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MNers test-driving new Toyota RAV4: see which Route125 adventures they had and tell us which you’d like to try - £200 to be won NOW CLOSED

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KatieBMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 02-Aug-13 16:04:21

This thread is for the 8 Mumsnetters who are taking part in the extended test-drive of the new Toyota RAV4.
Four testers and their families will also be making a video of their test drive - so look out for these on Toyota's page on Mumsnet soon.

Below are some questions for you to answer over the course of the test drive - please don't worry about answering all of them straight away, some may be more relevant after you've had the car for a week or so.

We'd like you to post updates on this thread at least twice a week - more if you'd like! We'd love to know what you and your family thought about the Toyota RAV4 as well as your stories from the Route125 adventure (or your own family adventure) you're going on and any other comments you may have.

Test-drive questions
Which model of the RAV4 are you test-driving?
What were your/your partner's first impressions of the car?
What do the children think of it?
How did you find driving a 4x4? Is it a comfortable ride? How does it differ from your usual car?
What's the boot space and legroom for passengers like?
What do you think about the features of the car? E.g Power back door, rear-view camera, cruise control etc.
Were these features what you expected the RAV4 to have or have you found any unexpected extras?
Are there any other features you'd like the car to have?
Has testing this car made you more or less likely to buy a Toyota in future?
Has testing this car changed your perception of Toyota cars at all? If so, how?
What one thing do you like best about it?
What one thing would you change about it?

Route125 adventures
We'd also like to know which Route125 adventures you and your family went on (or are planning to go on).
What did your children think of the adventure?
Were you already aware of the place you went to or was it totally new to you?
Do you think you'll be likely to try any of the other Route125 adventures or not? If so, which ones?

For those of you not taking part in the extended test drive, please take a look at the Route125 website and let us know which adventures you and your family would like to try. Have you already been on any of the adventures mentioned? If so please share your experiences with us.
If you haven't yet managed to try a Route125 adventure, why not get your family involved in one this summer! Let us know which one(s) you're going to try and come back to this thread to tell us all about it. If there isn't a suggested adventure near you what places would you recommend adding to Route125?
Please share your adventure stories on this thread. We'd also love it if you could upload any pictures of you and your family enjoying an adventure with Route125 or your own family adventure.

Everyone who shares their comments on this thread will be entered into a prize draw to win a £200 Love2Shop voucher

Thanks and good luck,


MmeGuillotine Wed 07-Aug-13 11:04:22

We're still very much enjoying our RAV. It's brilliant on all the winding Lake District roads although the sat nav never seems to recognise anywhere we're trying to get to and gives us much amusement with the way she pronounces 'destination'.

I'm also finding the boot slightly unnerving - it's huge but also high up and flat, which is great if you need to perch muddy small children on it to change their boots but scary if you've bought bottles of gin and your husband has a habit of pressing the auto boot opening button without checking that nothing has rolled towards the door! wink [wi

We have two booster seats in the back and although we couldn't fit another one in we did squeeze an adult friend in the middle for the trip from Newcastle to Alnwick. She seemed pretty comfortable, so that was a great improvement on our Civic! smile

Lilyloo Wed 07-Aug-13 18:31:17

Mme if you lift up the boot there is another compartment underneath with a net in, probably much safer for the gin.

Went to visit family today. Used the air con and adjusted it for my elderly nan who wanted it lower on her side. I was concerned about her climbing into it but she managed fine. She had plenty of legroom in the front passenger seat for her walking stick and handbag. Was a hit with her and she found it very comfortable.

My dad felt it needed to be black ( ours is a red / burgundy colour ) due to the plastic black trim all over it. I hadn't noticed.

Ds loves the remote boot as he can now easily close the boot which he is just a little to short to do in my car.

I did notice today that it is very quick on acceleration despite it being a diesel. It does sound like a diesel outside but not inside the car. It also needs shifting up gears quicker than my vw.

I do love vw but this is a serious contender , although we have never had a Toyota I would love to have this car. Being very pleasantly surprised.

MmeGuillotine Thu 08-Aug-13 10:10:08

Yes, we've been using the other compartment but it was full of history books on this occasion! smile

manfalou Thu 08-Aug-13 11:49:15


Adventures we have already done:

14- the adventure is ride tandem across Sherwoord pines... now we havnt rode tandem but we have had a bike ride there usually visit at least once a month.

17- We havnt created a long bow but have been to sherwood forest fun days dressed robin hood and bought a long bow ;)

103- swing through the trees. Me and DP did this pre-children. absolutely awesome! Alson done at darwin forest in Chester. We took our eldest to poles cavern (point of interest) which was good but DS got bored as he is only 2. The other point of interest we have visited under 103 is the Pavillion Gardens.

111- Yacht across the sea. Ok so it wasn't in a yacht. Me and DP are scuba diver and our club use to have a rib boat. We took it to scarborough/bridlington and took for a splash. Such a thrill as you're not strapped in and open to the elements. Plus I made the boat go air born! Woopsies! Pre Children

91- Discover a shipwreck. again being divers me and DP have done this too. Lucky Lucky people we are. Pre children

22. Dive into a hidden place- see above too. We are qualified Scuba divers! Seen lots of beautiful things beneath the waves.

Would love to do..

113- Husky trekking the moors. How amazing...didnt even know you could do stuff like that in the uk! plus DS would be so excited!

1. Patrol Hadrians Wall. Always wanted to see it.

11. Dig for fossils. Ds would love this

HannahLI Thu 08-Aug-13 13:47:57

I am not a tester but what a fab idea! We live in East Anglia so thats where I clicked. I have been punting on the Cam which I would recommend but when flicking through I also spotted leaf rubbings at Maulden Wood. It looks really really fun and my two little ones would very much enjoy the leaf rubbing adventure, so its going on my must do summer activity list!

Lilyloo Fri 09-Aug-13 11:01:23

We have decided to go to the Clitheroe food festival tomorrow. The weather here has been awful this week so we haven't done any of the adventures yet. Fingers x we have less rain next week.

We are picking a family member up from the airport on Sunday so will be able to see how the boot fairs with all their luggage.

We took the car over to the Trafford Centre this week. Did make us laugh when the automatic lights came on when we went in the car park. I am getting more used to the parking camera now and am looking over my shoulder less but it's a hard habit to break.
Dd2 loves the electric windows in the back (we only have them in the front).

I presume this car should have sat nav installed as it is an option on the dashboard but we don't have it so can't comment on that.
The dc said they would like the option of heated seats in the back and built in tvs in the headrests.

I am taking dd1 to the theatre tonight and picking up a friend who used to have a Rav 4. She is very keen to see it as she loved it but had to change it when she started a family as it was to small. I think she is going to be very surprised.

Lilyloo Fri 09-Aug-13 11:19:22

Just looked into the husky trekking. Apparently they only do the trekking October - March so the weather's cool for the dogs (this is Yorkshire). We can walk the dogs and do kennel visits. Not sure about that tbh there is enough moaning about walking our dog.
Will have to see if there is something else. It is quite hard to find anything within an hour drive from us.
The geocaching looks near but we have never done that before so may look into that.

johnnyDrivingaShinyCar Sat 10-Aug-13 09:10:00

We're off to Hadrian's Wall today so will try to take some pictures. I went grocery shopping yesterday and got to use the electric boot opening- I loved it, very easy with hands full to close the boot.

Lilyloo-I think the SatNav is an optional extra, the one we've got has it and it is handy. We also have friends with an older Rav4 and the new one is much, much bigger, particularly the boot. I keep comparing it to other sport utilities and the new Rav4 is bigger than most of them! I'm still surprised though that despite its size, it is really, really easy ans comfortable to drive. I never feel it's too big except in the teeny tiny car park at work where the backend hangs out the end of parking spaces!

Lilyloo Sat 10-Aug-13 20:43:36

We went to Clitheroe today. Had a lovely drive over and visited the castle which is on the recommended places to visit on the route 125 adventures. We visited the food festival and dp put all our purchases in the compartment underneath the normal boot space cue me panicking that we had left our shopping by the roadside and him grinning away.

MmeGuillotine Sat 10-Aug-13 22:19:38

We took our Rav to Hadrian's wall yesterday and the rear parking camera came in VERY handy while trying to negotiate the rather tight parking spaces at Housesteads fort. smile

We're taking it for a pub lunch then an epic hunt for the telephone box in Withnail and I tomorrow (I'm a massive fan) and then on Monday we're driving from Penrith to Edinburgh and back so I can do some Mary Queen of Scots related research, which should be fun. My husband would usually be groaning about all the driving I make him do for me by now but for once he seems to be looking forward to it. Thanks Toyota and Mumsnet! ;-)

We're still really pleased with the Rav and can't really fault it so far!

johnnyDrivingaShinyCar Sun 11-Aug-13 10:16:52

MmeGuillotine-that's where we went yesterday too- missed you by a day! I agree was very tight car park and camera was a godsend.

We had a great drive up, the Rav is really good on the up and down, twisty roads though last bit was all long, straight Roman roads. We're also still loving driving it. My son falls asleep within minutes in it which is not usual for him at all.

Getting sad about giving it back next week.

MmeGuillotine Sun 11-Aug-13 16:18:16

What a shame - we could have had a mini Mumsnet meet up in the shop! We ended up parking a bit creatively in the end due to the narrowness of spaces. The fort was worth it though - really impressive and atmospheric.

Anyway, I'm pleased to report that we found Withnail's red phone box in an obscure corner of Cumbria today. Mostly thanks to the sat nav! smile

Lilyloo Sun 11-Aug-13 22:04:05

No problem fitting two large suitcases in the boot today for visiting family from Australia.
We to will be very sad about giving it back on Saturday really getting used to it now.

RavMore Mon 12-Aug-13 15:43:10

We took ours to Devon over the weekend for camping with friends - including route 72 on map.

Got the masses of gear in no problem.

It was a lovely comfy ride and I appreciated having an automatic when we hit motorway traffic. The sat nav is very good - far better than the one dh has - it even updates you on traffic incidents. It's such a nice car to drive.

We discovered you can charge devices when the engine is off - very handy in a camping situation and it made us popular with everyone else!

The one thing that would put me off buying this car is the fuel economy, we got 30mpg which made it a very expensive trip in terms of what we spent on diesel.

is1 Tue 13-Aug-13 17:13:36

I'd love to do the Cannock Chase route, I love that part of the country - hilly but not too hilly!

Spirael Wed 14-Aug-13 11:09:08

Not a tester and only sulking a little bit still that we weren't chosen. I like the look of 45, standing behind the waterfall at Hardraw.

Unfortunately, I'm not convinced our ancient Fiesta would make it across the Yorkshire Moors!

We might be able to simulate it using the garden tap? wink

Lilyloo Wed 14-Aug-13 16:05:06

Ds has some friends over from Ireland this week. No problems fitting the 3 of them in the back seat and the boot has accommodated their suitcases / kit bags.
Ds is very happy they are being driven around in style and they all like the boot opening / closing button.
One thing I can't find (could be me) is a temperature gage in the car. I like to know.
Also I am not sure whether I like the size of the wing mirrors they are huge and can sometimes impede my view when I am turning a corner.
I seem to be putting a lot of diesel in the car but have been doing lots of driving. Today the Man City tour and Trafford Centre.
Friday ds and friends are hoping to go to Blackpool to the pleasure beach. Trying not to think about Saturday yet , would absolutely love to have one of these cars and that is a sentiment echoed by all the family.

Lilyloo Wed 14-Aug-13 20:32:27

Our car

Lilyloo Wed 14-Aug-13 20:33:15

Oops not sure why its upside down ?

manfalou Thu 15-Aug-13 22:20:21

Could a tester measure the boot? Eg width, lengths and diagonally. I have a double pushchair Which I'm testing that will not fit into either of our cars properly... would like to know if it will fit in this larger boot.


Lilyloo Thu 15-Aug-13 23:44:29

I am almost sure it would easily fit a double pushchair in. We have had two large suitcases in side by side with plenty of room. Will take my tape measure and camera out tomorrow smile but the boot is definitely a great size.

MmeGuillotine Fri 16-Aug-13 01:52:11

We decided to come back from holiday a day early so I'm typing this in my own bed at last! smile

We took the Rav from Penrith to Edinburgh on Monday, which was great fun and then to Windermere again yesterday. Both trips involved more high up, rather scary winding roads but as usual it handled them with aplomb. I like how it is equally at home in the city as it is in more rural settings - it feels like a really versatile vehicle.

It really came into its own today though - we did a direct switch of all our holiday luggage from the boot of our Civic to the Rav when we picked it up and had plenty of space to spare even though we'd packed for two adults and two children to go on a self catering holiday for a fortnight ago there was loads of stuff!

Since then I have raided the Metro Centre, Edinburgh museums, Booths, Lakeland (twice!) and various other places so we had loads more to bring back again! It was a bit more of a squeeze to get it all in but we did it and didn't even have to pile anything in the main body of the car, which was pretty amazing. I can't believe how much we can fit in - I thought the civic had a pretty respectable amount of boot space but this is on a different level. smile

Anyway, the journey home was great - very comfy, although I had the temperature in my side turned up too high so ended up nodding off. I like to be much warmer than my husband so it's been great being able to set my own temperature.

We're a bit sad about giving the Rav back tomorrow! sad

johnnyDrivingaShinyCar Fri 16-Aug-13 09:53:59

Sorry not posted much this week, my DS has been poorly so have only been to grocery store and to the GP surgery. We're taking ours back today so will write a full review tonight. I do really, really love it.

Lilyloo Fri 16-Aug-13 17:43:09

Measured the boot its roughly 3ft length by 4.5 ft width and a shade over 4.5 diagonally .

Lilyloo Fri 16-Aug-13 17:43:49

If anyone can advise why my pictures are being posted upside down , thanks smile

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