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Pampers pull ups

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Charlottiewright1 Thu 01-Aug-13 23:59:22

We have just finished using the Dora pampers pull ups on our 13 month old daughter.
They made nappy changes slightly easier as she is a wriggler and was better when she was standing up!
We're good for holding lots of wee also!
Think i will have to give them a try again but in a bigger size as found that they have come up alot smaller on my daughter than a normal standard nappy.sometimes if she had been crawling around it would have given her a wedgy and one bum cheek would be hanging out!so this was not good with a pooey nappy!so after that I just used them when I was at home paying attention all the time!i did struggle a few times with a dirty nappy and ended up in a total mess!so for this wasnt very impressed by them!
Can see how they are good for potty training,wouldn't buy them in a rush again but maybe a bigger size would help!just odd that a size 5 normal nappy she has lots of room in and these didnt?

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lj123 Fri 02-Aug-13 01:02:35

With pull ups, I the nappy is dirty I tend to just tear the sides instead of pull down, less mess smile

trixymalixy Fri 02-Aug-13 01:07:55

Oh dear, did you pull the dirty nappy down ?!?? Definitely tear the sides otherwise it's very messy!!

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