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3nearly 4year old does she have a problem

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flowerandrandd Tue 12-Feb-13 12:46:06

Hi! I'm feeling on the edge after a morning from hell! My 3.7year old is a delight at school but at home she is hard work. This morning she refused to walk her sister to school so I had to carry her- on Friday I stood my ground but she screamed 'I want my mommy' all the way to school and 'help me' all the way back.

I don't hit my kids my discipline is very praise based and it has worked up until recently. This morning I allowed her time on the computer then we did colouring and then made pancakes together all was fun until it was time for school which she loves and she completely lost it over her gloves not going on properly.

She screamed and ripped them off 4 times in the end I put them n her school bag and drive to school she continued raging saying she hates me etc and then refused to walk into school.

I had to hand her to the teacher. Just rang school and he is fine. Ths isn't just a on off I have several instances of this a day and its killing me I feel drained.

We have a happy home life, comfortable, loving relationships etc as I've read problems at home life can be a factor but we couldn't be more stable so I'm worried it could be something else sad

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LadyMargolotta Tue 12-Feb-13 12:50:04

Sounds normal, and similar to my ds aged four.

He was an easy baby and easy toddler, so it's a shock when he's difficult now. We walk to school and a few times I've had to carry him kicking and screaming sad

One time he shouted 'I want the iPAD' all the way to school - with a teacher walking behind usblush He has a speech problem and ipad happens to be one of the few words he can say clearly.

flowerandrandd Tue 12-Feb-13 12:56:36

Completely wrong talk thread! But thank you so much for sympathising its so hard isn't it.! X

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