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Sign up to try Philips Avent Natural Manual Breast Pump (RRP £36)- £300 voucher prize draw for feedback! NOW CLOSED

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AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 02-Dec-15 12:05:47

Philips Avent have asked us to find 150 Mumsnetters who would like to try the Philips Avent Natural Manual Breast Pump. RRP £36

Here’s what Philips Avent say, “When you are comfortable and relaxed, your milk flows more easily. That's why we created our most comfortable breast pump yet: Sit comfortably with no need to lean forwards and let our soft massage cushion gently stimulate your milk flow. The breast pump has a unique design, so your milk flows directly from your breast into the bottle, even when you are sitting up straight. The breast pump has a compact design, which makes it easy to position. Its ergonomically-shaped handle offers a comfortable hold and full control when expressing milk. Being small and lightweight means it is easy to store and transport, making pumping on-the-go more discreet.”

More info on the pump here

This product test is open to Mumsnetters who have already given birth and who are looking to start expressing milk for their child(ren) for the first time or are currently expressing.

Selected testers will be sent the pump and will be asked to test it over a two week period. Testers will be required to leave their feedback on a thread on Mumsnet, leave a review on the Mumsnet review page as well as completing a short survey.

All testers who complete all forms of feedback will be entered into a prize draw where one tester will win a £300 Love2Shop voucher!

If you’re interested and would like to take part, please sign up here. We will be in touch with selected testers soon.


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8kidswhoscounting Wed 02-Dec-15 18:58:41

Done! as my youngest is 12 days old i would love to take part in this test smile

NoManJan Thu 03-Dec-15 00:09:04

Done. I'm currently expressing milk for my 4 month old daughter. The pump I use now is a bit pants really and I've heard fab things about Avent products

eastmidswarwicknightnanny Thu 03-Dec-15 06:51:57

Signed up currently expressing at work with an electric which is so noisy and not all discreet so would love to try this manual one

BalaRua Thu 03-Dec-15 11:54:56


ewelinka0290 Thu 03-Dec-15 17:38:06

Done smile Hope to get in smile

duckbilled Thu 03-Dec-15 19:49:01

Done :-)

UptownFunk00 Sun 06-Dec-15 23:34:01

Darn just o9 weeks short smile

whohasnickedmyvodka Sun 06-Dec-15 23:44:25

Done she says sitting with a 3 day old in her arms

FindingNormal Mon 07-Dec-15 14:29:58

Done! Yes please- need to start thinking about going back to work confused

Gobbolinothewitchscat Wed 09-Dec-15 18:56:01

I'd like to - I exclusively expressed or my 2 year old DS and 1 year old DD for nearly 6 and 8 months respectively.

I now have a 3 week old DD and am breast feeding her but also.expressing too so that dh can give her a bottle!

Have tried lots of different pumps so could compare!

Ahardmanisgoodtofind Thu 10-Dec-15 21:02:39


MarkingMyPlace9 Fri 11-Dec-15 03:23:17

Done. Have a 11 Day Old so this would be great! Thanks

Pumble Mon 14-Dec-15 17:51:43

As far as I know i filled in the survey last week but now it says it needs more testers I'm not sure it worked. Is there a way of checking I did the survey?! There's a chance I just imagined filling it as small baby and chicken pox as zapped brain power....!

prettybird Tue 15-Dec-15 01:11:30

Can't sign up but I loved my Avent breast pump - but it'll be a much older model as ds is now 15 wink

Bf ds for 13 months and used the Avent for most of that period as started expressing from 2 weeks (although initially with a borrowed electric pump) to supplement "on the boob" bf, as ds was slow to gain weight with hindsight, symptomatic of "catch down" growth and then went back to work ft when ds was 4 months old and continued to ebf.

I loved the way the Avent was so portable: I was able to take it to work to express and also regularly took it with me when I flew to London on business (I live in Glasgow). Got some interesting looks from airport security - especially during the Foot & Mouth crisis when milk was suspect grin

PurpleCrazyHorse Thu 17-Dec-15 09:31:30

Just had a breast pump delivered, slightly surprised as didn't know I was chosen. So I'm either in the product test or DH has bought me a rather rubbish Christmas present (that I've just opened) grin

TheCarpenter Thu 17-Dec-15 10:15:42

Mine arrived today. Rather excited to try it!

TheCarpenter Thu 17-Dec-15 10:18:09

Aren't the bottles fancy! Feels a lot more durable that my Tommee set.

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 17-Dec-15 10:21:59

Sorry - just emailing testers now - the packs arrived quicker than I expected!

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Missydurrani Thu 17-Dec-15 10:22:09

Ooooo postie just delivered mine and I was quite surprised had to idea I was chosen. Rather amazing surprise grin

TheCarpenter Thu 17-Dec-15 10:28:04

Mine's going through the steriliser.

No apologies needed Ann, was a nice surprise. The courier you have used was great to fwiw. He was chatting to my baby while I signed.

AnnMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 17-Dec-15 12:01:35


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Pumble Thu 17-Dec-15 12:12:17

Just got my email. V excited!

Is it coming signed for? Missed a mysterious signed for delivery this morning and don't know what it is...I have been doing a lot of middle of the night Christmas shopping so could be that!!!

Uzma01 Thu 17-Dec-15 12:21:13

I just got mine delivered today, had to sign for it - though the delivery driver's gizmo only allowed me to do a squiggle as a signature shock! Looking forward to trying it out.

indyswoofer Thu 17-Dec-15 12:32:41

Just got mine, will try it!

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