect - furthermore it has been Tried and Tested by the Good Housekeeping Institute.

The Diamond-Luxe takes all the best elements of the Diamond mattress, including luxurious materials and hand side-stitched borders, and features a range of new elements that further add to its glamorous take on the perfect night’s sleep. It’s also one of the first mattresses to the UK market that offers both an ingenious new pocket spring called MidasTouch and a revolutionary new filling called Wooltec®. MidasTouch is a unique spring system that has been specially designed to offer initial softness but also provides much needed support once weight has been applied. Each spring is encased in its own fabric pocket, to actively reduce partner disturbance for a relaxing night’s sleep.
The Wooltec® filling is produced using one of nature’s finest materials, lambswool, and uses the latest is modern manufacturing techniques to create vertically bonded fibres, which allows air to circulate much more easily for greater temperature control. The specially bonded fibres also increase durability and comfort.

Testers, please answer the following questions:

First impressions - please share these - on delivery, comfort on first night, look on your existing bed frame, feel of the mattress cover - do share a photo on the thread if you can. We will add more questions to this thread later on.

Second batch of questions - to reflect on your reasons for taking part and your initial views of the new mattress.

Which mattress and bed size did you choose?
What is important to you when decided on a new mattress?
How important is it to have natural fillings inside your mattress?
How important is it for your mattress to be British manufactured?
On first impressions, do you think anything could be improved?
So far, do you think that your new mattress will improve the quality of your sleep and if yes, why?
Does Hilary Devey’s endorsement and influence on the collection have any impact on your perception of the collection?

Third lot of questions - now that you’ve had four weeks use of your mattress, we’d like you to answer a few more questions.

Are you finding your bed comfortable?
Has it improved sleep quality for you and your partner?
So far, are you pleased with the quality and look of your new bed?
Before having a Hilary Devey bed, did you know the features a handmade mattress offered? Are you now able to tell a difference?
Did you read the care instructions and are you happy with the guarantee given?

Now that you’ve had a little bit longer, please *finish your testing with us by answering the following*:

~ Are you still as satisfied with your bed (if applicable) as you were at the beginning of your journey with Duavay?
~ Have you found that the handmade finishes to your bed have made a difference to the quality of your sleep?
~ If you were to buy a bed again in the future, would you purchase handmade over mass produce?
~ If you were to buy a bed again in the future, would you consider buying a Duvalay mattress?
~ Do you think your Hilary Devey bed is value for money?
~ How important is it to have a summer and winter side to your mattress to keep you warm & cool in both season? Please number 1-10 with 1 being the lowest and 10 being the highest.
~ Would you recommend the brand to your family and friends?

Tweet your review to @DeveybyDuvalay - include @mumsnetinsight

Thanks and good luck,


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Scoleah Mon 17-Jul-17 12:46:09

Non Tester
What are your best tips for ensuring a good nights sleep?

Making my husband sleep on the settee so his snoring doesn't disturb me! grin haha only joking.. Keeping Cool, Cotton Sheets & a Nice Dark room!

Intotheclouds Mon 17-Jul-17 12:50:53

What are your best tips for ensuring a good nights sleep?

Kicking the husband/partner out of the bed so you can have the bed to yourself and spread out without being kicked or pushed out of the bed!!

carrotcakecupcake Mon 17-Jul-17 13:36:33

Sleeping with the window open year round if I had it my way and crisp clean sheets.

Backhometothenorth Mon 17-Jul-17 13:55:13

Thank you so much- I am delighted to have been chosen to test this beautiful mattress!

We were contacted by phone to organise delivery of our double size, firm Diamond mattress. This was then all confirmed by email and we were contacted again in the delivery window to tell us exactly when it would arrive. The customer service was excellent throughout and everything went very smoothly with the delivery itself.

My first impressions of the mattress itself were very positive. It looks beautiful and is clearly a high quality product- a shame to cover it up with the bed sheets! It is very firm and comfortable and my partner and I (plus my young daughters on occasion) have enjoyed many excellent nights sleep so far.

I feel very lucky to have been selected - thanks again

wheretoyougonow Mon 17-Jul-17 13:57:49

Non tester
To get a good nights sleep in the winter use brushed cotton duvet sets. They add some weight and are extremely cozy. Must warn you though, it makes getting out of bed in the mornings a lot harder!

KatoPotato Mon 17-Jul-17 14:26:47

So delighted we were chosen for this, I selected the diamond luxe (softer mattress)

Received an email with the delivery day from a logistics company, but no time and no call prior, but it arrived first thing that day by a polite and courteous team.

First impressions were that it was clearly a luxury product, thick and bouncy with substantial padding and lovely materials.

It comes with very clear care instructions with a turning guide for the first few months. Our last mattress was a Sealy that was a 'no turn' which I never realised at purchase and it always bothered me a bit.

It's big, it's beautiful and felt a shame to dress! I've never had such a high bed before, and my legs dangle from it!

Sleeping on it is a joy, I'm no longer aware of my sciatica- ridden DH constantly changing position and he says he's sleeping far better too.


rupert23 Mon 17-Jul-17 15:45:35

Non tester a cool room clean sheets and a relaxing bath before bed means a lovely sleep for me.

LaPampa Mon 17-Jul-17 16:11:50

What are your best tips for ensuring a good night's sleep?

No children in the house, clean sheets and an eye mask smile

ohlittlepea Mon 17-Jul-17 16:35:34

Non tester-
My best tip for a good nights sleep is to avoid screen time half an hour before bed, easier said than done sometimes though!

lollylaus Mon 17-Jul-17 16:44:55

Non tester- i have to have a dark room so blackout curtains are a must!

Justtrying Mon 17-Jul-17 17:21:12


First impressions are excellent, from recieving the email to organise delivery, through delivery and unwrapping, wow.

Just a phone call to set up delivery at a date and time to suit me. Received a phone call when it was 10 minutes away, two very pleasant chaps carried the kingsize diamond deluxe upstairs.

On unwrapping the mattress just oozes quality and luxury, unfortunately I can't comment how it is to sleep on as we went on holiday on delivery day.

Will update once home. Thank you MNHQ for picking us.

Ogochukwu27 Mon 17-Jul-17 17:58:14

Non tester
Top tips
Always shower before bed.

JenniferAnistonsHair Mon 17-Jul-17 18:15:32

Non tester

Tips for ensuring a good night's sleep...
Comfy mattress
Cosy duvet snuggled over my ears
Squishy pillow
Fresh air in the room from an open window
And a cheeky glass of wine before bed

SleepingSoundly Mon 17-Jul-17 18:20:18

We have had our king-size diamond duvalay for one week now and are very impressed so far grin.

The delivery process was very easy, with the delivery slot arranged by phone/email and exact arrival time confirmed 20 minutes beforehand. The delivery guys were polite, offering to remove shoes etc. and taking care not to damage pictures while manoeuvring the (heavy) mattress up the stairs.

The mattress fits the bed frame well (picture attached). It's a fairly tight fit in length, which I think is a good thing as it means the pillows won't fall down a gap at the end, but which does mean tucking the sheets in requires a bit of care.

The mattress itself looks fantastic. It is indeed, as someone else mentioned, a shame to cover it. Our delivery guys placed it summer side up, and this week both dh and I have slept like logs. After the first night dh commented that it was softer than he expected, but that it had an underlying firmness that he really liked. I found it was as comfy as a quality hotel mattress which is what I was hoping for. It was inevitably going to be a big improvement on our rather elderly and long past its use by date existing mattress, but so far it does seem to be exceeding expectations and we are both very happy.

Tonight we will rotate it for the first time (it's recommended to rotate/turn weekly for the first two months), which will be interesting as it is rather heavy.

Thank you duvalay and mumsnet for choosing us to be testers.

Rachmolly80 Mon 17-Jul-17 18:31:24

Non tester.

Quality sleep is vital, especially when you get very little.

My tips would be:

Linen sheets or brushed cotton.
Ethically sourced down pillows and duvet.
Clean sheets. Changed every couple of days in the summer.

A cool room. Cooler the better.

Having a refreshing shower then getting into a cool fresh crisp bed with a sprinkle of lavender baby powder is heavenly.

Sleep nude or just cotton pants. Let your body breathe.

I'm tired now zzz

Tentomidnight Mon 17-Jul-17 20:12:10


Thank you for choosing me/us to test this mattress!

I had a missed call and voucemail to arrange delivery and when I rang back the customer service was polite, helpful and flexible. I had a call from the delivery driver just prior to delivery, but my DH actually took delivery. He said that the deluvery guys offered to take the mattress upstairs but he declined.

The mattress was really well wrapped in two clear covers and some bubblewrap. It is heavy, but not as heavy as our previous (decade old) mattress.

I was amazed with how plush the mattress looked when we opened the packaging. The cover is soft and silky and the 'buttons' are made of looped wool. The mattress looks very luxurious, and with the monograms, wouldn't look out of place in The Princess & The Pea grin

The mattress fits our double bed frame perfectly, and our deep fitted sheets fit it well.

The mattress is very comfortable. It feels soft but supportive, and if I roll to the side I don't feel that I will roll off, unlike my previous mattress.

Really impressed so far!

Just one question for Duvalay:
We have the Diamond-Luxe and I can't see any mention of the summer v winter side, as mentioned in the description of the Diamond version. Not sure if they both have this?

Tiredoftiredness Mon 17-Jul-17 20:21:42


Delivery was great, had a phone call confirming that the mattress was with the courier, a choice of day and confirmation of time slot, then a phone call when the courier was half an hour away so I had time to get home. It was delivered by 2 men who managed to get the mattress up my very tight stairs and into the room without a grumble.

The mattress is huge, about half the depth again of my old one and beautifully finished in a silky fabric that I love. It sits really nicely on my bedframe (pic hopefully attached!) I worried when it arrived that it would be too deep for the fitted sheets I have but they fit fine.

it's incredibly comfy, I struggle sleeping at the moment and had been getting really uncomfortable tossing and turning at night-getting arm ache with whichever side I was lying on etc. Not any more! Although it unfortunately hasn't magically cured my insomnia I am now at least far more comfortable whilst trying to sleep-I've not had an ache since I got it about a week ago which is brilliant!

IonaAilidh11 Mon 17-Jul-17 21:00:55

sleep with the window open, have a bath before bed

smileyfacechocolatebutton Mon 17-Jul-17 21:03:25

Non Tester:
What are your best tips for ensuring a good nights sleep?

Clean, cotton sheets, window open on hot summer nights, hot water bottle on cold winter ones! Turn off all lights, use blackout curtains. Make everyday a weekend so you don't have to worry about getting up for work the next day!

IvorHughJarrs Mon 17-Jul-17 21:11:42

My best tip for a good night's sleep is screens off an hour before so no TV, phone, laptop, etc, I read and relax
My other tip is not to stress about not sleeping if you don't, you actually do sleep more than you realise even when you have a bad night so, in those wakeful moments, don't stress because you are awake but try to enjoy lying down and relaxing in peace and quiet

ShelaghTurner Mon 17-Jul-17 21:18:49

Non-tester. My best tip for a good nights sleep is never co sleep with your children! I fell into the trap 9.5 years ago and I still haven’t got rid of them! And don’t let them bounce on the bed, they’ve knackered my mattress hmm

SaltySeaBird Mon 17-Jul-17 21:36:28

Non tester

Another one for saying kick the husband out. I sleep much better in a totally silent, dark, cool room. I can't always control the temperature but I can sort the first two out by sending DH to the sofa for snoring!

starlight36 Mon 17-Jul-17 21:41:12

Non tester
Cool room and as dark as you can make it. No screens in bedroom, phones off or on silent.
Agree co-sleeping limits quality deep sleeping. We have a 4 year old who has a habit of sneaking in to our bed around 4:30 in the morning and my sleep suffers from that point as he sleeps like a wriggly starfish!

bluebump Mon 17-Jul-17 21:45:25

Non tester

Like loads of others above I think a cool dark room is the best way to get a good nights sleep. Fresh bedding also helps!

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