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Want to try latest Pampers New Baby-Dry nappies? Testers needed - £300 voucher to be won NOW CLOSED

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AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 12-May-16 13:36:07

The team at Pampers have just launched their brand New Baby-Dry nappies! They’re looking for 500 MNers & their LOs to be some of the first in the country to try them & share feedback on Mumsnet and

Here is what they've got to say: "Night-time is a busy time for your baby – and those precious hours of Golden Sleep sleep aren't just important for their mood, but development, too! With experts believing that wetness may impact your little one’s sleep, their overnight nappy needs to work as hard as possible; introducing New Pampers Baby-Dry with 3 Absorbing Channels! Pampers are launching an upgrade to UK parents’ #1 nappy choice: New Pampers Baby-Dry feature a revolutionary nappy design with 3 Absorbing Channels, that distribute wetness more evenly, and Micro Pearls™ that lock it away. For up to 12 hours of Golden Sleep and less wet bulk in the morning! Pampers Baby-Dry have also been proven to be up to 2x drier than ordinary nappies; so, with babies waking up as dry in the morning as the night before you’ll be left asking ‘where did the pee go?’

You can read more about the nappies here

This is open to all UK MNers who have a baby currently wearing one of these nappy sizes:

Size 3: 4 - 9 kg / 9 - 15 lbs
Size 4: 7 - 18 kg / 15 - 40 lbs
Size 5: 11 - 25 kg / 24 - 55 lbs

Selected testers will receive a free pack of New Pampers Baby-Dry nappies in their chosen size.

Testers will need to be available to test their pack of Baby-Dry starting from the end of May, so please only apply if you're available at that time.

Everyone who takes part will need to do three things
1) Share their feedback on to a thread on Mumsnet AND
2) Add a review on MN AND
3) Complete a short survey from Pampers (we will email you the link)

All testers who share feedback as required will be entered into a prize draw where one Mumsnetter will win a £300 John Lewis voucher.

Please sign up here if you'd like to take part.


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Tidypidy Thu 12-May-16 17:47:27

This sounds good! Done!

HeffalumpHistory Thu 12-May-16 18:55:46

Done smile

Singbluesilver Thu 12-May-16 19:08:41

Done smile

SomedayMyPrinceWillCome Thu 12-May-16 19:49:01


Ohwoolballs Thu 12-May-16 20:25:19

Done 👍

YokoWakarimasen Thu 12-May-16 20:36:22


MagratsFlyawayHair Thu 12-May-16 20:45:38


PeaceLoveAndDiscoBiscuits Thu 12-May-16 21:50:14

Doh! Trust my toddler to be in size 6 wink

MunchyMunchkin Thu 12-May-16 22:27:17


Boosiehs Thu 12-May-16 22:56:32


FranksBobot Thu 12-May-16 22:58:29

Done, would be very interested to see if pampers are as good as they say they are.

31weeksgone Fri 13-May-16 08:17:48

Yes please! Done.

GreatBritishBakeOff Fri 13-May-16 10:55:56


SmileyShazza Fri 13-May-16 10:57:58

All done smile

jacrispy Fri 13-May-16 14:00:37


SansaClegane Fri 13-May-16 14:08:30

Done! Hope I'll get chosen smile

3littlebadgers Fri 13-May-16 20:33:45

Done too! Ooh exciting when do we find out?

fruttidibosco Sat 14-May-16 03:45:18

Done smile

divafever99 Sat 14-May-16 19:19:52


Allthefours Sun 15-May-16 13:34:04

Done smile

CrapDIL Sun 15-May-16 13:57:44


irie Mon 16-May-16 11:12:58


glasgowlass Mon 16-May-16 15:15:43

Boo....DS2 is a 6+!
Good luck to all who've entered!

Woodenmouse Tue 17-May-16 14:48:08


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