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Miele TMB 640 WP Tumble Dryer Feedback Thread NOW CLOSED

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AngelieMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 05-Oct-15 10:05:04

This thread is for the 10 Mumsnetters who are testing out the Miele TMB 640 WP tumble dryer.

Here’s what Miele say: "This sleek new white tumble dryer from Miele takes gentle care of your clothes using advanced laundry care technology. The PerfectDry system automatically detects mineral content and moisture in your clothes and adjusts the drying time accordingly, giving great results every time. Even better, you can add fragrance to your laundry using a FragranceDos capsule. The result: pleasantly fresh clothes with a natural fragrance that lasts up to four weeks.”

Testers: We'll be asking you to add feedback twice - we'd like your first impressions now and we will add some more questions after you've had a little bit of time to test out your tumble dryer.

So, for your first impressions, Miele would love to know:
- What were your impressions from the first few uses?
- So far, what do you think of: the drying results, sound levels and ease of use?

Please note: your anonymous comments may be used by Miele on their website and other marketing materials.


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MagicAlwaysLeadsToTrouble Wed 07-Oct-15 21:42:15

My first impression is that it is so beautiful! smile seriously though it's a great looking applicance.

It's straightforward to set up, plug in and go. The manual is very easy to read and most of the settings seem quite intuitive. But there are a lot of additional settings that my old tumble did not have and I need to familiarise myself with those.

I have just used it on the cotton setting so far as I need a bit longer to read through the manual properly and add the fragerence capsule, so will test that out in the next few days. It's really quiet, amazingly so. The drum is huge and I will be interested to see how it copes with a full load. When you first start a cycle a light comes on to illuminate the drum, that's pretty cool.

First impressions are good, really good and I'm excited to get to the bottom of my laundry basket over the next couple of weeks to put the machine through its paces!

onehellofaride Thu 08-Oct-15 14:38:46

First impressions are good, as pp said it looks good, I love the light and it is so quiet in comparison to my old dryer! We can have a conversation in the kitchen while it's on which we never could before.

I'm still getting to know the settings and will be able to comment further on them soon.

The first couple of uses I think I had it on the wrong setting and the clothes weren't quite dry but now I am using it properly they are dry everytime!

The only thing I have found strange is that I have dried 3 lots of bedding in it, the first two with some towels as well and the last on it's own. The first twice the towels all ended up wrapped up in the bedding and the third it was wrapped up in itself despite being fastened confused.

Other than that I'm having lots of fun with my new toy grin

elastamum Thu 08-Oct-15 22:49:16

I have just started using mine today. It is a very impressive looking piece of kit, much nicer than our old tumble drier. The drum is huge and I love the way it lights up.

I found it easy to set up and the programmes are really straightforward.

I have been using it to dry an assorted mix of teenage boys jeans and shirts. I used the most efficient settings for cottons with the anti-crease setting and it dried everything perfectly. Nothing was over dried or too creased and as I set the buzzer to remind me when it had finished I managed to avoid having to iron most of it.

It is very quiet. In our house it is in the utility and I cant hear it at all.

I emptied the condenser this afternoon and one other thing that occurred to me today is that the water from the condenser is perfect for filling my iron as it won't scale it up smile

We use our washer and tumble drier nearly everyday, so I will try a few more things over the weekend and report back. It has a proofing setting, which I am quite irrationally excited about as we have so much outdoor kit!

dazzlingdeborahrose Fri 09-Oct-15 11:58:22

I've just unwrapped mine today and am about to put my first load in. It arrived very well packaged and it looks very nice. Quite sleek in fact. I've managed to put the fragrance pod in sowe'll see how that works on the towels. Either today or tomorrow, I'm going to wash a couple of single duvet covers and set one away to dry in my beko and one in the Miele as I'm interested to test the speed and efficiency of the dryer in comparison.

MagicAlwaysLeadsToTrouble Sat 10-Oct-15 14:07:29

Ohhh good idea to do two loads, one in each dryer!

elastamum Sun 11-Oct-15 20:59:28

I did the comparative test with my old dryer (AEG) yesterday. I put half the load in the Miele, half in the AEG. I have to say the Miele won hands down. The clothes dried more quickly, and were much less creased. I think (but I am no expert) this is because the AEG essentially just blows very hot air through them whereas the Miele works more as a condenser, removing moisture from the air in the dryer, so uses less heat.

The clothes from the Miele were much quicker to iron, though perfectly dry. I also did some towels in it which were lovely and fluffy and an emergency load of my teenage sons rugby kit, which is mostly synthetic base layers, that dried in no time.

All in all I am very impressed smile

CaminanteNoHayCamino Sun 11-Oct-15 23:30:35

I am a tumble drier virgin apart from when I've been staying with other people so it's all very new and exciting. Biggest test is over - DP has always railed against driers complaining about cost etc. I came home from work day or two after we'd got it to find he had chucked the washing in there despite it being a gloriously sunny day.... His verdict: "It's much quicker than the programme says it's going to be initially and everything was perfectly dry. I'll never need to hang anything out again." Hypocrite! grin. Mwah ha ha, my work is done. Thanks Miele. Seriously, am only using it for my first time right now, but the control panel seems pretty clear and I also liked the lighting up drum. One thing - it arrived with the filter cover on the bottom right missing. However I rang up and Miele is sending one to clip on so presumably that should come any day now. It's in our playroom which is directly underneath me now and while I can hear it faintly it's not intrusive. I am just hoping I've picked the right setting for the kids' school uniform and I don't end up shrinking their jumpers!

purplepowers Tue 13-Oct-15 10:26:03

What were your impressions from the first few uses?

My first impression was that it looks very sleek and sophisticated. It gives the impression of a high quality product and is very easy to set up. You just plug it in and its good to go. I've never used a condenser dryer before but it's very straightforward to empty out the water. Luckily I have the sink very close to the dryer. I had an old Hotpoint before and this has a lot more settings. The manual is easy to understand and I managed to dry my first set of washing in quickly and easily. I love the light inside the dryer - looks very space age! I'm also very pleased with the size of the drum which means I can dry more clothes in one go.

So far, what do you think of: the drying results, sound levels and ease of use?

Extremely quiet compared to my old dryer. I have the dryer in the utility room and I can barely hear it in the kitchen. I had DCs clothes dry first which was very quick and the clothes had hardly any creases (therefore much easier to iron). I am still familiarising myself with the dryer and all the settings and am hoping to dry some towels and sheets this week and use the fragrance pod. I'm very impressed with the dryer and am looking forward to more testing throughout the week. Happy days!

MisForMumNotMaid Fri 16-Oct-15 21:31:14

First Impressions:

Very coerteous customer services and deliery service. Full marks for keeping me informed on delivery date, asking if i had any time restrictions then firming up on a two hour slot and giving another call with 30 minutes notice.

It is very easy to set up (the delivery man did that for me) Just slot in, plug in, press on switch.

Theres an option for water to be condensed into a storage drawer that you then need to periodically empty or you can simply unplug the hose at the back and connect it to a waste connector/ sink/ overhang a drain. In the medium term i'll sort out that connection as its one less thing to do in remembering to empty the water. Its lovely that its an option to sort out at your own convenience.

Looks wise its a very sleek clean look. It doesn't have lots of knobs and dials.

The door convenienty fully opens so you have really good drum access for loading/ unloading. The drum really does take a full 8kg load. Brilliant for going straight from the washing machine to dryer. This has always been my big stumbling block with dryers. The thought that i'd have to divide each wash into two to go through the dryer ment it seamed a faff. With this Miele i can do a big load, stick it into dry and get on with my day. Thats true labour saving.

My eldest was very keen to give it a try as it arrived just before he came home from school. He'd overheard his Granny asking if she could tumble her down pillows to freshen them and so wanted to freshen his pillow.

I was impressed. We used a warm air programme which auto set to 20 mins and his microfibre filled pillow was noticeably fresher and puffier.

Drying levels and ease of use:

I've just done the grey uniform and dark socks/ pants quick wash and used the dryer to dry its first load. It ended up being about a 5kg load not filling my large washing machine or anywhere near the dryer drum. As an engineer the first thing i did was file the manual! I worked out i wanted the top cotton programme but couldn't work out how to adjust the time but the machine did that after a few spins so it must have some sort of load sensor.

I returned to the machine after about 1.5hrs and the load was finished. It was warm and dry. I was relieved to see the pleats in my youngests pinafore dresses were still stiff and they could go straight onto hangers.

I was really surprised by how quiet it is.

I haven't had a dryer since having DC. Now with three DC, one who produces excess washing, i can see why people say they couldn't live without one.

I've never had the school uniforms washed and back in drawers before lights out on a friday night before.

I'll now get the manual out and have a proper read. It does appear to be quite intuitive i just opened the door put the stuff in and pressed on. I got dry clothes out.

I will now read the manual and plan to do a towels load and a winter coats load over the weekend - washing without checking the weather forecast is a novel thing.

I do plan to plug in an energy consumption meter because the quoted power usage when i skim read seams very low with drying a load being under 2kW so about 20p. At that price I can see myself always using it for socks and pants and just line drying the whites wash.

MisForMumNotMaid Tue 20-Oct-15 20:32:47

I feel the need to add that after swimming i let the DS's put the towels into the dryer. I then followed a few minutes later with youngest,DD. I went and made a cup of tea and half way through i thought how nice and quietly they were playing, only they weren't playing. The three of them were stood watching the towels go round.

MagicAlwaysLeadsToTrouble Fri 23-Oct-15 18:06:03

Has anyone started their videos yet?

MisForMumNotMaid Fri 23-Oct-15 19:13:24

Not started my videos yet but thanks for the reminder. There's a good info sheet about the videos needed and where to send them in the email 'mumsnet product test - Miele Tumble Dryer'

or possibly his link i've cut and pasted will link to the video info

dazzlingdeborahrose Sat 24-Oct-15 11:57:21

I'm about to decamp to a wifi free world for half term so thought I'd better get my feedback in now.

The product arrive well wrapped. The staff who organised the delivery were fab. They gave me a date and then called back with a time slot. The dryer was easy to set up. It really is just plug it in and go. Putting the fragrance pod in was bit fiddly but that's probably just because it's the first time of use. It's a very sleek looking machine. No fiddly bits and pieces. Just very simple and clear. I keep my tumble dryer in the garage as there is no place for it in either my kitchen or my utility but I imagine it would look good in any kitchen.

I mainly use my dryer for bedding, towels, uniforms and the main bug bear is that they often don't completely dry and have to be tumbled again. With the Miele, they dried completely. The only duvet cover I had to set away again was my own super-king duvet cover but even that dried much more quickly than previously. The drum is huge. A load of bath sheets that would have filled my normal dryer barely half filled the miele. The size of the drum meant bedding was much less creased when it was dry. I hate ironing bedding so this is a big plus point for me! In terms of drying time, it is considerably shorter. It predicts a time and then as it starts to dry the time is adjusted so it's very intuitive. In actual fact, it often dries in a shorter time than predicted. I don't have any energy metre but I imagine that this means much less energy is being used.

It's noticeably quieter than my current tumble dryer. I had both on together at one point and the hotpoint drowned out the sound of miele. One of my neighbours has workman in at the moment and their chatting could still be heard over the sound of miele even though they are a good distance away. This would be a boon if you keep your dryer in your kitchen. I couldn't demonstrate this with the phone-call as everyone was away or working when I made the video but I think the fact that you can hear me so clearly over the dryer demonstrates that the noise level for this one is very low.

The fragrance pod gives a lovely scent to the drying but it's not overpowering or sickly in any way. It's just right and it does seem to last well. Towels that have been folded and put away for a few days still have a slight scent to them. I'm guessing that you have to order replacements from miele directly which could be a bit of a faff but if you're organised and order several at once it shouldn't be too bad. I put the pod in straight away so it's been used for every load and it hasn't run out yet. It will be interesting to see how long it actually lasts. I don't think it's something you put in and then take out according to your laundry. It was a little fiddly and a bit leaky so once it's in, it's staying in!

So, this dryer retails at around the £1000 mark which is considerably more expensive than other dryers which are often under the £500 mark. Is it worth the extra? Well, that would depend on what is important to you in a dryer. The big pluses for me are the size of the drum, the ease of use, the speed of drying. I also like the fragrance pod. I like that it's energy efficient and I get through my laundry faster as I'm not backlogged waiting for the previous load to dry. The looks and the sound levels aren't as important to me at this point as the dryer is kept in a detached garage. However, I would hope that in the next couple of years that I'll be revamping the utility room and I'd like to bring the dryer indoors at that point so looks and noise levels may increase in importance at that point. So I'm going to say that it probably is worth the money (although, I would probably spend a bit of time chastising myself for spending so much). Overall miele is an 8/10.

BrendaandEddie Sat 24-Oct-15 17:19:32

* stumbles in late*
Sorry - everyone was ill then I went away.
RIGHT this is the Cat's pyjamas of dryers. We had bought a condenser not so long ago and that is already sold as this one is SO much better. We have it in an integral garage and H ( for he is laundry person) keeps coming back into the house saying ' that dryer is SO quiet' and unlike our other one gets it properly dry!

BrendaandEddie Sat 24-Oct-15 17:19:56

i have come home and shoved something in it and NO NEED for instructions, unlike the other one

BrendaandEddie Sat 24-Oct-15 17:23:31

why are we all talking about the delivery men? No one asked abotu that

MisForMumNotMaid Sat 24-Oct-15 21:19:43

I'm talking about delivery men because the first question was first impressions. My first impression started with a good, courteous, flexible delivery service. Unfortunately thats not something I expect.

It was rather refreshing to be given the opportunity to say school run times are awkward and have someone on the other end of the phone make the right noises.

I'm attempting to make my videos. Suddenly i feel rather self conscious trying to act naturally. I can't believe just how excited I am about a tumble dryer.

Its lashing with rain, yet a day into the holidays the school uniforms and gym kits are washed and dryed. Most of it can be folded and stuck back in the PE bags/ drawers ready for next half term.

The next few days we're meeting some old friends, going swimming a few times, out for dinner with family, seeing the new James Bond film and off to see the Blackpool illuminations.

I don't have a day in planned to get on top of housework and washing because with the Miele dryer i'm on top of it. DH says I'm gushing about it. He is somewhat amused, but does appreciate it saves me a phenomenal amount of time and effort at this time of year against line drying in the British weather. He has agreed that the Miele big drum washing machine is deffinately worth considering when ours is ready for replacement.

We've been online and looked at the optional extras. The DS's DH and I have recently started running. Ds2 does multiple sports so we are considering the advantages of the trainer drying attachment. I have washed trainers when they've got really bad/gruby but had never considered tumble drying an option and leaving to dry takes days. Its something else to consider.

BrendaandEddie Sat 24-Oct-15 21:26:34

did you not have adryer before?
you will never use the trainer thing

MisForMumNotMaid Sat 24-Oct-15 21:54:55

I last had a tumble dryer pre DC. It was suitable for a 4kg load. You could wash 5kg. It didn't properly dry - possibly because I don't weigh my washing, just fill the drum. It was slow, expensive to run and didn't quite do the job.

It seamed ludicrous to half empty the drum post wash to dry, then do a second dry load.

When my last combination machine needed replacing I went big drum washing machine with the intention of getting a tumble dryer. Twelve years on i'm on my second big drum standard size washing machine yet have never found a standard big drum dryer to take a load from the washing machine. To get a smaller dryer, whilst I've liked the idea, seams a faff. I can't be doing with drying two loads per wash load. I've felt i may as well use the radiators/ dehumidifier/ line dry.

The thing is, now i've tried this machine i really don't think i could go backwards and just in the autumn/ winter/spring house/ line dry. The time saved is significant. My fears about energy consumption per drying cycle waylaid and its me time i'm gaining.

elastamum Sun 25-Oct-15 18:47:40

Just to add some more feedback, I have spent this weekend washing and proofing outdoor gear for winter, including some down jackets. I added some dryer balls to the down load and set it to dry on proofing. It worked brilliantly. They came out dry but not cooked and have puffed up really well. This dryer works so much better than our old AEG.

BrendaandEddie Sun 25-Oct-15 19:18:14

h is not keen to embrace the flacons.
he has hidden them

BrendaandEddie Sun 25-Oct-15 19:18:55

it is DEFINITELY way better than our other one which i thought was a rip off at £700
It seems all tumble dryers are NOT the same

lorka Mon 26-Oct-15 10:36:49

My first impression of the Miele TMB 640 WP is that it is a very sleek and stylish machine. Unfortunately though it did not fit under our worktop. However, with a simple and quick twist of the feet we managed to fit it in the space. After that we simply had to plug it in and go. We decided not to connect it to the sink and just empty the drawer after every load instead.
I love the size of the drum - it is so big I don't need to separate my washing in to different loads. I also love the light inside the drum - makes it look very futuristic.
My first couple of loads came out of the machine damp. However, after adjusting the programmes my washing is now perfectly dry every time. There are lots of different settings on the machine that I need to familiarise myself with. I set the buzzer too so I could empty it at the end of the programme and my clothes came out less crushed. The drying times are quicker than my old machine and I like the fact you can see how long the programme still has to go. I also used the fragrance capsule and my washing comes out smelling great.
My old machine was quite quiet too so I've not noticed a difference in the noise level.
So far my first impressions have been very positive. smile

onehellofaride Tue 27-Oct-15 10:00:14

Does anyone know when the videos have to be submitted by?

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