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NOW CLOSED Toyota Verso tester review thread. Non-testers, tell us how you'd like your car to be more versatile - £200 Love2shop voucher to be won

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KatieBMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 03-May-13 11:56:13

This thread is for the 8 Mumsnetters who are taking part in the extended test drive of the Toyota 7 Seat Verso over the next few weeks. Five testers and their families will also be making a video of their test drive - so look out for these on Toyota's page on Mumsnet soon.

Below are some questions for you to answer over the course of the test drive - please don't worry about answering all of them straight away, some may be more relevant after you've had the car for a week or so.

We'd like you to post updates on this thread at least twice a week - more if you'd like!

What were your/your partner's first impressions of the car?
What do the children think of it?
Do the children fit comfortably in it?
How easy is it to fit car seats/ adjust seats etc?
What's it like to drive?
Is it a comfortable ride?
What's the boot space like?
How easy or difficult was it to change the layout of the seats?
Does it have any useful extras - cup holders etc?
Has testing this car made you more or less likely to buy a Toyota in future?
Has testing this car changed your perception of Toyota cars at all? If so, how?
What one thing do you like best about it?
What one thing would you change about it?

For those of you not taking part in the extended test drive, the Toyota Verso is all about versatility, so we'd like to hear your thoughts on this - please share on this thread how you'd like your car to be more versatile.
What do you wish your car could do to help make your life easier? If there was one feature or gadget your car could be fitted with what would it be?
Share your comments and you'll be entered into a prize draw to win a £200 Love2Shop voucher

Thanks and good luck,


DoubleMum Mon 01-Jul-13 15:20:34

Thankyou so much Mumsnet!

AngelieMumsnet (MNHQ) Thu 27-Jun-13 14:43:30

Thanks for all your comments, the winner of the prize draw is DoubleMum - I'll PM you to get your details.

TicTacSir Wed 05-Jun-13 06:59:46

Well I had to return the Verso on Saturday and I was very sad to say goodbye!
After two weeks of testing, I feel that I'm in a good position to judge whether this would make a good family car. My answer is yes.
I specifically liked the road height - a great vantage point being slightly higher than other vehicles.
The drive was very smooth and easy. It drove easily through the gears and had fabulous acceleration.
It was the most economical car I've ever driven (diesel).
Leg room was certainly an issue, but as I am only 5'1" I was fine!
There is a large blind spot at the rear passenger side, which was a bit offputting when parking.
The indicator noise was so quiet you could barely hear it. I think it should be louder.
All in all, yes I would put a Toyota as a front running contender when we change our old Ford next year!

melrose Tue 04-Jun-13 11:56:31

I would love my car to comfortably fit 3 children in the back (inc. 2 boosters and a car seat) surely it can't be hard to make a usual smallish hatch back wide enough in the back to do this!

heymammy Tue 04-Jun-13 11:19:22

I'm missing the 7 seate already...I'm transporting 5 x 9 year olds to a party at the weekend and we will need to take two cars!

Seriously though, getting back in my old car, I can't believe how heavy the steering is and the clutch pedal takes superhuman strength to push it down, I want my light, shiney, easy to drive Verso back <wails>.

MadMonkeys Mon 03-Jun-13 20:46:55

Non tester here - I'd love to have:

1. upholstery that can easily be removed and washed in a washing machine
2. A way of disabling the rear window handle (I guess higher end cars have electric controls on the rear windows which can be disabled though, I have a basic Astra)
3. Heating elements in the front windscreen as well as the back (DH has these in his Focus and I so wish I had too!)
4. A cover that goes in the boot to catch all the mud etc that ends up in there, which can be easily lifted out and cleaned - the carpetty stuff in mine if far to rigid to get out without all the bits pinging off in all directions so I put an fleece int he there to catch the bits but it always gets ruckled up and the bits fall down the gaps between the edge of the fleece and the edge of the boot.

ToyotaTester Sat 01-Jun-13 00:15:33

Heading home tomorrow. Heard from the dealer today, and I've got it til Monday grin grin grin

KrissyNorthants Fri 31-May-13 14:58:33

My daughter often struggles to put her seat belt in because it is tucked under the ridge of her seat. If the seat belt clip was taller and stood upright, this would help. My Golf was find, hubby's Volvo not fine and we've got a BMW on order which is also not good. My Golf had the seat belt clip further away from her seat so she was always able to clip it in herself. Don't have my Golf anymore. X

JackieTheFart Thu 30-May-13 18:36:27

Non tester - utterly gutted I missed this! I hired a Verso at Xmas and it was amazing. Fits three car seats across the middle, was comfy, nice to drive and like a tardis.

manfalou Thu 30-May-13 10:05:16

Non Tester- I have a 3 door car and would LOVE a 5 door car. Hauling a 2 year old and newborn in and out of my little clio isn't the easiest of tasks. Id also love a bigger boot as my double pram fills it! Cant go shopping as there's no where to put the goods =(

IceNoSlice Wed 29-May-13 23:01:57

Not a tester...

I'm pretty sure you can get this as a feature on higher spec cars but my car doesn't have it!

I'd love to be able to warm up/defrost the car from inside the house (whilst the car is still locked so not having to leave the keys in the ignition which practically asks a thief to steal the car!)

Also, same but with A/C for summer, so you don't have to get into an oven.

lovemycrazykids Wed 29-May-13 20:33:20

Tester update.....
I can't comment on fitting in car seats as we only have 1 child left in a high back booster.
Yes, there is removable floor panels to stash stuff behind driver and passenger seat.
I got back in our s-max today and really noticed the difference in steering! S-max much heavier!
I asked the kids which car they preferred and the said s-max 'cause bigger in back row' but they did love the picnic trays!
I agree the seats are stiff to move back and forwards. Also I would worry that in a few years the picnic trays would be broken or not stay up anymore. But with the great extended warranty on toyotas this may not be an issue.
The Verso does feel like driving a large estate more than people carrier. A lot easier to park than s-max due to size.
Best points for me;
I love the touch screen console.
Toyotas extended warranty-we did look at Toyotas in particular for this but nothing suitable
USB port-although this is a bit tricky to use
Easy smooth steering
I was worried that I would be disappointed in our fairly new purchase of our s-max, even though its a few years older after testing this car. But wouldn't swop!
Would recommend the car for a family with younger children and then look for a bigger car as they get older probably from 10 upwards??
As I have a teenager we need the space in middle row and the 3rd row needs to be used comfortably for the younger 2 when loaded with teenagers!!
I still have the car for a few more days so if anyone has anymore questions please let me know.

peronel Wed 29-May-13 20:00:38

I'd like a fold-down table from the (large) glove compartment to be used when stationary for impromptu picnics, etc. - not sure it would be safe though.

WhyIRayLiotta Tue 28-May-13 21:05:54

not a tester

My car is very small and nippy - easy to park and manouvere. But no storage.
I would like the light shade things that fold down to be more versatile - maybe pull down further like a blind / bend round to the drivers door window etc.

I would also like if my gearstick had a perhaps digital display of what gear I am in on the top... sometimes I am driving and don't know what gear I am in... is it 3rd or 5th? Be cool if I could see at a glance.

TicTacSir Tue 28-May-13 19:16:17

Oops posted too soon.
3) The iPod socket is awkward to get the usb into.
We're still feeling really lucky and privileged to be selected for this test drive... I shall be a bit depressed having to hand it back on Saturday!

TicTacSir Tue 28-May-13 19:13:37

I've been testing the Verso for ten days now and I must say, am getting quite attached to the baby!!
My favourite things are:
1) Height position on the road. Fantastic - feels really spacious and tall.
2) The Bluetooth/iPod/DAB options on the stereo (we argue about what to play now, rather than struggle to find something decent!
3) Very efficient to run. Far more efficient than our Focus estate.
4) Runs beautifully. PLENTY of poke - even managed to get up Haldon Hill in 6th gear (stealth boast!!! Devon mn-ers will bow in awe!!).
Points for improvement:
1) HUGE blind spot when parking, even with the rear camera, and when looking behind. This worries me a little esp in car parks.
2) Rear seats are not that easy to put up and down
actually I've not managed to figure this out yet blush

heymammy Tue 28-May-13 12:11:31

This car is definitely on the 'to be considered' list for when we upgrade our current car. We already have a Toyota so it was so easy to drive.

I must admit that at first I found the touch screen really distracting for things like changing radio stations or adjusting the audio so it took some time to get used to it.

Oh, remembered my favourite feature...the button to fold in the wing mirrors! My mum lives on a really busy road and I usually forget to fold in the mirrors or if I do remember I forget to fold them out again and drive away with them folded in! Problem solved!

Things I would love to see on the car are:
sliding doors
built in booster seats (hadn't even heard of these until a pp mentioned I want it!)
Wee window blinds as even tho the windows are tinted it doesn't stop the Sun glaring in
Some sort of bin in the back!

heymammy Tue 28-May-13 11:47:18

toyotatester shock I am well impressed at that!

heymammy Tue 28-May-13 11:45:28

Having had a Good drive around over the bank holiday weekend, I feel I've gotten to know the car a bit better now!

Another tester mentioned above that this is an 'occasional' 7 seater and they are dead right. I have found that I need to plan in advance if I will need the 7 seats basically due to the fact that I normally have a boot full of stuff (bags for the charity shop, buggy, shopping that I haven't got around to bringing in yet, spare booster seats!). It means emptying the boot beforehand so no good for the impromptu 4 kids coming over after school.

Having said that when you do need 7 seats they are completely useable for an adult or child, easy to get in/out of, seatbelts are easy to buckle which is a Big Thing for my 6 year old who hates having help!

The fact that each seat folds down independently if the others is a great feature as it means you can still have e.g. Children sitting on the seats on the left (one in the middle row And one in the back row) then fold down the right hand seats. This worked for us when we took the bikes to the park as we could fit the bikes in long ways instead of across the width of the boot.

The tray tables are A great idea, shame we haven't been far enough to test then out with a picnic in the car lol

I haven't paid any attention to the 'shift' light on the dash, it is not a feature I need/want but thankfully it is unobtrusive and can be ignored!

I love the automatic Bluetooth link up with my phone and built in hands free...genius!

bluecarrot Mon 27-May-13 09:51:36

Our car is quite old so some of these things may be standard on newer cars

More cup holders that are deep enough to actually keep travel mugs from falling out.
USB charger
Height adjustable car seat belts ( over the shoulder)
Washable boot covering ( perhaps with optional, easily removable carpet layer on top) but it would be so much easier to keep clean if I could I brush and mop the boot surface. If it was a bit rubbery it would hold our stuff in place.
Also a restraint system for the boot so if I have a box in it I can secure it from sliding around.
Back of front seats should be wipe able fabric as kids shoes get the fabric dirty and its hard to clean.
Lots of wee storage compartments are great BUT they should be easy to clean. No awkward crevices to collect the dust and gunk from kids.
Be able to adjust radio sound to just front or back of car.

ToyotaTester Mon 27-May-13 08:26:07

Well, we did it!

On Saturday I fitted 2 x 15yo, 2 x 13yo, one 6yo in a hbb and one 2yo in a stage 1 car seat into the verso. Plus our border collie, a week's worth of luggage and four sleeping bags shock

If I was an estate agent I'd be describing the result as bijou and cosy grin However, it was ok and no one was too uncomfortable. Oh, and I did issue packing lists to all the teens! grin

zipzap Mon 27-May-13 00:27:46

Not a tester.

I'd love cars to be able to sit three child seats (for any age group) across the back of the car. Or provide an integral solution like the safe straps for children to be strapped in to adult seats properly without the need for car seats (like the ones on dragon's den years ago) so that you can have 3 kids safely and comfortably on the back seat of a car without being held to ransom by the worry of which car seats work in the space and will you be able to pick up an extra child to do a favour to another parent at hometime etc.

SweetApril Fri 24-May-13 10:42:37

lovemycrazykids Thanks for that. It's definitely off the shortlist given that the DCs won't be little forever and will need as much leg room as we do eventually.

IwishIwasmoreorganised We test drove a 5008. I really liked it. DP not so much as worried about French cars and reliability. We both liked the Mazda 5 and are now debating whether a six-seater (which it really is) will be OK for us. VW Touran next on the list. I'll go away now seeing as this is meant to be a Toyota thread but thanks for your advice!

ToyotaTester Thu 23-May-13 10:41:04

Ok, so tomorrow is midway - time for a check in I feel! I'll try to do it in a logical manner!

First exterior impressions:
White. I really wasn't sure about that, but when the sun shines (it has once or twice wink) it's a lovely sparkly white. Still wouldn't choose it though! From the outside it is really compact looking - it's bigger on the inside though, thankfully.

Driving position - very good, flexible, everything is within easy reach. The controls are easy to understand although I've not managed to work out the cruise control yet. The steering wheel is a little slippy - if you've got to make a significant adjustment in a hurry it can be a little dodgy.

The steering feels a little disconnected to the road - a little bit too light for my liking, but the suspension is a little bit hard so you are very connected in that way grin It has a smaller turning circle than my Ford though.

In my current car (Ford C-Max) and in virtually every other car I have driven in recent years there is a facility to do a half pressure on the indicators which turns it on for, say, 4 flashes - perfect for changing lanes. I love this facility and I'm missing it on the Verso. It's especially useful as in a car with lots of kids, modern indicators are often not loud enough to draw your attention so sometimes it can be on for a while!

The front passenger seat is as comfortable as the driver's seat, and the glove boxes are useful but I would prefer one large one to two smaller ones.

The second row seats are comfortable. The ability to move them forwards is useful although it is a little stiff currently (probably because it is so new). My Britax Prince car seat fits nicely in the seat. I've tested a Stage 0+, a stage 1 and a stage 2 car seat and they all fit perfectly across the middle row.

In my Ford, I have the privacy glass in the back (as does the Verso) but I also have retractable sun blinds which are also a very useful feature as it takes all the glare off the baby.

It is phenomenally easy to use the seats in the 3rd row and although there is not masses of legroom, this is an occasional 7-seater so I would say adequate. The use of them means zilch boot space, but again, if you need both, you'd not be looking at an occasional 7-seater, would you?!

One thing which my ex's Mercedes has which I think is a brilliant idea is that the rear seat belt buckle is on the outside so when you are strapping a child into a HBB it is far easier to strap them in, rather than leaning in over them into the car.

So, currently, I probably wouldn't buy one right now - I have 4dcs so we fill a 'normal' car already. I am hankering after a full size 7-seater. But if you were looking for an occasional 7-seater, I think this would be very hard to beat. I like Japanese cars (or German - so goodness knows why I have a Ford confused) for their reliability, and this 'feels' reliable. It is a good practical car, but doesn't fail to impress from a driving perspective. I need a practical car for the dcs but I like to feel like I'm driving something other than a bus!

We're going away with the world and his wife on Saturday, so I'll update then. Hoping to take a few photos too...

MyBootsAreMuddy Wed 22-May-13 21:59:10

Does the verso have those under floor storage compartment things in the middle row?
Its one thing that bugs me about theses so called 'family' cars as you can't use car seats/bases with the suport legs on them so they just seem stupid as I think most people like to use the bases with infant seats.

We have a VW transporter as our main vehicle as we have 6 dc so needed at least 8 seats, but are thinking of getting a 7 seater for use when less of us as its a bit of a squeeze in DHs pickup or the old landy depending on what combination of DC are to go in, and its impossible to get 4 dc in our nannnys Polo!

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