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Kobold VK200 Upright Vacuum Cleaner feedback thread - NON testers - chance to win a handheld vac NOW CLOSED

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AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 31-Oct-16 13:59:27

This is the feedback thread for the 10 Mumsnetters trying the Kobold VK200 Upright Vacuum Cleaner.

Non testers - we also have 5 handheld vacuums to be won - simply share on this thread what your least favourite room or place to vac is and you will be entered into a prize draw where 5 non testers will each win their very own Kobold VC100 handheld vacuum cleaner (RRP £129.00) smile

Back to the test, the team at Kobold say “compact, unbeatably handy and extremely powerful, the Kobold VK200 Upright Vacuum Cleaner is the ideal addition to your household, making life easier and cleaner.
Designed by global German household appliance manufacturer Vorwerk, the Kobold VK200, in combination with two different attachments, takes care of all your floor cleaning needs. Whether it’s carpets or hard floors – the VK200 Homecare System has it covered.
The unique SP530 DuoClean head allows you to mop and vacuum at the same time – a world first! It uses just 100ml of water to cover up to 20 m² of hard floor. And the best part? Simply remove the cleaning cloths when you’ve finished and pop them in the washing machine ready for next time.

“The EB400 brush head meanwhile ensures vacuuming is thorough, gentle and hygienic – driven by its own motor, a special rotating brush scans the floor 16 times per second and removes dirt and dust completely. Even the finest dirt particles do not stand a chance!

“Visit to find out more about the Kobold VK200 vacuum cleaner and discover the array of clever additional accessories that turn this machine into the Ultimate Homecare System! Simply click and swap to the attachment you need to expertly deal with upholstery, furniture, mattresses, textiles and anything else you need cleaned. Built to last, the Kobold VK200 is the only vacuum cleaner you’ll ever need”.

Testers - please share below your first impressions (we will add more Qs later on)

~ how did the demo from the Vorwerk rep go? What were you the most keen to try out?
~ how were the instructions in the box?
~ what did the demo cassette bag show after the first use - are you surprised by how much has been picked up?
~ please share a photo!

Testers thanks for sharing your first impressions - after you have used it a few times, please now share the below:

~ Do you think the Kobold VK200 will save you time?
~ Did you think that the vacuum was powerful?
~ Did you think the vacuum was easy to manoeuvre?
~ And do please share a photo!

Finally, testers - now please share the below

~ What are you overall views on the vacuum cleaner?
~ Would you recommend it to other people with similar floors to you?
~ please share a photo and add a review here

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teddygirlonce Mon 31-Oct-16 14:32:46

DS's bedroom because it is a total mess and takes about two hours to process what's on the floor before it can be vacuumed!

TheSpottedZebra Mon 31-Oct-16 14:37:51

Similar to PP - least favourite is the playroom as it's always got lego bits hiding, that someone has to pic, up before the vacuuming can be done.
And the stairs, of course.

WuTangFlan Mon 31-Oct-16 14:44:13

Least favourite is the dining room, moving all the chairs, bending under the table to get all the crumbs and yuck that the kids have dropped...

asuwere Mon 31-Oct-16 14:49:53

I hate doing the upstairs hallway, there are 4 doors but each doorway has about 4 frames/bits round them and are recessed at different angles so you have to use a crevice tool to get in all the edges. I really hate it!

CassetteTape Mon 31-Oct-16 14:52:01

my least favourite place is the car, my handheld isn't strong enough, and I don't like going to the garage to use a machine as I like to take my time

Mum2KSS Mon 31-Oct-16 15:00:03

least favourite place to vacuum is under our dining table as there are always lots of crumbs and bits of food...and i hate moving all the chairs!

SillyMoomin Mon 31-Oct-16 15:05:14

Non tester:

My worst place to hoover is down between the gaps of the dishwasher and the kitchen cupboards. The attachment never quite reaches and then I get annoyed and try and pretend I couldn't see any dirt there anyway angry

babster Mon 31-Oct-16 15:07:12

My least favourite place to vaccum is our loft bedroom. The staircase is narrow and I crash into the skirting boards trying to drag Henry (hoover, no children were harmed in the cleaning of this room) up the stairs. So it doesn't get vacuumed very often blush. Ideally I would have a small vacuum to keep in the loft.

puglife Mon 31-Oct-16 15:10:29

Worst place - our kitchen. Constantly covered in dog hair and food from baby

gregorsmummy Mon 31-Oct-16 15:59:24

Most hated place to vaccum is the hall and understairs space. This tends to be a dumping ground for shoes/wellies/jackets etc. So a five minute job takes five times longer due to putting everything away first!

LifeIsGhoulish Mon 31-Oct-16 16:01:50

Has to be the stairs. Ds's bedroom is horrible enough with the millions of tiny toys everywhere, but at least that's on the flat. But stairs make me want to beat my head against the wall.

Quills Mon 31-Oct-16 17:04:27

I hate pulling out all the sofas to vacuum under them. All the kids' toys seem to migrate under there daily and have to be tidied away first!

Mcstriving4leanie Mon 31-Oct-16 17:24:33

My least favourite place to vacuum is underneath and around my Dcs pet budgie cage. 'Reggie' enjoys malting and covers the area with small white feathers!

poorbuthappy Mon 31-Oct-16 17:42:14

My least favourite room is the back family room /kitchen. Combination of floors and a black haired dog means as soon as I finish hoovering the dog hair dust ball goes past making me swear!

TwoMs Mon 31-Oct-16 19:08:10

My bedroom is the worst room in our house to vacuum as I have long blonde hair that I seem to shed all over the carpet... It's a surprise there's any left on my head!

Mummageddon Mon 31-Oct-16 19:36:33

Least favourite place is the car. We don't have a hand held so I use the hose attachment which isn't very convenient. Plus there are so many nooks and crannies in the car that it's a real pain to do so only happens once in a blue moon

EyeOfNewtForTeaPleaseLouise Mon 31-Oct-16 19:38:10

Least favourite bit is around the edges and skirting boards, such a faff with attachments...

gammatron Mon 31-Oct-16 19:41:27

Hate hoovering the stairs, bane of my life!

queenoftheschoolrun Mon 31-Oct-16 20:06:02

Non tester: I hate doing the stairs, so awkward!

purplepandas Mon 31-Oct-16 20:10:59

The stairs, such a pain.

MsAtomicBomb Mon 31-Oct-16 20:25:19

I hate hoovering the stairs! Our hoover is so heavy and it's such a pain lugging it about with one hand whilst trying to hoover with the other. Probably why our stairs hardly ever get hoovered blush

starlight36 Mon 31-Oct-16 20:30:02

Non tester. This is a close call as it is between this room and the stairs but I think the bathroom wins. We live in a flat in a Victorian conversion with very strange angles and I always find it a struggle to juggle the vacuum cleaner, door and toddler who insists on 'helping'.

hanliying Mon 31-Oct-16 20:40:28

Non tester - behind the sofa

FireflyGirl Mon 31-Oct-16 20:54:31

Non tester - my least favourite place to vacuum is the stairs. We have 6 stairs, a mini landing, then another 6 back the other way.

They're always covered in cat hair which is a nuisance to get up as I have to 'scrub' at the carpet, my back kills from being bent over, and there's usually a screaming toddler at the top or bottom who's indignant he's not being allowed to help. Needless to say, I do it as infrequently as possible!

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