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NOW CLOSED Kärcher steam cleaner feedback thread: Non testers – win a steam cleaner (RRP: £219.99) for yourself by letting Kärcher know your home’s ‘dirty secrets’

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AlexMumsnet (MNHQ) Tue 26-Mar-13 15:21:31

This is the thread for the lucky 30 testers who were sent a steam cleaner by Kärcher and our currently using it to do the spring clean.

Kärcher say their Steam Cleaners "revolutionise home cleaning, tackling any and all frequent and difficult cleaning tasks with professional results and abolishing the need for hours of endless scrubbing! Our steam cleaner is a natural and environmentally-friendly solution that provides a family-focussed alternative from chemical cleaners that aggravate allergies and are harmful to children, killing 99.99% of all common household bacteria without the need for detergents"*

Testers are trying the SC 2.500 C

Testers: we'll be asking you to add feedback twice - we'd like your first impressions now and in a week we will add some more questions.

So, for your first impressions, Kärcher would love to know:

~ Did you find setting up the Steam Cleaner easy, were the instructions helpful?
~ Where have you used the Steam Cleaner?
~ What were your impressions from the first few uses?
~ What cleaning chore have you been most pleased with the results from using a Steam Cleaner?

If you're not an official tester but you'd like another chance to get a steam cleaner (RRP: £219.99) for yourself then please share on this thread where in your house could really benefit from a bit of a deep-steam-clean. What's your home's 'dirty secret' wink? the place where you've let the grime build up and now can't bear to look at? Where would you most want to use the steam cleaner?

Thanks and good luck!

*When thoroughly cleaning with the Kärcher Steam Cleaner 99.99% of all common household bacteria will be killed on common household hard floor surfaces.

ouryve Wed 27-Mar-13 10:17:11

~ Did you find setting up the Steam Cleaner easy, were the instructions helpful?

DH had a go with it at the weekend and found it simple enough.

~ Where have you used the Steam Cleaner?

He tried it on the bathroom tiles and grout, but gave up when it was clear it was making little impression.

~ What were your impressions from the first few uses?

It did nothing to get rid of or even reduce the limescale splashes around the bath, so we're a little disappointed, so far.

~ What cleaning chore have you been most pleased with the results from using a Steam Cleaner?

Nothing yet. I finally have a child free day, today, to see how it deals with the kitchen and bathroom floors.

Indith Wed 27-Mar-13 10:20:51

Non Tester here. My house doesn't have dirty secrets, all dirt is very much on display grin. Worst bits are the in the extension which gets all condensation filled and mouldy so the nook and crannies around the back door get all black and horrible as well as bits in the bathroom, not to mention the usual bathroom grouting!

TheReturnoftheSmartArse Wed 27-Mar-13 10:32:28

Did you find setting up the Steam Cleaner easy, were the instructions helpful?
To be honest, I don't "do" instructions. So I just filled the jug, plugged it in, et voila! Easy peasy lemon squeezy. It would be useful to know exactly which tool is best suited to which job and I don't think I saw that mentioned in the manual.

Where have you used the Steam Cleaner?
Where haven't I used it, more like.
Tiled front path - came up beautifully.
Front door and outdoor window ledges - shiny and white.
Grouting in kitchen and bathrooms - huge difference (though I had to be careful not to do it too "hard" so as not to actually remove the grout. I found rubbing them with the steamy, tiny brush really effective.
Tiled floors - lovely and clean and dried really quickly. Didn't have to shout at anyone to "keep off my bloody clean floor" (apart from ArseDog, who clearly doesn't understand English).
Oak floor – I thought perhaps it looked a little “dull” afterwards but my family told me I was imaging things hmm
Limescale on the shower door - all gone.
Marks on rugs and carpets - vanished.
Combi microwave oven – mixed results. The lining of it is textured and is virtually impossible to clean. I didn’t like to blast it too much, in case the steam got in the electrics and fused it. It got some of the burnt marks off, but I’m afraid I then resorted to my usual method, which is a little white vinegar in a bowl of water, microwaved for 7 minutes then left so that the steam softens the grot.
My cooker hood isn’t particularly greasy so I haven’t tried it on that, and I don’t think I dare, as it is a bit fancy and I won’t want to ruin it. I did, however, use it on the glass hob, round the burners and the knobs. Obviously they needed wiping afterwards, but it did get rid of that “seal” of grease you get around those.

What were your impressions from the first few uses?
It is SO easy to use and as an allergy and asthma sufferer I can only imagine that using fewer chemicals in the house would be a good thing. £220 isn’t cheap, but I suppose you’d recoup your costs over a year or two if you didn’t have to buy Flash, Viakal or whatever. It isn’t huge but obviously it is yet another piece of equipment which needs storage space (which I don’t have a lot of).

What cleaning chore have you been most pleased with the results from using a Steam Cleaner?
Getting the marks off the carpets and rugs was amazing. I have tried every product under the sun recently, but a quick blast of steam from the gun, straight onto the mark, followed swiftly by a little rub – sorted!

Huge thanks to MNHQ for picking me as a tester!

HazeltheMcWitch Wed 27-Mar-13 11:34:28

Non-tester here.

I am loving reading all the detailed feedback - so thanks, testers!

I was going to say the bit I'd most like to steam was the window-seal, where it all goes a bit black... repeated scrubbing with toothbrush and bleach doesn't quite crack it (although I do need to do that again...).

But I've just noticed a load of black grot in the overflow outlet of the bath. if I had a steamer, I'd put a load of steam down there. It's vertical, so it's hard to squeeze or spray much bleach down there.

tethersend Wed 27-Mar-13 11:45:25

Non tester here.

My home's dirty little secret is that bit just behind the front door- the bit with the rooms and stuff; you know, the house.

Jojobump1986 Wed 27-Mar-13 11:59:09

My kitchen & 2 bathrooms needed a deep clean when we moved in 3.5 years ago. There were splodges of paint in the bath! Who washes painty things in the bath & doesn't clean it out afterwards?! confused We've managed to scrape the worst out but the tiles/grouting in all 3 rooms are crying out for a more intensive clean than just a good scrub. I'm due to have a homebirth in June & I'd love to have a bath afterward in a room that actually looked hygienic! I've seriously considered having the baby in the local MLU purely for this purpose! blush

firawla Wed 27-Mar-13 12:04:22

non tester
i find my kitchen floors a pain to clean and there are certain corners of it that even after cleaning it doesnt look 100% done so steam cleaner would probably help. would also like to try it on the shower and bathroom

Whirliwig72 Wed 27-Mar-13 12:13:57

Non tester

I'm ashamed to say my oven extractor is absolutely coated in grease and
Unmentionables. I've not tackled it for the three years we've rented our house and I'm not looking forward to trying to restore it to pristine condition when we move out this summer. Would a Karcher solve my problem?

PointeShoes Wed 27-Mar-13 12:23:41

Non- tester here

Dirty parts, mostly around the sink and toilets, tiles, hard to reach places and places where I hate cleaning like under the oven door, where food likes to accumulate! We have laminate flooring in the kitchen so it would be perfect to get one of these, as I would trust it was clean for my toddler. As the guinea pigs are indoors too, it would be great to get rid of all the germs on and around the cage area. I'd imagine it would be a lot easier to clean using one of these and save time. I would love to try one of these out !

browneyesblue Wed 27-Mar-13 12:26:33

Non tester

The corner between the kitchen cupboards - dead space that accumulates grime. Also, behind the toilet and sink (shudder!)

LoganMummy Wed 27-Mar-13 12:32:09

Non-tester here.

Dirty little secret in our house is the oven - I haven't cleaned it since we moved in 18 months ago (I thought we were getting a new one but (unfortunately DH fixed it) so I kept putting off cleaning it and now I don't know where to start).

We also have real oak flooring downstairs (was here when we moved in) and I'm terrified to use any chemicals on it in case I damage it. I would LOVE a steam cleaner!

FeijoaVodkaAndCheezels Wed 27-Mar-13 12:43:08

Marking place will be back with my thoughts later.

ChocolateOrangeforDd Wed 27-Mar-13 13:04:34

Non Tester.

I would like to use it to remove the hard water marks and limescale in the bathrooms and to clean our wooden laminate kitchen floor where there is ground in dirt.

Finally (an off the wall suggestion)I would use it to try to steam and loosen ivy roots on our outside brick work that nothing else will remove!!

WowOoo Wed 27-Mar-13 13:10:16

Non tester.
I'd like to try a steam cleaner on my kitchen tiles. Especially those behind the hob.
The tiles only get done as an afterthought. I never really give them a good clean, but as they are dark any marks don't really show.

morethanpotatoprints Wed 27-Mar-13 13:33:59

~*Did you find setting up the steam cleaner easy, were the instructions helpful?*

The steam cleaner was simple to put together, although the instructions weren't very clear, I followed the pictures on the box, to help identify which tools were for which job.

~*Where have you used the steam cleaner?*

I have used the steam cleaner throughout the house and cleaned windows and frames, carpets, lino, stone, wood flooring. Kitchen and bathroom tiling, toilets, sinks. Cooker hood and door, front panel and cooker knobs. Gloss paintwork and wood worktops.

~*What were your first impressions from the first few uses?*

I was amazed at how bright everything looked and a fresh smell throughout the house, but with no perfume or cleaning product smell. As we live in an old house that can suffer from damp, the steam generated meant windows and doors needed to be opened, but on first few uses I did go a bit mad.

~*What cleaning chore have you been most pleased with the results from using a steam cleaner?*

It has to be the kitchen floor, although the cooker hood and cooker bits I mentioned have to be a close second.*

mummy81 Wed 27-Mar-13 13:47:39


My dirty secret is under the sofa. As the high chair is placed near the sofa the wood floor here has remains of thrown food too hard to reach and once forgotten it stays there congealing on the wood.

mistlethrush Wed 27-Mar-13 13:49:55

Non tester here too...

Kitchen - definitely. We have a 7yo (very active) and a new lurcher (rescued, now housetrained wink). The floor (tiles) comes in for hard wear, particularly in the winter, with mad rushing down the garden by various inmates (eg dog, after squirrel, me after dog, DS just to join in the fun) and whilst feet are wiped (including the dog's) there is still a build up (although it does get washed, honest!). However, the tiles behind the cooker are possibly even more in need of some assistance as DH gets rather enthusiastic with his cooking and never notices the splashes until they are well and truly cemented on.

LillethTheCat Wed 27-Mar-13 13:55:12

Sorry its taken a bit, Ive been quite busy these last 2 days. Anyway,

~ Did you find setting up the Steam Cleaner easy, were the instructions helpful?
Yes very easy to use and set up

~ Where have you used the Steam Cleaner?
Kitchen and Bathroom

~ What were your impressions from the first few uses?
It was good, did its job

~ What cleaning chore have you been most pleased with the results from using a Steam Cleaner?
Floor and windows. Left them all clean and sparkly.

FattyMcChubster Wed 27-Mar-13 13:59:29

Didn't test but would love to win a steam cleaner to clean the shower.
When DP built the extension he put in a double shower which I lurve but when I was pregnant became a total pig to clean and not keeping on top of it has meant all the books and crannies are hanging. Bleurgh. I now get in and wash as quickly as possible, ignoring the grime as much as possible. Help me enjoy my showers again!

gazzalw Wed 27-Mar-13 14:05:54

Non Tester here.... I fail to see how the Gods haven't granted us a cleaning fairy in this household because we are well overdue one! Our dirty secret is the area at the back and to the side of the free-standing cooker in the kitchen which is in the corner.. It's a very awkward space which, because it requires a full hands/knees scrub-down, often gets overlooked. It's a tight and awkward space so even if you can be bothered to get down on knees to do it, you just don't get the full elbow grease effect because there's just insufficient room for proper physical toil. Just the right size for a steam cleaner though wink!

reastie Wed 27-Mar-13 14:52:19

Non tester here. My dirty secret is the shower. It's the only thing in the house DH is responsible for cleaning, and, as such it NEVER gets cleaned. He squeegees the glass and ignores the rest so the walls and tray now have yucky limescale marks which are getting worse by the week (it's been over 2 years blush ). It has become a case of me gritting my teeth and refusing to do what is his job for him (and to just close my eyes when I shower). He likes gadgets, I suspect a fancy pants piece of equipment to clean it would actually get him to do it since it's installation.

InMySpareTime Wed 27-Mar-13 14:55:56

Non-tester: my home's dirty secret is the windowsills. They are covered with plant pots, and since I can't be bothered face shifting them all, I just ignore the dirt, soil and cobwebs that build up until the insect corpse density hits critical mass and dead flies get knocked off when I close the curtains.
I really need a steam cleaner!

Happiestinwellybobs Wed 27-Mar-13 14:59:07

Non-tester here...

My dirty secret would have to be our back room, where the dog is sent to dry off after his mad romps in muddy fields, ponds and bogs. Unfortunately for DH this room is also his office! It does get an occasional vacuum but would be sooo nice to have it spotless for a change smile

Silver66 Wed 27-Mar-13 15:13:21

~ Did you find setting up the Steam Cleaner easy, were the instructions helpful?

Very straightforward but I did find the instructions unclear as to which attachment to use for which job.

~ Where have you used the Steam Cleaner?

Laminate floor, stone floor tiles, cooker hob, stainless steel kitchen sink, bathroom tiles, kitchen tiles - plan to do shower door and the rest of the bathroom this weekend

~ What were your impressions from the first few uses?

I first tried it on kitchen tiles and was distinctly underwhelmed - it really didn't seem to make any difference. Then I did the kitchen and hall floor that are laminate and was very impressed, easy and to use and dried very quickly and judging from the dirt on the cloth it got the floor spotless. Tried it on stone tiles and it effortlessly removed an ingrained patch of dirt where the cat comes through the cat flap. Glass cooker hob cleaned up but still had stains around the rings, cooker hood still slightly sticky with grease after cleaning. No effect at all on stainless steel sink or around taps. Cleaned stains off grout in bathroom tiles very easily. Had a go at the carpets but made no impression - but then again it's not designed for carpets. Overall I loved the fact you can clean just with steam and you know it is killing bacteria, if not removing all the stains.

~ What cleaning chore have you been most pleased with the results from using a Steam Cleaner?

Floors without a doubt - far easier and much cleaner than a mop and bucket. Cleaning the grouting in the bathroom very good but I would imagine this would only need doing infrequently. I am thinking that it will be very good for cleaning the bathroom all over and will report back once I have tried it.

Belmo Wed 27-Mar-13 15:23:32

Not a tester <sadface>
The dirt in my house isn't really a secret tbh! Worst is probably the exposed pipes in the bathroom which have hideous black mildly patches on them. Did try to clean them but wouldn't come off so I just pretend I can't see it now. The grouting's gone a bit orange, too; I'm sure I read on here once that that is some deadly bacteria but I can't bring myself to google.
I've not washed the windows in the 18 months we've lived here either, please may I have a magic cleaner please?

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