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See what Mumsnetters think about the AEG T88595IS Heat Pump Dryer. NOW CLOSED.

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RebeccaEMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 03-Nov-16 10:09:08

This thread is for the 15 Mumsnetters who are currently testing out the AEG T88595IS Heat Pump Dryer.

Here’s what AEG have to say: 'Tumble dry using AbsoluteCare® & heat pump dryers form AEG. with; unique cycles, tailored drum motions and temperatures to ensure the best care for even your most delicate garments.'

Testers: We'll be asking you to add feedback twice - we'd like your first impressions now and we will add some more questions after you've had a little bit of time to test out your machine.

So, for your first impressions, AEG would love to know:

-What were your impressions from the first few uses?
- So far, what do you think of the time the machine takes to dry your clothes?
- What features have been the most useful to you so far?

Please note: your anonymous comments may be used by AEG on their website and other marketing materials.


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Motherscare Thu 03-Nov-16 11:40:52

-What were your impressions from the first few uses?
I'm still getting used to the machine - it's an awful lot more complicated than my old one! For example, it took my husband and I quite some time to figure out how on earth to turn it off if you stop the cycle early and find that the clothes are already dry... it was not at all obvious how to do that. The instruction booklet is written in quite poor English so it hasn't really helped me decide which programme I should be using on which occasion.

- So far, what do you think of the time the machine takes to dry your clothes?
It's still trial and error at the moment - I have been surprised that the programmes I thought I had selected for more delicate clothes have taken less time, but yet the clothes have dried fine. I have actually been pleasantly surprised at how short the cycles are - I was expecting it to take longer.

- What features have been the most useful to you so far?
I love the light in the drum <easily pleased>. And I can see the different cycles will be useful once I find my way round them all!

turkeyboots Thu 03-Nov-16 12:03:25

-*What were your impressions from the first few uses?*

It seems rather complicated, although I've never had a tumble dryer before and am comparing it to my Mum's 20 year old model! Not entirely sure what the steam function is for and the booklet doesn't really tell me enough about it.

So far seems to dry well, although the bed linen function doesn't seem effective as duvet covers come out wet after a v long cycle. Fine on the normal cupboard dry setting through.

But looks nice, rather washing machiney, rather than the solid door tumble dryers you see.

- So far, what do you think of the time the machine takes to dry your clothes?

Seems quite long, especially for bed sheets etc. But still far shorter than hanging them up! The display can say 2.30 hr though and then finishes when my washing machine does (1 hr) so finding that a bit confusing.

- What features have been the most useful to you so far?

Love the light inside as well, that is a lovely feature. And the huge door is great. Haven't had much of a play with the other drying cycle types yet. Might attempt a wool cycle with DH's jumpers as would be great to be able to tumble dry them.

Motherscare Thu 03-Nov-16 12:11:00

Yes, I've found that too, turkeyboots - the number of minutes on the display doesn't seem to bear much relation to the actual length of the cycle!

babynugget Thu 03-Nov-16 14:20:17

First of all I just want to say thank you for letting us test this machine. I was very excited waiting for it to arrive.

First impressions - machine is obviously very good quality. It looks good and everything about it feels quality from the door catch to the display. After my initial excitement I was actually scared to use it! There were so many buttons and functions but after I had read the instructions I felt a bit more confident. However, I would agree the instructions are not well written and it doesn't tell you anywhere what the numbers in the top right corner of the display are for as I'm not convinced it is the length of the drying cycle. The light when you open the door blew me away too. Genius. Why has nobody thought of it before now? I've been impressed so far but have mainly only used the Cotton Cupboard dry setting. The book says this is the most economical setting and my smart meter didn't shoot up into the red like it did with my previous machine. My loads have always come out dry on that setting.

Time taken to dry clothes:
Brilliant - much quicker and more consistent than my previous machine. I can switch it in and know that it will be done. I've not tried checking before the cycle ends so it's possible my stuff is actually dry long before the end. I will keep an eye on that before my next review.

Most useful features so far:
Crease guard - this really has reduced the amount I need to iron and made items easier to iron. I love this as ironing is my most hated chore.

First impressions are good, looking forward to trying the other features.

Lunar1 Thu 03-Nov-16 14:42:09

-What were your impressions from the first few uses?
My first impression was honestly a bit of a panic, there were instructions on the top of the machine for being able to make alterations to drain the dryer rather than the water going into the condenser chamber.

I was worried I'd misinterpreted the outline for being a tester and didn't actually unwrap the machine until I'd had a message back from mumsnet incase I had to return it. Luckily it turned out that this was optional but I wish it had said so very clearly. I also think the instructions should be all together in one place.

Once I'd got it into position and had the proper instructions out it was very easy to set up and use. I was a little nervous putting the water in for the steam option and triple checked I was getting it right.

While it might look like a very complicated machine the settings are actually very simple and self explanatory. The machine looks fab in my kitchen and it's easy to tell that it's a high end product. I have been very happy with the way the clothes come out.

- So far, what do you think of the time the machine takes to dry your clothes?

The speed of the machine is fantastic, especially as it auto adjusts so you know that not a minute of the time is wasted. It's also a real time saver because there is no guess work that I had with my old model. I used to have to keep rechecking if my things were dry yet.

- What features have been the most useful to you so far?

The refresh option is brilliant and quickly compensates for the fact that sometimes clothes that are to be worn again have been left crumpled by the side of the bed the night before!

The steam option is also a real time saver with the anti crease, it makes light work of ironing shirts.

I think the most used setting for me is the extra dry, my children's school uniforms are non iron, but honestly in my old machine still needed it. With this setting their clothes are properly dry every time and I can put them into the hanger immediately with no extra work and they look perfect.

BigBugs Thu 03-Nov-16 16:31:55

What were your impressions from the first few uses?

Firstly thank you mumsnet, I was thrilled to be selected for this product test. Amazing machine, took me ages to read through the manual and get to grips with the programmes. My current basic tumble dryer only has a low heat/high heat button! First load was on cupboard dry and the clothes came out beautifully soft and smelling fresh. I was able to put them straight away. Secondly I tried the refresh steam setting for DH's suit (dry clean) again came out perfect ( used the whole bottle of water provided in the machine for steaming but no alarm sounded to say it was full so am not sure how much it takes) very impressed.

- So far, what do you think of the time the machine takes to dry your clothes?

I worked out after the first few uses that the machine stops when the clothes are dry and not by the time on the display. I was impressed with the drying times compared to my old dryer. The refresh cycle is only 10 minutes and I like the fact there is quick dry and extra quick dry setting.

- What features have been the most useful to you so far?

Most useful would have to be the wool programme so I can dry all our woollen jumpers etc without the risk of them shrinking. Also the refresh programme is great as we spend so much on dry cleaning it will be nice to be able to refresh in between dry cleans.I have been impressed with every programme tbh, and have been drying about 3 loads per day since it arrived.

TwistAndShout Thu 03-Nov-16 18:58:39

-What were your impressions from the first few uses?

I was very excited to take delivery of this machine and it is clearly a high quality product. As others have said, I was also thrown into a state of panic when trying to understand the instructions. My previous condenser dryer had high and low buttons and then a dial to select the time required.

This machine has lots of settings and flashing lights which took a few trial and error goes to get the hang of.

I was nervous about getting something wrong when filling the machine with distilled water for the steam functions too. I didn't want to be the mumsnetter who broke an £850 tumble dryer!

- So far, what do you think of the time the machine takes to dry your clothes?

I am still getting used to the various settings but find the Cottons Cupboard Extra Dry setting produces the best results but seems to set as a fairly long cycle over two hours, however it often stops before this as it has sensors which tell if the washing is dry.

It is also possible to use a setting where you select the length of cycle rather than a particular setting and this is useful but rather defeats the purpose of all the fancy settings. This is quicker though.

I plan to try my DHs dry clean only suits in the steam function to refresh them as I think this could be useful.

Which features have been most useful to you so far?

I love the size of the drum and the light inside is fabulous! It's good that you can turn the alarm off or on easily to let you know if the cycle is finished. I think the various cycles will be great once I get used to them- need to try out wool and maybe a duvet next!

HermioneN Thu 03-Nov-16 19:02:18

I was beyond excited to get to try this out so a) big thanks and b) I probably need to get out more, that aside...

- What were your impressions from the first few uses?
This is a fantastic product, it looks great and it feels really high quality - the door opening for instance is robust and not flimsy at all. There are loads of options, my old dryer had a 'hot' button and a 'not so hot' button, this one has buttons everywhere but once I'd found my way around it made sense; this is in no way thanks to the instructions - the translation to english could do with a little care and attention! Finally for first impressions it's really quiet, again compared to my old model where you couldn't have a conversation if it was on, this is really family home friendly.

- So far, what do you think of the time the machine takes to dry your clothes?
I'm impressed, it's really quick. I love that it stops once it senses things are dry - this is an excellent feature and great for minimising energy wastage.

- What features have been the most useful to you so far?
I've used cupboard dry, cupboard dry+ and steam, all are great. Cupboard dry will be my default setting going forward, it's dry enough to hang/fold with barely any creases on the kids stuff. Can't wait to try a wool setting at the weekend.

labradottie Thu 03-Nov-16 19:11:41

- What were your impressions from the first few uses?
Looks great, like the huge drum and door. As above the interior light is a genius feature that all such appliances should adopt! Overall impressions of use are that (if you ignore the poorly written instruction booklet) it's intuitive to use - each function is well described on the front panel. I hate wool being a "synthetics" program! Lots of options although I expect after trying a few times we'll probably find one or two favourites and stick with those. Everything feels so soft and we're really cross when we find labels that say no tumble drying!

- So far, what do you think of the time the machine takes to dry your clothes?
The displayed times seem so long but, as others have found, this is deceptive and so actual time is fine. The quick mixed fabrics program is really useful and I expect we'll use that most often over time.

- What features have been the most useful to you so far?

The quick mixed fabrics one. Useful to have the "wash spun at" setting. Haven't yet done a refresh or steam - not entirely sure that I know what to expect from them but will try to use soon.

Brilliant trial, haven't used a dryer since living with my parents a long time ago and it feels like such a treat as the weather gets colder. Thank you!

SavoyCabbage Fri 04-Nov-16 11:26:11

-What were your impressions from the first few uses?
The machine oozes quality. It looks smart and expensive. I can't believe how quiet it is. Also, my old machine blew out steamy air whereas this one is not producing any heat at all.

The instructions are very difficult to understand. I was not at all confident when I was adding the water for the steam system. I used this yesterday but I couldn't work it out properly. I put the washing (three shirts) in wet as it says 'to dry and remove the creases from the cotton pieces of clothing' but it didn't dry them at all. I'll be having another go over the weekend.

- So far, what do you think of the time the machine takes to dry your clothes?
I am still getting used to it and there are a lot of choices. I've been using cupboard dry as my default setting but my washing has not been coming out dry enough to put away straight away. I am going to try using the 'dry plus' button today.

- What features have been the most useful to you so far?
I too loved the interior light.
I also noticed straight away that there is only one filter to clean.
The drum is so roomy.
I love the delay start function.

mrsbunnyw Fri 04-Nov-16 12:08:57

Thank you very much; I was really pleased to be picked. Our old dryer was good, but coming to the end of its useful life and we would never have afforded something as fancy as this!

-What were your impressions from the first few uses?

It is surprisingly noisy in use. It has also developed a reallly odd creak immediately before it starts to spin each time (eg when on the crease-avoid stage) so I am wondering if it is faulty as others have said theirs is very quiet. Mind you our old one was a bosch which is known for making very quiet appliances. We have an open-plan house and can't use this dryer when the TV is on - we could with our old one, and that might be a deciding factor.

It looks super-smart and hi-tech, but I am finding I am often putting it on twice as the clothes don't come out properly dry even on dry+, although dry++ seems to work ok.

I would prefer a few more instructions, eg how much water should I use for the steam cycle? And, as others have said, a better translation of the instructions would help for a machine of this complexity and value.

I like that the steam function re-uses water extracted in the drying functions, but this means that I don't empty the container after each dry - I think when it gets full it doesn't dry properly, but there is no warning to say that it is full - the general light to empty it comes on every time but that is no good if you know you want to steam something later!

- So far, what do you think of the time the machine takes to dry your clothes?

It seems slower than I would expect, but I do like that I have the countdown as my old dryer gave you no indication at all! The Quick-dry on dry++ is quite quick and still gets everything dry so I'll probably use that a lot.

- What features have been the most useful to you so far?

I have made a lot of use of the wool cycle as this time of year I get so fed up with hanging jumpers and cardis around the house because they can't be dried. I am also now putting everything through, and using the synthetic cycles as well as the cotton ones, which I didn't on my old dryer as the synthetic cycles never got things dry, so I can put away all the airers, which is great.

I have tried various cotton cycles and they're ok on dry++ but don't seem to get properly dry on anything else, and that does take longer.

I haven't yet tried the steam option but will do next week after I've worn a suit.

YouSpinmeRound Fri 04-Nov-16 21:33:55

I was delighted to be chosen to test the machine and very motivated to get washing and drying straight away!

What were your impressions from the first few uses?
Appearance: It is not a bad looking machine and I do like the glass fronted drum and bright light. It does stick out quite a bit further beyond my worktop than the previous machine though because of the angled top design.

Using it for an ordinary clothes wash:
I actually can not believe how poor the manual is.
This is a premium product for the UK market and yet the manual is basic to say the least and littered with language errors. I actually have no idea what the settings mean and returning to the manual sheds little light.
But I followed the steps:

1 - choosing the programme. For cottons, I can select "Extra Dry"; "Cupboard Dry" or "Iron Dry" but there is no description as to what these mean.
2 - next I can select an option to use with the programme. I can select "Extra Dry" with the "Dry Plus option"; "Cupboard Dry" with the "Dry Plus option" and also for "Iron Dry" with "Dry Plus"
3. I then realise that the "Dry Plus option" has 3 possible selections! - 'default selection', 'selection to get the laundry lightly dried’, and ‘the selection to get the laundry more dried’.
What the hell does this all mean - it is completely contradictory and confusing! So I can choose the Cupboard Dry Programme with an option for “Dry Plus Lightly Dried”.
I can’t actually do the maths to work out how many variations this is but I know it is a lot!

There seems little point in the manufacturer investing in all these options if there is no way of knowing what it all means! Not helped by the poor quality of English.

My first drying experiment was not particularly successful and took over 2 hours and was damp. I can’t even remember which programme, option and option option I had chosen. I have now discovered that I can also change the setting to let the tumble dryer know that my washing machine spins at 1400 and so my drying time is now a little less.

Some of my clothes have the fabric mark symbol of a box with 1 dot in the middle which I think means dry at lower temperatures. p17 of the manual tells me that for this symbol I should set the programme with low temperature. However, I can’t see anywhere in the manual to let me select the temperature and I wonder if it is connected to the extra dry with lighter dry etc options. I am nervous of what I can actually put in and have limited to home clothes like pjs and things I don't treasure.

There is also the ability to Adjust the remaining laundry moisture degree in the ‘hints and tips’ section and I can select “the maximum dry laundry”, “the more dry laundry”, “the standard dry laundry” which is even more bizarre

I’m suprised there isn’t a ‘towels’ programme as standard (as there is for jeans and bed linen) as this is one of my main tumble dryer uses as I love soft fluffy towels.

I have also noticed that there is condensation on the panes of glass of my utility room windows after using the machine.

Steam Function:
I have just washed shirts and will now try to use other drying options and am going to experiment with steam I think. BUT I don’t really know if the ‘steam function is for drying wet clothes or not???’ I know it “removes an odour, as the outdoor air” (whatever that means) and “decreases or removes creases”. First I have to fill the water container and to do so it appears I have to do it with the appliance turned on: “1. Turn on appliance, 2. Set 1 of the steam programmes, 3. Pull the water container, 4. Fill with water until you hear the acoustic signal, 5. Put the water container (sic). Over the page the Steam Programmes suggest I can dry clothes with the steam cycle but only for much smaller loads. I will report back if the cotton business shirts emerge dry and crease free!

Although it is a 9kg machine, this is only for the 4 of the cotton settings. “Bed Linen”, “Duvets” and “Extra Quick mixed” and all the Synthetic settings are 3.5kg. So do be aware of this.

Other instructions are similarly vague like p17 “use an applicable programme for cotton jersey and knitwear to prevent the items to shrink” - but no idea is given of which programme is for cotton jersey (assume T shirts??)

So far, what do you think of the time the machine takes to dry your clothes?
This is a difficult question as the time stated seems to be longer than it actually is I think but I haven’t been in a rush to dry the items. I need to use it more and will report back.

I am sure I will learn my way around eventually and learn to love the machine but I am very relieved I didn’t pay nearly £900 for a machine that comes with instructions so poor as to render many of the ‘features’ almost useless. We do tend to buy top end appliance brands such as Miele and Siemens for their reputation and features and will pay more for these. In this case, however, I haven’t yet been blown away by the AEG dryer but perhaps I will stumble upon the perfect combination of programmes and options to best suit my needs.

What features have been the most useful to you so far?
I plan to have a go at steaming some linen jackets and the school blazers so will report back later as this feature could be very useful.

YouSpinmeRound Fri 04-Nov-16 21:37:12

I can add that the steam programme of the 5 mens work shirts took 32 minutes and at the end of that cycle they are still completely wet.

So I am clearly not understanding some of the instructions. Can anyone enlighten me?

SavoyCabbage Fri 04-Nov-16 21:49:47

That's what happened to me. But with four shirts!grin it does say 'to dry and remove the creases' so I assumed it was for wet clothes. I've done it with dry shirts tonight and they were damp when I took them out so I'm none the wiser.

YouSpinmeRound Fri 04-Nov-16 23:08:04

I put the shirts back in and again selected steam programme and chose 3 lines steam option. This time the timer said 50 minutes. They are even wetter so I've hung them up above the radiator!!

<<misses the point of the steam dry function completely>>

YouSpinmeRound Sat 05-Nov-16 23:55:39

Today I put a small wash of mainly boxer shorts, knickers and socks from the week into the dryer. Chose synthetics cupboard dry programme. I chose this because some of the items had the 1 dot tumble dry symbol and I THINK this is what the synthetics programme does.

At the end of the programme the wash was still quite damp.

I repeated on the synthetics programme extra dry. Worked better but not impressed to have ru. The wash through twice. It was a small load!

FayKnights Sun 06-Nov-16 12:47:16

Firstly, thank you for selecting me for this trial, it couldn't have come at a better time.

I was really impressed with the look of the dryer, its very sleek, looks expensive and as I love gadgets I was keen to start finding out what each function would do.
The light inside the drum is really useful, I always seem to leave a solo sock in the drum so a light is just what I need.
The size of the drum is huge and matches my washing machine, so I can transfer straight from one to the other, my previous dryer had a small drum, so this a great benefit.
I unpacked the instructions, water bottles, pipes etc and then had a panic that I was supposed to set it up so that the tube drained the water straight into the sink, but on further investigation was relieved to find that I just needed to empty the water barrel. The instruction manual is really disappointing as its really poorly written, the English has been badly translated and the instructions are not clear. It took us several attempts to work out how to use the machine properly and the first couple of tries left us with damp clothes. We finally got to grips with most of the cycles and the machine is now being put though its paces.

I have mostly used the machine for drying fairly large loads of 'normal' clothes and school shirts and have been really please with the results, everything comes out really fresh, soft and ready to put away, this included the school shirts which I haven't had to iron. I am impressed with how quickly it dries the large loads. I have also used the machine for towels and duvet covers and again the machine has coped really well with drying the loads really quickly.
The main issue I have found is that when drying smaller, lighter items the drying time seems to be a lot longer, for example, a cycle for a load of tea towels has just finished and they are still slightly damp, so I need to put them through again. I have also tried to dry 1 pair of jeans that were needed in a teenaged hurry and they took just as long to dry as a full cycle, the machine also kept stopping even though there was still time left on the timer, so I had to stand in front of the dryer to make sure if didn't switch off. I'm not sure if there is a certain cycle I should be selecting for smaller loads and its something I may be able to resolve through trial and error, although it would be useful if the instructions supplied this information.

I love the light so that you can actually see what you are doing and ensure that you haven't left any rogue socks behind.
The machine is quiet and you forget you have it switched on.
The lights which indicate when the filter or water need emptying are also really useful.
The large drum is a definite plus as I can wash and dry a load quickly.

Lunar1 Sun 06-Nov-16 14:00:35

Is anyone else having problems with a sock getting stuck in the gap at the front of the door on the left while drying?

Lunar1 Sun 06-Nov-16 21:17:18

Just adding to my first reply. I've just used the 20 minute steam refresh cycle for my children's ridiculously expensive, dry-clean only school blazers. They look perfect, all traces of spilled food are gone from the front, there is no damage and no creases. In fact my mum popped in just as I was getting everything ready for tomorrow and asked if I'd bought new blazers for them. No more dry cleaning costs for me!

YouSpinmeRound Mon 07-Nov-16 12:51:16

No sock loss here.

Does anyone know which setting to use for clothes with the one dot tumble dry symbol. Ie: not too hot?

I dont understand why the cotton cycles are so much longer than the synthetic cycles as I wouldv'e expected the synthetic to be lower heat and therefore take longer?

dahu Mon 07-Nov-16 22:01:36

-What were your impressions from the first few uses?
I was very impressed with how the machine looks. I liked the light inside, it highlighted how big the drum is. It is still quite over whelming compared to previous machines and I was worried about what to press but the default setting is clearly indicated. Even after a few uses I am still going for the easiest option and I am looking forward to trying the steam function.
It takes a full load and has managed to dry the clothes in a reasonable time, a lot under the prediction given on the screen. I have not tried jumpers or any delicate materials.
I did do the children’s jackets at the weekend and they dried really quickly and came out all puffy.
I have noticed that our clothes feel a bit softer and towels that are quite old feel fluffier again.

- So far, what do you think of the time the machine takes to dry your clothes?
It is faster than previous machines and can do a full 7kg load in about 80 to 90 minutes. I have not looked or worked out how it compares in running costs to previous machines, I’m not sure I could. There seems to be lots of flexibility in the drying options.
I have not used any of the faster/ hotter options as I have not had the need to yet.

- What features have been the most useful to you so far?

I have mostly stuck with the cupboard dry function. I have dried mixed loads including heavy materials such as chinos and jeans with underwear and towels. All have come out well. I think if I separate out more I would see a reduction in time.
I like the idea of the steam function and I am going to try it on some school t-shirts and shirts to see if they can be worn without ironing. If this works I will be very pleased as I will be able to wear clothes that I cannot normally be bothered to iron.
I really like the light!

PickAChew Mon 07-Nov-16 23:42:19

After not being picked, I oped for the John lewis own brand which is a rebadged version of a model or two below this - physically very similar. The main thing it seems to lack over this one is capacity (I only have 7KG washer which realistically needs only 5-6k to wash effectively)

Yes to the stuck socks, though they come out dry.

Yes to the useless synthetics cycles. Even the "quick" cycle, which proved useful once or twice, now won't finish, even though stuff is dry when I give up and turn it off. I've given up on the shirts cycle because it won't even complete in the 40 odd minutes suggested. It turns off after 20 with everything sodden.

The bedding cycle is excellent and does seem to avoid the perennial problem of tangled duvet covers and sheets

And does anyone else find wiping the fluff off the filter below the door to be immensely satisfying and soothing?

As for 1 dot stuff, I had to turn off prematurely, earlier, as I needed ot go out. Not only was everything dry, it wasn't all that hot. I don't think these dryers get as hot as others, so seem to be good for 1 dot jeans joggers, etc. 1 dot tops and whatever get dried on a quick or short timed cycle in a small batch, to save on wear and tear.

vinoandbrie Tue 08-Nov-16 15:00:37

I want to start by saying a massive thank you to mumsnet and AEG for the opportunity to test this tumble dryer. I've never had one before, and the difference it will make to us this winter in terms of not having to have sheets and towels hanging everywhere to dry is going to be immense.

I was really impressed with the look of the dryer, and the obvious quality of it, but was a bit panicked when I had a quick look at the leaflet and realised that it was actually a really poor translation into English, with the language so mangled in places that it makes very little sense.

My other initial impression was that the drum is really big compared to my washing machine, and there is a handy light when you open the door, great.


As I've not had one of these before I'm still going on a trial and error method in terms of how long things take to dry. I managed to get a small load totally dry last night in an hour and a half, and I'd judged the timing right (for the first time), so I was pleased with that. The towels came back out all soft and fluffy, which was fantastic.


So far the light (for obvious reasons), and the function where you can choose the number of minutes - up to two hours - to put the machine on for.

I'd had high hopes for the bedlinen setting, but I put a set in and it just didn't dry. Maybe I put in too much, I'm going to try again with less in and judge again afterwards.

I would really like to use the steam function, but the instructions are so poor that it's going to take a concerted effort to work out how to do this. But I will, because it looks well worth the effort, maybe this weekend.

YouSpinmeRound Wed 09-Nov-16 18:27:38

I wonder if AEG will respond with feedback and answer our questions?

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