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Mumsnetters needed for Pampers Baby-Dry product trial - please sign up here - prize to be won

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TheOtherHelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 15-Apr-13 09:57:19

Pampers are looking for 1,000 MNers to try their New Pampers Baby-Dry nappies with their babies and give feedback on MN. Here is what Pampers say: "At Pampers we love learning about what you think of our products which is why we'd like you to try our Pampers Baby-Dry nappy, now with an improved Extra Sleep Layer for up to 12 hours of overnight dryness. We look forward to your review!"

This is open to all UK MNers who have a baby currently wearing size 3 or 4 nappies. Everyone who is selected will receive a carry pack of 30 nappies in either size 3 or 4 (depending on which you select in the survey below). If you're unsure of the sizing, here's some more info:

Size 3: 4-9kg/9-20lbs

Size 4: 7-18kg/15-40lbs

All testers will also receive a letter containing a money off coupon for Pampers Baby-Dry.

Everyone who takes part and adds their feedback to a thread on MN will be entered into a prize draw to win a Love2Shop voucher to the value of £250.

Please sign up here if you'd like to take part.


jennyn8545 Fri 19-Apr-13 08:58:48

7 years and 3 babies on, and i have yet to find a perfect "overnight nappy"

TheOtherHelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Fri 19-Apr-13 11:05:36

sshi - yep, we got your application thanks

tisonlyme - you didn't say which size but I'll amend that for you

PrettyVacant1 Fri 19-Apr-13 15:59:45

Done a few days ago too.
Wasn't sure of you have to confirm on here. thanks

SirBoobAlot Fri 19-Apr-13 18:48:16

Used to use pampers, but they started leaking... Will be interested to see if this makes any difference.

As for the "12 hours golden sleep" comment - that's rubbish. 11-5 counts as 'sleeping through' until they are a few years old. I understand this is part of a marketing scheme etc, but reinforcing the anxiety that parents feel about their child 'should' be going 12 hours isn't helpful.

harderthanitlooks Sat 20-Apr-13 07:26:05

Completed this a few days ago is there ment to be a confirmation email?

Minnow1 Sat 20-Apr-13 23:43:01


duchesse Sun 21-Apr-13 22:29:52

I started filling this one in as DD3 is still in nappies at night and weighs 13 kg so still in tiddly nappies.

However, I gave up halfway through as I found the format of the survey so nauseating, and could just see the quote "8 out of 10 mums in a survey said they trusted Pampers Baby-dry to bring 12 hours of Golden Sleep TM to their baby", and I felt utterly manipulated.

I actually buy pampers nappies for overnight use for DD3 and this survey was almost enough to make me switch to a different brand. Sorry.

Fufutinkerbelle Mon 22-Apr-13 12:16:29

Done smile

Lovemysonsloads0312 Mon 22-Apr-13 12:21:10

Done smile

Dizzy22 Mon 22-Apr-13 12:29:31

Done :O) 12 hours is a long time, I'm prepared to be amazed :O) x

ButterflyHan Mon 22-Apr-13 12:36:20

I will. I have noticed the new baby size 3's leak - I switched to little angels but would be happy to try the baby dry ones

TheOtherHelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 22-Apr-13 12:36:50

harderthanitlooks - we haven't picked testers yet - it's open to sign up til tomorrow when we'll be picking testers and emailing them to let them know

tinamum2 Mon 22-Apr-13 12:48:38

I'd really love to try this for my baby girl, she's in size 4.

yummymummy051011 Mon 22-Apr-13 12:50:20

Done :D How will I know if I have been accepted to do the trial?

yummymummy051011 Mon 22-Apr-13 12:58:02

Can somebody let me know if I done it correctly

Pinkyorkbunny Mon 22-Apr-13 13:07:33

Done grin

I would love to try a different make to the Simply Dry ones as these are not always available in our supermarket (size 4 sells out fast!). It would give me a better choice if they were good!

onutza Mon 22-Apr-13 13:11:31


TheOtherHelenMumsnet (MNHQ) Mon 22-Apr-13 13:29:04

yummymummy051011 - yes, we've got your application thanks. We'll email you tomorrow or Weds if you've been picked to be a tester. Thanks

mandymilo Mon 22-Apr-13 13:34:21

Have been using Huggies with my daughter since they are finished I have tried pampers but would like the opportunity to put them to the test.

MaristelaMussulin Mon 22-Apr-13 13:39:47

I cant join, whats wrong??

CunningAtBothEnds Mon 22-Apr-13 13:44:36

Done, I use little angels an would be keen to see if they rival them

drummerbecca Mon 22-Apr-13 13:51:41

My DD is just over 6 months and we use pampers baby dry and asda little angels in 4+ as these claim to be extra absorbent. Personally, I have yet to find a nappy that doesn't leak. We've had no joy with 4+ so the normal 4's don't stand a chance.

JaneyLou84 Mon 22-Apr-13 13:56:58

Done -i think? My son is in size 4 would be interesting to give them ago. He is currently wearing size 4 pull ups as these seemed a more snug fit. He is nearly 2 but have a very small frame and is not very tall so have had issues to find nappies that don't leak! The pull ups have been the best so far! X

Samilla Mon 22-Apr-13 14:04:43

Done! At 15lbs my little boy is just growing out of the Pampers newborn range, which I've been very happy with. I'd be interested in trying him in the baby dry and active fit nappies next.

Eunny Mon 22-Apr-13 15:00:40


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