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Have a child in school and want to try out F&F’s schoolwear range? Get £50 worth of F&F online vouchers to spend on your DC! £250 voucher prize draw for feedback NOW CLOSED

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MichelleMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 07-Jul-14 16:10:28

F&F has asked us to find 100 MNers to test out their F&F schoolwear range with their DC and provide feedback.

Here's what F&F say about their range, "Every year we work tirelessly to improve on our schoolwear range, to ensure you get even better value for money and higher quality compared to the previous year. To enable us to do this we rely heavily on the feedback from all of you - the mums! This year, we have some new key features that we’re really excited to share with you and look forward to hearing your thoughts ”.

We're looking for English and Welsh Mumsnetters, who have at least one child of school age who wears school uniform, to put the range to the test before the new term starts. If you are selected, you will be sent £50 worth of Tesco online vouchers*. We'd like you to use this to buy items, including a few specific items which testers will be sent a list of, from the F&F back to school range.

Delivery charges aren't included in the e-coupons, however there is the option to 'Click + Collect' which delivers your order to your nearby Tesco, free of charge, by the next day if you place your order by 3pm. We are aware that the summer holidays are fast approaching so we're looking for Mumsnetters who are available to carry out this product test as soon as possible.

Once you have had a chance to purchase a few items and kit your DCs out in a new uniform we'll ask you to get your LOs to put it through its paces and for you to give it a couple of washes before adding your feedback to a thread on MN.

If you're interested in taking part, please sign up here.

Thanks and good luck,

NB: You will receive 1x£50 vouchers, to redeem the voucher you will need to spend the full value, or more.

Shouldwego Mon 07-Jul-14 16:14:01

Done smile

gobbymare Mon 07-Jul-14 16:21:03


Picturesinthefirelight Mon 07-Jul-14 16:21:31

I did this last year & was only thinking the other day that a feedback thread 12 months on might be useful.

My dc have both finished school fir the summer this year.

BlessThisMess Mon 07-Jul-14 16:24:40


SagaNorensLeatherTrousers Mon 07-Jul-14 16:28:49

hopeful smile

fusspot66 Mon 07-Jul-14 16:44:04

That would be great. My DC have had growth spurts recently.

blueberryboybait Mon 07-Jul-14 16:47:59

Fingers crossed - we need new uniform before the end of term as both have grown, I have been holding out but dresses are getting obscenely short!

chickensandbees Mon 07-Jul-14 16:53:41


megandbacon Mon 07-Jul-14 16:54:40

Done - will this be the first time I get picked? I'm always entering but haven't been picked before

JazzAnnNonMouse Mon 07-Jul-14 16:55:38

They did this last year - why choose the end of the school year?!
Is it so they don't get much wear as they won't last long??

Glitterfairys Mon 07-Jul-14 17:17:10


WildEyedAndHairier Mon 07-Jul-14 17:17:25


TulipOHare Mon 07-Jul-14 17:24:41

Done. This would be fab, both mine have sprouted.

PlayitcoolTrig Mon 07-Jul-14 17:36:16 it to win it smile

BornToFolk Mon 07-Jul-14 17:54:13

Done, but I agree that the timing is dodgy. It's going to take more than a couple of weeks wear and washing to really see how the clothes are.

ApplebyMennym Mon 07-Jul-14 18:10:46


ModerationInEverything Mon 07-Jul-14 18:11:55

Done smile

idleweiss Mon 07-Jul-14 18:13:23

Brilliant ! Just what we need!! Fingers crossed! smile

FatalCabbage Mon 07-Jul-14 18:14:35

Ooh yes please. Timing noted...

BrieAndChilli Mon 07-Jul-14 18:24:38

Signed up but I NEVER win anything!

WeileWeileWaile Mon 07-Jul-14 18:29:33

Signed up!

threepiecesuite Mon 07-Jul-14 18:42:23

There's only a week to ten days left of school by the time the uniform can be bought. Pointless...

misstiredbuthappy Mon 07-Jul-14 19:02:26

Done. Never done one before !

simonthedog Mon 07-Jul-14 19:09:39

Yes please, my children keep growing!!!

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