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Pregnant? Breastfeeding? Want to try a drug free alternative to medicated pain killers during pregnancy or whilst breastfeeding? £250 JL voucher to be won for feedback. NOW CLOSED

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MichelleMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 30-May-14 09:27:06

The UK's No. 1 selling freeze brand, Deep Freeze has asked us to find 500 Mumsnetters to test out their cooling Deep Freeze Pain Relief Cold Patches.

Deep Freeze Pain Relief Cold Patches provide drug free soothing pain relief from pregnancy related muscular back pain. Like an ice pack, but more convenient and easy to use, Deep Freeze Pain Relief Cold Patches work by cooling the skin and underlying tissue helping to reduce both pain and swelling.

Deep Freeze are especially looking for pregnant Mumsnetters, or those currently breastfeeding who would prefer not to take medicated painkillers.

Here's what Deep Freeze say: "Back pain affects three out of four pregnant women yet many are unaware of the risks of taking certain medication during pregnancy according to new research. But there is no need to grin and bear the aches and pains of pregnancy as just over half (55%) of women currently do."

They go on to say: "The cryotherapy (cold cooling pain relief therapy) provided by Deep Freeze Pain Relief Cold Patch provides fast acting, self-adhesive cooling pain relief to the affected area for up to 3 hours."

Everyone who's selected will receive a pack of 12 individual Deep Freeze Patches and will be required to test them out over the next couple of weeks, provide feedback on our site and also via a short survey which will be emailed to all testers.

Everyone who tests the product and adds feedback as required will be entered into a prize draw to win £250 worth of John Lewis vouchers.
This product test is open to all UK Mumsnetters who are pregnant or currently breastfeeding or who have another particular reason for wanting to avoid medicated painkillers.

Please note your feedback and comments may be used by the team at Deep Freeze on social media and elsewhere. New pregnancy symptoms, including backache, should always be discussed with your doctor or midwife.

If you'd like to take part, please sign up here.

Thanks and good luck,

T&Cs for prize draw here

QuietNinjaTardis Fri 06-Jun-14 10:28:43

Have signed up. Have a dodgy bit on my back, would be interesting to see if thus helps.

WowOoo Fri 06-Jun-14 10:59:40

I am neither but would have loved something like this ages ago.

I used frozen wet tea towels in a bag - they do not last for 3 hours!!

SecretSpy Fri 06-Jun-14 13:14:13

I would also suggest breastfeeding mums having issues with back pain get attachment and positioning checked by a bfc or other skilled bf helper rather than struggle on.

And several painkillers are fine when breastfeeding, so be aware you still have options smile

OhHowILoveMyPuppies Fri 06-Jun-14 13:48:30

Done, and fingers crossed!

idleweiss Fri 06-Jun-14 14:03:27

Forgot to put that my back was really achy on the form!! Sounds like I'm just talking about my achy boobs and I don't want to slap a patch on them!! Lol! Will it be poss to add that on MichelleMumsnet ?

AntoinetteCosway Fri 06-Jun-14 20:31:09

Oh God, me me me please! Paracetamol doesn't touch the sides of my back ache normally and it's been so much worse in this pregnancy.

snowymum12 Sat 07-Jun-14 16:00:44

I'd love to try these. Am now 38 weeks so have aches and pains everywhere. I'm planning on breast feeding too so the patches would be perfect for post pregnancy too.

wrapsuperstar Sat 07-Jun-14 19:22:24

I would absolutely love to try these. I am 38+5, suffer from back pain ordinarily and it is even worse in pregnancy. I'll also be tandem breastfeeding after I give birth.

Crazybit Sun 08-Jun-14 00:03:43

Ooooh yes please. current 17 weeks pregnant and starting to suffer with bank pain, mainly due to picking the toddler up I think.

mowmylawn Sun 08-Jun-14 08:41:40

All signed up - I'm 29+5 and have severe SPD again this pregnancy along with a misaligned pelvis for which I am getting physio. GP has prescribed co-codamol but it makes me so sleepy and blocked-up, I will try anything that will help me get from one room to another without some kind of walking aid!

BadMissM Tue 10-Jun-14 00:12:55

I'm normally on lots and lots of back pain meds but have had to stop them all again because of being pregnant! Plus lovely SPD.....

And I have an 11 month toddler with a bottom filled with lead and a grumpy teenager to run around after.....

giedre83 Tue 10-Jun-14 15:56:27

Yes please. I am breastfeeding and struggling with back pain.

BumpNGrind Tue 10-Jun-14 16:22:03

This sounds just up my street. I'm 23 weeks pregnant and suffering with sciatica. I've always hated taking tablets and would much prefer using something like this which won't harm my baby.

Mummytobeforthefirsttime Tue 10-Jun-14 22:40:08

I have signed up. I'm on my feet all day and would love something to help with the back ache as I'm getting bigger and approaching the birth.

Bump I feel your pain (almost literally!) I've had sciatica since I was 20, and pregnancy tends to exacerbate it. I also have a weak point in my back which I think is as a result of spinal block for c section. It's playing up terribly at the moment, I'm 18 weeks pregnant.
I would imagine these would be useful in the days post-birth too as your spine readjusts to it's original, pre-bump position.

alialiath Wed 11-Jun-14 15:09:51

i'm not pregnant, but suffer from constant chronic back pain and would welcome something to the market that works and it goes without saying, cutting out the need on heavy duty back pain meds, which also come with their own side effects. i'd love to try Deep Freeze Patches and give honest, constructive feedback.

Foodylicious Thu 12-Jun-14 12:38:52

I have signed up, when do we find out if we have been selected?

quietbatperson Thu 12-Jun-14 19:33:02

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

Bluewhale83 Fri 13-Jun-14 08:03:00

Signed up.

DrFunkesFamilyBandSolution Fri 13-Jun-14 21:29:43

Is there a way oh wise MN if you can tell me f ive already signed up. I can't remember blush

thestylethatdecadesforgot Mon 16-Jun-14 13:38:56

I have signed up but the survey page took ages to send so I'm not sure if I'm actually entered and my back is killing me!

Emrob86 Tue 17-Jun-14 15:09:02

Signed up! Hope I get chosen! x

sianishere Thu 19-Jun-14 16:26:48

Signed up!

arianah2014 Fri 20-Jun-14 18:59:07

Signed up fingers xxxxxx.hope Im lucky enough to b selected.

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