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Weight Watchers Feedback Thread NOW CLOSED

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AngelieMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 29-Sep-14 14:53:45

This is the feedback thread for the Mumsnetters who are testing out the Weight Watchers programme.

Weight Watchers say: “With 50 years of success behind us we understand how to make losing weight simple, delicious and fun; but we also understand how challenging it can be when you’re facing it alone. Join us to lose weight, feel fantastic and achieve great things. You can follow our healthy eating plan completely online with support from our unique community, or benefit from attending our lively meetings, for personal coaching and weight loss guidance.”

Testers: we'll be asking you to add feedback once a week - we'd like your first impressions now and every week after that, we'll be posting some new questions for you to answer.

So, in terms of your first impressions...

~ Will you be going to meetings, following the plan online or a bit of both?
~ Why did you sign up to test out the Weight Watchers plan?
~ What sorts of foods do you think you'll be eating following the plan? Will it be a big change for you?

Everyone who adds their feedback will be entered into a prize draw where one MNer will receive a £100 Asda voucher, good luck!

Please note: your anonymous comments may be used by Weight Watchers on their website and other marketing materials.


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iwantgin Mon 29-Sep-14 20:05:48

Ah - just seen this thread.

Will you be going to meetings, following the plan online or a bit of both?

have just been to my first meeting. I plan to go to meetings weekly - as need the 'official' weigh-in. Will also log online -and maybe try the app.

Why did you sign up to test out the Weight Watchers plan?

I signed up because a) I need to lose a bit of weight b) I have tried WW previously, and did fairly well - so wanted to see how things are now, it is slightly different in approach.

What sorts of foods do you think you'll be eating following the plan? Will it be a big change for you?

The first week is the Simple Start - so pretty regular foods and meals for me. We already use wholemeal pasta and brown rice - and eat unprocessed foods generally. The major change will be having to limit myself to the daily treats. Also seriously limiting the wine intake.

lunar1 Mon 29-Sep-14 20:16:25

I will be trying my first meeting on thursday, if im honest im not looking forward to it. I really wish I had someone to go with. Ill be using the online tools as well and have downloaded the apps.

I signed up because I have already started losing weight and have a long way to go. I like the idea of having some support.

We do eat quite healthily at home, I dont plan to make separate food for the whole family so im hoping the recipes will be suitable for family cooking. A big part of this for me is portion control and not snacking between meals.

hippoherostandinghere Mon 29-Sep-14 20:27:09

Hi, another tester here.

I have signed up online but am planning to go to my first meeting on Wednesday. Im a bit nervous but want to see what group is like.

I signed up because i just turned 30 and was unhappy that I am still overweight and haven't managed to do anything about it yet.

The biggest change to what I will be eating is the quantites, I'm trying to reduce portion sizes which involves lots of weighing. I'm trying to fill up on filling and healthy foods to keep me full.

I was wondering if the other posters would like a support thread to keep each other company?

Teladi Tue 30-Sep-14 12:11:48

Hello! I'm a tester.

~ Will you be going to meetings, following the plan online or a bit of both?
Probably following online. It will be difficult for me to get to meetings but just having the framework to follow online should be enough for me - I don't really need the accountability of a meeting as just having it all there on the screen will work.

~ Why did you sign up to test out the Weight Watchers plan?
My weight has been creeping up and I want my clothes to fit better!

~ What sorts of foods do you think you'll be eating following the plan? Will it be a big change for you?
While I have followed WW about 8 years ago and am used to the concept of 'counting', I'm still following Simple Start to begin with, to get me into the swing of eating Filling and Healthy foods. When I first logged in and found out about Simple Start (it didn't exist the last time I did WW) I wasn't sure about it - I thought that eating from a list would be a recipe for me to get frustrated and start binge eating. However when I saw the list I was pleasantly surprised. It feels like it should be quite a gentle way to start and the list holds lots of things I enjoy, while also including treats! Especially excited to see that pasta is on the list. Who knows, I might even keep following the Filling and Healthy Day option (so as to give me more flexibility with treats) after Simple Start, I had initially thought I would switch to Full Counting almost immediately but I guess I can do that any time. I'm starting tomorrow, after my Sainsburys order gets here tonight!

Teladi Tue 30-Sep-14 12:12:27

PS hippohero - yes to a chat thread (if it's not appropriate for us to do that bit on here)

Sixgeese Tue 30-Sep-14 12:20:38

~ Will you be going to meetings, following the plan online or a bit of both?
I have just got back from my first meeting, it wasn't bad.

The worst bit was the leader asking where I had got my pass from, as the code we received indicates to the leader that we had been to a previous meeting, so when she was questioning me on where I got the code if I hadn't been to a previous meeting, I didn't really know how to answer.

I was a bit worried before I went, but bit the bullet, got weighed, was given the simple start booklet and then took my seat for the talk.

I have been to Slimming World before, and the first meeting was a lot less cringy than the first Slimming World meeting that I went to, with the ability to be able to sit quietly and listen without sharing . There was no saying what people lost,, just what everyone lost as a total, then some pointers for the week. When the meeting proper was over the newbies stayed and the Simple Start plan was explained.

~ Why did you sign up to test out the Weight Watchers plan?

I have been going to Slimming World, and the first year I lost 6 1/2 stone, the second year I went up and down, but couldn't shift the last few stone, the last few months I have been creeping up again, and am now 1 stone higher than my lowest point. I am hoping that Weight Watchers will help me refocus and help me get to my goal.

~ What sorts of foods do you think you'll be eating following the plan? Will it be a big change for you?

My girls love porridge, so they will be very happy as I will be making porridge for their breakfast, and it is lovely to have some bread off the band food list, but salads, soups, jacket potatoes, lean meat, fruit and the essential weight watchers chocolate bars.

I will be back next week to let you know how I get on...

ihatethecold Tue 30-Sep-14 13:40:52

I won't be going to a meeting, it's too far away.
I want to do this because I am about 1.5 stone over my personal ideal weight.
I just need to cut out sugar and simple carbs (white ones)

I would like a support thread. Who is going to start it?smile

hippoherostandinghere Tue 30-Sep-14 13:51:00

I'll start one over in the weight watchers topic soon grin

ihatethecold Tue 30-Sep-14 15:25:35

I've put the wrong weight in my profile, how do I change it?

I tried to do it from the app but it says I have to go on weight watchers website.
Tried that and couldn't log in!

ihatethecold Tue 30-Sep-14 15:33:38

Ok so I managed to log in but it won't let me change my starting weight!
Sooo annoying.

iwantgin Tue 30-Sep-14 15:45:40

I had to change my start weight but it took me a while to find where. So it is possible to amend it.

AngelieMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 30-Sep-14 16:10:13

Hi everyone, please do feel free to post in here for support/whenever you want, as well as when we're asking for feedback smile

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lunar1 Tue 30-Sep-14 16:43:32

Do the people at the meeting know we are doing this through MN?

ihatethecold Tue 30-Sep-14 16:55:46

I've sorted the weight thing now.
Just made a chunky tomato and bean soup for my dinner, it's very nice.

hippoherostandinghere Tue 30-Sep-14 18:20:05

I weighed in today as u set my online account last tue. 3lb down grin I did pro points though rather than simple start. I'm going to my first meeting tomorrow, feeling a bit nervous.

Teladi Tue 30-Sep-14 18:43:58

Well done on your first week, hippohero!

My shopping arrived so we made a baked vegetable frittata from a WW tonight to start us off (though I am not officially starting tracking stuff until tomorrow AM). It was nice but an ENORMOUS faff, definitely just making an omelette next time! My DH was unimpressed (mainly due to the faff and the lack of thousand island dressing on the salad) and just wants us to eat 'normal' food so I think for next week's menu I will be trying to think of meals we normally eat that will work or can be adapted!

Teladi Tue 30-Sep-14 18:44:43

*frittata from a WW recipe (off the website)

ihatethecold Tue 30-Sep-14 19:40:05

Ok, so I've eaten all my points today, not had any extra.
I have eaten so many veg today which is a good thing.
Haven't had bread, pasta or rice.
Just omelette, ham salad and tomato soup plus cottage cheese.

What have you lot had to eat today?

dobedobedo Tue 30-Sep-14 21:16:26

Hi, here's my initial impressions:

I signed up because I'm very overweight. Probably a good five stone sob off a healthy weight. My bmi is about 34. I have a million excuses why losing all the weight in the last five years hasn't worked, injury, stress, unemployment, moving in with partner, blah blah. But now, I'm absolutely determined to get the weight off and I'm putting my faith in weight watchers to provide me with the tools to do it!
I have lost some myself, but that was through morning sickness and being too busy with a newborn to eat!

I haven't been to a meeting yet, but I started following the plan a week ago. It was a bit confusing at first, but I think I've got it right. I can't use the apps on my android tablet though and the website doesn't work on it because it uses flash for certain things. I will hopefully get to a meeting this weekend. Being able to follow it online is perfect for me, with a small baby and another older child, it's hard to commit to things.

Before I started I assumed I wouldn't be able to eat much carbs, but that doesn't seem to be the case! So I'm eating more of those than I thought I would. All wholewheat obviously. I'm eating way more vegetables than I did previously and a little more fruit. I'm exclusively breastfeeding ds2 so I'm supposed to drink more milk and I think I get allocated extra points per day (if I don't do simple start) too.

One week in and I've lost 3 lbs on simple start! grin I've stuck to it the whole week and it's not been too bad really. I've craved sugar like you wouldn't believe though so no surprise that I've used all my treat points on chocolate! It helped keep the edge off. Also I bought some truvia for my shredded wheat in the mornings.

Today was the first day I did the propoints system. I came in at under my target and a lot of the food I ate had zero points anyway. It feels like I'm eating too much as I haven't been too hungry.

dobedobedo Tue 30-Sep-14 21:25:27

Today I've eaten:
Shredded wheat, truvia and semi skimmed milk
An apple

skinny cappuccino at Costa

Toast with egg and sugar free jelly after.

Mini cheddars.

Chicken biryani - ww recipe. Six squares of dairy milk oreo.

About two or three litres of sugar free squash and water with ice.

Not perfect, but way better than I have been eating before I started this. And I had points left at the end of the day.

dobedobedo Tue 30-Sep-14 21:26:59

Oops. Forgot to say I'm a tester too.

Right. I'll stop rambling now.

Ledkr Wed 01-Oct-14 08:02:49

~ Will you be going to meetings, following the plan online or a bit of both?
In doing online because I'm not too keen on the meetings and also because I have a zumba class on that night so figured it would be better to go to that.
~ Why did you sign up to test out the Weight Watchers plan?
Because I need to lose my "baby weight" baby is now 3 btw!
I have lots if lovely clothes a size too small and I want to wear them. My confidence is way down too and I want to regain it.
~ What sorts of foods do you think you'll be eating following the plan? Will it be a big change for you?
Not a huge change as for a few weeks I've been unable to eat fat due to gall stones although I was making up for that with sugar so that's been the biggest change and challenge.

A question - what happens with my activity points? Do I get to use them in any way?

BellaVida Wed 01-Oct-14 12:38:18

Tester here. Just had my first weigh in and lost 4lbs!!

Will you be going to meetings, following the plan online or a bit of both?

I went to my second meeting today and plan to carry on with meetings as well as trying out online for tracking, the community, recipes etc.

Why did you sign up to test out the Weight Watchers plan?

I want to lose weight and focus on a new phase in my life, now my youngest has just started school. I have at least 3 stone to lose, so really hope this is something I can stick to easily.

What sorts of foods do you think you'll be eating following the plan? Will it be a big change for you?

I have just done a week of Simple Start. I was a bit concerned as it didn't seem like a proper 'diet' like ones I have done before. I was nervous about still eating carbs, like jacket potatoes and crumpets. I think I was in a food rut and have always been a bit of a grazer. I am surprised how filling the food is and am enjoying exploring new flavours.

How is everyone else getting on?

iwantgin Wed 01-Oct-14 12:59:32

Well done you testers who have lost already!

I can't quite figure out if I am eating enough right now. I only started properly on Tuesday a.m. Went to class Monday p.m.

I have a bad cold, and am feeling pretty ropey - so not really bothered about eating much. e.g. this morning I had a coffee, then went back to bed until just now. So I doubt I will have 3 meals today?

However, am hoping for a good loss next week - seeing as my weigh in on Monday was 3 hours after returning from a long weekend of serious boozing and pintxo scoffing in Barcelona. I am sure that I must lose something this week.

Ledkr from what I can remember you can accrue the activity points and use them later. However we haven't had the info about this yet at my class - and I can't quite find out online about it. As soon as I do I will let you know!

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