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Do you have a 3-7 year old? 100 MNers needed to try out Kinder Surprise’s new Storymakers website and receive a personalised story book for your DC? NOW CLOSED

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MichelleMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 04-Feb-15 10:15:23

The team at Kinder Surprise are looking for 100 Mumsnetters to create a personalised story with their DC using their Storymakers website.

Here’s what Kinder Surprise’s brand manager says: “We’ve designed a new website to give parents a fun and simple tool to create stories with their kids. Each story will be unique and personalised with your child’s name on it. You can share the story with friends & family online, download and print, and there are thousands of storybooks to be won - so lots of lucky families will have a hard copy of their personalised book sent to their door! Each of our website reviewers will receive one of these books in the post. We hope you enjoy.”

Every Mumsnetter who tests the website and provides feedback will get their own personalised story book, which is normally only available to a lucky few winners. So, if you want to try something new with your DC and want the chance to take part, click here.

Furthermore all our reviewers will be entered into a prize draw for the chance to win a £250 Love2Shop voucher!

Thanks and good luck,


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gallicgirl Wed 04-Feb-15 17:01:11

Do we need to sign up and test the website now or wait to hear if we've been selected as a tester?

DharmaBumpkin Wed 04-Feb-15 17:09:17

Signed up! DD would love this. Kinder Eggs are her favourite, a personal Kinder Egg book would be treasure!

MichelleMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 04-Feb-15 17:14:17

gallicgirl, we'll select Mumsnetters to be testers next week and ask them to use the website at that point. However, there's no harm in using and looking at the website now as long as, should you be selected, you're able to have another look later on again.

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jojo1983 Wed 04-Feb-15 17:32:45

All signed up. My son absolutely loves kinder eggs and watching them being opened on you tube! grin

MajesticWhine Wed 04-Feb-15 17:48:53

Yep, I'm signed up

Choccywoccydodah Wed 04-Feb-15 17:53:44

Kinder eggs a fave here too!! What is with the watching it all the time on YouTube??
Also, Easter bunny in this house is the Kinder Bunny according to ds (3.5) grin

WitchOfEndor Wed 04-Feb-15 18:01:32

Count me in, DS loves Kinder eggs and dreaming up stories of bridges exploding, volcanoes exploding, avalanches and crashes

Pulledapart Wed 04-Feb-15 18:02:10

Done. Oh my god couldn't agree more with you all about the YouTube videos. DD has to watch them everyday before bed. She would absolutely love a book.

runningincircles Wed 04-Feb-15 18:05:55

All signed up too. Looks like something DD would really enjoy.

IgnoreMeEveryOtherReindeerDoes Wed 04-Feb-15 18:17:25

Signed up.

glenthebattleostrich Wed 04-Feb-15 18:20:20

As dd is going to be a writerer when she's a big girl she would love this.

Smokedsalmonbagel Wed 04-Feb-15 18:56:28

Sounds fun!

bangersmashandbeans Wed 04-Feb-15 21:18:53

Signed up

pullthecracker Wed 04-Feb-15 23:40:16

Signed up, DD age 6 would love this!

Moltenpink Wed 04-Feb-15 23:44:21

Signed up
Same here with the YouTube videos!

AChocoLipsNow Thu 05-Feb-15 00:22:44

I thought my ds was a weirdo watching all the kinder egg opening vids on youtube. Glad he's not on his own.

pookamoo Thu 05-Feb-15 00:27:49

Survey done smile

BlueEyedPersephone Thu 05-Feb-15 07:11:07

Signed up, books and chocolate - our favourite combo

gemima27 Thu 05-Feb-15 09:51:57

Little one would love this, her 2 favourite things kinder eggs and the computer...and story telling too...dream combination for her

LilithTheKitty Thu 05-Feb-15 10:02:32

Signed up. DS3 loves stories, interactive games and kinder eggs so onto a winner here I think. grin

Debs75 Thu 05-Feb-15 10:02:45

Signed up and another one who has to endure kinder surprise egg opening on youtube. What is it with the Disney Toy Collector's voice? She is soo boring I make them turn the sound down

LollyLondon Thu 05-Feb-15 10:13:58


barricade Thu 05-Feb-15 11:00:44

Just signed up!!! Kinder is brilliant - just going out now to get £20 worth of Kinder Surprise with the Avengers mini-heads key-rings in them, think there's a deal on at Sainsbury's, or get 3-packs @ £1.48 each from Lidl ... won't have to worry about purchasing anymore for weeks + this way we're sure to get the full set of 10 (surely, right??) .... plus, should be some chocco eggs left over for a change!!!

P.S. The virtual story book software on the website looks fab - would be great to get a hardback book of a story!!


MummyConstant Thu 05-Feb-15 11:11:04

I have applied. I love Kinder. Such fond memories.

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