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Mumsnetters needed to test the Miele G6410SC Dishwasher worth £999! NOW CLOSED

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AngelieMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 20-Oct-14 16:31:15

Miele are looking for 10 Mumsnetters to test out their G6410SC Dishwasher.

Here's what Miele say, "The G6410SC freestanding dishwasher will provide you with the opportunity to run a more economical wash cycle whenever you need to clean your dishes and glassware. With a high energy efficiency rating of A+++, you can reduce the amount you need to spend on running an appliance within your home."

If selected, you'll be sent the Miele G6410SC to try for a few weeks and so long as you add feedback as required you will be able to keep the product.

If selected, you will be sent the Miele G6410SC towards the end of October, and asked to try it for two weeks. You will then need to try it and add feedback to a thread on Mumsnet. At the end of the testing period, we'd also like you to post a review on the Mumsnet review pages. In order to keep the product, you would need to add your feedback by the 23rd of November, so please only apply if you are able to do this.

Please note: testers will be receiving the Miele G6410SC in brilliant white. The G6410SC is a freestanding dishwasher, which is 60 cm wide by 60 cm deep. Please only apply if you are able to fit this dishwasher in your kitchen.

5 of the 10 participants may also need to film a few videos. Those MNers will receive an additional £50 voucher to spend on dishwasher detergents in the Miele online shop as a thank you for filming.

If you're interested in taking part please sign up here -

Thanks and good luck,


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MisForMumNotMaid Mon 20-Oct-14 16:36:37

I'm in. Anything to save washing the dishes.

ClaimedByMe Mon 20-Oct-14 16:43:59

Me too, my dishwasher is awful, I know I should be grateful for being able to have one but I have to run it twice sometimes just to get the dishes clean!

ShelaghTurner Mon 20-Oct-14 16:45:45

Me too. Anything to replace the dishwasher shaped half clean crockery storage facility that we currently have plumbed in the kitchen...

JellyBelly10 Mon 20-Oct-14 16:46:04

Ooooh I've signed up! PLEASE choose me, I would absolutely love to test this! And as for making a video of me and the family using it...bring it on!! I'll start cleaning the kitchen now so that the brilliant white of the dishwasher doesn't show up the rest of my 10 year old kitchen too much!

Spindarella Mon 20-Oct-14 16:49:28

No chance of testing an integrated one? Nudge, wink, hint...

lizardpops Mon 20-Oct-14 16:53:20

Ooh miele <swoon>

My 12 year old washing machine is miele. And it works just as well as when we got it in 2002.

UterusUterusGhali Mon 20-Oct-14 16:59:33

God yes!
My tiny dishwasher is on the way out. shock
I would love to try a new one!!

CommanderShepard Mon 20-Oct-14 17:05:09

Fingers, toes and everything crossed for this one!

iseenodust Mon 20-Oct-14 17:05:25

I used to have a Miele & it was fab for years. I still miss the cutlery rack. Now have integrated crap dishwasher that came free with kitchen. Can't sign up as no space.

BankWadger Mon 20-Oct-14 17:14:46

Yes please. (gin anyone wink)

UpduffedFatty Mon 20-Oct-14 17:21:46

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

SuperFlyHigh Mon 20-Oct-14 17:25:57

I'll do it

labelwriter Mon 20-Oct-14 17:29:18

Oh yes please, mine totally died and looking for a replacement. Have a Miele vacuum cleaner which I love, so definitely a fan.

WeAllHaveWings Mon 20-Oct-14 17:38:09

Integrated here too, but shock at £999 for a dishwasher, for that it would need to clean the kitchen floor too!

eyestightshut Mon 20-Oct-14 17:42:22


SmileAndNod Mon 20-Oct-14 17:46:28

I've applied. Never had miele anything before. Wonder if they really are THAT good?!

ChillyHeatwave Mon 20-Oct-14 17:47:45

Yes please! I don't have a dishwasher!! Please!

ChillyHeatwave Mon 20-Oct-14 17:48:34

Also, when would we find out? smile

titchypumpkin Mon 20-Oct-14 18:18:21

Wow, yes please! I've heard the legend of the Miele cutlery rack....

gasbird Mon 20-Oct-14 18:44:10

Dishwasher repair man recommended Miele as he said he rarely gets called to fix one
This would be great !

AlpacaLypse Mon 20-Oct-14 18:48:05

Could you ask them awfully nicely if they'd like someone to test a SMALL (450 mm width) dishwasher for them? 600 mm won't go in the space in our very tiny old house kitchen sad

confusedofengland Mon 20-Oct-14 20:45:59

I would love to try one of these! We have had our current dishwasher for 10 years. We bought it as a couple & bought a slimline as it was what fitted in our old kitchen. Now, 3 DSes & a new house down the line, it doesn't fulfill our requirements any more! Plus I have heard such amazing things about Miele as a brand, but we couldn't afford one at the time we bought our last one smile

Squiffie Mon 20-Oct-14 23:25:06

I really want to test this based on the fact, wait for it...

I have NEVER owned a dishwasher, there wasn't one at my parents' house growing up either. I had to ask DH if we has space, I even got out a tape measure to double check it will fit as I didn't trust DH when he told me that the space in mind was 600mm

wantabatplease Tue 21-Oct-14 09:15:09

I was just about to sign for this because we have NO dishwasher at all [desperateface] and then realised...neither do we have the plumbing for one! hmm

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