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Mumsnetters needed to try the AEG T88595IS Tumble Dryer- worth £849! NOW CLOSED

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RebeccaEMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 10-Oct-16 14:26:16

AEG are looking for 15 Mumsnetters to test out their T88595IS tumble dryer.

If selected, you will be sent the T88595IS tumble dryer and asked to try it for two weeks. You will then need to try it and add feedback to a thread on Mumsnet. At the end of the testing period, we'd also like you to post a review on the Mumsnet review pages. In order to keep the product, you would need to add your feedback by the 31st October, so please only apply if you are able to do this.

You can view more information about the machine here.

Please note, if selected, you will be responsible for disposing of your old machine.

If you’re interested in taking part please sign up here.

Thanks and good luck,


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CakeUpWall Mon 10-Oct-16 14:31:29

Looks fab. Signing up pronto!

TwirlyFoo Mon 10-Oct-16 14:34:46

Signed up and have everything crossed!!

clakster Mon 10-Oct-16 14:35:23

would love to try a fab tumble drier like this!

kateclarke Mon 10-Oct-16 14:38:46

Signed up. I would love to do this

FuckitAndStartAgain Mon 10-Oct-16 14:40:21

Yes please! Would be fabulous.

LaLaLolly Mon 10-Oct-16 14:43:20

Amazing opportunity!

vincenta Mon 10-Oct-16 14:44:08

Looks amazing! Fingers crossed!

Roastbeefandyorkshires Mon 10-Oct-16 14:44:34

Signed up!

Embolio Mon 10-Oct-16 14:49:11

Signed up. Pick me! Pick me!

DoItTooJulia Mon 10-Oct-16 14:54:48

I've applied and I'm place marking for the 'we've sent the lucky testers their email' message!

Thingywhatsit Mon 10-Oct-16 14:57:49

I've signed up - am hoping it might be my lucky day. (Should have been my first wedding anniversary today so probably isn't - but then I never married him so that was lucky!!!!)

bushtailadventures Mon 10-Oct-16 15:01:39

Signed up!

muddledsheep Mon 10-Oct-16 15:02:07

Signed up! Would be fantastic smile

Guinnessbreath Mon 10-Oct-16 15:04:31

Signed up!

Cherylene Mon 10-Oct-16 15:09:56

Is that early October next year that they will be sending a tumble dryer, if you have to sign up by 31st October? confused

UnicornMadeOfPinkGlitter Mon 10-Oct-16 15:14:12

Would be amazing to be selected. My tumble dryer is on its last legs.

Imnotacelebgetmeouttahere Mon 10-Oct-16 15:33:21

Signed up!!!! Fingers crossed grin

IceLemonGin Mon 10-Oct-16 15:33:58

This sounds fabulous, so often I have piles of clean laundry that becomes crumpled and wrinkled, I either have to dig the iron out or wash again which is such a huge waste of time. I love that it's more ecofriendly than my current model which usually carries on tumbling long after the load is dried.

daisychicken Mon 10-Oct-16 15:35:09

Haven't had a TD for years but would love one to try! Have signed up!

kirstyalex Mon 10-Oct-16 15:35:19

Signed up x

SistersOfPercy Mon 10-Oct-16 15:37:44

My dryer is dying so count me in!
(I'm one of those lazy types who tumble dries all the time, I don't own a peg blush)

freakfire Mon 10-Oct-16 15:38:18

Wow. Fingers crossed for this one. This would be amazing to test!

BeautyBoo Mon 10-Oct-16 15:42:27

Signed up! Fingers crossed!!

SavingJane Mon 10-Oct-16 15:42:28

Signed up and hope to be lucky

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