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Sign up to try Snazaroo’s face paint with your DC - £300 voucher prize draw for feedback NOW CLOSED

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MichelleMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 07-Oct-15 12:26:14

Snazaroo are looking for 250 Mumsnetters to test out their Halloween face painting kit with their DC.

Here’s what they say, “Letting children just be children, to play, run and imagine is important for every parent and a little face paint can transform everyday play into a magical world of make-believe.

"Sometimes face painting can be tricky but we’re here to help. We’re always thinking of easy ways for you to create designs children love. As they turn to see who is in the mirror, the magic shared will be remembered long after the paint has been rinsed away.

"Go on, paint a smile and see what happens”

This product test is open to all Mumsnetters who have at least one child age 3-9.

Selected testers will receive a Snazaroo Halloween face paint kit by 19th October to try with their DC. Testers will need to use the face paint on their DC and provide their feedback on a feedback thread on Mumsnet. Testers will also be asked to share pictures of their DC with face paint on.

All testers who provide their feedback will be entered into a prize draw to win a £300 Love2Shop voucher!

If you’re interested in taking part, please sign up here.


blackteaplease Wed 07-Oct-15 13:02:00

Done but you may want to check the survey. Right at the end the blurb is about aldi sending out nappies, not facepaints.

AGrinWithoutACat Wed 07-Oct-15 13:12:33

Done - does it have a glow in the dark option as look out every year for a good kit?

TrickyKid Wed 07-Oct-15 13:55:38

AGrinWithout Snazaroo don't do glow in the dark. I'd recommend DFX Neons x

IgnoreMeEveryOtherReindeerDoes Wed 07-Oct-15 15:58:10


JoyceDivision Wed 07-Oct-15 17:59:27

Done!love snazaroo!!

HitsAndMrs Wed 07-Oct-15 18:02:20


5madthings Wed 07-Oct-15 21:12:43

Done love snazaroo.

elfycat Thu 08-Oct-15 21:07:19

Done. I used their green years ago (wicked witch) and it was great.

florencebabyjo Fri 09-Oct-15 06:49:10

Would love to make little monsters out of my lot with this!

SmileyShazza Fri 09-Oct-15 13:45:52

ooooh DS is just getting into dressing up and this will be the first halloween he has done a costume so this would be great.

callmewhatever Fri 09-Oct-15 14:04:23


Lillabet Fri 09-Oct-15 17:20:34


SteppingOnLegos Fri 09-Oct-15 20:01:39

I loved painting my son and myself as sugar skulls last year! I think this year I would try something a little more adventurous!

Huntersmum15 Sat 10-Oct-15 07:16:04

Done grin

sjonlegs Sat 10-Oct-15 22:57:26

My children love face painting, almost as much as I do!! I'd love to have a go with this kit and see what halloweeny faces I can conjur up!

Is it wrong that I enjoy Trick or Treating with the kids and simply have to enter into the spirit of things??

NotSkinnyYet Sun 11-Oct-15 19:08:33


glenthebattleostrich Mon 12-Oct-15 13:16:13

I would love to try this. We love dressing up in my house and it would be great to try face painting too

SoftBlocks Mon 12-Oct-15 13:24:47


SouthWesterlyWinds Tue 13-Oct-15 20:07:17


WatchWithMerlot Tue 13-Oct-15 22:22:06

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

mummyplusbump Tue 13-Oct-15 22:32:55

Done - would love this to try at our Halloween party :-)

MummyBtothree Wed 14-Oct-15 15:52:21

Anyone heard yet?

LovelyFriend Thu 15-Oct-15 17:55:11

Happy dance!! Just emailed to say I'm in.
Now to check out the other thread as there is some great inspiration there.

I've just remembered I splashed out on a Snazaroo set years ago and took it to a nursery picnic - proceeded to share it with everyone and then another Mum buggered off with it to do her son promising to return it and I never got it back!!

BigBroIsWatching Thu 15-Oct-15 18:17:52

Yes I've had an email too.

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