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Considering changing your mobile contract to the new Shared Plan from EE? You could get free handsets for the family and 40% off your bill here! NOW CLOSED

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MichelleMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 30-Sep-13 09:33:19

To celebrate the launch of Shared 4GEE Plans from EE we're now on the lookout for 10 MNers and their families to try out the new Shared 4GEE Plans and to add feedback on it on MN.

EE say: "We're always working on new ways to give you great technology at great value which is why we've launched a totally new type of plan, Shared 4GEE Plans. You can share a 4GEE plan with up to four friends or family members or even with your own tablet and laptop. Everyone gets unlimited minutes and texts and loads of shareable data on just one simple bill. This makes managing your families devices easy and can save you a packet!"

Specifically, EE are looking for people who:
-Are over 18
-Are currently considering changing to the Shared Plan from EE (have looking into it and decided its right for you)
-Have just finished or are nearing the end of your current pay monthly contract. Please note, providers may charge you for terminating your contract early.
-Have children whose mobile phone bill is paid for by you. (If your children/ child has a pay monthly phone, they will need to have finished or be near the end of their contract).
-Are based in the UK and live in a 4GEE area (as the plan includes superfast 4G data) check if you're in a 4GEE area here

What the project involves

If you're selected to take part you will

-Need to visit your local EE store with your family members who will be on the Shared 4GEE Plan so everyone can choose the handset of their choice and get personally set up on the Shared 4GEE Plan by an EE expert.
-You'll then be required to try out the plan for three months and add your feedback to a thread on MN (approximately once a month.)

With regards to paying for the contract participants will:
-Need to pay the full amount for the first 3 months
-After the 3 months period testers will continue with the contract with an exclusive discount of 40% for the remaining 21 months.

So, to summarise, each of the 10 selected testers and their families will receive a free handset of their choice (including HTCs smart phones) as well as 40% off their bill for 21 months.

If this sounds right up your street and you meet the criteria above please add your details here and we'll be in touch with those shortlisted in the next couple of weeks.

Please note those shortlisted to take part will need to have a credit check to see if theyre eligible to take part.
Please see here for the full terms and conditions for this promotion. Please only sign up if you're happy and fully understand the T&Cs.

Thanks - please ask any questions below and we'll come back to you soonest.


scrappydappydoo Wed 16-Oct-13 23:13:56

Just posting back in fairness to say that I've just switched from EE to O2 when I rang to EE for my PAC code thing they were really helpful and when I said that the reason I was moving was of poor signal she agreed and said that they had removed several masts in my area. So I know I have moved but just wanted to post back and say I'd had a good experience customer service wise (I was out of contract though).

ForrinForrinerFromForrinLand Wed 16-Oct-13 23:26:14

EE are shittier than shit. Sorry MNHQ. I will not be renewing my contract with them. I pay £40 a month for an iPhone that can only be used as a fecking paper weight. No signal. Emails arrive 24 hours after being sent. No texts. Calls cut out or go straight to voicemail. Shall I continue?

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