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HouseTrip review thread. Non-testers: Share your top tips on how to make the most of holidaying in an entire house, apartment or villa and you could win a £200 Boots voucher NOW CLOSED

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AngelieMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 09-May-14 17:01:07

This thread is for the five lucky MN families who are going on a HouseTrip holiday this month.

HouseTrip say "HouseTrip is an online platform that allows visitors to choose from over 300,000 full homes from around the world to holiday in. From ivy-dappled country cottages to beach retreats and city-centre lofts, the service offers simplicity, value, flexibility and security for families looking for a hassle free and enjoyable holiday experience from start to finish."

Testers are visiting London, Edinburgh and Brussels – check back to this thread to find out how they are getting on.

We have asked testers to add feedback at least three times - before they go, when they are there and when they get back home.

Non testers: HouseTrip would love to know your top tips on how to make the most of holidaying in an entire house, apartment or villa. Everyone who adds a tip will be entered into a prize draw where one Mumsnetter will win a £200 Boots voucher, so that they can get stocked up for the holiday season.

Please note tips and comments may well be used by HouseTrip on their pages on Mumsnet, social media and elsewhere. Your MN name will not be used.

Testers – please share on this thread your overall opinion and experience plus your responses to the following questions.

Before you go
- Have you or anyone you know ever been on a HouseTrip holiday before, and if so where did they go?
- What are you looking forward to most? What are your DC looking forward to?
- How was the booking process?

On holiday
- How is it so far? What's the weather like?
- Describe your accommodation e.g. the amount of space, outdoor area, particular parts of the house etc.
- What else are you doing outside of the HouseTrip stay, in the local area?
- How does this compare to previous hotel holidays or previous home rental holidays you've experienced?
- What have you got up to at your HouseTrip property?
- Have you used the kitchen to cook at home? Where did you get cooking ingredients? If you haven’t been cooking much, how often did you choose to eat out?
- What have your DC enjoyed most about the HouseTrip experience? And what have you/your DH/DP enjoyed most?

When you are back

Overall opinions from you and others in the family:

How would you rate/ describe...

- Accommodation as a whole
- Kitchen facilities
- Bedrooms/Sleeping arrangements
- Local area
- How were the checking in and out experiences?
- Would you return/ try out another HouseTrip holiday?
- Would you recommend HouseTripping to a friend?
- What did you think about the value for money – especially compared to other family holidays? What did you think about the amount of space you get for the cost?
- Any other comments?

Please also do add a review on Mumsnet to the Self Catering pages.


PS We've 'highlighted' the testers posts on this thread so we can see them!

Moogdroog Fri 30-May-14 09:57:42

A few pics of our apartment

Moogdroog Fri 30-May-14 21:46:28

*When you are back

Overall opinions from you and others in the family:

How would you rate/ describe...

- Accommodation as a whole*

The apartment was fantastic. Very clean, very comfortable and homely. Plenty of space for us all. Apartment was on a quiet road but just minutes from the main road with lots of shops and amenities. Plus a playground 2 minutes away.

- Kitchen facilities
Again, very good. Induction hob, fan oven (identical to the one at home), dishwasher, washing machine, freezer, plenty of crockery, utensils etc and a decent size table to eat at.

- Bedrooms/Sleeping arrangements
2 good size bedrooms (a double and twin), exceptionally comfortable beds, with lovely White Company linen. Loads of clothes storage in beautiful deco wardrobes. Very cosy. Only 1 possible improvement would be cot sides for the beds - our DCs fell out - but I wouldn't expect it to be honest.

- Local area
Very nice, quiet and friendly area. About 15 mins into town on the frequent buses. A Waitrose and Simply Food very close, plus loads of smart shops.
Edinburgh is beautiful - amazing! So much to see.

- How were the checking in and out experiences?
Really easy. We were met at the apartment, welcomed and shown around. Our hosts let us use the apartment for the final day as our flight wasn't till late and we just left the keys. Great.

- Would you return/ try out another HouseTrip holiday?
Absolutely! I've been very impressed. Especially good for city breaks.

- Would you recommend HouseTripping to a friend?
Yes, and already have done.

- What did you think about the value for money – especially compared to other family holidays? What did you think about the amount of space you get for the cost?
Very good value I think for the space you get. I'm sure you could stay in a family room in a hotel for slightly cheaper, but that's hard work with small kids.

- Any other comments?
Nothing other than to say thank you so much. We had a great time in Edinburgh and felt very at home in our HouseTrip apartment.

ChocolateMama Sun 01-Jun-14 17:57:54

Top tip to make life easier is to get a grocery delivery for the day you arrive. Also, take plenty of board games/books/DVSs etc to keep everyone entertained if the weather is not so great outside. I also think it is often nice when staying in a lovely house to enjoy hanging out in the property and not feel that we need to be 'doing' something outside the house all the time.

Tortoise Sun 01-Jun-14 20:46:18

- Accommodation as a whole
The accommodation was lovely. 3rd floor 2 bed apartment. All the flights of stairs were the only downside!
- Kitchen facilities
Cooker, dishwasher, microwave etc all equipment needed. Couldn't find washing up liquid or tea towel on the last day which made clearing up breakfast bowls a bit tricky!
- Bedrooms/Sleeping arrangements
2 bedroom, each with a double bed, sofa bed in lounge. 2 singles in one of the room would have been better. I had to share with 11 and 9 yr old DDs! Teenage boys wouldn't share a bed!
- Local area
There were plenty of shops nearby Inc small Tesco and Sainsbury. Train station within 5 min walk and bus stops.
I did read online about a drive by shooting on the road near us, when we were already there which happened in March. It would have put me off had I see it before.
- How were the checking in and out experiences?
Check in was very easy. We arranged time to arrive and were met there by a host. She was lovely and apologised that she hadn't quite finished bed making.
Check out was easy too. We just had to lock up and put keys in the downstairs mail box for that apartment.
- Would you return/ try out another HouseTrip holiday?
I'd try another housetrip but although we enjoyed London I wouldn't want to go again too soon. It's too busy for me! I'm a country girl lol.
- Would you recommend HouseTripping to a friend?
Absolutely! It was a brilliant experience and worked really well. Much nicer than a caravan that We'd normally stay at a holiday park.
- What did you think about the value for money – especially compared to other family holidays?
I can't remember exact price, think it was just under £500 for 3 nights. It's quite expensive but also being London I expected it to be. Only thing that put me off was the £350 security deposit. That's a lot of extra money to find before a holiday.
What did you think about the amount of space you get for the cost?
Very good. We had plenty of space.
- Any other comments?
A big highlight for DDs was the pigeon nest on the balcony with chicks in. We think they were around 2 days old when we arrived. Baby pigeons are really ugly lol!

Tortoise Sun 01-Jun-14 20:49:11

Also where do I send the hideous videos of myself talking about the experience and some photos of the property etc ?

hareinthemoon Tue 03-Jun-14 18:27:17

Non-tester - I always like to get a little diary/book for the (older) DCs to fill in with their experiences.
Sometimes it works smile

thesoupdragon44 Tue 03-Jun-14 19:02:27

When I go away, I always pack enough easy meals for the first 2 nights. If you have them frozen they act as coolers for the rest of your food. Then you don't have to panic finding food on the day you arrive. You can all have a good look around, find your feet ready for your holiday.

scotchtikidoll Tue 03-Jun-14 19:50:31

This is probably quite an odd one, but I've been known to bring my own cleaning products- when you're abroad it is hard to know which washing up liquid is anti-bacterial or which washing tablets are non-bio. The brands I trust are also not always available when away!

museumworker Tue 03-Jun-14 21:16:38

Non-tester here. As well as food basics, favourite toys and blankets, we take earplugs as normally have to have the youngest in with us! And a monitor so we can sit outside if the weather is nice but still know we can hear him.

Ruby6918 Tue 03-Jun-14 22:25:39

i prefer to bring my own tea towels and pillows if im driving therea and can fit them in the car,i also bring black out linings so many properties just have blinds and the sun can put your head awy or make sure u enquire about window coverings for heat and noise etc before u go, find out things to do in the area before your visit and talk them through with everyone going so you know options for good and bad weather, check out where the nearest doctor/chemist is just in case, then just go and love it big time!

BlackeyedSusan Tue 03-Jun-14 22:59:38


pack your own kitchen knife, tin opener, scissors and potato peeler. label with name.

take my own teatowels, kitchen roll dish cloth, washing up gloves, soap, handtowels, anti bac spray. i used to be a chambermaid in a hotel. I do not trust anyone to clean well in the time you are allocated.

pack enough food to last until you get to the supermarket. freeze milk before travelling and use as a cold pack. in cool bag. (breakfast cereals/dried fruit/bread/jam/butter/coffee tea for the firstnight)

take ready measured bags of washing powder for the machine.

take an extra loo roll.

a roll of sandwich bags and bin bags come in useful for all sorts of things.

I take microfibre towels bought in home bargains and a couple of tesco value towels as they have a large area but are very thin and do not take up much room in the case. holiday towels and teatowels live in the suitcase all year. they are washed and returned there ready for next year.

this year I forgot the herbs but did remember the salt and pepper.

MontysMum22 Tue 03-Jun-14 23:50:55

My tip is before you go especially if in the UK is to find out online as many places you can take the children if its wet weather and look for discount offers and codes at various parks and attractions you might visit. If you have a whole house its not as confining as a caravan so make sure what modern tech you can take with you to entertain the kids. It may well be possible to take their favourite DVDs or the games console to satisfy an older child or the laptop, if they have broadband where your staying. I have been on holiday in cottages/houses many times and have stayed in one place now three times. Its main attraction was the indoor heated pool it turned what would have been two weeks in Norfolk in torrential rain in May into a holiday destination everybody who went, two sets of Grandparents, two older children, one younger child and both parents wanted to go back to. It was well worth the extra cost and actually the two follow up visits we combined with attending a family wedding and actually had two weeks holiday for much less than it would have cost us for us all to stay in a hotel for just a couple of nights.

catwithflowers Wed 04-Jun-14 15:22:35

We are back! Sorry it's taken so long to feed back our comments. I had visitors from when we got back until yesterday! Anyway here are our comments and a few more photos of our time in Brussels with Housetrip.

Kitchen facilities

Very good, everything we could need although the microwave oven was the slowest known to mankind! Gas hob, no oven unless it was a combi microwave but this wasn't a problem.

Bedrooms/Sleeping arrangements

Two very good sized bedrooms both with double beds. The kids wouldn't sleep together so two singles would have been better. DS slept on a sofa bed in the sitting room rather than share with his sister.

Local area

Very interesting and diverse. If you walked in one direction, the area was quite run down and poor yet in the opposite direction, there were the most lovely, enormous art Noveau houses. The architecture was very interesting and as we said already, good transport links into Central Brussels. It was approx 25 to 30 mins from the house to the centre including a walk at the other end.

How were the checking in and out experiences?

Very easy. The owner lived in an apartment at the top of the house and was there on arrival and departure. He mailed his mobile number in advance so we could let him know when we would arrive.

Would you return/ try out another HouseTrip holiday?

Yes, it was much cheaper than a hotel if you need more than one room.

Would you recommend HouseTripping to a friend?


What did you think about the value for money – especially compared to other family holidays? What did you think about the amount of space you get for the cost?

Much cheaper for a family with older kids where you need two bedrooms. Also more convenient as there is more freedom than in a hotel. If it were just me and my partner, I would possibly go for a central hotel but this is a good option for families. Also, we were on a bit of a budget so the possibility to cook/ prepare sandwiches rather than eat out was ideal.

There was more than enough space and had the weather been better, the private garden and BBQ would have been lovely

Any other comments?

Do take a decent guide guide book. We used ours a lot as all the literature in the house was in French or Flemish.

We arrived at about 9 on the Monday evening when most of the local shops were closed which was fine with older kids as we wandered and found a 'night shop' but it wouldn't be ideal with tired babies or toddlers. Maybe we should have quizzed the owner a bit more before we went.

We found that most museums and attractions charged a fee so we had to rethink our plans once we got there. This wasn't a problem though and meant we ended up doing stuff we hadn't thought of.

Thanks again Mumsnet for picking us. We had a great time smile

catwithflowers Wed 04-Jun-14 15:37:46

Lastly, a few more photos of 'out and about' in Brussels!

bigbella26 Thu 05-Jun-14 13:29:56

Always take a corkscrew just in case. I've had the first night ruined by not being able to get at the wine!

RubyFlint Fri 06-Jun-14 22:25:27

I usually try to travel light on clothes. There will be a washing machine if it's a house/villa so no need to take tons of clothes with you!

I agree take basics from home like oil, sauce, coffee, tea, a couple of loo rolls, washing up liquid, a few dishwasher tabs and a simple meal for the first night if you're arriving late.

Have a good look around the property to see what's available. We stayed for a week in a beautiful villa in Spain and on the last day we discovered the garage key was left out for us to use the childrens outdoor toys, paddling pool, BBQ tools, windbreaks etc. all of which would have been very useful!

georgebear103 Wed 11-Jun-14 17:13:50

Take earplugs in case of noisy traffic, neighbours or birds!

florencebabyjo Fri 13-Jun-14 08:45:35

An activity pack for each child is essential and stops squabbles. Include paper, pens or crayons and a few small toys. I sometimes add a small new thing or a new pack of pens but often root round in their toy boxes to find things they haven't played with for ages is good too. Pound shops are great for little treats that don't cost much. These are also good for family packs of crispa and biscuits that are useful for chucking in with a picnic for day trips. Huge supplies of baby wipes are also essential as are dvd's for tired children at the end of a day when you're making dinner. Don't forget their teddies/ cuddle blankets too!

AngelieMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 24-Jun-14 12:44:58

Thanks for all your comments!

The non-tester winner is spababe - congratulations smile I'll PM you shortly for your details.

Skandi Wed 15-Apr-15 10:44:16

First of all, AVOID HOUSETRIP!!! And again, seriously, AVOID HOUSETRIP!

Please, read the whole story to understand better our frustrations.

I can see that there are many reviews with five stars. Well, it could be that those people have not experienced any problem. But if something goes wrong, seriously wrong, then you will realize what kind of company you're dealing with.

Here is what happened to us, in as short description as possible.

About arrangement:

- We (4 persons family) booked a flat in Madrid (Apartmentos 2 – address – Calle Penafiel 18 – owner Susana Munoz) from 31.03 to 09.04.2015.
- We contacted Susana and she confirmed that the flat is free in that time interval.
- It is 2 bedrooms flat, with a place for 6 people to sleep (2 sofas in living room)
- We were allowed to take our little dog with us.
- Susana agreed with us that two more people (6 at all) could come and stay with us (10 euro more pr. man pr. night)
- HOUSETRIP has withdrawn our booking amount few weeks before the trip started (approx. 800 euros).

In Madrid:

- We arrived from airport 31.04.15 about 19:15 at apartment. Pablo Munoz (Susana's father) has been waiting for us.
- He could only speak Spanish.
- He showed us the flat. And it was flat with only one bedroom. We protested, because it wasn't the same flat we booked. And there were no place for 4 people to sleep, not to mention that we were supposed to be 6 in short time.
- As we couldn't discuss it with Pablo (lack of English) we phoned to HOUSETRIP.
- We got to know that our apartment is already booked (Pablo said it to their Spanish speaking consultant), and that we can get this one with one bedroom. It was not acceptable for us (4 adults plus 2 more arriving).
- About 20:00 o'clock we were outside on the street. With lots of baggage and a dog. Now what?!

Communication with HOUSETRIP (31.03.15):

- I called HOUSETRIP to hear what we were supposed to do. Where to go, where to sleep. Hotline consultant said he'll try to find another flat for us.
- He called back 20 minutes later to tell us that he can't get owners of other apartments on the phone, and that we have to spend the night in hotel. In the meantime they (HOUSETRIP) will try to book another flat for us. OK, I said, but, who is paying for hotel? HOUSETRIP is paying, he said. It is fair, I thought (how naïve ).
- We got hint form him which hotel ( on the other end of Madrid, but, OK, there is a Metro) has available rooms.
- We checked in hotel about 23:20 .

Communication with HOUSETRIP (01.04.15):

- Well, it is vacation, but we can't enjoy it, because we don't know what is our next step. HOUSETRIP will call us as soon as they booked another flat for us. It was almost 12:00 o'clock, and we have to check out from hotel or they will charge us for another day (will HOUSETRIP pay for it? Unknown…)
- Nobody called us from HOUSETRIP again and therefore I called them. Got another consultant on. She said that she doesn't know anything about our case, and after I told her a story, she promised she will do anything to help us (find another flat  ).
Fine, I said, but… what are we supposed to do now? Stay in hotel another night? Will they pay for two nights? Then, THEN… she said, their rules are that they will pay for hotel, for both nights, but WITH MY MONEY!!! And for the rest of the money they will try to book another flat. WTF!!!

It means following – we already paid 800 euro for 9 days in apartment, then… one night / two rooms in hotel costs 118 euro (two nights = 236 euro)… 800 – 236 = 564 euro.
THEY WIL HELP ME PAYING WITH MY MONEY!!!?? I lost apartment which I have booked via HOUSETRIPs website because of HOUSETRIP's affiliates, and it is me who is paying for those extra costs!?!
On the other side, I understood, too, that other potential flats costs much more than 1000 euro, which means, too, that we risk to end on 1400-1500 euros instead of 800 euros for 9 nights.

I said that I 've no intention to pay more than I already paid, and that I want 2 bedrooms apartment for 9 nights as I booked. I said, too, that it was not my fault that I'm on the street now, and that it is HOUSETRIP's responsibility for their partner had double booking. Hotline consultant said that IT IS NOT HOUSETRIP RESPONSIBILITY! Period. We are only mediators, consultant said. On my claim that if you are earning money as mediator then you have responsibility, too, consultant wasn't agree.

So, HOUSETRIP is not in charge if anything goes wrong. Apartments owner is not in charge, neither. Nobody is in charge, and it is nobody's responsibility that your vacation became nightmare. And, not only that, HOUSETRIP will try to sell you another apartment!?!? Much more expensive!!! ( It is farce, it is game, there are NO EMPTY FLATS!!!)

Well, it was clear, if we choose to wait for HOUSETRIP find another flat for us, we can't go out and enjoy Madrid (day 2 of our vacation will be lost). HOUSETRIP refused to pay for extra costs their host has caused to us, and at last, if they maybe, MAYBE (!!) find another flat, we risk to pay much, much more for 9 nights in Madrid than planned.

The only way out was – cancel the deal. We have done it. We stayed at hotel, paid 250 euros more than planned, but… that's it.


- It took 2-3 days to come over everything we experienced with HOUSETRIP host, discussing with HOUSETRIP's consultants, realizing that no help will come from them, realizing that HOUSETRIP has no understanding, that HOUSETRIP has no responsibility, that HOUSETRIP is not in charge for anything in their business. No consequences, no compensations, nothing.

PS. After some time (after we cancelled the whole booking with HOUSETRIP) we got few e-mails with info that all flats in Madrid are booked and that they can't help us?!?! Imagine what would happened if we have chosen to wait for HOUSETRIP find another flat? We would spend 2-3 days in hotel waiting and doing nothing.

Anyhow, HOUSETRIP, great coordination, superior professional's. With one word HOUSETRIP.

No two words - AVOID HOUSETRIP!!!

You deserve better. NOT HOUSETRIP!

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