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Want to try and lose weight? Testers needed for Diet Chef products: £200 John Lewis voucher to be won for feedback. NOW CLOSED

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AngelieMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 15-Aug-14 13:32:56

Diet Chef, the UK’s largest diet home delivery company, would like to Mumsnetters to put their offering to the test.

Diet Chef say "We give you breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack for each day of the week. Everything is calorie counted and portion controlled so you just tuck in and enjoy. We believe you should eat the food you love, so our menu, with around 100 delicious dishes, even include things like curry and pasta. With Diet Chef you can expect to lose 1-2 pounds a week, in line with UK Government recommendations for healthy, sustainable weight loss, while eating real, yummy food."

They have been working on responding to feedback on both meals and user experience, and would love to know what you think of the improvements they have made.

They would like to offer 10 Mumsnetters the opportunity to try out their diet delivery service for one month – this service is worth £245.

If you would be interested in joining the product test please click here and add your details.

Those selected will be sent a code, which will allow them to order a free 4-week hamper, with their preferred meal options. The meals are all delivered at the same time in one 4-week box, so you will need somewhere to store the food. However, because the food is heat sealed then pressure cooked within the packaging, you don't need to store it in the fridge; the cupboard under the stairs, a pantry, or a kitchen cupboard is fine.

We'd like testers to offer feedback at the end of each week, both on the food, the service and – if they don't mind sharing – how much weight they have lost and how they feel.

Everyone who offers feedback will be entered into a prize draw to win a £200 John Lewis voucher.

NB Diet Chef is not recommended for breastfeeding mothers.

Good luck!


DurhamDurham Wed 20-Aug-14 15:25:10

Ah that's a shame, I was crossing fingers and toes in the hope of being picked for this one. Good news that we will still be considered when it goes ahead in October. smile

AngelieMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 06-Oct-14 14:10:02

Hi everyone, recruitment for this product test has now re-opened smile

Mumsnetters who applied in August will still be considered, so you don't need to apply again.

WannaSplitAPineapple Mon 06-Oct-14 14:40:11

Thought I'd missed out on this so glad to see its re opened.
Having the meals ready to go sound perfect. My problems come from hanging the motivation to cook at the moment.

Cataline Mon 06-Oct-14 15:08:22

I submitted before i'd finished! Never mind- I suspect they possibly don't cater for vegans anyway so will be unlikely to be chosen!

Cojmum Mon 06-Oct-14 16:11:56

Signed up, fingers crossed.

judypoops Mon 06-Oct-14 16:15:51

Signed up and really excited!

beckslovestimmy Mon 06-Oct-14 16:46:03

Really hoping I get picked. Sounds great and hassle free.

Darquesse Mon 06-Oct-14 17:03:04

I've applied, would like a kick to lose that last 10lb.

IneedAwittierNickname Mon 06-Oct-14 17:17:44


spleenyone Mon 06-Oct-14 17:51:33


crimsonwitch Mon 06-Oct-14 18:12:01

I hope i get picked. This is just what I need.

VanGogh Mon 06-Oct-14 18:23:27

Whoop whoop!
I've just got engaged- this would be awesome for the wedding diet!!!

peachypips Mon 06-Oct-14 18:34:32

Signed up! Need a good starting boost!

Tortoise Mon 06-Oct-14 19:11:37

Ooh glad to see it reopened, missed it the first time.

Cluesue Mon 06-Oct-14 20:11:28

Fingers crossed x

MadameJosephine Mon 06-Oct-14 22:29:44

I have signed up but I ticked yes to breast feeding does that mean I won't get picked? DD is nearly 2 and we only do 1-2 feeds a day so it's not like I'm feeding a newborn

sometimessunshine Mon 06-Oct-14 22:45:19

Signed up. Fingers crossed.

cheepsskram Tue 07-Oct-14 07:08:40

Also signed up. Anything is worth a go as I'm struggling to stop my expanding waistline on my own.

DurhamDurham Tue 07-Oct-14 09:10:52

I signed up back in August and do you know I still have that extra half stone that I was trying to get rid of back then grin

skapur Tue 07-Oct-14 09:20:11

Sounds amazing and the boost to my exercise regime!

Linskibinski Tue 07-Oct-14 13:28:29

I've just signed up. Fingers crossed! grin

Holliewantstobehot Tue 07-Oct-14 13:39:11

I signed up back in August and have been waiting for this to reopen. I so hope I get picked, it could be just the boost I need.

PinkSnowAndStars Tue 07-Oct-14 19:12:39

Ooooo signed up!! Sounds good!

BiscuitsAreMyDownfall Tue 07-Oct-14 20:28:33

Thanks MN.

You said that there might be more than 10 testers, is there?

Pulledapart Tue 07-Oct-14 21:55:31

Done hopefully will be picked grin

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