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Sign up to try Weight Watchers for free for 3 months and you could win £100 worth of Asda vouchers for your feedback. NOW CLOSED

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AngelieMumsnet (MNHQ) Sat 30-Aug-14 07:29:49

Weight Watchers would like 20 Mumsnetters to put the Weight Watchers programme to the test!

Weight Watchers say: “with 50 years of success behind us we understand how to make losing weight simple, delicious and fun; but we also understand how challenging it can be when you’re facing it alone. Try us now with Monthly Pass our best value membership option giving you unlimited access to Weight Watchers meetings, online tools and our app, all you have to lose is weight!”

They would like to offer 20 Mumsnetters the opportunity to try out their membership on Monthly Pass for three months for free.

You will be given a FREE Weight Watchers Monthly Pass which will give you access to unlimited Weight Watchers meetings as well as the Weight Watchers online tools and app for three months.

We'd like testers to offer feedback every week for the first month on their experiences and (if they don't mind sharing) how much weight they have lost and how they feel.

Everyone who offers feedback will be entered into a prize draw to win £100 worth of Asda vouchers.

Interested? Then sign up here:

Thanks & good luck,


snowymum12 Sat 30-Aug-14 14:05:32

Fingers crossed for this one. I'm frustrated by my lack of weight loss and need some motivation!

florencebabyjo Sun 31-Aug-14 22:31:01

I like the sound of being able to eat a whole variety of foods. I am aware of not limiting foods while my impressionable daughters are around as I want to help them develop healthy attitudes towards food. I think this sounds like it is easily adapted to family life.

scousadelic Sun 31-Aug-14 22:38:46

I really need this one!

bshree08 Mon 01-Sep-14 09:48:25

I would love to be a part of ww, I'm really in need to lose my baby weight at least a stone would be ideal, so please help me to get back in to my pre pregnancy shape

rupert23 Mon 01-Sep-14 17:11:04

would love to try this and lose weight and feel happier and healthier

LiveAndLetDie Mon 01-Sep-14 17:26:59

I would love to try this, I have a massive amount to lose (6 stone) and can't seem to stick to any diets for more than 5 minutes. Weight Watchers seems like it would be the easiest of them all to try and stick too.

Ledkr Mon 01-Sep-14 18:13:16

Done this too. I like he online tools but can't afford it at the moment so fingers cross.

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Mon 01-Sep-14 18:36:57

Quick question MNHQ? Do you have to go to meetings and use the online version, or can you just do one or the other?

JoanneNDubz Mon 01-Sep-14 18:57:49

Would love to try this

lunar1 Mon 01-Sep-14 19:03:26

I have just submitted my details. Im one pound short of having lost 3 stone but with another 6 to go I need all the support I can get.

ShyPhilosopher Mon 01-Sep-14 19:06:09

I desperately need to lose weight, for several reasons:
1) I am obese
2) I have a great deal of family members with diabetes
3) My blood pressure is so high, I now have to take blood pressure meds
4) I don't want to embarrass my kids
5) I think losing weight will help slightly with my depression, as it will boost my self confidence

I've tried losing weight before, by eating healthier & exercising, but I just cannot keep the motivation going. Something like Weight Watchers, especially if I'll also be blogging about weight loss (or gain) should combat that motivation problem. I just can't afford Weight Watchers at the moment, though if I could get this kick start I could always ask for my membership to be continued as an early Christmas present smile

hippoherostandinghere Mon 01-Sep-14 19:28:22

Have applied. Really hope I get picked, I need help shifting this weight.

FiftyShadesofGreen Mon 01-Sep-14 19:52:44

Oh God, pick me.

IceNoSlice Mon 01-Sep-14 20:20:59

I also want to know if you have to attend meetings?

IceNoSlice Mon 01-Sep-14 20:21:21

Or can you just use the online tools etc

ItStillLooksLikeRainDear Mon 01-Sep-14 21:40:46

I'd like to try it but just using online too...

mommathatwearspink Mon 01-Sep-14 21:59:46

Applied! Would love to give WW a try and hopefully loose my baby weight.

dobedobedo Tue 02-Sep-14 12:05:19

Sooooo hope I'm picked for this! Sick of being fat and my eat less move more thing isn't as effective as it used to be.

ineedausername Tue 02-Sep-14 22:32:54

done smile

AngelieMumsnet (MNHQ) Wed 03-Sep-14 12:56:27

Hi ItsAllGoingToBeFine - Weight Watchers have said "You'll have the option to attend meetings and use all of our online resources, including our mobile phone app. However, you don't necessarily need to attend meetings and can follow the plan completely online if that's easier for you.". Hope this helps smile

Reniee14 Wed 03-Sep-14 13:18:59

I've got my fingers crossed that I get need to lose baby weight before going back to work in the new year. .pick me pleeease!!

iwantgin Wed 03-Sep-14 15:12:29

I'd like to try it too.

Don't have loads to lose - probably 1.5 stone or so, but just need to get back in control of it all.

BendyMum15 Wed 03-Sep-14 16:18:19

Fingers crossed! I need to lose my baby weight but have got stuck so the extra motivation would be great!

lunar1 Thu 04-Sep-14 09:04:03

I have just discovered that my local weight watchers meeting is less than a five minute walk from my house so no excuses from me if I get picked!

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