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Want to try and lose weight? Testers needed for Diet Chef products: £200 John Lewis voucher to be won for feedback. NOW CLOSED

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AngelieMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 15-Aug-14 13:32:56

Diet Chef, the UK’s largest diet home delivery company, would like to Mumsnetters to put their offering to the test.

Diet Chef say "We give you breakfast, lunch, dinner and a snack for each day of the week. Everything is calorie counted and portion controlled so you just tuck in and enjoy. We believe you should eat the food you love, so our menu, with around 100 delicious dishes, even include things like curry and pasta. With Diet Chef you can expect to lose 1-2 pounds a week, in line with UK Government recommendations for healthy, sustainable weight loss, while eating real, yummy food."

They have been working on responding to feedback on both meals and user experience, and would love to know what you think of the improvements they have made.

They would like to offer 10 Mumsnetters the opportunity to try out their diet delivery service for one month – this service is worth £245.

If you would be interested in joining the product test please click here and add your details.

Those selected will be sent a code, which will allow them to order a free 4-week hamper, with their preferred meal options. The meals are all delivered at the same time in one 4-week box, so you will need somewhere to store the food. However, because the food is heat sealed then pressure cooked within the packaging, you don't need to store it in the fridge; the cupboard under the stairs, a pantry, or a kitchen cupboard is fine.

We'd like testers to offer feedback at the end of each week, both on the food, the service and – if they don't mind sharing – how much weight they have lost and how they feel.

Everyone who offers feedback will be entered into a prize draw to win a £200 John Lewis voucher.

NB Diet Chef is not recommended for breastfeeding mothers.

Good luck!


MollyHooper Sat 16-Aug-14 04:18:24

Well, I signed up.

I've tried everything else I've heard of so maybe this will be different, easier hopefully.

MollyHooper Sat 16-Aug-14 04:24:28

Oh and Squiffie it's not that you breastfeeding will 'go against you', it's simply not healthy for you to be on such a low fat/calorie diet whilst BFing.

It wouldn't be good for you or your baby, keep that in mind when you are choosing any other type of diet plan.

WaveorCheer Sat 16-Aug-14 06:49:01

There's no evidence you shouldn't go on a sensible diet whilst breastfeeding I don't think?

Aside from that I agree with BIWI though.

gallopinghorse Sat 16-Aug-14 08:09:43

would love to win this as there is no way I could afford to buy it on my budget :-(

KraggleLego Sat 16-Aug-14 09:03:57

Signed up.

Stropzilla Sat 16-Aug-14 09:49:59

Oh done. I badly need this.

ShelaghTurner Sat 16-Aug-14 09:56:30

Done. I'm getting desperate now. I need to do something.

PlanetArghhh Sat 16-Aug-14 11:11:19

Diet Chef is pretty much a temporary 'crash diet', with approximately 1000 calories a day between all the 'meals' provided. You certainly couldn't sustain it long term without being permanently hungry and it is definitely too few calories if you are breastfeeding.

If you were obsessive about calorie counting and have a will of iron then you could probably sort out your own healthy homemade meal plan along similar lines. However, the Diet Chef ready meals (and those of their competitors) are a just about viable cheats option for significant weight loss over the short term!

bucksmum71 Sat 16-Aug-14 13:52:49

I've signed up - about time I lose the baby weight I put on ! (dd was 18 last month grin)

badasahatter Sat 16-Aug-14 15:41:54

Short term loss would work for me, I have to say, so I've signed up. I just need a nudge in the right direction as I'm struggling to stick with the Weight Watchers right now, cos I've got so much going on in my life. It may not be the healthiest approach, but for a month? I wouldn't mind giving it a go!

Primrose123 Sat 16-Aug-14 17:33:40

I've just signed up. I really want to try this. I've seen it advertised, and it's not cheap, so I've been a bit wary of trying. I would love to give it a go!

Tanfastic Sat 16-Aug-14 19:00:41

I'd love to try this, have signed up smile

headlesslambrini Sat 16-Aug-14 19:10:33

Done. I need something like this but small chance of being picked.

Mintyy Sat 16-Aug-14 19:26:00

Amazing that people are so ready and willing to sign up to something like this! Presumably you are going to be eating your Diet Chef meals while everyone else in your family is eating something else, which you will probably cook for them??

ThreeYorkshires Sat 16-Aug-14 19:40:23

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

blondiep14 Sat 16-Aug-14 20:01:21

Fingers crossed!

Reniee14 Sun 17-Aug-14 08:52:17

Signed upgrin

HaveYouHeardOfGoogle Sun 17-Aug-14 09:44:06

Signed up! I'd love this. Always wanted to try it.

OhGood Sun 17-Aug-14 10:35:35

Signed up, to try and reset my idea of what's a normal portion size. Apparently whole pizzas = not 1 portion.

BiscuitsAreMyDownfall Sun 17-Aug-14 13:05:55

Ive signed up. I was doing really well with weight loss in 2012 and 2013 then my motivation has gone so weight has come back on rather quickly. I would like to lose that weight again so I can carry on where I was before at the start of this year.

LottieAndTheDinosaur Sun 17-Aug-14 13:34:34

Done - I have tried other things and would like to give this a go....I certainly need it!

TinyPawz Sun 17-Aug-14 13:43:53

Done fingers crossed.

trixymalixy Sun 17-Aug-14 15:59:38


bantamgirl Sun 17-Aug-14 16:06:18

I was going to sign up to this, but to be honest I've lost 2st with SW (which has ground to a halt as I'm going through a lazy stage) but I've enjoyed everything I have eaten to lose that 2st and there's been no portion control or astronaught food in sight, just a bit of sticking to some rules and a bit of willpower (which seems to have deserted me now).

But good luck to anyone who is successful in getting a trial.

ScooseIsLoose Sun 17-Aug-14 16:15:53

done I need this! grin

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