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Sign up to try Mini Milk with your DCs and you could win a £300 John Lewis voucher for feedback NOW CLOSED

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AngelieMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 06-May-15 13:08:48

Wall’s have asked us to find 250 Mumsnetters and their DCs to test out Mini Milk.

Here’s what Wall’s say: “Small, but perfectly formed, our Mini Milk range is a firm favourite within the Wall’s range of ice creams. With a choice of three delicious flavours, Vanilla, Strawberry and Chocolate, Mini Milk is a yummy treat you can feel confident giving to your kids this summer.”

This product test is open to all UK Mumsnetters with at least one child.

All those selected will receive a voucher, which can be used to buy a pack of Mini Milks at most major supermarkets (excluding Asda).

Testers will be required to test out Mini Milk with their DCs between 18th and 31st May, and leave feedback on a feedback thread on Mumsnet and complete a short survey, so please only sign up if you’re available during this time.

All Mumsnetters who post their feedback on the thread will be entered into a prize draw to win a £300 John Lewis voucher.

If you’re interested, please sign up here.

Thanks and good luck,

5madthings Wed 06-May-15 17:22:55

Ooh free ice cream!

My youngest Ds is 18 - I suspect we are not eligible - which is a shame as I love mini milks!

OriginalHugsy Wed 06-May-15 17:46:05

Love free ice cream! grin

Lauramum23 Wed 06-May-15 18:04:21

My favourite when I was little!

cheerfullady Wed 06-May-15 18:09:57

Would love to be a tester!

IAmAPaleontologist Wed 06-May-15 18:24:09

My children look at mini milks and ask where the real ice cream is. I miss the days I could fob them off with a mini milk.

paddlenorapaddle Wed 06-May-15 18:29:01

oh yes please

LooksLikeImStuckHere Wed 06-May-15 18:50:54

Signed up smile

Pulledapart Wed 06-May-15 18:56:35

Signed up

Helish Wed 06-May-15 21:03:18


Crikeyblimey Wed 06-May-15 21:35:36

Signed up! Love a mini milk!!

Sisterelephant Wed 06-May-15 21:48:02


PolytheneGirl Wed 06-May-15 23:44:55

All signed up!

We were just looking at these the other day & wondering if DD could be trusted with an ice lolly yet. I dare say we'll buy some even if I don't get picked.

MI5agent Thu 07-May-15 06:37:00

Love Mini milks!

Signed and waiting in anticipation!

ToddlerTyrannyZen Thu 07-May-15 09:53:58

You had me at ice-cream!!!! grin

Mrchubster Thu 07-May-15 13:14:33


Dreamingofchocolate2 Thu 07-May-15 14:51:02

Yes please!

gemima27 Thu 07-May-15 17:05:40

done fingers crossed

barricade Thu 07-May-15 18:25:07

Survey completed .... Loved these as kids - would be brill to be a tester!!


Missymjf Thu 07-May-15 21:05:52

Yummy, I've entered smile

vlcrhopkins Thu 07-May-15 22:15:26

Last time I had one of these too sickly, hope they have changed the recipe.

Pikkewyn Thu 07-May-15 22:27:08

Signed up. Chocolate mini milk is my favourite ice lolly my poor DDs believe Mini Milks only come in vanilla and strawberry blush

smithsurvey14 Thu 07-May-15 23:26:57

Might have to nip out and buy myself one now, I used to love the creamyness.

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