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See how MNers are getting on test-driving the new Toyota Auris Icon 1.8 Hybrid. Non-testers: Tell us your fave things about Britain - £200 voucher to be won. NOW CLOSED

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KatieBMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 14-Jun-13 16:06:38

This thread is for the 8 Mumsnetters who are taking part in the extended test-drive of the new Toyota Auris Icon Hybrid.
Five testers and their families will also be making a video of their test drive - so look out for this on Toyota's page on Mumsnet soon.

Below are some questions for you to answer over the course of the test drive - please don't worry about answering all of them straight away, some may be more relevant after you've had the car for a week or so.

We'd like you to post updates on this thread at least twice a week - more if you'd like! Please also remember to send any photos of your test-drive to me.

- What were your/your partner's first impressions of the car?
- What do the children think of it?
- How did you find driving a Hybrid? Was it what you expected?
- What's it like to drive?
- Is it a comfortable ride?
- What's the boot space like?
- What do you think about the features of the car? E.g Heads up display, electric seats, smart start system, multimedia system, rear-parking camera?
- Were these features what you expected the Auris to have or additional?
- Are there any other features you?d like the car to have?
- Has testing this car made you more or less likely to buy a Toyota in future?
- Has testing this car changed your perception of Toyota cars at all? If so, how?
- What one thing do you like best about it?
- What one thing would you change about it?

For those of you not taking part in the extended test drive, did you know the Toyota Auris is made right here in Britain? With this in mind, we'd love to know your favourite things about Britain?...What 'Great British Days Out' are a must for you and your family? Are you planning any holidays in Britain this summer? What about British produce? Do you try to buy British when you can? Share your comments and you'll be entered into a prize draw to win a £200 Love2Shop voucher

Thanks and good luck,


Babycarmen Thu 20-Jun-13 16:11:58

I am extremely proud to be British. I love buying British produce, especially meat and veg. We always holiday in Britain, we live in North East Scotland and the countryside is gorgeous up here, and there are loads of great beaches and attractions. It would be nicer if the weather was warmer sometimes but we don't complain smile

helcrai Thu 20-Jun-13 17:20:28

What Great British days out are a must?
Well living in the Lake District I am very lucky to have the best family days out on my doorstep and for free! We love to do the "traditional" lakes things like walking around the shores of Lake Derwentwater and strolling through Keswick where there are lovely gift shops and cafes but there are so many other quieter "off the beaten track" places to visit you really are spoilt for choice. Mirehouse, a beautiful house and gardens has gorgeous views over Bassenthwaite Lake with adventure playgrounds for kids of all ages. Across the road is the Sawmill tearooms and Little Dodd to climb.

Are you planning any holidays in Britain this Summer?
Sadly no due to financial constraints like most people but I'm sure we'll have plenty of picnics out in the Lakes which is great.

What about produce/do you buy British?
We have lovely fresh produce from local farm shops so whenever I can I try and buy it. Sometimes it can be cheaper than the supermarkets and nearly always better quality. Carrots and potatoes are always so much tastier. We have some fab local butchers who stock all the local farmers' meats especially lamb.

goldenretriever Thu 20-Jun-13 17:33:55

I like the eccentric nature of the British and the fact that they always root for the underdog, thought here is no reason why they should. The ice cream is also amazing.

serendipity1980 Thu 20-Jun-13 19:18:25

I always try to buy British produce, it is important to support our own little island. I love the British countryside, fish and chips by the sea, ice creams in the summer, fudge and clotted cream (we live in the south west). Also good pub food - all homely, especially sticky pudding!

newfashionedmum Thu 20-Jun-13 20:45:00

Love holidays in Britain, getting to know new bits of it every time, travelling without the hassle of airports and guilt of carbon guzzling, being able to cram as much as I want in the car, even rainy days on holiday because I love an excuse for us to watch a film/read a book/play a board game/visit a museum.

Oh and the obligatory 'rightmove' searches on the way home and plans of 'moving to the country/seaside/etc' that never quite come to fruition...

Hopezibah Thu 20-Jun-13 21:30:46

not a tester but here are my views on Britain... We love holidaying at home. There is so much to see and do right on our doorstep that we often take it for granted. Some of our fave places - days out in London to see the sights and the wonderful museums, we love Bath and Longleat, Cardiff was amazing- especially loved the museum there too. Brighton beach - love it there - fish & chips on the beach! So much fantastic coastline.

We teach the kids about buying local and seasonal if possible and look out for locally sourced fruit and veg in the supermarket. Sometimes get a veg box too.

We go along to our local farmers market from time to time. Wide range of crafts, produce, even locally made soap! Fab!

daisybrown Thu 20-Jun-13 22:47:06

We love camping in the UK with the kids, even though the weather can be so unpredictable. Children love the freedom it gives them, and getting back to nature does everyone a world of good.

missorinoco Fri 21-Jun-13 10:46:01

We are holidaying in Brtain this year. Going to Devon for a week. beach, barbecues and picnics with a bit of luck. I like holidaying in UK, and iif the weather was more settled, certainly now I have very small children this would be my preference to going abroad.

We don't have any great British Days Out so to speak, I will watch this thread for tips. Scones with jam and cream, strawberries and a picnic. Mmmm.

I buy mainly british fruit and vegetables and often british meat.

katiewalters Fri 21-Jun-13 11:16:09

My family love visiting british beaches. We have been to some lovely beaches in devon and cornwall. A day by the seaside, is great for the adults and the kids, especially if the weather is great. We are not planning any british holidays this year, only as were having our 2nd child in 3 weeks, so couldnt afford it. Last year we went to pembrokeshire and the year before woolacoombe. British holidays are just as good as going abroad.
I do try to buy british produce when i can. I always look at the meat, etc to see where it is from.

poachedeggs Fri 21-Jun-13 20:16:40

Scotland is the best thing about Britain. Wonderful scenery, outdoor activities Anna amazing fresh food right on our doorstep. How lucky are we?

wibblyjelly Fri 21-Jun-13 21:08:04

I do civil war reenactments, which are always good for a day out. They are mostly based at English Heritage sites, so beautiful places, and if you have kids, they learn something, awhile being entertained by big bangs!

lorisparkle Fri 21-Jun-13 23:56:04

What 'Great British Days Out' are a must for you and your family?

My boys love the beach - they don't care about the weather as long as there is sand and sea with an ice cream to follow. We also love visiting National Trust properties - we have family membership for Christmas then free days out all year!

Are you planning any holidays in Britain this summer?

Our first camping holiday - venue yet to be decided but probably the Isle of Wight - everything you want close by, a boat trip to make it feel like a real holiday, but still like home.

What about British produce? Do you try to buy British when you can?

I'm afraid cost and convenience are top priorities but would love to be able to buy British if I had more time and money!

winkygirl Sat 22-Jun-13 15:14:12

The thing I love most about Britain is traditional villages. These are things that most of the time you only see in Miss Marple, Midsomer Murders etc. but when you stray off the main roads there are so many quaint villages with a church, post office/stores and a pub. The houses are old and beautiful. The church graveyard tells the story of the same families living there for generations with the more elaborate graves belonging to the family from the big house, the sad little graves belonging to children and the war memorial where everyone gathers on remembrance Sunday.
Driving through these always fuels my imagination about the past lives and the current ones too.

TiredFeet Sat 22-Jun-13 15:20:27

not a tester. the thing I love most about Britain is the countryside, especially devon, cornwall, the Yorkshire dales and the lake district.

we're planning a holiday to cornwall in a weeks time, can't wait! hoping for some lovely non-british weather but if not we will have the eden project to visit and some walks in our wellies.

For days out, I love taking ds up to London we went the other week and went for a ride on a double decker bus, he thought it was amazing.

I love buying british if I can, I hate thinking of food flying from all over the world, but it is hard to avoid. I love some of the English cheeses, a really good cheddar or blue stilton or wensleydale...

whattodoo Sun 23-Jun-13 10:10:12

i'm a non-tester.
I love that you can be in a vibrant city in Britain, and then travel a few miles and be in some glorious countryside.
Great British Days out - sightseeing in London. local farms (and local farm produce), seaside, village fetes in summer.
We're holidaying in wales and lake district this year. There's so much to do, but the weather is always a risk!
I love going to farmers markets when we're on holiday and generally come back with a load of chutneys, jams, bread etc.
Yes, we try to buy british when possible.

alemci Sun 23-Jun-13 17:24:44

P for park Melbobs say at lights. then you don't have to keep foot on brake. just make sure you put foot back on break to start driving again

gazzalw Sun 23-Jun-13 18:08:29

Non-tester here....

I love that it's just so lush and green and when the sun is shining there's nothing that beats the British countryside....No matter how far I've travelled around the World there's nowt that beats that memory.....

The history can't be beaten either - it just oozes thro' the 'pores' of Britain - everywhere......We are so lucky to have such a heritage...

And yes, we are patriotic and loyal to our Country and holiday here (since children). Will be going up to Northumberland this Summer...plenty to do even if the weather is grim......

I am more keen on buying British somewhere like a Farmers' Market than in a supermarket....just seems more likely to be truly British!

lauralovesulots Mon 24-Jun-13 18:38:46

So here's my first post. I'm a non tester and here is the list of things I love about Britain (surprisingly the list keeps expanding!):

1. Countryside - Green grass, Streams, Canals, Rivers etc
2. Food specialists - Nothing like a cuppa tea and some fish and chips
3. Music - Variety is the spice of life they say?
4. Television & Advertising - Yes, I included advertising! Nowhere near as cheesy as other countries, and some with meaningful messages (eg. Hovis)
5. Heritage Buildings - Castles, Manors, Ruins, some of which restored for the pleasure of us all to relive History
6. Patriotism - We may not show as much patriotism as other countries do all the time, but when we need to pull together we do. Every time there has been a World Cup - the St George's flag flies high.
7. Smiles & Thank yous - Not from everybody, but the people who enjoy the smaller things in life. Do we need to thank you for saying thank you? Not really - but we do smile

That will be all for now. Laura

IncaAztec Mon 24-Jun-13 20:37:13

Toyota manufactures right here on my doorstep in Burnaston, near Derby.

Great British and great local sites to visit nearby! - Chatsworth House - amazing in Winter, Summer or any season in fact. Sudbury Hall - great museum of childhood and fab picnic area.

Haven't been on holiday this year yet but really love Tenby and the surrounding area, stunning scenery. Caldey Island is fab too.

British produce - I buy local and British whenever I can. Love locally grown strawberries from Swarkestone (nearish by your manufacturing plant!)

LadyRockingham Mon 24-Jun-13 22:31:45

What 'Great British Days Out' are a must for you and your family?
A day by the Seaside. A trip to London Museums/exhibitions. A trip to any local town to find out more about it.

Are you planning any holidays in Britain this summer?
Yes – Southwold

What about British produce? Do you try to buy British when you can?
All things being equal, yes. That is, it's in Sainsbury's, it's easily visible, it's about the same price.

Cherryoats Tue 25-Jun-13 15:33:59

We love the beach for days out. Its secret where we go though ;)
We love going on walks also, so many places to go, especially going from national trust sites.
We have beach trips planned this year for our holidays.
I buy from the local farm shop when we can, always buy british if its cheaper
I didnt know the toyota auris was made in britain smile

alemci Tue 25-Jun-13 22:11:32

I'm really enjoying driving the car. It seems to be very good on petrol but I wouldn't know how much a full tank of petrol would be. I would rather drive an automatic car in future.

Have been out tonight with a friend for a walk and gone in my car. I never mind driving this car. it is lovely and smooth on the road and easy to park apart from in my work car park which is a nightmare.

I like the camera but still turn round as well as it is weird looking at a camera and driving backwards.

I love the stereo and playing my ipod.

GlaikitFizzog Tue 25-Jun-13 22:19:20

It's about £50 to fill the tank! I can't believe the mpg I'm getting on the short, about town, drives I do! It was up at almost 60mpg! Longer moron way drives are about average at 45ish mpg, but the cruise control definitely helps with economical driving. Also watching the charge/Eco/power dial on the dash definitely makes your right foot lighter so you can see the battery being charged, or the EV mode kick in!

I'm going to be sad to see it go on Friday, I would definitely recommend this car to anyone. I love the automatic and I am much more used to the bells a whistles reversing comes with now. I'm actually pricing up maybe buying one!! don't tell dh

Now I just need to work it how to get these bloomin videos uploaded!!

melliebobs Tue 25-Jun-13 22:27:12

At 20k dh has already said no sad

cbatbh Tue 25-Jun-13 23:33:54

I'm picking the Auris up on Saturday. I was a bit nervous about the automatic but everyone says you getused to it qquickly. It should at least be better for my knees! I am keen to see what mpg I get. Currently I get 38 around town and 47 on motorway (Ford cmax).

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