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Read Mumsnetters’ feedback on the Mothercare Airflow Pocket Spring Cot Mattress - non testers - chance to win £300 voucher! NOW CLOSED

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JustineBMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 12-Jan-17 11:27:42

This thread is for the 10 Mumsnetters who tested the Airflow Pocket Spring Cot Bed Mattress (RRP £140). Those selected were also sent a Mothercare Bayswater Cot Bed.

Here’s what Mothercare have to say about the mattress: ‘A good cot mattress will contribute to your baby having the best night’s sleep possible. If your baby sleeps well then so will you. The Mothercare Airflow Pocket Spring mattress features individual springs encased in their own pockets, to provide correct postural support during your baby’s early development stages. This firm mattress also features a washable protective cover which helps keep your baby cool fresh and dry. For your convenience we are offering the mattress with a Mothercare Bayswater Cot Bed in white to use as a full set though your baby’s first years.’

Testers, please answer the following questions:

-Did the mattress appear comfortable for your baby?

-Was the mattress easy to use?

-Do you find the mattress easy to clean?

-Have you washed the mattress cover in your machine yet? Do you think this feature will make life easier?

Non testers, to be entered into a prize draw where one Mumsnetter will win a £300 voucher of their choice, please answer the following question:
-What is the best piece of advice you have ever received when it comes to helping your baby to sleep at night?

Thanks and good luck,


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Intotheclouds Thu 12-Jan-17 20:37:51

MNHQ what do the non testers need to do to enter?

BeeMyBaby Sat 14-Jan-17 07:28:16

Non-tester: the best advice I received would be to not insist on putting the baby in the cot and just to co-sleep if needs be.

Intotheclouds Sat 14-Jan-17 12:14:47

The best advice I was given was to just put the baby down in a safe place and calm yourself downif you got to worked up. As they 'know' what you are feeling and they won't go to sleep if your not calm.

ellash Sat 14-Jan-17 20:27:53

Non tester:
The best advice I was given was from my own mum ❤️ , she advised me the best thing to do was to ensure baby is put down from the start (so as not to rely on falling asleep being held) and to have a nice warm bath & a calm atmosphere every evening when putting baby down to sleep. It works for us 😃

OhIfIMust Sat 14-Jan-17 20:52:08

The best advice I've been given is from my sister who taught me to safely swaddle my first newborn (with his arms out). He and then his brother then slept in their cots no problem.

123julie321 Sat 14-Jan-17 23:34:51

Non tester: White noise! I play a white noise tap in the background when DD is restless, with a soft hoover noise, the tap of rain on the window, the sea or a clock ticking, and it helps settle her down and snooze off.

JaiOm Sun 15-Jan-17 09:44:27

Non tester. Do what works for you. Whether that be putting down asleep or awake. But always in a safe and comfortable environment for both child and parent as you might spend many hours sitting with your child trying to get them to sleep!

TheFrenchLieutenantsMonkey Wed 18-Jan-17 14:57:33

None tester : Best advice I was given was from a midwife. Make sure you are happy with your baby's sleeping arrangements. Whether you have them in a crib next to you, in their own room, swaddled, in a sleeping bag etc if you aren't happy then you are not creating a relaxed atmosphere for your baby to nod off in. The thing that helped me was to get an apnoea alarm. I was very nervous with my first and worried about her stopping breathing (she'd been born with a severe chest infection and was in NICU for a week) and she didn't seem to want to sleep. Then we got an apnoea alarm. I relaxed because as long as that was silent I knew she was ok. I relaxed. Enjoyed the bedtime routine. She went to sleep much easier.

Sniptoday Fri 20-Jan-17 10:11:23

Non tester.

Read the guidelines on safe sleep before baby arrives and discuss with partner. Then if you are sleep deprived and decide to co sleep you will do so safely.

finova Thu 26-Jan-17 19:45:53

Non tester
If you have a partner, share the load.
Agree a way forward and try to be consistent eg if one of you is working on settling in nursery, it's no good if the other carries back downstairs!!

MumzieMel Fri 27-Jan-17 08:25:01

Routine, Routine, Routine! My son has a set bedtime at 7 and from 6 it's wind down time, lights low, bath and bottle, he's slept through (other than illness and teething) from about 18weeks

MauiChristmas Wed 01-Feb-17 14:00:49


Did the mattress appear comfortable for your baby? Yes, seems to be just right; he's sleeping really well on it.

-Was the mattress easy to use? I'm not sure how a matress would be difficult to use but yes... So easy to use even my two month old managed.

-Do you find the mattress easy to clean? So far yes, having the zipped cover will help.

-Have you washed the mattress cover in your machine yet? Do you think this feature will make life easier? Not yet but should definitely help.

Thanks for the cot and matress both seem excellent quality.

edwardcullensotherwoman Wed 01-Feb-17 23:06:18

Did the mattress appear comfortable for your baby?
Yes, he settles well and mostly sleeps through the night since using it (apart from illness/teething)

-Was the mattress easy to use?
Yes, it fits the cot perfectly, isn't very heavy so easy to change sheets.

-Do you find the mattress easy to clean? Yes, so far I've only wiped it but that was easy as it's waterproof under the mesh.

-Have you washed the mattress cover in your machine yet? Do you think this feature will make life easier? Not yet, but it will definitely make life easier during inevitable sickness bouts! I'veused mattresses without removeable covers and they usually have to be replaced, so being able to remove and wash knowing that the mattress beneath isn't affected will be great.

Lovewatchingrainfall Sat 04-Feb-17 07:43:23

Non tester:- best advice is to do what you feel is right (if it means you get some sleep) wether it be co sleeping, letting baby sleep on its side, big cot, little cot. If your happy and baby is happy then what is the problem.

legfaced Sun 05-Feb-17 04:07:16

Non tester

Best piece of advice was to get the Sleepyhead. My son felt so snug and safe that he always slept very well. Also to not change his nappy unless needed at night so as not to disturb him.

sharonad01 Mon 06-Feb-17 22:51:06

Non tester:
The best advice I got was from my admirable sister, a mum of three (!). Her advise was simple, let your baby develop her own sleeping habits rather than forcing yours. Don't rock to sleep, put music, use special effect night light etc, just watch your baby and let her try and fall asleep on her own! It worked, my DS just wanted lots of cuddles before bed and a her muslin to cuddle with through the night. Took some time, but worked like magic! X

Truebelles Wed 15-Feb-17 19:03:54

Tester here, firstly, thank so much for selecting me for this - we have loved the mattress. Answers are below:

-Did the mattress appear comfortable for your baby?

It's incredibly comfy, super high quality and very clearly a lovely place to sleep.

-Was the mattress easy to use?

Yes, really easy, worked straight out the packaging.

-Do you find the mattress easy to clean?

It's amazing having the washable cover, my previous mattress didn't have this and the difference is huge. It means you feel that you can actually really clean the mattress.

-Have you washed the mattress cover in your machine yet? Do you think this feature will make life easier?

Yes, I waited to do this before leaving my review. It washed and dried like a dream, really recommend the product for this feature, it does make a big difference.

Thanks again.

rachelinscotland Wed 22-Feb-17 16:47:39

We were picked to test this - huge thank you! It's fantastic!

Answers to questions as follows:
-Did the mattress appear comfortable for your baby?
Yes! I really think it improved baby's sleep. It seemed to be cooler too, and less likely to overheat as compared to foam mattresses I've used in the past with other babies. And nice that it retains shape and doesn't press down.

-Was the mattress easy to use?
Perfectly easy to use!

-Do you find the mattress easy to clean?
We've not had any leaks or spills yet, so haven't had a clear up to do yet.

-Have you washed the mattress cover in your machine yet? Do you think this feature will make life easier?
Not washed it yet, but I love the fact that it's washable cover. That really makes a huge difference in life of mattress and general hygiene. Well done on this feature!

AlfieandAnnieRose Mon 27-Feb-17 15:10:22

Tester here. Thanks for choosing me, we love the cot and mattress.
1) yes mattress appeared very comfortable for baby, looks and feels comfortable. Baby has slept well on it hurrah!

2) yes very easy to use, not heavy to lift when changing sheets

3) not had to clean it yet but don't think it would be an issue as the top layer is waterproof

4) not washed it yet but I do really like that you can remove the cover to wash. Will definitely make life easier as will not have to worry that we need to get a new mattress if there's any accidents.

Would definitely recommend this mattress overall! smile

PickledLilly Thu 02-Mar-17 12:07:02

Another tester.

We think this mattress is fantastic! It seems to be very comfortable for the baby and seems thick enough that it should last well into his toddler years without being uncomfortable as he gets heavier.

It's very easy to use, light enough to lug around when changing sheets but still offers good support for baby.

The removable cover is a brilliant idea. Perfect for freshening up the bed over time or for a good clean after any bugs have been going around the family. The wipe clean but underneath is also a fantastic idea as you can anti-bac wipe it.

I did wash the cover before use to thoroughly test it and it washed really well, dried quickly and was easy to put back on the mattress.

I have already recommended this mattress to a few friends, I think it's brilliant. Thank you so much for picking me to test it, my baby seems very pleased with it. Not pleased enough to sleep all night but you can't expect miracles grin

SpecialStains Sat 04-Mar-17 20:42:14

Did the mattress appear comfortable for your baby?
The Airflow Pocket Spring Cot Bed Mattress is incredibly comfortable for my baby! We put him in his own room with the mattress and the Mothercare Bayswater Cot Bed and it instantly improved his sleep. We had previously been using a foam mattress, which was causing my son to wake up in the night when he kicked and hit the mattress and the plasticy cover rustled very loudly. The Airflow Pocket Spring Cot Bed Mattress has been a huge improvement. The springs absorb most of the baby’s movement at night and evenly supports the weight of his head and neck, so he gets a much better night’s sleep. The outer layer of the mattress is made of very soft cotton. This is a very well designed and comfortable mattress.

If I am mad enough to have more babies, my husband and I are both in agreement that we will look to replace the mattress with a newer version of the Airflow Pocket Spring Cot Bed Mattress. I have also happily recommended this to pregnant friends.

Was the mattress easy to use?
The mattress is very easy to use. It is lightweight, fits standard bedsheets (70x140cm) and has a removable mattress cover, which is easy to remove and (more importantly) easy to put back on.

Do you find the mattress easy to clean?
The instructions recommend that the baby sleeps on the wipe clean side of the mattress, which is very easy to clean with a damp cloth. The fact that the mattress is made of breathable materials means that it dries quickly.

Have you washed the mattress cover in your machine yet? Do you think this feature will make life easier?
After a spectacular bout of sickness, I needed to wash the mattress cover. I was dubious about washing at 60degrees, but the cover came out looking like new and didn’t appear to have shrunk at all! I really like this feature. As a household with a cat who will sleep wherever he is not allowed, being able to wash the baby’s mattress cover on a hot wash (hot enough to kill dust mites) is a useful feature. I didn’t tumble dry it, but it dried quickly enough. I will be washing the mattress cover regularly.

I was additionally sent the Mothercare Bayswater Cot Bed in white to use with the mattress, which, although not part of this review, is a lovely looking and sturdy piece of nursery furniture. It converts to a small bed and will see my son out for a few years. It was remarkably easy to put together, albeit very heavy to get up the stairs.

Thistly Sun 05-Mar-17 22:20:30

Non tester.

Best advice was... Sleep breeds sleep. Don't be afraid that the Long sleep baby has on car journey will stop him sleeping at night, especially when baby's quite young.

Luckystar1 Mon 13-Mar-17 13:06:55

Tester here. Thank you for selecting me, I was absolutely thrilled to trial the mattress.

Did the mattress appear comfortable for your baby?

Yes, absolutely, the mattress is lovely and my daughter seems very comfortable on it. We got the mattress during a very difficult time sleep wise, but (and I don't know if it's purely coincidental!) she has been sleeping so much better since using it (and she slept through the night for the first time last night!! Yippee!)

-Was the mattress easy to use?

Perfectly easy to use, fit the cotbed perfectly which is the most important thing of course!

-Do you find the mattress easy to clean?

Yes, easy to clean and vacuum

-Have you washed the mattress cover in your machine yet? Do you think this feature will make life easier?

Yes, I've just done it and it's currently drying. It is a super feature and makes life so much easier. I like to ensure bedding is washed weekly, so this is just added to the wash, and I'm happy in the knowledge that the baby's bed is as clean as possible. My daughter is quite the one for vomiting, so it is so comforting to know that the mattress will be clean and protected at all times.

Again, thank you for selecting us (and for the good night's sleep!!)

GruffaloPants Mon 13-Mar-17 13:23:50

Another tester here

Did the mattress appear comfortable for your baby? Yes. Weight seems to be distributed well. 5yo DD1 tried it before it went in the cot and gave it a thumbs up too!

-Was the mattress easy to use? Yes. Just unwrap and it is ready to go. I like the breathable cover. I was quite happy to out a sheet straight over it, it is good not to have to faff around with separate protectors.

-Do you find the mattress easy to clean? Haven't had to yet, but it looks like it will be.

-Have you washed the mattress cover in your machine yet? Do you think this feature will make life easier? Haven't washed it yet, but am confident it will be handy to be able to just zip off and chuck in the machine.

Thanks very much for this test! It seems a really good quality mattress.

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